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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so dishonest.. lie to you with a smile in their voice.
  2. Paper mail is so 20th century and a big pita. So are medical bills, which I try to pay on the spot, but you never know what comes later.
  3. Yes, I paid over $100 for a campsite. 20 years ago at Newport Beach CA.
  4. But you will still be responsible for the taxes April 15.
  5. This tutorial helped me a great deal when first starting out. 12v side of life.
  6. No, it won't be adequate. You need something in at least the 60 amp range.
  7. It's ok in terms of your health and finances, right now, but I wouldn't plan on staying out of the work force more than about 3 years. It's not always easy getting back in, and for sure you're going to want a substantial nest egg when you're 65. Being old and broke is not something you want to even think about.
  8. And OP's didn't work in Oklahoma. I'd consider a weather radio a device of last resort. In probably 99% of cases your phone will do the job.
  9. Don't concern yourself with safety close to Mx. That's just a lot of hype.
  10. Perhaps this other dicussion will help: http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?topic=67840.0
  11. Aw man..makes mice look like a small problem.
  12. Nearby places to get gas, propane and water.. and dump. I don't break camp in a large 5er to dump, I use a blueboy. Think Quartzsite.
  13. Arches needs to start a bus system. Way too many cars and too much wait. I rarely make reservations for any park. State parks, especially on Tuesdays, almost always have free spaces. Dry camping is always best. The newbies all want hookups, and even if they do dry camp, can't last more than a few days. Mesa Verde is a National Park where reservations are not needed and beaucoup dry camp spaces.
  14. And yes, disconnect whenever lightning is a threat.
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