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  1. Chalkie

    Solution to boondocking with dogs at night

    Since this thread popped to to the top again, I will add my comments. Unless our dog is within the fenced confines of our backyard, she is on a leash. Period. It is just as much about her safety as anything else. Many are talking about being attacked by an unleashed dog, but that is not the only animal in the woods or where ever. When we do boondock (admittedly not often) we are in the mountains where one might run into a skunk, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion or bear. No I prefer to have her close so I can offer some protection if needed.
  2. Good point. Raton Pass can be interesting especially for someone not used to mountain driving. Certainly not the highest or steepest pass in Colorado but interesting none the less. The way I would take given a concern for pulling grades would be to take I-35 north to I-135, i-70 and US-24 into Manitou. The distance is only slightly longer (50 miles or so) with no real steep grades along the way. An alternative would be I-35 to US-50 to I-25. Again, no real grades but I find US-50 is not a real good highway.
  3. Exactly! Oklahoma City is roughly 1200', most of Colorado's eastern/southeastern border is roughly 3500', and Manitou Springs is around 6500'. All of the above advice as to loading of your TT and tow vehicle is excellent advice. Please follow it! You will be climbing the entire way. I live in Colorado and after many trips back from Texas we factor in added $$ for the increased fuel usage. It is what it is. Chirakawa is correct. Drop your TT in an RV park and explore the area in your tow vehicle. You will have no problems with the elevation when you are not towing.
  4. Chalkie

    RV shower head

    Kirk makes a very good point. I can tell when one or both of our water filters need changing as we see a reduction in flow inside the RV. I found it interesting that the "RV model" of Oxygenics is rated at 2.0 gpm whereas the multi-function one I have been looking at is rated 1.75 gpm.
  5. A few years ago when we were in the RGV we had custom made sun screen made for our RV. The material used looks similar to a heavy duty window screen and blocks 80% of the light. Now this might sound like it is really darkening things but it doesn't. What it does do is cut down on the amount direct sunlight transmitted heat. We had then made as the edges are sewn with a commercial duty machine. We had ours made so that they can snap on or off as needed or put away for travel. You can buy the material on Amazon.
  6. I have never given it much consideration in the application you are talking about. I did briefly consider doing something similar for our home when we were traveling. You might find this article will help you out.
  7. Chalkie

    Rand McNally Atlas

    I agree! There is a GPS in the pilot position and an atlas in the copilot position. I will look at what the GPS is wanting us to do and toss the question to the copilot for confirmation.
  8. Chalkie

    Rand McNally Atlas

    Well it was a semi-interesting article although there were things that the author claims a GPS can not do that in fact they can. So either the author has never owned a quality GPS or he never learned to actually use it properly.
  9. Chalkie

    Hard Wired Internet

    There are a number of parks that we have been in in Texas that are wired for internet like that but you have to arrange with ISP on your own. It is not supplied by the park.
  10. Chalkie

    Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers

    Good point! I fixed the thread title.
  11. Chalkie

    National Pass

    I believe he is referring to this National Pass. Personally I try to avoid toll roads in the first place so it would not interest me and it still does not work on ALL toll roads.
  12. Chalkie

    Class C with higher interior height

    There are class C units with a higher interior. I too am 6'2" so I do not like to feel crowded. We looking a couple of years ago at class C units trying to make a decision on what we wanted to most time in. I remember that most we looked at had a fairly high ceiling and for sure a Thor Chateau that we liked had an 84" interior height. I would say look around and see what you like then check the specs. I think you will find that most, if not all, of the class Cs in the years you are interested in will have an adequate ceiling height. P.S. - your sig shows you have a 5er?
  13. Chalkie

    Replacement 12V Track Lighting

    My experience has been that if the fixture is truly 12v you can plug it into a 12v source without needing the wall wart or transformer.
  14. Chalkie

    Are there changes ahead for the commissary & exchange?

    I have read the same thing and the article I read said that commissary sales have fallen by 21.3% since 2012. Currently commissary items are sold at a cost plus 5% which in many cases makes the goods cost more that in a traditional grocery store. The Exchange has not been competitive for a number years in any aspect other than saving one the local taxes on a purchase. We can shop at the Commissary or BX at 3 different bases where I live but rarely do. If we are on base for something else, say medical appts, we may shop but we never make a special trip for it as the prices in the Commissary and Exchange just can't compete with all the other shopping available to us. I truly do not see how either can be made self-sufficient in the majority of locations and frankly don't think it would be a great loss if they were closed down entirely in the US. They should remain in overseas locations though. Of course, closing both Commissary and Exchange leads to another problem since Exchange proceeds support the MWR system.
  15. Chalkie

    Beginner's Guide to RV Trailers

    Indeed, and he did a very good job of articulating the problems with a motorized RV that some of us, including me, have had to look at when making a decision on which way to go in the RV world.