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  1. I bought an external powered 3.5 hard drive case and tossed in a 1tb drive. Cheap. Using every day for over a year.
  2. Had ours over 3 years and still working like a champ. Buy the stand. Keeps dirt out of the rotating mechanism when it rains.
  3. Part time. Some years 6 months on the road, others 8. Have wanted to sell the house, but Joan wanted a place for the holidays. Then we had a health issue hit us. Still waiting, but surgery on the horizon and then some rehab before we can hit the road again. Nice to have a fall back for a place more assessable. Once this is behind us, we’re back on the road. I expect we will downsize though keeping a “just in case place”.
  4. I’m going to cancel tonight, but thought I’d share one more oddity. We’re currently in Pine Mountain, GA. First 2 days we had locals from Columbus. Next day, locals came from Atlanta and the app changed the zip code. This morning, the app changed the zip code again and locals are coming from Nashville. There’s a link to verify location, but it doesn’t work. Weird huh?
  5. The hotspot is working great. Suspect the app is using the tablet GPS for location. But get this. Just received an email stating, “User, great news. You know have access to these additional channels. And by the way, your bill will now increase from $40 to $49.99.” Didn’t ask for the channels. I’ve had enough.
  6. I too think GPS or the lack is an issue. Plus, we’ve noticed channels will change on the hour on its own. Little documentation on the use of the service. One trick is to tap the station icon on the app to see what’s currently playing. Still haven’t found a way to look forward in time.
  7. Trying YouTubeTV for a week. Nice channel line up, locals, plus video quality is pretty good. That’s about where it ends. Have to use a Chromecast and Android tablet to view on a TV. Locals won’t work on an iPad. It won’t validate location. The user interface for channels is awful. No guide, just a list of current live video for that timeframe. Forget changing zip code for locals. App won’t work and trying to change via chat....we’ll forget it. For $40 and the power of Google, thought this application would offer a quality user experience. Not this go round.
  8. Has anyone ever used the Torklift Stableloads? Driving a Dually F350 with a Hensley TS3 pulling 40ft 5th wheel at 14,000 lbs. Also added airbags after a trip out west on I-10. With the on board air compressor, I can add or release air in the bags which has been nice going in and out of construction zones. Still in the hunt for something to minimize those bridge shears that knock the filling out of your teeth.
  9. Google Photo. Free version downsizes the pic some, but still ok for 8 x 10s. You set the folder to private, then invite others or the public at an Album level if you want to share.
  10. We spend 7 to 8 months on the road. I’d sell the house in a skinny minute, but Joan likes the comfort of a home to come back to just in case. We may have reached a compromise. Down size on more time.
  11. Genesis has stopped. Yoda works. Are you watching through a VPN? Theses services are a little sketchy.
  12. Added a topper on the mattress. Removed the couch and recliners and sold on Craigslist. Replaced with a nice quality residential sofa and Euro recliners.
  13. Thanks Derek. Looks like swapping inside to out is recommended. We’ll give it a shot.
  14. The outside tires on my F350 Dually wear faster than inside tires. Dealer said you don’t rotate. Is that true or is he just trying to sell me tires?
  15. I just terminated my Sprint hot spot service a few days days ago after 26 months. If we were close to the interstate in most places, we had good service, but if you're not in a metro area I had little to no service.
  16. I've been a Flickr user since 2008. I know free isn't really free, but have used the free plan to share RV travel photos with friends and family. Plus I've enjoyed to safety of uploading pictures from the phone either on cell or set for a wifi connections. The plan changes Feb 2019. Free is will be limited to 1,000 pictures (ouch). There is a pay for plan of unlimited uploads at $49.95 a month. Options, options, options. It never ends.
  17. Maybe some type of handshake between DirecTV and the Mobley not seen when using Verizon? I've been using a new FireStick, my Mobley and Prime Video for 6 months all over the east coast, some in heavy congested areas and no buffer issues.
  18. First, many thanks to our Technomadia friends for this post. Needing reliable Internet for our business on the road requires good, reliable bandwidth. I have a couple Mobley's, an older Unlimitedville Sprint plan and a "just in case" Verizon tied to our phone plan and the Verizon is some kind of expensive. This pay as you go plan could not come at a better time. We're heading west this winter and knowing the Sprint service was going to be a bust, I needed a reasonably priced alternative to the Mobley....."just in case". I'm betting, starting from scratch with a new MiFi is the way to go. I purchased the plan online and Verizon stated I required a new SIM with the pre-pay plan. Without going into the mess, I spent a number of hours on the phone trying to straighten out old service to new. Then 2 trips to the local Verizon store. Here's the tip. If converting from a phone/data plan, take the Internal Plan Number provided by Technomadia to the Verizon store. The Verizon rep was happy to help and had me on the way in 15 minutes. Oh, the second trip? The online folks, one of the 6 I was transferred to, lost my initial $70 to start the pre-pay. The Verizon rep fixed that too in about 10 minutes. For the area I'm in, I'm getting 6 to 8 meg down and 5 up. Good enough for uploading big files and a little entertainment on the side. Thanks again Chris and Cherie.
  19. X2. After 2 ugly blow outs, one at 3,000 miles and the second at 3,500 miles we did the same. Best session and money spent.
  20. Thanks everyone for the tips and recommendations. It's hard to separate the overly dramatic news until you've been there, done that. I traveled the area in my corporate days, but you know the drill - airport, rental car, motel room, meeting, reverse order. First time Joan and I are able to take 3 months and see the sites. Looking forward to taking a zillion pictures and eating where the locals go.
  21. Thanks much Jim. Don't mind those temps and doubt we'll cross the border. So much we want to see on this side. Have a great time in FL. We finished our 4th year this spring. Wanting to venture out a do something new. Going to be a long trip starting in GA.
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