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  1. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks everyone for the tips and recommendations. It's hard to separate the overly dramatic news until you've been there, done that. I traveled the area in my corporate days, but you know the drill - airport, rental car, motel room, meeting, reverse order. First time Joan and I are able to take 3 months and see the sites. Looking forward to taking a zillion pictures and eating where the locals go.
  2. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks much Jim. Don't mind those temps and doubt we'll cross the border. So much we want to see on this side. Have a great time in FL. We finished our 4th year this spring. Wanting to venture out a do something new. Going to be a long trip starting in GA.
  3. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks for the tip. Already made reservations. Looking forward to the stop for a few days.
  4. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks for the heads up, but no issues on the herbal recreation..
  5. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks a bunch for the recommendations.
  6. jerryneal

    January travel near the border

    Thanks much for the feedback. Jerry
  7. jerryneal

    Macerator Pump

    Same as other comments plus those occasions when I had a sewer dump in a rest stop that was up a slight incline.
  8. Joan and I have plans to travel near the US Mexican border in January and February with stops in in Deming, Las Cruces, Tucson on the way to Vegas. So many places on the bucket list we want to visit. First RV trip to the area, so we're not familiar with the layout. But, with all the news from sourth of the border and possible military presence, is this trip a bust? I truely don't want to start a political rant, but would greatly appreciate your travel comments. Thanks much, Jerry
  9. jerryneal

    Mapping Software STREETS TRIPS 2013?

    Tried WAZE a couple of times. The algorithms to route on the last mile seems to look for the shortest distance not necessarily the better roads. We were sent down some that was less than suitable for cows. I'll leave WAZE to those with a 4 wheel drive Jeep.
  10. jerryneal

    Franklin Furniture

    You should have seen the expression on the faces of the 2 delivery guys when they asked where I wanted the new sofa placed and I pointed at the front door of the 5th wheel. The looks were priceless. They bet $20 bucks if they got it in the door, they wouldn't make the turn. It fit and paid for pizza the night.
  11. jerryneal

    Stink Bug Apocalypse

    OK! We're making progress. Tried an old school trick to combat sand gnats at the beach. I took a couple of dryer sheets. The more perfume smell, the better. I wiped the outside of all of the window frames, screens and the rubber gaskets around the slides. So far so good.
  12. jerryneal

    Stink Bug Apocalypse

    Hi RV_. Thank goodness these are the generic variety, kinda round stink bud. No bite, just stink when you smash 'em.
  13. jerryneal

    Stink Bug Apocalypse

    Hi Kirk. North GA mountains waiting for the leaves to change. Inundated would be about right. Thought they were bad in San Marcos last year. This is the worse I've seen in a while.
  14. Same for us and our large slide. Ours has the couch and frig. No problem coming in, but going out, the angle causes it to stick. Let it settle for a few seconds and ours gently rolls back when we hit the extend button to complete the rollout.
  15. jerryneal

    Stink Bug Apocalypse

    Thanks. A little help. Spray area outside? Dump them in a bowl when they come inside?