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  1. jerryneal

    portable generatord

    I just sold my 10k that I bought from Northern Supply. Had it for 9 years and still ran like a new unit. Downside, it was extremely heavy. I had to use a chain hoist to place it in the back of the truck. It also had a twin Honda engine. It was mind blowingly loud. Most portable 10k's are similar. You would have to do extensive reinforcement to the frame and bumper to add. We replaced with a Champion 3400 dual fuel for our 5th wheel travels. Runs what we need with a little manual power management.
  2. jerryneal

    Time For A New TRuck

    So true, but a statement rarely heard as you climb that steep grade over the mountains
  3. jerryneal

    Inverter blown

    I have a Xantrex 806 1000w with the matching auto transfer switch. Use it to power my residential frig. Handles the compressor kick with no issues.
  4. jerryneal

    Skylight or not

    We have one over the tub. We like the extra light offered in the bathroom. We had a fine crack that I missed during a roof inspection. Had 2 days of down pours and it leaked like crazy. Called Heartland and $17 later a new unit was shipped in 3 days. Took around an hour to replace.
  5. jerryneal

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    Sure, Happy Camper requires water to work, but nothing more than the typical RV flush. Using an enzyme like Happy Camper liquifies everything. Makes dumping easier and keeps a cleaner balck tank. Plus, we don't like those liquids that have perfume smell added to the tank. The enzyme creates a natural process and keeps odor to a minimum even in the hotter climates. Other comments shared how much Happy Camper is used. We purchased a large container and use a scoop every morning.
  6. jerryneal

    Slide Out Topper Roller Support

    The roller has minimal amount of forward and backward stress due to the slider movement when the roller slides in and out. I've seen a similar installs on dozens of RV's with long sliders. The lower screws pulled out of the laminate. Thinking a large Molly may be the answer. Amazed there's no stud above the window of a 10ft slider.
  7. jerryneal

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    Using Happy Camper for several yesrs. Amazing stuff.
  8. I have a long slide out with a slide topper Roller support in the middle. It has 4 screws, 2 top and 2 bottom. The bottom screws are pulling out of the wall. There's no stud, just the thin outer laminent. Any idea want can be used to strengthen the bracket without ripping a whole in the wall? Thinking a Molly or similar.
  9. jerryneal

    Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    I used a Garmin for years, but gave it up 2 years ago. My biggest problems was a clunky interface and continued struggles to add waypoints. We use an 8 inch Andriod tablet and Google Maps. We also use a hard copy of a Rand McNally trucker map for road and height restrictions. Google Maps also gives traffic congestion. There's never an update and we've had good accuracy compared to the Garmin. We'll have a couple apps available on the tablet such as Rest Stops, Allstays for fuel stops just in case. My pretrip planning is no different and I always verify a route just in case. It may sound a little geeky, but it's just simple to use and route changes or map searches while traveling take seconds.
  10. While Joan and I prefer our 40ft fiver, this is an interesting read. https://www.wsj.com/articles/boomers-embrace-luxury-van-life-1524308463
  11. jerryneal


    Thin layer of Elmer's Glue. Work out air bubbles and place a small piece of blue painters tape to hold till dry. It won't come back down.
  12. jerryneal

    Specific Question about Travel Day with Kitty...

    We tried to let our 2 cats roam in the truck once. Big mistake! They crawled everywhere and made driving the truck difficult. We purchased a PetTube. You can find on Amazon. Great product. It takes up the entire back seat and door to door. Very good ventilation in the Summer. They stay in place and no escape worries when we stop for fuel or a stretch. On longer trips, we'll take them out for a pan brake and water.
  13. jerryneal

    Connect Hopper3 to Mobley?

    I get this error when a 6th device attempts to connect. Check the wifi manager to see how many devices are attached. Even if you have a unit turned off it may still have the device assigned. Powering down the Mobley will release any assigned and turned off devices.
  14. jerryneal

    ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    For a $99 unit and $21.20 a month for unlimited....no complaints here.
  15. jerryneal

    Battery tester

    Will it test 6v batteries?