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  1. Thanks. What I meant was, will I receive a signal the 'same' in all locations that I do with Verizon? And yes, something has to give, because it doesn't make any sense that another provider (or plan) who's using the Verizon towers would provide the exact same service for less. Otherwise, Verizon would be doing it. I pay a premium for my 26gig no-throttling Hotspot and excellent coverage. Of course I'm always on the lookout for cheaper, but not at the expense of my service.
  2. The usual gotcha with cheaper 'unlimited' internet is coverage. How does Visible stack up there?
  3. Health issues and medical insurance
  4. I don't know what lifetime cowboy fan has to do with it. You mean Cowboys fan?
  5. Replaced whole dish and fold up arm. All is working now.
  6. ..with my Slimline SWM dish. I've been doing DTV HD for 15 years and never had an aiming failure until today. I simply cannot find the 101. I have all the electronic help I can get, and a clear view of the southern sky, but no go.. and I've tried for hours. The last couple times of setup I've noticed it getting just a bit harder to find the sat, and I'm guessing that's because my dish has taken a couple falls which is affecting things. There's one little dent on the edge, which has been there for years, but I suspect the arm has gone slightly out of alignment. It's a tilt-up (moveable for storage) arm from tv4rv. I don't think it takes much of a jolt to move that arm. I've tried a spare Lnb and it still doesn't work. I've had receivers fail but never to the point where they couldn't detect a signal. Soo.. anyone with any other ideas?
  7. http://www.rvnetwork.com/forum/91-recipes/ recipe forum
  8. Highly doubtful. What usually happens in high-amp situations is the plug gets hot and melts. The breakers never seem to stop that.
  9. Ok.. thanks. Interesting.. I guess you have to actually ask them that question to get that answer.
  10. About your Senior Pass Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. ===================================== Ok, I'm confused.
  11. The Federal Senior pass is non-replaceable, at least it was years ago when I got mine.
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