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  1. A quick followup. After 1200 miles and some highways that seemed more like back country roads than interstate highways I can report that the locks work very well.
  2. I don't mind renewing memberships early if I get some reward for doing so. For example, I recently got an email from Passport America offering me 4 free months if I renewed early. So I renewed early. The email offers I get from the VFW and American Legion are for lifetime memberships at a reduced rate.
  3. They should "hire" you to rework their website!! Based on what you have said here we will plan on stopping through there the next time we head south. We have talked about doing it before but always take another route.
  4. I have a B&W Slider and on top of the pin weight of your trailer you need to add 212 lbs. as that is the weight of the base of the slider.
  5. Found this it might be what you are looking for.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
  7. At my age I would take the trailer to the tire store, especially if it was that close. Let the younger, stronger folks at the tire store handle the heavy lifting! I would then double check all the torque on the lug nuts when I got back home.
  8. It would be cool, but dang it is expensive!
  9. Those are supposed to have seals that can be repaired from outside (without getting in the wall) so is it possible that you just need a seal repair kit?
  10. There are more than a few places, where being passed out cold in the back seat of a car can get you a DUI if you have the car keys in your possession.
  11. None at all. Even Loctite says it is fine.
  12. I, too, have never heard of that method. In the overall scheme of things, air filters are inexpensive and I just change mine on a regular basis whether or not the minder says it is needed. My 2 cents.
  13. I am in the process of installing them now and won't how effective they are until we hit the road the next time, but I suspect they will work well. I may not have been perfectly clear in my description, but when stopped there is a little lever on the locks that will keep them in the unlocked position. You unlock them with the "key", open the cabinet, flip the lever and then they remain unlocked. My challenge will be to remember to go around and return them to the locked position before traveling again.
  14. I thought I would throw this out here. I did a search and did not find anything posted already, if it has been I hope this is somewhat different. We have had a problem in the past with our cabinet doors coming open while we are traveling. Fortunately there was only one instance where there was any damage. Our solution was to wrap a loop of Velcro around the door handles. It is not an elegant solution and it is somewhat of a pain to keep track of the pieces of Velcro when we are stopped. My son has a toddler and he kid proofed all the kitchen cabinets and I got to looking at what he installed and a light went on. Those would be great for the RV! When they are locked they can be unlocked with a magnetic "key" and when you want them to stay unlocked it is a simple flick of a switch to keep them unlocked. So I have been installing them in the RV and thought I would share for others that have the same problem. I will say that these are easy to install as they have a 3M tape backing and I can tell you that they will stay closed even with the persistent tugging of a determined toddler.
  15. Not all updates are created equally. Generally Samsung recommends the updates and provides them to your carrier who then decides to push them to you or not or push them in full or only partially. Have you actually checked with the Tech Support at your provider for assistance? The latest update on my phone is for May 1st. This does not work for me either. Since this is in Nexus Help I suspect it is for Nexus phones.