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  1. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    You should post your question in the HDT forum, not the Fifth-Wheel forum.
  2. Wheel Torque Indicators

    Nah.... You can buy cheap nail polish at Walgreen for a $1 a bottle.
  3. Amazon Lockers

    Very true. When I looked them up Amazon said they were only available in about 50 cities/areas. Because of this I do not see them as a real benefit... yet. As they expand it may become more useful.
  4. Amazon Lockers

    I got to wondering about Amazon Lockers in my area and discovered something interesting. There are are 9 of them in the Colorado Springs area with 7 of them located in 7-Eleven stores. Seeing that I looked at Denver and the same holds true. Seems that 7-Eleven has partnered with Amazon for a new revenue stream.
  5. Skylight or not

    My only comment to this, as the choice is ultimately yours, is that just as in a S&B house, I really hate not having natural outside light in the bathroom. What light comes via the vent hood is just not adequate IMO.
  6. Full Body Paint

    Like anywhere else you should be careful in selecting where you get your work done. I know someone that had some painting done in Mexico and it did not hold up well. As in everything you get what you pay for.
  7. Laptop replacement

    Samsung has something similar right now with the Samsung DeX Station. I think I like this better. I am going to think seriously about pre-ordering it. Nice find!
  8. Laptop replacement

    We too have T-Mobile and it has gotten immensely better in coverage over the last couple of years and is growing all the time. We took a trip last summer where we were in 12 different, mostly northern, states before all was said and done. We did have trouble with data coverage in a couple of places but we never were without call capability due to partnering arrangements with other carriers.
  9. Laptop replacement

    Addressing the size only, the DW recently switched from a 15" laptop to an 11.2" tablet and seems to have no issues at all and her vision is not the best when it comes to reading small text.
  10. Utah I-215?

    Right or wrong, I think of myself as an RV. I do not stop at weigh stations like trucks do (unless it very specifically includes RVs). I do not stay out of the left lane in areas where trucks are required to do that. The only time I worry about it is when I might need to be cautious due to a height or weight restrictions. Over thousands of miles now I have never been stopped for that, including using routes that say no thru trucks. Maybe I have been lucky but I am more inclined to think that it is because I am an RV and not a commercial truck/trailer combo.
  11. Patriot Campers

    As Kirk said, one reason they are more popular there is that there is far more readily accessible land for boondocking. Along with that they have far, far fewer miles of well paved roads which is not conducive to hauling around the type of trailers that most of us here have. Coleman introduced a line of similar trailers a few years back but that line was short lived before Coleman closed for the manufacture of popup trailers. We do have a few trailers here in the US that sort of fit that niche. One would be the Jumping Jack trailers that are sold at Sportsman Warehouse's. They have an added advantage, if you will, in that they can haul an ATV on top. There are a couple of others out there as well. I recently saw one based on a double-axle flatbed trailer but base price was in the $26K region! Here in Colorado, trailers of capable of taking on four wheeler trails in the National Forest are pretty popular among that crowd but most I see are home built using as a base a military surplus M105A2 trailer or the like.
  12. removed front ac

    If it was a standard roof opening why not install a vent? Just curious.
  13. WIFI booster

    I believe you may have answered your own question in a way. You say that in the evening the streaming quality decreases. To me that makes sense as there are likely to be more demands on the network in the park in the evening when everyone is home and the park is bound to have bandwidth limitations. As to streaming Netflix even when surfing is slow, Netflix does not really demand much speed to stream. The higher the available speed the better the image quality. Here is what Netflix has to say: 0.5 Megabits per second - Required broadband connection speed 1.5 Megabits per second - Recommended broadband connection speed 3.0 Megabits per second - Recommended for SD quality 5.0 Megabits per second - Recommended for HD quality 25 Megabits per second - Recommended for Ultra HD quality
  14. CAT Scales remote app

    I have seen those apps before. One, I can find the location of a scale without adding another app to my phone. Two, unless you happen to have a PayPal account, the other app is designed for commercial vehicles.
  15. I'd think you would want more than that if you wanted some solitude since in the middle of a square acre would only give you about a 100 foot buffer.
  16. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    Yep. I am the type that will stop in a Walmart parking lot for lunch but would never dream of overnighting in one. Same for goes for rest areas and truck stops. So unless I have spotted something when traveling without the trailer it is not even in the planning without someone else paving the way, so to speak.
  17. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    You may be correct but if there are parks an RV can stay in between Limon and Lamar then RV Park Reviews doesn't know about them. If there are no listing in RV Park Reviews then I, personally, will not go exploring hoping to find something.
  18. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    As long as the games are in progress it is not an issue. Before or after? Not so much. You are right, but here is another consideration, at least it would be for me. That route takes you no where near convenient campgrounds. It it a far longer trip than I would make in a day directly and the only places to stop along that route would be Limon (too short of a trip) or Lamar (too far in a day for me). At least going the I-25 route you have a multitude of choices for campgrounds along the way.
  19. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    Small correction. An ethernet connection can provide as much as 125 MB/s when run through a gigabit router and if you have sufficient speed and bandwidth coming in to the router. This is precisely why I have hardwired the TV that we do the most streaming on. The TV's on wifi will sometimes pause the show to buffer. Never happens on the hardwired TV. Now, back to topic, I heartily doubt that many campgrounds are going to provide the service I have in my S&B home. Perhaps we need to cheer on Elon Musk and his plans for providing internet everywhere.
  20. After Reading Pulled over.............

    See page 4 of this publication http://dmvnv.com/pdfforms/dlbookabj.pdf
  21. Chevy Colorado Diesel

    Personally I would think that to be more than enough truck for that size trailer.
  22. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    Traffic would be lighter, but a weekday if you can hit it at mid-morning or mid-afternoon is not all that bad. We live in Colorado Springs and the last time we returned from a trip our last day on the road had us leaving Cheyenne to come home. We went through Denver on a Wednesday and the drive truthfully was not stressful at all. When we pass through a large city we are just patient. We drive at a comfortable speed that allows us to safely stop should problems develop ahead and if the speed demons want to pass us... well, god speed. While I generally have a dislike for big city traffic I will drive it rather than going miles and hours out of my way. As far as the rest, I-25 to Raton, then US-87 to Dalhart, Dumas and Amarillo is exactly the way we go. Out daughter lives in Austin and we have made this trip many times both with and without the RV.
  23. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    Considering that you really do not get a huge break in the I-25 traffic from Fort Collins south to Pueblo I personally would (and do and have) take I-25 and just grin and bare it. Get in the center lane and stay there where the highway is 3 or 4 lanes wide. It is not that bad and will certainly save you money on taking the toll road. Then US-87 straight into Amarillo. There is no real good way to go west around Denver IMO. You can route yourself out east, but frankly I would not do that (this is coming from someone that generally only visits the Denver area for weddings and funerals).
  24. Small Travel Trailer

    Just throwing these out as potential places to look. TRANSWEST TRUCK TRAILER RV OF KANSAS CITY. They have a number of new, close out model TTs for sale right now. I have dealt with this company and my experience with them has been very agreeable. Kansas RV in Chanute, KS - this is where the Hitchhiker brand used to be made. I have a number of friends that have dealt with them in both purchases, upgrades and repairs and they all have been satisfied.
  25. Induction cookware

    I had been looking for a pot to make small batches of chili or soup that was induction ready and wasn't having much success finding what I wanted. Then a light went off as I was looking at pots in the kitchen of our S&B. Why not use that small,, enamel coated, cast iron dutch oven? It was the size I wanted and works perfectly. For those of you in Texas you can find the one we have at H-E-B.