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  1. There was a RV Invasion resulting in the death of the intruder at Walmart, Cedar City, UT. Another incident in NM did not end well for some RVers being murdered by escaped convicts from AZ as I recall. I do believe in each situation RVers were percieved as easy prey. Lock the doors, be aware of surroundings. Rest areas, Walmarts and such are higher risk than campgrounds so act accordingly. Difficult targets are passed over in favor of easy ones so small changes in your behavior make you safer. The use of a firearm should be the last option after other measures have been exercised. Just some thoughts🤠
  2. We had the same problem with a neighbor feeding doves and pidgeons at our stick and brick. They were nesting and crapping all over our property. I finally paid him a visit to explain. He had no idea and stopped feeding them.
  3. Getting ready to buy new tires for the Cameo. The Sailum sound great!. Local Discount Tire folks stated they could not get them but would gladly sell me Hercules. I currently run Good Year Marathons from which one blew and was replaced with another China Bomb which got us home. Heading for Maine, need substantial. Not certain if the current rims will accept much over 80 psi, 235-80-16's. Do the sailum tires, G rated, require 110 psi?
  4. I do remember sharing posts with you back then😉 Having a DP perhaps made our experience different from yours. We found our DP just too expensive to maintain and operate on my retirement income. We had a gasser more recently and loved it. As another Beaver owner commented, if it moves we have either fixed or replaced it. FMCA was very supportive to issues we had and the members very nice to us. We did not rejoin with the gasser we had but are considering selling our 5th wheel and going with a downsized gasser. I will rejoin at that time and if there are issues I can leave it. I guess it would be sort of like comparing a Mustang to a Porsche, can be lots of ego and pride.
  5. We used to ramble around in a Beaver, was a member of FMCA, Escapees and had a lot of fun. There was a declining membership back then. The rallies were old school, pre-boomer in those days. Lots of information and support from fellow members, not unlike here. The increase in RVs on the road surprises me the FMCA has not become larger. It is an old club and has done a lot of good with strong support for its members. I think you could do worse joining. There is nothing like a high end DP this side of a French House of Ill Repute nor as expensive. Lots of pride to be had in those rigs which I cannot fault the owners for. Their membership is also represented in our Club and has always been positive. Just some thoughts...
  6. Yes, the mighty goatheads. They are able to bring a grown man to tears. My bicycle has armor in its tires, extra thick tubes and green slime and I still cross my fingers. Our State Parks are inexpensive and remarkably well kept, they are a good deal. One CoOp near Roswell and Dreamcatcher in Deming. Both parks are fine. We do not have the Resorts like AZ nor do we have the weather being high desert. Prettiest and coldest in the north and lots of history at both ends. I'd suggest coming here, doing the tour and figuring out what strikes your fancy. The north is significantly different from southern New Mexico but either has its appeal.
  7. We are looking at Voyager RV Resort with Park Models and storage for the RV. Used Park Models can be had for a modest sum or expensive depending on the depth of wallet and desires. It actually looks like a great homebase from which to launch into summer adventures during the summer and return for the winter. It is close enough to Tombstone, Bisbee and the things I hold dear as well as a Costco a couple exits down and medical care. We have been snowbirds and are considering down sizing to a Park Model. Gated community, too many activities, three pools, two hot tubs, a nine hole golf course and a 24/7 gym. My personal favorite will be inline skating on all the paved streets and the Tucson bicycle trail near the entrance. There are others in Tucson, Mesa, Indian Wells and of course Yuma. You can lease an annual site and put your RV on it and come and go on it as you see fit. Costs about 5K a year for the lease. Go on youtube and search park houses for sale. Some sad stories in there and many leave everything calling it move in ready although I forsee a few trips to the dump. If you want cheap medical and dental then Yuma calls for you although I heard medical services are not so hot but I do not know that from experience. Hope this helps.
  8. It has been years, 1970's since I went to Canada. Crossings then were always friendly, a bit formal but not uncomfortable. Coming back was even easier. Times sure have changed!
  9. As a young man, even to this day, motorcycle tire pressure was critical and each time I rode I would kneel at the alter of the tire Gods and check air pressure, cold. My new bike has an internal pressure monitor but it lacks the judgement only I and the guage can dispense. My 5th wheel gets the same treatment prior to launch, going to tire church, kneeling and checking those pressures can and will keep you out of the afterlife. Look the tires over as you genuflect along with the air guage, you will be a happy man. I also use a laser heat gun, Harbor Freight, which tells me if I am building up excessive heat not only on the tire but bearings etc., as well. Takes a little time but heck, I am retired.
  10. Having volunteered at an AZ State Park we never had an issue with big rigs. The Prevosts would pull in and set up camp next to the guy in the tent. Call ahead just to check if you go big. I had a 40' Beaver and a little 31 Rexhall. The Rexhall felt like a sports car compared to the Beaver but once in you could not beat the Beaver.
  11. We have had both and have traveled with them. I prefer the MH for travel but the 5r is great to live in. Financially the 5r makes tons of sense with a truck that can run errands once parked and pull it when attached with only one driveline to service. A used 5r is less expensive than even a gas rig and if you step into diesel territory then all bets are off. Our Beaver required more attention maintenance wise and it was more expensive to keep up. Tires are another item you have to consider as we found them far more expensive than what we keep on the 5r. Our motorhome was much easier to park when we arrived and it was equipped with every comfort you could ask for. Our current 5r is a Carriage with lots of room, storage and goodies for the long haul. It has everything we need including a generator but it is no Beaver. On the road our little red truck pulls it almost effortlessly climbing hills and flowing with traffic as much as we want to. We still have a stick and brick so once home the truck allows us to haul landscaping materials, furniture and helping friends move when called upon. On the road if we have a mechanical issue with the truck it is but a dealership away and parts are plentiful if needed, (None so far). In the event life deals you a curve and you flunk out of full time or just want a change your assets are not tied up in one vehicle so you have a bit more flexibility. The more 5r you get the more truck you will need but you can sort that as you go. We have been talking about a modest toyhauler since my motorcycle habit has been sorely neglected, but that is another matter. Good luck with your choices and I hope this helps.
  12. Thought we had a virus or got hacked. Not real fan of this change.
  13. I just wanted to say thank you for the very nice post. I passed your comments on to our manager and shared it with our co-hosts. It has been a pleasure working with fellow volunteers and campers. We have a lot of returnees and it is a favorite for folks out of Tucson and Phoenix.
  14. I-10 in NM has the same issues. Pretty dangerous to be in!
  15. There is absolutely no way to predict if you are going to suffer a break-in or theft. Even in an Escapees Park it can happen. It just takes one to snag a bicycle or take your TV. Locks on our rigs for a reason, they are cheap to use and keep people honest. We want to trust people but it just is not that way, sadly. I am honored to camp Host in an Arizona State Park. I see some folks leave their rigs wide open while hiking the trails and I see others with a Ft Knox approach. I also see campers I would trust on sight and others that I feel like I have to inventory the gold in my teeth after talking with them. I had someone try to steal my bicycle but my dogs alerted on it, saving the day. This is in a Park where theft is extremely rare but that said it only takes one.
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