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  1. Our 3 coaches are currently in Palmer. We had spent 4 days in Denali and had a great view of the mountain. Not very many animals on the park tour. We have been pretty lucky with the weather and lack of smoke. For all of the bloggers on FB Alaska 2019, I'm surprised we don't have more commenting on this site.
  2. Our 3 rigs arrived in Dawson City today. Plan to be here for 5 nights before moving on.
  3. After a 9 day breakdown we were able to be back on the road today. We left Grande Prairie at 3:30 and pulled into Fort Nelson at 9PM. Only saw one black bear on the whole trip but got plenty of rain to wash the bugs off of the windshield. On to Watson Lake tomorrow and Saturday we should catch up with our other 2 rigs in Whitehorse.
  4. We have fallen behind schedule. On Tuesday 8/4, our transmission went out on our motor home. Low bedded back to Fort St. John to a repair facility. The next morning they informed me they were closing their facility that day and we needed to be low bedded to Grande Prairie which was 3 hours East and in Alberta. They thought they repaired the transmission, re-installed it and we still had no forward gears. Dropped the transmission again and I carried the 500 lb transmission in our Honda to Edmonton which was 290 miles and 4 1/2 hours away. Just completed the 10 hour, 600 mile round trip. They hope to have it repaired and back to Grande Prairie by Friday. Meanwhile the 2 rigs were were leading to Alaska have continued on. Hope we can catch them in Dawson City next week.
  5. Arrived at the Northern Lights Campground in Dawson Creek. No smoke, a little drizzle. Staying through the weekend to show our friends the start of the Alaskan Highway.
  6. Chetwynd getting some smoke from the East but it isn't too bad. Leave in the morning for a few days in Dawson Creek. We expect more smoke there. Hoping it cools down as it was 82 today. Makes it a little warm for hiking.
  7. Previous post was supposed to have gone on several days ago. Our 3 coach's moved on from Prince George to Chetwynd today. The road became a little rough but we saw several black bear and the rear end of one disappearing moose. Resting for a few nights before moving on to Dawson Creek.
  8. Just spent a day in Kokanee Bay for a breather. Heading for Prince George tomorrow for 3 days of siteseeing. Several rigs pulling in are also headed for Alaska.
  9. 3 rigs crossed the border at Sumas today. Staying in Hope, BC for a few days before moving on. Border crossing was a breeze.
  10. Our 3 coaches arrived in Lyndon, Washington this afternoon. Having to stay much longer here than planned due to Canada's major holiday coming up next weekend. It appears we can't find any open campgrounds in BC until the 22nd at the earliest.
  11. We arrived in Keizer, Oregon today and introduced couple #2 to couple #3 who we are leading to Alaska for the summer. Thank goodness they hit it off great.
  12. We go up on the AlCan on our way North and the Cassair on our way out in Sept. We hope to catch Jasper and Banff on our way out if the wild fires don't have the highways closed like in 2017.
  13. We have 2 coach's that left Orange County California on 4/22 headed up the coast. We are currently in Brookings Oregon and expect to enter British Columbia at Sumas around 5/18.
  14. Leaving Florida May 1, 2019 to spend the summer in Alaska. Heading to Wisconsin first then West.  Would like to join a caravan if possible.  Will cross into BC somewhere or head to Vancouver first.  Plan on returning Sept 1. Through BC / Alberta route to Deadwood, SD. for an Austin Healey Conclave.  Why can't they just call it a rally? I'm a RV mechanic. Spoiler alert: I'm going to be way limited on tools for this trip as I'm bringing the slide in camper - not the toy hauler

  15. Outtahere, you might want to look at former Alaska blogs for ideas. We participated in the 2009 Alaska blog. There are many possible boon docking stops in British Columbia and Yukon Territory as well as Alaska. We had used a coupon book that year that offered buy one, get one free. The book paid for itself when you take the various offered excursions. I'm sure you have already been told to purchase the current Mile Post. It is required. I recommend you obtain and read James Micheners "Alaska". Do NOT try taking a weapon into Canada. They will allow more alcohol than the web site states, if they are open bottles that you wouldn't be offering for sale. We converted a few hundred dollars into Canadian money as their Provincial Parks require Canadian money. Go through a smaller border station crossing, not one of the big ones. If you take the main highway from Blaine, Washington to the Peace Arch crossing, you have increased the odds of your rig being searched. If you move about 30 miles East to the Sumas crossing, you have significantly reduced the chances of being searched. Try not to plan too far in advance as some small locations end up being worth several days investigation. Make sure your Passport isn't about to expire this year. We will look for your inputs here through the summer and maybe we can meet up along the way.
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