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  1. Li's (the ones I'm familiar with) don't have an absorb phase.. make sure your converter does that. Yes, you get what you pay for is very true. Congrats on getting an Li.. I have one and it's wonderful.
  2. If they *want* to get out of the satellite business they can, I'm sure DISH will be happy.
  3. I've never known Costco to be a go-to place for quality stuff.
  4. They are not hard to reach, they are AGM. Don't need grease. I haven't seen any batteries for my truck that require watering.
  5. Did you find the Bowman Hilton park ?(253) 845-2442 Much better location for working in Puyallup. Her commute from Gig harbor park will not be easy.
  6. When you reach your 70s or 80s, what difference does it make what your home is worth? ..unless you have responsible children you want to leave it to.
  7. Wow. I don't think mine is quite *that* sturdy! If wind really kicks up, especially overnight, I'll take the dish down so I can sleep. Real easy to put it back up on the tripod platform. I've found that even the slightest dent in a Slimline dish can affect its performance.
  8. My 5er is 16 years old. I love this old gal.. I made the right choice the first time.
  9. Nice job. The money is inconsequential to me.
  10. When I used one I found it difficult to plumb the mast, mount/support the larger heavier dish (the more expensive tripod has a nice mounting platform and easier to level with telescoping legs) , keep it secure where I placed it, and keep it secure in wind.
  11. Changing the original post and the title to 100 will stop all the confusion.
  12. They do work, but the surveyor types are, imho, easier, especially if you tear down and set up frequently.
  13. Learning to set up a Slimline dish on a tripod (not those $35 cheap things) will save you lots of money over any automatic dish. SD is blurry compared to HD. Not something I want to watch. I'm sticking with DTV because of recording. I never watch anything live.
  14. I vote Lifeline AGM deep cycle. Wonderful batteries.
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