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  1. So, yes, we have found the pumps next to the building have the smaller nozzle. However, my F-350 will handle the larger, fast delivery nozzle quite well. Frankly, I like the high volume delivery, it gets me in and out faster. I do take care to make sure the "auto shutoff" actually works.
  2. Absolutely, Linda, because as I said I have little to no trust of Google or Apple when it comes to privacy. Now if 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 outside privacy agencies will certify the security and privacy of my info then I might reconsider.
  3. Since I rarely, well almost never, turn off Bluetooth on my phone if for no other reason than that is what my fitness watch uses, I will not be loading the app. There are ongoing concerns with the privacy that both Goggle and Apple afford users right now as is without letting them access even more. I simply do not trust their privacy assurances. But that is me.
  4. Seriously, before giving up and wiping Windows 10, please, try loading the software that you have and then "right click" and choose to run it compatibility mode. Give it a try! The worse that can happen is that is does not work and you need to uninstall it.
  5. Are you aware that Windows 10 can run in compatibility mode which allows it to emulate older versions of WIndows? No need to load XP at all.
  6. Just an FYI. While Express Scripts does do home delivery of prescriptions for Tricare they are not just for Tricare. My son is in the IBEW (electrician union) and they use Express Scripts and I am sure there are a large number of other plans that do as well.
  7. I apologize. In my mind there is no way possible to separate the two since one IS owned by the other. In fact, should Good Sam Enterprises decide that the "club" was making insufficient revenue it would fold the club in a heartbeat. It is more than an advertising or marketing tool it is a revenue stream. Good Sam Enterprises is struggling somewhat right now in no small part due the acquisition of bankrupt Gander Mountain topped off by nationwide stay at home orders. I personally have no problem seeing Good Sam Enterprises do whatever it takes to maintain as much revenue as possible. At any rate, what's done is done. I haven't gotten much use out of my Good Sam membership, in fact have not even gotten back enough to break even on membership cost, and will not renew again.
  8. Yes, yes, they do with good cause IMO. The articles I provided links to laid out a very clear chain of events, again IMO. At the risk of name calling and based on what you yourself have provided as to your affiliations with Good Sam, you sure sound like a Good Sam apologist.
  9. Who is your insurance provider as that might make a difference the responses you get.
  10. Clearly, not just motorhomes if other posts in this thread are accurate. And finally from a very reputable source (IMO), rvtravel.com, comes the answer. The full article https://www.rvtravel.com/diesel-938/ and there is a follow on article which to me appears that Pilot is doing damage control for Good Sam in its lameness. https://www.rvtravel.com/diesel-939/
  11. Yes, please, some substantiation. The TSD website still says it works at ALL truck stops.
  12. Those look nice but I already have Spigen magnetic phone mounts there on both sides for our phones. 🤔
  13. I've been grappling with where to put my radio ever since I got the current truck a couple of years ago. No offense to your install but that just wouldn't work for me. For one the vents are completely different and I have always liked having the mic and control head on the right. I finally decided just recently to modify one of the drop down sunglasses holders in the overhead as the mounting point and will run an extension via Cat5 for the mic to be on the right side of the steering column. The radio itself will be behind the back seat as well. I'll post a couple of pics when I get it done. Haven't been in a big hurry, just working on it a bit in between other "stay home" projects.
  14. Nice install! That antenna mount is a little too pricey for me but it does look nice.
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