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  1. hemsteadc

    m2-106 replace batteries

    After a bit of research I have to agree. No suitable replacement.
  2. hemsteadc

    m2-106 replace batteries

    Yeah, that's why I'm seriously thinking about having a shop do it. It looks like very little clearance to lift straight up, and having to reach in there ain't gonna do my back any good. Looking for a Lithium replacement.
  3. hemsteadc

    m2-106 replace batteries

    My concern is the weight of these things and what appears to be a minimum amount of clearance to get them out. It looks like a back-breaker to be reaching in there and trying to lift..what.. 60 pounds?
  4. hemsteadc

    m2-106 replace batteries

    My 5yo batteries are getting weak. Replacing does not look like a DIY thing. Anybody ever done this?
  5. hemsteadc

    Updating banking address issues

    Expecting paper mail from the bank?
  6. hemsteadc

    New Verizon Unlimited Data Jetpack and HULU

    LOL. I'll stick with my satellite TV. I can handle $100/mo. I don't want to be buried with it.
  7. hemsteadc

    Your worst RV travel predicament?

    Going up west side of Great Salt Lake. Decided to turn around on a wide shoulder. Pulled off to shoulder.. oops. Ground looked ok but was nothing but mud. Truck sank to axles and 5er darn near toppled over. Some nice Mexican chaps happened along and were able to pull me out.
  8. hemsteadc


    Theirs (there's) always this response to make you feel better.
  9. hemsteadc

    M2-106 Air leak

    Nice idea. That valve blocks any leakage From the air bags to wherever the leak is. (?) Leaks are impossible for me to find, and nearly impossible for the shops I've been to. Nobody has any kind of leak detector other than a bottle of soapy water. I'm just not the kind of person to allow small problems to become large ones (since they tend to do that when you're nowhere near a shop) , but in this case, that seems to be the most reasonable choice.
  10. Nice. I like simple, so I'd opt for just one inverter, and if you have the big bucks, which it sounds like you do, carry another in case of failure. I have 48v also, a Relion 100ah steel case Lithium, and a single Cotek 4kw inverter.. Not nearly as robust as what you're doing, but it works. Higher input voltage is nice. Just not familiar with the Volt's charging specs.
  11. What's the planned DC input voltage for these inverters? Do these inverters have the proper charging specs? I doubt I'd be worrying much about idle draw with a system this robust.
  12. hemsteadc

    Planning Your Route

    Since I'm a dry camper, I'll use google maps to find a suitable flat spot along the road to spend the night. Then I"ll find a couple more, plus a state park or RV park as plan b, c, and d.
  13. hemsteadc

    Adding 2 6v batteries

    5 feet should be fine.
  14. hemsteadc

    Mouse deterrent?

    el gato come raton