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  1. The usual propane detector does not have its own battery and uses the house battery. This sound like your 'house' battery is low. When plugged in to shore power, it charges the battery and there is enough voltage to keep the Propane detector happy. Did you check the battery water level and keep it topped up? Disconnecting the battery is not a good idea as it is needed for the fridge and interior lights.
  2. Part of the border closure does permit Canadians to return home. John
  3. Yes, thanks to the web admin - problem looks like it is now solved. John
  4. As suggested by RV_ I sent a message to the web admin, but so far no acknowledgement. I thought this section of the forum is for bug reports, and that the web support would monitor it. John
  5. The other forum I visit that had the problem has now fixed the issue. I asked the admin what was the solution and here was his reply - I hope it helps. John You can run an sql query to fix it and its posted on the IP Board forums, its known bug after the new year, or just update to the latest version released today which should be done anyway as it contains a security fix.
  6. Additional info - the plot thickens. I visited another site that uses the same web software as rvnetwork and it has EXACTLY the same problem. Also tried both web sites using MS EDGE browser - and same problem. Looks like the host service for the web site software may have changed something. (or is it a delayed Y2K bug 😀 )
  7. This started yesterday - when I select Unread Content, the view is always Expanded. I prefer and have always used Condensed. Now if I try to change it back to Condensed, it will not take! Stays as Expanded. Tried deleting cookie and restarting the browser (firefox) but no change. John
  8. soot is usually caused by an incorrect air/gas mix - usually insufficient air. There should be an aadjustable slider on the gas line to admit the air - or you may have a spider or wasp nest blocking the airflow. John
  9. I once started to write an article for the Escapees magazine on blocking a trailer, but never finished it - there is more to blocking than just putting some planks under a tire. Here are the key points - in the attached pdf - with photos! Blocking a 5th Wheel.pdf
  10. The new satellite is called G1 - and it is not accessible beyond about 200 miles south of the border. The old satellites called F1 and F 2 are accessible. You should be able to receive all the channels that are on the F1/F2 satellites. Here is a list of all the channels and the G1 channels are crossed off, showing what you will loose. The channel numbers are for the 'National' list. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X2LbuIEnaCqMqwbmhg-398nKWfCM088r/view John
  11. outlook express is not a browser - it is an email program. Your browser is Internet Explorer. You could try to install Google CHrome or Firefox and see if either of those work. If you can access Garmin, then you need to download the latest version of Garmin Express to do your download/install of the map updates. John
  12. Hi Nanny, just a couple more TV/Communications items to be aware of as a Canadian traveling in the US. Canadian cell phones roaming in the US is expensive - so be aware of large data usage if you stream over cell networks. Getting a US cell phone (like pay as you go) may be a cheaper solution. Getting a normal pay plan you may have issues with credit approval as you don;t have a US Social Security number nor US credit history and lack of US address (this applies to trying to get any contract in the US for TV satellite too) Relying on wifi is restricted to wifi availability and service in campgrounds if available is shared and streaming may not be possible. If you have a Canadian contract with a streaming service like Netflix, it may not work in the US and they can tell from your IP address that you are in the US. There have been attempts to use VPN services to fool the provider, but they are getting smarter in detecting and blocking this. There are two Canadian satellite TV providers, Bell and Shaw. Bell was very strict on not allowing Snowbirds to receive signals in the US so most snowbirds switched to Shaw. But now Shaw is also being more restrictive - so use don't ask/don't tell. Shaw now uses three satellites, G1, F1 and F2 for its programming. F1 and F2 are accessible in the US and even Mexico. G1 (the new one) beams more to the north and is not accessible once you are two hundred mile or so south of the border. So your new satellite dish needs to be able to locate all three satellite for all channels in Canada,, but you will lose some channels (these on G1) as you go south. The satellite dish provider should be able to help you on this issue - and you will need a 600 or 800 Shaw receiver in your rig attached to your TV via HDMI cable for HD picture. John
  13. The easiest option for watching satellite TV is an automatic system, such as Winguard. https://winegard.com/products/satellite-tv and https://www.canadasatellite.ca/Shaw-Direct-Satellite-Dishes-s/830.htm This is much easier than carrying and setting up a stand alone dish each time you stop. Winguard can receive Shaw Direct signals, so you can watch Canadian channels. You can set up your account with Shaw while in Canada and set up automatic monthly payments from your Canadian Bank Account. Shaw does not want you to receive signals while outside of Canada due to broadcasting rights issues - but it works - but keep quiet about your travel plans south of the border. Say to Shaw that you want service to your RV for travel across Canada. John
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