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  1. McAfee Web Adviser is not reporting anything for this site nor is Malwarebytes. Is it possible it is coming from somewhere else?
  2. Chalkie

    Wet and Forget

    Interesting product but the directions say nothing about it being safe for rubber roofs. I think I would want to check with the RV manufacturer before using it on a rubber roof.
  3. Chalkie

    Is this really true?

    Thanks, SnowGypsy. I read the article on Fox, however, your comment pretty much sums up what I was thinking. I can not imagine having to get advanced permission to call an ambulance or 911 in an emergency situation. I am with RV_, I would call 911 and sort the billing out later.
  4. Chalkie

    Is this really true?

    Yes, I understand. Why should I delete my post? I asked a question about something I read in a news article and I am TRYING to get accurate information as regards statements in that article. How is that spreading false information?
  5. Chalkie

    Is this really true?

    I read a news article about a Jimmy John's driver that took a veteran on disability to an emergency room as the vet "didn't have Department of Veterans Affairs' approval to call an ambulance". Is this really true? You have to jump through silly hoops if there is an emergency? I am a veteran but do not use the VA, but this just sounds fishy to me. Hopefully one of you all that do use VA services can enlighten me.
  6. Wow! Just wow! A number of years ago my in laws were coming back home and hit black ice and a wicked cross wind. My FIL was able to guide the rig off the highway and plant it on its side. The damage was no where near that bad. Glad you all did not have major injuries. Property can be replaced, life and limb... not so much.
  7. Chalkie

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    A quick glance through this reference makes it look like 48' would be over length pretty much everywhere.
  8. Chalkie

    Saws - Chain and Pole

    We have been in a couple of parks in pull through spaces where the entry was easy but leaving would have meant damaging the roof. I went to the office and pointed out the trimming needed to make the turn OUT of the space. In both cases they were prompt in dispatching maintenance to trim the potential offending limbs. "Good" campgrounds, and this is my opinion, take seriously the potential liability issues and/or bad review potential of having overhanging branches damaging patrons RVs.
  9. Facebook has announced a security breach. You can read the rest of the article here.
  10. No I did not miss that, I was just trying to provide the directions on how to change that default location as it is not a straight forward operation to change the windows update location.
  11. You can also change the location of where windows updates will download to and run from. I have a little 2-in-1 that came with just 32gb and it was pretty full from almost day one, so i plugged in a 128gb micro sd card and then set that card as a default for everything. It has a slot for that but you could also use an external USB drive as long as it is always pluged in. Changing default drives for folders such as Documents, Pictures, Music, etc. is pretty straightforward and can be done from settings. The Windows update location is more complex and this is a good tutorial on how to do it. How to change Windows 10 Updates download folder location
  12. If you do not want to leave the full weight on the stabilizers then you could stack a couple of concrete blocks under the tongue jack to take some of the weight. I have to tell you your pad is the not nearly as steep as the one in our yard where we park our fiver. Our pad is pea gravel and I too use X-Chocks. in the five years we have been parking it there it has not once moved even a little once chocked and leveled. We put the rear stabilizers down only to take the bounce out as we get into the trailer frequently.
  13. You might also consider contacting Kansas RV (formerly NuWa) and see if they could help with valuation or see if they would he interested in buying it from you.
  14. Chalkie

    Best Trip Planner Tool

    I use a paid for service called RVTripWizard. It is from the same folks behind RVParkReviews and has several convenient features. It is however PC based.
  15. Chalkie

    Add window to entry door

    I changed the window we had from one that was frosted to one we could see through and open. It came with a cutting template so you should be able to get one and install it yourself. This is one I installed, although I did not get it at CW.