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  1. hiljoball

    Park in Yuma ?

    The KOFA is a SKP co-op park. The lots are assigned to the co-op leaseholders. (I am a leaseholder and spend each winter there) About half the lots are park models. the remainder are called bare lots. If a leaseholder is not in the park, then a bare lot is put in the rental pool and is available for visiting SKP members. The office knows if a member is not intending to come this winter and those lots are available to early arrivals for the season, but the rental is weekly due to a KOFA bylaw. The other empty bare lots in the rental pool are available first come first served. There are usually spaces available Nov-Dec and mid-Feb to Apr. Jan -feb is usually full. John
  2. hiljoball

    Park in Yuma ?

    How about the SKP Kofa Ko-op. If you arrive early, you may be able to get a lot an extended stay. John
  3. hiljoball

    fulltime Canadian help

    I 94 to I 90 would be the obvious route to Seatlle and then I 5 to the border. Easy grades and well maintained. High elevations crossing the Rockies, so plan ahead for weather conditions. To avoid cold weather means taking a deep detour south, like I 80 or I 40, and then get onto I 5 through Oregon, but that adds many miles. Have not stayed recently, but Hazelmere and Pacific Border RV Resorts in lower mainland were ok. Consider getting the ferry to Vancouver Island and look at Resort on the Lake in Nanaimo or Fort Victoria in VIctoria. Ferry may cost $300 or so, each way, depending on rig length, but resorts may be cheaper - and some used to offer a special to refund the ferry costs. The weather will be cool, mostly above freezing, and there will be lots of rain, mostly Nov/Dec. John
  4. Here is an update on my Nuvi to HP USB problem. I took my GPS into Bestbuy, where I bought the laptop and did an experiment (with the store's permission). I plugged the GPS into an identical model HP laptop and it also failed. Then plugged it into three late model but different HP laptops. It failed in each one. Then I plugged the GPS into an Acer, Dell, and Levono late model laptops and it worked in each case. So my conclusion is that there is an issue in the USB device manager on the current HP laptops that I tested. I'll report to Garmin and to HP to see what happens next. John
  5. as noted in my OP, I tried several cables. No improvement. One suggestion on the POI factory is a voltage problem - late model GPS need more power, and newer laptops USB ports are lower than previous. So one suggested solution was to buy a powered USB hub. Yet Garmin says not to use a hub. Don't want to spend money if it will not solve the problem. To Mike54 - do you know what the Tech changed? John
  6. I have a Garmin nuvi 2689LMT and it connects to my old laptop via USB with no problems - but time to retire that laptop. I bought a new HP 15 inch laptop with 2 USB3 and 1 USB2 ports. The Garmin will not connect - The Garmin comes up with e message that it cannot charge and to use the supplied Garmin cable. - but that is what I am using. I also tried several other USB cables all with the same problem. Unless the Garmin is detected (and mounted as an external storage device) I cannot access it with Garmin Express to update it. To summarise - the Garmin connects to my old laptop (USB2 only), but will not connect to any ports on the new one. Other devices, such as a thumb drive, External hard drive and USB headset all connect to the USB on the new laptop. Garmin support says it is a HP problem. HP support says that if other devices work on the USB ports, it is not their issue. Help!!! Thanks John
  7. I have two versions of Skype - the traditional version and the new version. I don't like the new version as it does not work the way I like to use Skype. My question is 'is the MS store version the 'new ' version of skype or is the traditional version also available'? John
  8. hiljoball

    Wave 6 Catalytic Heater Review

    I would strongly recommend that you have a working CO detector if using any combustion heater in your rig. We used a Wave 3 for a number of years and it was a great solution for boondocking. John
  9. hiljoball

    BC Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria - suggestions?

    That route has very frequent crossings, and the ferries are huge, so you don't really need reservations unless you plan a mid day crossing on the first day of a long weekend. Sometimes there are discounts on the early trips- check the BC ferry web site for any specials. The main hwy up Island is four lane divided up to Campbell River and good and quiet two lane north to Port Hardy. There are several interesting side trips on paved two lane, that cross the Island to the west side - all are worth while. You can take your rig on Hwy 4 all the way to Tofino and Uclulet, while Port Alice, Coal Harbour and Gold River are better day trips in your truck and maybe pack a picnic. There are many RV resorts and campgrounds on the Island. The BC Park's campgrounds are excellent (but not cheap unfortunately). One of our favorite camp grounds is Cluxewe resort - just north of Port McNeil. Using this as a base, you can do day trips to Port Hardy and from Fort McNeil, take the walk on ferry to Alert Bay, and drive a day trip to Telegraph Cove. John
  10. hiljoball

    BC Hwy 99 to 97 from Vancouver and other passes

    I RVed around BC for a number of years and word of mouth was to avoid Hwy 99 east of Whistler - so we took the advice and never went that way. I always took Hwy 1 up to 97. The route up 97 to the Alaska Hwy is a great drive, especially northern BC and Yukon. Very scenic and lots of wildlife. John
  11. Fall back (during the first 10 days) is easy. Select COntrol Panel, > System, > Backup & Restore. Then follow the prompts. There is a new option to 'fall back to previous build' John
  12. After a couple of days using the Creator edition, I gave up and restored back to my previous build. The problems are listed in my post of Monday. The fall back was quite fast, maybe 20 minutes. John
  13. I selected to download to a USB so I could install on several systems. Took about an hour on a DSL land line. Installed it on my Acer notebook - took about three hours. No issues during the install. Had the same problem twice now - after the machine goes to sleep mode, I get a blue screen crash on restart and it submitted a crash report to M/S in each case. The machine seems a bit slower now. Tried the new Defender protection for ransomware - it puts a fence around the standard system files and Documents folders and authorises standard windows programs access through the fence - at least that is what I understand. But I could not get it to work - I turned on the feature and then opened a word document in the Documents folder - and surprise - it would not allow Update, Yet that fits the standard description. I tried to add Word to the white list but could not make sense of the prompt screens - so right now the feature is turned off until I do more research. Have not done a fall back yet- will wait a few days to see if they send a fix for the blue screen crashes John
  14. I just ran Malwarebytes for a routine scan. It advised that there was a new release, so I downloaded and installed it. During the install it advised that the Malwarebytes Antiransomware was obsolete and incompatible with the new release as the function was now built-in and it uninstalled the antiransomware component.. When the new release started, it stated that it was a 14 day trial of the full product and would revert to the lower function free version after 14 days. The problem is that the antiransomware in now part of the full paid version and is no longer available free. I understand that they need to make money - but my concern is that they hid the full effect of the new structure until after it was installed and the prior software was already removed. Just be aware! John
  15. hiljoball

    dedicated computer

    This discussion seems focused on a safe software platform for banking security - but don't forget that you expose your data stream, keystrokes, password etc to snooping when you connect through any public wifi network. Security is more than just the operating system of your computer. John