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  1. One note here, the new remotes work with Alexa (Amazon) just fine. However, if you want to use the voice control you MUST have internet.
  2. I seriously think that any doctor that gives you a sample of any drug, opioid or no, is getting a kickback somehow. I have no proof of that at all, just my feeling.
  3. King Soopers, our local Kroger brand is now charging a fee for getting cash back on a debit card purchase. That makes the "bank" of Walmart more appealing but not enough to overcome the lousy produce they carry. So, yes, I am willing to pay the fee. So would you write a check to an RV park for a 50% PPA discount if that is what they required? Or pay straight up cash to a park that will not accept cards as they do not want to pay the processing fees? Personally, I find that being flexible in my payment options is the best way to go. That way I can take advantage of things that save me money.
  4. I think if it had been a business paying me I would have insisted on a check so I would have a "paper" trail for my records.
  5. I will use PayPal if I must, but I prefer Zelle. As I had never of the Cash App I did a little research and found this interesting article on money.com.
  6. Ray, if you can find that "promise" in enforceable writing anywhere you will be a hero! In the meantime, the Express Scripts is a great deal. There is this new thing from Amazon called Pill Pack and they claim they work with all insurance plans. Has anyone looked into whether or not TriCare works with it?
  7. A major repeater in my area has solar powered back up power that can last up to 48 hours. I think, with no substantive proof, that a lot of repeaters are self contained in the same way. I really wonder how California thinks they can override Federal rules and regulations? Reminds me of the "hands free" argument after many states placed requirements on cell phones and tried to apply that to ham radio, an argument they handily lost.
  8. Not a reply from a user as much as an observation. Despite the hype, and I am a T-Mobile user, they do not have LTE data in all areas and when it is data on a "partner" network it IS slower. I would make sure that the device is compatible with the 600Mhz band as that is how T-Mobile is expanding their coverage area. No matter the provider, there will be areas of the country where there is no cellular coverage, however, since the equipment is dual-sim I would investigate the added costs of adding a second provider.
  9. That is actually pretty standard. As it currently stands active duty are able to make reservations 90 days out and retirees/DOD employees can only reserve 60 days out. I have found that in one or two instances that has forced us to look elsewhere to be assured of a reserved spot. I guess I will need to wait until January 1st to see implementation rules if they are not published beforehand.
  10. I think depends a lot on where you live. I find that I can find almost all groceries for the same or less than in the commissary and since groceries in Colorado are tax free it actually can be less because of no surcharge. Groceries stores can actually sell items for less than cost at times as "loss leaders" and the commissary is unable to do so. Now, don't get me wrong. I will sometimes shop the commissary if I am on base for another reason, but I will not go just to shop. As for the other benefits it will be interesting to see how it is all implemented, especially the use of the Famcamps.
  11. Our dog loves people except when she is on the leash. On the leash she switches to guard dog mode and makes it clear that she is not interested in unwanted attention by simply getting real close to me.
  12. Another thought, rather than purchasing an aftermarket brake controller, if you are convinced the integrated one is bad, why not replace the trailer brake controller module with a new one? They can be had from Rockauto for about $85 which is likely less than a decent aftermarket controller. I did not post a link to the part as it it may be year/model specific.
  13. Chalkie

    Turkey Creek

    Your suspicion is absolutely correct! If you plug the address of the park into the FEMA floodplain maps tool you will see it is totally in a designated floodplain.
  14. This may be a silly question, but my truck has TWO fuses for the trailer brake controller. Have you made sure that all related fuses have been replaced and not just checked? It is possible to have a fuse check good and still be bad.
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