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  1. LindaH, I tried every number. The simple answer is I have a combined bill DTV and wireless internet. If I dropped the wireless I could change my service address for DTV. My wireless internet is $20. a month unlimited so don't want to drop it. Customer retention was more than glad to cancel DTV.
  2. Just to touch base about my original post. I spent a total of 4.25 hours over a period of 3 days trying to change my service address. The bottom line, We have a AT&T hotspot and since They have started combining different accounts into one account you can no longer change service addresswith out a move request and that requires a tech to come out to install your receivers( you know the result of that in an RV). and an additional cost. We have all the upper channels so for the time being we will leave it alone. we can get basic cable in our park for $15.00 crappy reception but everything else on the DTV works. this will give me time to study Dish network. I will be asking question from the ones with Dish. Thanks everyone for your response.
  3. I know this has been beaten to death, but I need some advice. I have had DTV for close to 22 yrs now and since we went full time 3 yrs ago have never had a problem changing my service address. We only change it 2 times a year. We don't bother changing when we travel just at our summer and winter locations. We got to our winter park in Florida yesterday and I have spent 3 hours total on the phone trying to change our service address. We also have AT&T connect a car (wifi) and now our accounts are combined. I was told ( I called 3 different times trying to get someone in the lower 48) that we could not change service address anymore without a move request which required a service technician to come out and install my already installed equipment at a cost to me. My dish is stationary, my receivers have not moved and I have 95 to 100 % on my signal. I have all the upper channels just fine. How do I get them to just change the service address? I really don't won't to change to Dish. BTW I can't get locals on the antenna here. Thanks for any advice.
  4. We have been with DTV for 20 yrs. We have been full timers for 3 yrs now. When we travel we do not change service address, but when stationary in Florida in the winter and SC in the summer to visit family we do change our service address those 2 times. We have never had a problem. Within 3 to 4 minutes they were changed, but if what you guys are saying and it happens to me in Oct. when we get to Florida I will drop DTV like a hot potato. I'm no more dedicated to them than they are to me.
  5. Exactly right. We are in SC and we are cool. Told my wife the same think after my last post. Not going to worry until it quits, then replace it. Have a great week Kirk. Cary
  6. Kirk, I'm not sure about anything at this point. The bedroom AC 13.5 comes on and the compressor immediately. When it shuts off the fan cuts off. The livingroom AC 15.0 runs most of the time. The compressor cycles on and off but the fan continues to run. Now that is before the desired temp is reached. If I raise the temp to the point the ac will completely shut off until the demo inside rises to where I set the temp. Just don't remember it cycling on and off and the fan still run. I think its about time to give up on full time and buy a house again. (not)
  7. Thanks Ray & Kirk. seems I have the dripping stopped. Now either I'm crazy, but it seems the fan will come on and run 30 sec or so before the compressor kicks in. Never did this before. Go figure.
  8. I saw that, but if I remember correctly there was no additional cover to take off. It's a Coleman Mach 3 15,000 w/heat pump. I have had the inside cover off several times and don't think I have ever seen a drip fan, but I'll look again. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Kirk, I'll go back on the roof tomorrow(raining now) I didn't realize there was an additional drip pan. I cleaned the base pan, it wasn't really that bad. I'll look fro the pan under the condenser.
  10. I have a question, The Coleman AC in the living area constantly drips water when running. Does not leak from rain. It appears to be condensation. I have been on top and removed the cover and washed out every thing so no trash is evident in the base pan. The bedroom AC does not do this. If it is condensation wouldn't both drip? What can I do to correct this? We are in SC and it is humid, but I never had this problem in the past. Any suggestions? Thanks, Cary
  11. Thanks John. With a wife and daughter back in the 80's when most all of us had 30 amps I was very much aware of what curling irons and the likes do to a circuit. I was just curious we are headed to Alaska and the majority of the the parks only have 30 amps and the DW was wondering if she would be able to use the washer and dryer. I think with a little management we will be fine. Thanks again, Cary
  12. I should have been a little more specific. the washer draws 7 amps and the dryer draws 12 amps. Seems low for the washer, but that is what the table inside the door says.
  13. We have the stackable whirlpool washer and dryer. Both have their on separate plug. wired to be able to dry and wash at the same time. My question has anyone used their machines while on 30 amp service. I'm sure it wold not be wise to run both at the same time, but wondered if we could run one or the other. Thanks,
  14. For those that have made this trip answer this please. Can you carry packaged meat bought and wrapped from the grocery store? We have been told different answers. Some say no meat products at all, and others say no hunted meat. Other than fire arms is there any other restrictions we need to know about? Thanks, Cary
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