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  1. Retirement / Barndominiums / Texas / Taxes

    I would agree. We have spent a fair amount of time in those areas and they DO have a lot to offer, my only critique was the weather.
  2. Elks

    I believe you said you were not going to be there and neither am I, so....
  3. Elks

    I have been following this thread as I have had a interest in joining the Elks, not so much for the ability to park at a lodge location, but to support what they do. This statement makes it sound like it is a simple process to join, but according the Elks website, it is not that simple with sponsorship, other references, interviews, indoctrination, etc. Am I missing something?
  4. Retirement / Barndominiums / Texas / Taxes

    Barndominiums are actually pretty common around a lot of Texas. We are thinking along the same lines as you. A couple of personal observations about the area you are looking at is 1) in the summer both of those areas get very hot, and 2) can be pretty cold in winter. Being from Las Vegas the heat may not bother you but for us from Colorado it does. We hunkered down one year in Lubbock on the way to visit family in Austin due to an ice storm that left 1/2" of ice on the truck. We are looking around in the south and east of Texas and find that the coastal areas can be pretty nice although admittedly land prices are going to be higher.
  5. I need a new radio.

    Not sure about finding one in your price range, however, I would call Crutchfield and talk to one of their folks. Tell them your needs and they are very knowledgeable about finding one that will fit the bill for you.
  6. Awning Cleaning

    Oh, it is not just foreign vehicles. I used to have the problem on my truck until I put in a UV/IR blocking window film. High altitude and the sunlight that goes with that will affect all plastics to one degree or another.
  7. Censorship

    Not so. As long as you are discussing the laws. When you start discussing whether or not you agree with them then you are getting political.
  8. replacing RV blinds

    We have on the big window at the back of the RV. The plantation style blind that came with the unit was heavy and the brackets inadequate for the weight and motion and were constantly falling down. We replaced it with a cell type that is far lighter and were actually able to get a close match on color to the other blinds. We have been very pleased with them. Never have experienced this. Even though the type we have are room darkening (not black out), you can still see some light through them in full daylight and there are no shadows of anything hiding in the cells after almost four years.
  9. I have, although I did not turn on those particular features as I do not worry about data usage. Having said that this might be a time to use this feature for those not wanting to update right away or not wanting to be surprised by a large data dump. I am impressed at all the features of Windows 10 that can be controlled with a little help. These are probably things that you could do without the help via regedit, but I sure would not know where to look for them. Another thing I like is that it encourages you to create a restore point before making any changes (and does that for you) so that if you do something and it is not what you like or expected, you can undo relatively easily. I have no answer as to its compatibility with the upcoming update, however, my suspicion is that it will be fine as the company is a certified Microsoft Partner at the Gold level for both Application Development and OEM.
  10. Censorship

    I really wish there was a like button here. EDIT: I should clarify myself. I think there should not be discussion of guns in a political sense, however, discussion of guns as it relates to me traveling in an RV should be welcomed.
  11. There have been several threads discussing (or cussing) that Windows 10 does not allow you to choose a time for updating and thus impacts the data usage for those with fixed amounts. I found this free program in an article. It does not require installing as it is run as a standalone program and can make a number of changes to the security behavior of your machine. One of the settings that caught my eye those that let you control updates. The program does not recommend shutting off automatic updates, but it does let you do it. It is called O&O ShutUp10.
  12. Censorship

    True this! However on today's polarized society it is becoming difficult and the rules for the forum do clearly state that political discussions are not allowed. This is an RV forum and there are many other places that are better suited to political discussions, Face Book, for example. My two cents.
  13. IOS vs. Android Apps

    A chip is a chip whether Qualcom or Intel. An operating system can be designed around a chip architecture and still be completely different from one another. For example, Linux can run on the x86 architecture as easily as Mac OS or Windows. Apple went to the x86 chipset for economic expediency, they were simply cheaper than the proprietary chips used earlier. It was good business on their part as it was cheaper to rearrange the OS than it was to continue to try to develop and produce their own chips. And yes, I still think there is a snob factor with Apple products and it has nothing to do with chips inside.
  14. IOS vs. Android Apps

    But when it comes to apps, both will run the same apps if they come from the Google Play Store.
  15. Dryer... Gas or Electric?

    This is interesting. What kind of water heater is this? The hot water on my rig is either propane or electric (or both for faster recovery) and is 12 gallons no matter what. As to your original question, I would opt for electric (220v) having been exposed to electric, natural gas and propane. The electric always seemed to dry clothes faster.