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  1. Battery tester

    Will it test 6v batteries?
  2. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    I use one of the thin Teflon plates with my Hensley hitch. Never had an issue in the last two and a half years of use.
  3. Mobley problems

    No problem here. Used all day yesterday. Turn off every evening to relieve stress on electronics.
  4. "Musty" smell from A/C ducts

    Take a dryer sheets and place in front of the filter. Sometime the ducts get a stale smell from lack of use. Change every 2 or 3 days for about a week.
  5. Trailer Saver 5th Wheel Hitch

    We've been using a Trailer Saver for 3 years. Can't imagine pulling a 5th wheel without one. Never had a problem. No chucking and smooths those shears when you hit that uneven concrete on and off a bridge.
  6. Roof material

    We ripped our TPO roof on our 40ft 5th wheel over 2 years ago. We had it replaced with a PVC roof. We've been very pleased with the performance. Very easy to clean, it's bright white, reflecting and the RV is much cooler in the summer, plus it doesn't chalk. It was an insurance repair costing $7200. I'll admit I was a little leery using this product, but happy with the decision. One more point. When the sun roof was removed over the shower, I suspect fine cracks were introduced. It took about 6 months for the cracks to run and one winter rain storm we had a roof flood. The cracks were very fine and weren't obvious until the winter temperatures dropped. The sun roof cost $17. If you replace a roof for 1,000's of dollars, spend a few more and purchase new plastic sun roofs.
  7. Need to boost my Mobley reception. The Weboost Drive 4Gs and similar models aren't in the budget this year. Has anyone had success using the Weboost 4G-S cradle and a Mobley? Plans are to use a painters pole and a cellular truckers antenna and bungie to the RV ladder.
  8. I saw them this morning on the Best Buy website.
  9. Networking a Mobley

    X2 with Pate and Pete. When we get to a new location, we move the Mobley from window to window for the best tower location while monitoring the signal level from the wifi manager. We too leave it hanging in the window and sometimes get 2 times or greater speeds.
  10. RV Storage Georgia

    Call Heath Road Self Storage. (478) 477-9898 They just added a covered and non covered RV storage lot. Had several big rigs. It's minutes off I-475 in Macon. You're about an hour south of the Atlanta Airport. I used them for for self storage for about 2 years. Nice people.
  11. Alternative to Street Atlas?

    Jack, are you using the truck or RV version? Also can you add stops such as a rest stop or Walmart as waypoints?
  12. Champion 3,400-Watt Dual Fuel Generator.

    Thanks all for the response. I'm going to give it a try without the Microaire for now. I also spoke with others that had good success. I'll update with the results.
  13. I'm getting hit and miss information on the Champion 3,400-Watt Dual Fuel generator. I need something for summer overnight boondocking to run a 15k BTU air conditioner in the 5th wheel. Propane is a cool option, but no problem burning gas for the extra wattage. Anyone used this generator/inverter?
  14. Length of 5th wheel

    We've never had a problem with our 40 foot 5th wheel and long wheel base F-350. We do our research before we travel. Private, State and Federal campgrounds usually list site lengths. If the listing is "ify" I'll check TravelAdvisor, Good Sam's or other campground listing sites for comments. If the comments state the campground isn't big rig friendly, we'll keep looking.
  15. Campground near Annapolis, MD

    We're planning a trip to DC with thoughts to take the Metro in for touring. Where did you stay?