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  1. In my office working days I saw the same things.. blowing through every paycheck as if it was their last. But what really blew my mind was listening to them bitch about the forced retirement savings coming out of their paychecks (city gov't.) What they could do with the extra money, how they could invest it better..bitching about Social security.. blah blah.. all the time I'm thinking "yeah, right, you're just going to blow it." I think I was rather lucky to be concerned about retirement when I was 30. I hope fast food wasn't a habit, because that's neither thrifty nor healthy! And when you hit your 60s you need all the health you can get. And that comes from a lifetime of taking care of yourself. I never had to be quite that thrifty, I was a weekend musician with a 40 hr job, but I bought a house I could afford, a car I could afford, and cooked at home. And when married, there was no way I wanted a brood of children to support. Good on your for the winter home. Like Dave Ramsey says "live like no one else so later on you can live like no one else."
  2. We have a guy on the 'other board' who keeps posting this all the time.
  3. I'm getting the best wattage I've ever seen from my 835 watts of 6 panels: 728 watts! I'm at 7700' elev, Mesa Verde National park, high noon, clear blue sky, sun is almost directly overhead. Sweet.
  4. Solar panels don't last forever. Visually inspect each one for yellow marks behind the glass and burned black spots on the back. Test each one for proper output. A bad panel in parallel won't show any voltage drop at the controller as series will, but the controller will show an amperage drop. I didn't see any mention of amperage in your post. That needs to be checked at the controller input.
  5. Until God/Jesus get here we have to solve our own problems... especially the ones we create.
  6. Make sure fuel is a given. Traveling can easily eat $100 a day. Boondocking, or camping real cheap like Quartzsite can save you a ton of money over the long haul. Yes, the initial investment like solar, inverter and Lithium (I recommend) will hit the wallet hard, but you can recoup that just by avoiding RV parks. It's pretty sweet to be in a beautiful location paying next to nothing, knowing the RV park isn't getting their $60 a day. It's a long thread so I haven't read if anyone's talked about internet.
  7. I don't, but if I did I'd go online and check them.
  8. I don't remember ever getting a receipt.. or a need for one.
  9. Sure, but that depends on how much you pump and the price of fuel at other stations.
  10. I googled and found that it's not about driveoffs, it's about CC companies and their concern about 'problem transactions' and not knowing the size of the purchase beforehand.
  11. Because if it goes on Youtube under 'How not to...' it may help someone else.
  12. I use Dri-z-air in the RV (calcium ..something) and it definitely removes moisture into the drip pan. If cat litter did that it would be quite a mess. Besides, like I said, those packets at Wally's are very cheap. Unless you just like DIY stuff, you aren't saving much money at all, if any.
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