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  1. Chalkie

    Ford F650/F750

    So the issue is not the capacity of the truck as much as it is the requirement for a CDL? My 2016 F-350 diesel dually is rated for 19000# on the receiver hitch (with equalizer) and 23500# for fifth wheel/gooseneck towing. Far more than what you are talking about.
  2. Chalkie

    Has Passport America changed?

    I think like all other associations the various campground owners decide what works best for them whether it be PA, Good Sam, KOA, etc. Aside from giving a discount for whatever time the campground decides, PA is mostly an advertising medium. We stayed at one campground on our winter trip that was PA and that 3 night stay and that discount paid for the card for the year. We also stayed at one that actually was no longer affiliated with PA but because the phone app still showed them as one the owner graciously gave us the discount anyhow. We also thought about staying in another PA campground but I was left scratching my head. he owner said she only offered the PA discount when the park was nearly full in order to finish filling it up. (????) Anyhow, when we drove past it, it was nearly empty. I could not help but wonder if offering the discount anytime might have driven more business in. We have found that it does not take much to recoup the cost of the membership.
  3. Clearly there is a setting I am overlooking in my Google account since there are now two of you reporting the 404 error. I will have to check that out. Thanks. Edit: I found my mistake(s). One i was using a link directly from photos which are apparently safeguarded for all but the owner. Two, in Drive I had to turn ON link sharing. View from Capulin Hopefully this works now, and if so, make sure you turn on link sharing for the pics you want to share.
  4. Interesting. It works fine for me. Here is the raw link. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPQFhszz9NX9EqjMoezlRlwXSru8tSyFGUbBTno
  5. Chalkie

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    I would say that people ARE their customers as the mail send to a post office box or mail forwarding service is no different than the mail sent to a physical home address. I agree that it is nice to see the USPS being proactive.
  6. I do not see that Imgur is any better than Google. If the images are in your Google account (assuming you have a Google account) then you only need to right click the image, choose 'copy link address' and then insert it into the link tool at the top of the window here. This is what I did with a random picture I had. View from Capulin You can choose to leave the link in its raw state, or label it as I did. Then folks can click on the link to see the image. Or... you can use the insert image tool, which I do find to be problematic with Google images. I personally use a paid photo storage service but to each his own.
  7. Chalkie

    Tricare suppliment

    So let's be clear here. You are on Medicare and Tricare for Life? Your wife is not yet Medicare eligible? If she (or you) are eligible for Tricare Prime, then pay the premiums for her. Your out of pocket will be minimal and I truthfully am not sure of anything that can be SECONDARY to Tricare. There may be some, but normally Uncle says that if there is other insurance then Tricare must be secondary. If someone can correct me on that, please, feel free.
  8. Create an off site picture album like on Google or Photobucket or Dropbox.
  9. Chalkie

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    Why the choice of motor home or travel trailer, what happened to a fifth wheel. Fifth wheel is IMO the best of both worlds. You get more space (maybe even more than a motor home) than a travel trailer. You only have to maintain one engine. And... a pickup can be used as a daily driver.
  10. Chalkie

    Adding second TV to Hopper3?

    We do not have the 4K Joey, no 4K TVs. 😉
  11. Chalkie

    Shipping your RV and Truck Cross Country

    So, I do not see this as a suggestion, and I know you talked about shipping, but.... For the money you are talking about what don't you just take a plane across country (take a friend too) and just drive it back? It would certainly be less expensive than shipping. If you are still working, can you take a week or so of vacation time?
  12. Chalkie

    Adding second TV to Hopper3?

    We have the Hopper 3 in the house and need the wireless access point to use the wireless Joeys.
  13. Chalkie

    Adding second TV to Hopper3?

    Yes, I forgot about that. Basically, the wireless access point is like a private router for the Hopper to communicate with the Joeys.
  14. Chalkie

    Adding second TV to Hopper3?

    Do you rent or own your Hopper? If renting, it would likely be just as easy to rent the Joey too. We pay $7.00/mo for the Joeys in our house. As far as I know there are only two types of Joeys, wired or wireless. If you rent from Dish you will get the version compatible with your Hopper. Installation is pretty straightforward. Place the Joey, plug into power, plug into TV and then use the menu on the Hopper to "pair" it.