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  1. If you bought the Kindle NEW in November, it is under warranty. If you can't get it going, call them. I have replaced two different Kindles under warranty. In one case the fault was my own and I was merely calling to inquire about getting it repaired and they replaced it at no cost.
  2. You are paying for it in the sense that the unlimited plans cost more than the older cheaper plans that are not unlimited.
  3. Martha Stewart must think it is a good idea since she just partnered with a pot company to create CBD products. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/martha-stewart-partners-with-pot-company-to-develop-cbd-products
  4. We have never been searched even going through border checkpoints in Texas and New Mexico. I did find this information and quoted it from FindLaw.
  5. Dune Sport is NOT the only one out there. If you do a Google search there are a number of manufacturers building accessible towables and probably even more that offer accessible motor homes. I had originally looked at Dune Sport for both myself and my son as both of us wanted toy haulers for different reasons. I visited them in person and it seemed that their production was of no lesser quality than any other unless you got up to the really high end of the spectrum. From what I observed it is probably as good as the trailer we currently own. I did not pursue them as the options I wanted put them out of my price range at the time, I may still consider them in the future. The thing I found appealing is that they do not build a trailer until they have an order, i.e., it is not a mass produced trailer you will see with other brands like Dutchmen, Keystone, etc. If you are seriously considered them I would take the trip to see them in person and how they are made and then make an educated choice for yourself.
  6. Instead of having an alternate email account to get an access code have your cell phone tied to it and then you get a text message. Much easier in my opinion. In fact, i have my Google account set to require 2-part log in. Anytime I log in a "new" device I have to go through both steps. It really creates an added layer of security.
  7. Chalkie

    Blue Water Navy

    This is good news that is long overdue.
  8. The only way you can buy a single 18 pack of eggs at our Sam's is to buy Eggland's Best at a highly inflated price. If there is a Sam's, there will be a Walmart somewhere nearby and Walmart is generally cheaper. Overall it is the same company. I sometimes question why I maintain a Sam's membership when Walmart stores are far more plentiful than Sam's. For example, I just bought 5 dozen eggs for $4.78 at Walmart, where Sam's was $7.98. My point is that you need to know prices. Just because a store bills itself has a "wholesaie" store or whatever is not always true. \
  9. My condolences on your loss. What is the year and the asking price? And do you have pics?
  10. Which is precisely what I said. Wind chill can get it down faster but it will not take it below the ambient temperature and since the mentioned temps were in the 20's......
  11. However, wind chill has no effect on solid objects, such as a trailer, other than to more quickly get it to the actual ambient air temperature. It can not chill it to below ambient temperatures.
  12. We have a friend, that is in fact a U.S. citizen, but under U.S. laws is an ex pat. She uses our address for a U.S. driver license, etc. She got a jury notice so I called the the court clerk and explained the situation. I was told that she had to report. I said "fine" so provide her the the transportation to the court house as required by law. I told them that would be from the U.K. There was an extended period of silence on the line and then I was asked for her overseas address so they could send her a letter removing her from the jury list.
  13. Saw this article and found it interesting. Click here
  14. As it is anyone can claim any reasonably quiet animal is a service animal with no validation required. While I am not sure about adding another layer of bureaucracy but I think there needs to be some sort of standardization and certification of service animals. Perhaps via the ASPCA or something? It is all too easy to go online and get a "certificate" and a vest, just check out Amazon.
  15. Chalkie

    The Ranch

    Yes! We found this park to be very friendly. So much so that we extended our first (cheap) week to another week. Also that smell you smell when then wind blows a certain direction is "the smell of money" since that is what beef on the hoof is in reality. We have also stayed at a couple of other Escapees parks and have found them all to be friendly and we have never had a problem getting into one, even in the one that took no reservations.
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