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  1. I agree. Full that would add an extra 525 pounds or so behind the axle. Add that and pin weight and those of us with pickups would run the risk of overloading the truck.
  2. We live in Colorado Springs, CO and have had for 30 years now. Our lot is about 7500 SF which is average for the area. When we bought this house which is situated on higher ground we had unobstructed views to the north and east. Now it is all houses and buildings. Proximity to the mountains as always given us a lot of wildlife, and surprising to me, we seem to have more as the city has built outwards. We have some kind of owl hanging out in the blue spruce in front. I have pictures of a Red Tailed hawk enjoying the bird bath in back. We have an epidemic of rabbits and squirrels, which perhaps explains the raptors in the area. We frequently are visited by foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and deer. A short distance away bears have been sighted. In my opinion, and I suppose this should be tempered by terrain, but the animals could move on but don't thanks to humans feeling sorry for them and feeding them. In Colorado that is illegal but it is also very difficult to enforce so the animals are where there are easy pickings.
  3. While there may be some mental illness and dependency issues with many of the people that are homeless and panhandling, the above experiences have been mine as well. This is a case of a few bad apples spoiling the barrel for those that may genuinely need the help. As a result, I will give nothing to any of them.
  4. This is way after the fact but it might be informative to some others as well. This is a quote from an article that that is found here. I would also add that I have use brines for chicken, turkey, pork loin, boston butt, pork chops, various steaks over the years. The only thing I have never brined is a brisket, well, because a brisket done right can't get any juicier or more tender.
  5. I use the Academy as it is closest to our house. We have had coffee already, courtesy of you (I am the guy that bought that FloJet from you). We are in Texas for the Holidays and will be back after the first of the year. Next time coffee is on me at our house. I will call or text after we get back.
  6. I agree! We go on base to see our doctors or pick up prescriptions and then, and only then, will go to the Commissary. About the only thing I can say is definitely cheaper in there is meat. Other than that, by the time you add on the surcharge, all other products are less expensive off base (at least here in Colorado where food items are tax exempt). The Class 6 store (liquor store) has some decent prices but I would rather support my locally owned neighborhood store. And the base, at least ours, does not carry diesel but the posted price of gas is no bargain especially with a loyalty card from the grocery store.
  7. Fair warning, I had a set of the those poles that I got at the flea market there in the RGV and even with them installed properly a sudden gust of high wind still damaged one of the awning arms. The cost of that repair made me realize that the poles simply were not worth it. I have not considered tying down my awning since.
  8. Yup! When we had our Prowler we racked up a lot of miles but they were all in areas that did not have the dreaded width posts.
  9. I don't see that you wasted space, it is after all in the "other" area and it is the real, for now at least. While the Roxor looks like a baby Jeep you can get other off road UTV's with diesel engines by some major companies such as John Deere, Kubota or Cat,
  10. What is your source of the court fight as a settled matter? The article Ray posted has this: And Mihindra makes the Roxor, which is actually the Thar but assembled in US. As of yesterday Bloomberg reporting shows that court proceedings are ongoing and FCA only won their case in front of an administrative judge. More at this link.
  11. Which model did you get? When I had my Tailgater it was the smallest available. I see they have a couple smaller ones now.
  12. The rules have been finalized. Here is a quote from the email I received from the VA. The email continues with directions on how obtain the credentials needed.
  13. You not have to slow cook a steak. I can crank my Davy Crockett up to 550 degrees if I want to straight up BBQ a steak.I like to reverse sear them, i.e., smoke them for a bit, take them off to let the grill to get really hot, then put them back on to sear and finish off. Back to the thread - I had a Traeger Tailgater but find the Davy Crockett to be easier to handle and run with its 12v/110v options plus I like the wifi so I can control it from inside and with the probe in see the temp of the meat.
  14. One note here, the new remotes work with Alexa (Amazon) just fine. However, if you want to use the voice control you MUST have internet.
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