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  1. In western Nebraska, check out Scott's Bluff National Monument. For a stay there look at Robidoux RV Park. It is a nice city park with FHU. In the Nebraska panhandle check out Fort Robinson State Park. Well preserved Army post with buildings from the 1870's to WWII. There is camping there but I am not sure how big rig friendly it is.
  2. 🤣My F-350 One Ton Identifies as an HDT.
  3. You need to be aware the some states, particularly those in the mountain west, mostly require chains. Colorado, for example requires truckers to carry chains (even if they are not needed) from September 1 to May 31 on a certain stretch of I-70. And, yes, for purposes of this law you will be considered a commercial trucker.
  4. One consideration I do not see mentioned here. If you live in an area that does emissions testing you run the risk of failing the test if you make modifications like one of these tuners unless you remove it before testing.
  5. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this considering the amount of salt (sodium) in canned goods. Even those labeled as "low sodium" still have a substantial amount of sodium of you eat much of them.
  6. A route not mentioned above, albeit a longer one, is to take I-25 to Colorado Springs and US-24 west to Leadville. None of the passes on this route are above 9500 feet, where the I-70/CO-91 route takes you across Eisenhower Tunnel and Fremont pass which are both over 11000 feet.
  7. Excellent advice. Diets seem to sometimes have a fad following and that should not be the case. Rather it should be for genuine health concerns with people knowing full well what it is and isn't and for that matter it doesn't hurt to consult your physician before starting any extreme (and yes, keto is extreme) diet.
  8. There is a Recipe section here and while I do not see any keto recipes I might understand why. I did a Google search on "ketogenic recipes" and it pulled up 141,000,000 results. With all that, why post anything here?
  9. Most CB radios do NOT come with an antenna as there are so many antenna mounting options. The quality of antennas can also impact your transmission range and quality. If you want to use CB a good antenna, properly mounted and grounded, along with a quality radio like Uniden or Cobra are musts. Unless you are going to be traveling in full on boonies most of the time I would simply rely on a good cell phone plan. Even if you are in the fringes where text/data may not be available you can generally still place an emergency call.
  10. Do you have a reference for this? We had a septic system for many years and were told by the guy that maintained the system that TSP was no worse for the septic than bleach or other household chemicals as long as it was used in proper dilution. TSP is also a food additive and is deemed safe by both the EU and FDA.
  11. It was a good article. As a computer tech and tech trainer in life before retirement I always go through a new computer and remove bloatware. The article would definitely help out for those wanting to slim down things.
  12. This is not entirely true. Yes, certain android phones are capable of video calling, but not all, and at least Verizon and T-Mobile limit video calls to within the network, i.e. Verizon to Verizon, T-Mobile to T-Mobile. This is why I had to find an app for my phone for video calls when my daughter switched carriers from T-Mobile to AT&T.
  13. This is not necessarily true. My fiver is designed with short bed in mind, i.e. the front cap is curved, and I could put the truck 90 degrees with a short bed. I now have a dually with a long bed and it makes travel much better.
  14. But that is not answering the basic question - where do you find the programming info for all the channels?
  15. "Economically viable" is another way of saying the company can make money at that point, but it provides no indication on what the cost to the end user will be. I am sure there will be some early users that will jump on it no matter the cost just for "bragging rights". The article also says that user terminals will use "phased array, electronically steered antennas". Further "Musk didn’t say how much the antennas would cost, however, or when they would be available. Most electronically steered antennas are too expensive for consumers and businesses to utilize." I will stand by my comment that until it is affordable and available to a larger part of the population it is still a dream. In the meantime, streaming via cell phones and other internet is not going away.
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