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  1. Thanks for the response, @ Kirk looking at new. My biggest concern with the awnings is how much shade they provide. The girard's look like they would provide allot more the way they slope down than the ones that come straight out.All the Dutch stars we looked at had the Girard's all the way down the side and the Ventana's just had one over half the side and they went straight out.
  2. Trying to decide between a Dutch Star and Ventana for our first rv. Think we would be perfectly happy with the Ventana but the Girard awnings on the Dutch Star look a lot more functional. Maybe not a lot more shade but every little bit helps since we love being outdoors and wife has had more skin cancer removed than we like to think about. 34 years ago I worked as Diesel mechanic b4 starting my current career that I will retire from in 9 days. Don't plan on having to do maintenance or repairs on it myself but thr rear radiator looks like a nightmare to work on. It's it as bad and more expensive as it appears.
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