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  1. Is science-doubting a new phenomenon, exacerbated by the internet and lighting-speed conspiracy?
  2. Maybe this is easier to read: quote Mr Camper: Many years ago I was heading from Topeka to Florida and looked for a place to tent camp for the night. Just north of Nashville I stopped for fuel and asked if the guy knew someplace I could stop for the night, and not a big campground. He told me about a guy with some acres who would accommodate me. He provided directions and when I met the guy he offered me the use of his field and I was welcome to fish in his well-stocked pond. He wanted two good catfish. I caught four and gave him two and I had a quiet and peaceful night. I made a couple of extra stops in Georgia to see families of USAF buddies and while they offered me a room with a bed, I declined and they suggested a couple of places, one near Macon and the other just before the Florida line, near Valdosta. For the next few years I tent camped that way. Stopping and asking worked for me. A spot for the night was free with no strings. Only one other person asked for a favor. Once I set up I ran into town and picked up some supplies for them and that was it. Best way to see the USA.
  3. At least 300 watts to start. Panels are available on line or in solar stores. Avoid the "kits". Roof mounting is best. 2000w inverter for coffee maker, microwave if you have the battery power. At 4 GC batteries work for most people. Lithiums are real nice if you have the bucks.
  4. Consider installing solar/inverter. It beats running a generator for every 120v thing you need, makes your off-grid life easier and your neighbors will appreciate it.
  5. Ok, but where is the DVR? I don't understand "youtube tv comes with.."
  6. What/whose DVR are we talking about?
  7. Walmart, ATMs. I wouldn't be counting on much interest.
  8. I don't recall seeing an inverter mounted on a ceiling.
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