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  1. Leaving Florida May 1, 2019 to spend the summer in Alaska. Heading to Wisconsin first then West.  Would like to join a caravan if possible.  Will cross into BC somewhere or head to Vancouver first.  Plan on returning Sept 1. Through BC / Alberta route to Deadwood, SD. for an Austin Healey Conclave.  Why can't they just call it a rally? I'm a RV mechanic. Spoiler alert: I'm going to be way limited on tools for this trip as I'm bringing the slide in camper - not the toy hauler

  2. Outtahere, you might want to look at former Alaska blogs for ideas. We participated in the 2009 Alaska blog. There are many possible boon docking stops in British Columbia and Yukon Territory as well as Alaska. We had used a coupon book that year that offered buy one, get one free. The book paid for itself when you take the various offered excursions. I'm sure you have already been told to purchase the current Mile Post. It is required. I recommend you obtain and read James Micheners "Alaska". Do NOT try taking a weapon into Canada. They will allow more alcohol than the web site states, if they are open bottles that you wouldn't be offering for sale. We converted a few hundred dollars into Canadian money as their Provincial Parks require Canadian money. Go through a smaller border station crossing, not one of the big ones. If you take the main highway from Blaine, Washington to the Peace Arch crossing, you have increased the odds of your rig being searched. If you move about 30 miles East to the Sumas crossing, you have significantly reduced the chances of being searched. Try not to plan too far in advance as some small locations end up being worth several days investigation. Make sure your Passport isn't about to expire this year. We will look for your inputs here through the summer and maybe we can meet up along the way.
  3. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2019

    We have 4 rigs headed for Alaska this year. We have been there twice in our RV (2009 & 2017). We are leading 3 other rigs for their first time. Plan on leaving So. Cal. in late April, entering Canada in late May and Alaska in late June. We love to meet other RVer's and share experiences and travel plans. We hope to post our travels here as we progress, looking forward to meeting other Alaska travelers this year.
  4. I thank all of you for your input. I found it very discouraging to have Charles Schwab boot us out after 14 years with them. I did minimal research after your inputs and have selected Vanguard as the firm to move our accounts to. I'm sure there are others just as reputable but that's where we are headed. I have no idea why Schwab is being so stubborn, but I appreciate all of you giving me options. I'm not sure how to close this string of posts but I thank you all ad do not require any further replies.
  5. Thank you for your input. I phoned Schwab back and explained that my VA and Medicare is OK with my address, how can we resolve this. If I provide them with a statement from our present campground that we are here and paid up and if I include a letter stating this is my current LEGAL address but Livingston is our mailing address, they think that will satisfy their requirement. If not, I guess Vanguard gets a new customer. Thanks again for your prompt responses. Glad to find out there is an alternative.
  6. My wife has had an IRA account with Charles Schwab for the past 13 years. Last week we opened a Joint Tenant Account with them for further investing. When I tried to purchase Mutual Funds today, I was told the account is Restricted due to not having a physical address. I was given a Verification Supervisor who confirmed that we must show a utility bill in our name to establish an address to use the account. When I explained that is impossible for a full time RVer, she suggested we take our money elsewhere. And by the way, your wife's IRA that was originally opened to your previous home address wasn't caught when you changed address's so it will be closed in the next 30 days. Can anyone provide us with a reputable investment firm that has found a way around this?
  7. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    We spent 2 weeks in Palmer at the Elks Lodge, 2 days in Girdwood in the Portage area and arrived today in Kenai for a 2 week stay.
  8. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Glennallen, AK today on our way to Anchorage. Had some frost heaves on HWY 1 as we neared Glennallen.
  9. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    We arrived in TOK today for a several day rest. The TOW highway was very good compared to 2009 when it was full of pot holes. The only rough part was as we got close to Chicken. Today was much rougher from Chicken to TOK. The normal 1 1/2 hour drive took us closer to 2 1/2 hours. Construction out of Chicken and frost heaves the rest of the way. Went into the bar tonight at the campground in TOK and heard from a couple that came up on the Alaska highway. They said the frost heaves were trying to throw them off of the road and they regret taking that route. At least we got the awesome view on the TOW highway.
  10. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Arrived in Chicken Alaska today. The TOW highway is in very good condition. Only the last couple of miles into Chicken got fairly rough. Strongly recommend keeping your speed around 35 MPH or less. On to Tok tomorrow to do some cleaning up for a few days.
  11. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Thank you Bill. We arrived in Dawson City today after a rough ride frost heave wise from Carmacks to here. Sticking around for 4 days of siteseeing before hitting the Top of the World Highway.
  12. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Pulled into Carmacks today and then on to Dawson City tomorrow for a several days stay. We are surprised at the lack of Alaska bound Escapee's posting on this group. We are aware of a few from the Boomer group headed North but we haven't joined that group.
  13. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Spent last night at Liard Hot Springs and moved on to Watson Lake today. Finally in the Yukon Territory which puts us that much closer to Alaska.
  14. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Picked up the campground and fuel sheet from the visitor center in Fort Nelson. Thank you Vermile. Stopped in Toad River campground today and will move on to Yukon Territory tomorrow. Should have fueled up in Fort Nelson at $1.26 a liter as here it is $1.35 per liter. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse until we get to Alaska.
  15. Monaco Larry

    Alaska 2017

    Arrived at Fort Nelson today. We recognize several rigs from previous campgrounds. We will be here for a couple of days. Still not sure whether the next stop is Muncho Lake or Liard Hot Springs. Our neighbors tonight are Escapee's but are not blogging. The weather is forecast to get warmer. We are enjoying the weather so far.
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