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  1. Alaska 2017

    We spent 2 weeks in Palmer at the Elks Lodge, 2 days in Girdwood in the Portage area and arrived today in Kenai for a 2 week stay.
  2. Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Glennallen, AK today on our way to Anchorage. Had some frost heaves on HWY 1 as we neared Glennallen.
  3. Alaska 2017

    We arrived in TOK today for a several day rest. The TOW highway was very good compared to 2009 when it was full of pot holes. The only rough part was as we got close to Chicken. Today was much rougher from Chicken to TOK. The normal 1 1/2 hour drive took us closer to 2 1/2 hours. Construction out of Chicken and frost heaves the rest of the way. Went into the bar tonight at the campground in TOK and heard from a couple that came up on the Alaska highway. They said the frost heaves were trying to throw them off of the road and they regret taking that route. At least we got the awesome view on the TOW highway.
  4. Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Chicken Alaska today. The TOW highway is in very good condition. Only the last couple of miles into Chicken got fairly rough. Strongly recommend keeping your speed around 35 MPH or less. On to Tok tomorrow to do some cleaning up for a few days.
  5. Alaska 2017

    Thank you Bill. We arrived in Dawson City today after a rough ride frost heave wise from Carmacks to here. Sticking around for 4 days of siteseeing before hitting the Top of the World Highway.
  6. Alaska 2017

    Pulled into Carmacks today and then on to Dawson City tomorrow for a several days stay. We are surprised at the lack of Alaska bound Escapee's posting on this group. We are aware of a few from the Boomer group headed North but we haven't joined that group.
  7. Alaska 2017

    Spent last night at Liard Hot Springs and moved on to Watson Lake today. Finally in the Yukon Territory which puts us that much closer to Alaska.
  8. Alaska 2017

    Picked up the campground and fuel sheet from the visitor center in Fort Nelson. Thank you Vermile. Stopped in Toad River campground today and will move on to Yukon Territory tomorrow. Should have fueled up in Fort Nelson at $1.26 a liter as here it is $1.35 per liter. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse until we get to Alaska.
  9. Alaska 2017

    Arrived at Fort Nelson today. We recognize several rigs from previous campgrounds. We will be here for a couple of days. Still not sure whether the next stop is Muncho Lake or Liard Hot Springs. Our neighbors tonight are Escapee's but are not blogging. The weather is forecast to get warmer. We are enjoying the weather so far.
  10. Alaska 2017

    Stopped in Sikanni Chief for the night. On to Fort Nelson tomorrow for a couple of evenings. We met a couple from South Carolina last night in Dawson Creek and have joined them here. The campground here just opened for the season 2 days ago and hadn't turned on the breakers yet for electricity. Still looking forward to running into other Escapee's.
  11. Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Dawson Creek for a 4 day stay while we wait for our forwarded mail to catch up. Numerous US plates in the campground from as far away as Pennsylvania and New York. One person stated they heard the Top of the World highway is closed due to a washed out road. Investigating this before we go much further North. Beautiful weather and we heard we went to sleep to early last night and missed the Northern Lights show. Maybe we can catch it tonight.
  12. Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Chetwynd BC today to a beautiful sunny day. Next stop is only an hour away.
  13. Alaska 2017

    We arrived in Prince George this afternoon along with a pretty serious rain. The campground we are in is almost empty compared to when we stopped here on our way to Alaska in "09". I thought that with such a good money exchange rate with Canada this year, that more rigs would be headed North.
  14. campgrounds in SoCal

    Consider joining the Elks. There are a few lodges that have RV spaces in that area at a reasonable rate.
  15. Looking for an RV spot in San Diego CA

    If you are an Elk, there are a few lodges in the San Diego area that have RV spaces at a reasonable rate. If you plan on doing very much traveling, the Elks can be a great option in your travels.