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  1. Hi we are staying at Floyd Bennett Field at the end of this month and coming down from Boston way. We are a 40ft RV with toad and would appreciate any advice on routes to the field. I understand that this is real basic "dry camping" but just want to be close to NYC for our duration there.
  2. RV Storage Georgia

    Thanks so much Ray and Jerry
  3. Nova Scotia

    Thanks ✅ ?
  4. Thanks very much, will do.  Hayley 

  5. Harbor Fright has a good deal now for a 100 watt system everything for just over $200.00

    I just picked one up.                         Cornwellkidd 

  6. Solar Panel

    Looking for a solar panel, minimum 30 watts.
  7. RV Cover

    Looking for a good heavy duty RV cover to fit an A Class Motorhome, Alfa Bus 40 foot.
  8. RV Storage Georgia

    Hi again, we will be coming to the end of this trip early October and think (at this stage, nothing in concrete :)) we may end up somewhere in Georgia (would be good to be driving distance to Atlanta) and want to know if anyone knows or could recommend a storage facility or RV park that will store our 40 ft A Class Motorhome and toad? Doesn't need to be undercover but would be a plus. Would be for about a year or so. Can travel further if someone knows of something good? Thanks in advance. Mark and Hayley
  9. Nova Scotia

    I'm not sure how to thank everyone for their comments and advice. It's been fantastic, thanks again everyone Oh btw, we do have a toad, jeep... Can't wait to get to NS now. Kindest regards Mark and Hayley Cowan Australia
  10. Nova Scotia

    Hi we are an Australian couple traveling around USA and Canada (on our 2nd, 6 month stint) and this time heading to Nova Scotia and then the eastern side of the USA. (At the present we are in Campbelford ON, Canada) Would love any and all suggestions for getting there and traveling around Nova Scotia as we have heard this is one of the most beautiful places to travel. We are in a 40 ft Alfa Motorhome. Thanks in advance. Mark and Hayley ?
  11. AC Repairs

    We are heading into Las Vegas and need to get our dash ac looked at on our Alfa See Ya Bus, any tips on who to go to would be appreciated. Hayley
  12. Yellowstone National Park

    Thank you all so much for your tips and advice, yes it will be the 3rd week in May before we arrive at Yellowstone and have successfully booked accom in bridge bay, madison and canyon village, very excited ! Thanks again for all the messages... Mark and Hayley
  13. Yellowstone National Park

    We are coming back to our RV in Bakersfield from Australia next April and want to head to Yellowstone. Would love any advice or tips on what to do, where to stay etc. We have a 40ft Alfa with a Jeep toad. We have 6 months travelling time and will continue to the east coast after Yellowstone. Mark & Hayley
  14. Diesel Pusher Wanted

    Thanks Smitty, totally agree, Cheers
  15. Diesel Pusher Wanted

    Hi your RV looks amazing, it's above our budget but will keep it in mind, what area are you located ? Mark and Hayley.