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  1. "As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of darkness."___Supreme Court Justice William Douglas" Seems appropriate these days.
  2. I used to have carryover until I started listening to XM on the phone, and Youtube videos. Those activities have made me have to watch my usage carefully near the end of the billing cycle. $15/gig overage gets expensive.
  3. I was tempted with the 'unlimited' too, but on further inspection I determined I could not use my phone's hotspot , and I believe there was also throttling involved. I'm currently on the XXL plan (24g, no throttling, hotspot ok, no longer offered). Two phones, about $175/mo. Ygwypf.
  4. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    It's got an appointment at the local Kenworth station. Closest big truck shop I could find. Send good thoughts that I make it. Edit: Made the 12mi drive sans issue. DPF light still flashing, Check Engine on (but not protect). Whew. That's a relief. They said it might be a couple days. Usually is.
  5. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    I just found a mobile guy out of Eden ID. Won't be cheap, but it beats sweating out a drive to a shop and the minimum 3- day wait to get it back. NOPE. Not gonna happen. Tech didn't know anything except DEF trucks, and other guy won't call me back. Sigh.
  6. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    Hope so. Just called one.. I always forget about mobile repair - so thanks
  7. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    That's what isn't working...although I checked and my "Spd control" (cruise switch) was on. Nobody to date has said that's a problem. I'd fire it up and try it again, but the engine is cold and would take a while to get to temp and I cannot risk having it derate any more.
  8. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    Mechanic just told me manual regen will not work with Check Engine light on. That sound right? Sportchassis didn't say that.
  9. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    The lamp that indicates the filter is full and needs a regen. Yesterday on the highway that came on, stayed on, then started flashing. Then the check engine came on. Then the regen lamp went off. Later came back on. The engine derated a little bit, but I was still able to drive. Then Check engine changed to 'Engine protect' in red, but I will still able to drive. Now I don't know if I need a tow truck or risk driving 10 miles to a shop. Love this truck.. until this crap happens.
  10. hemsteadc

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    Nobody ever does, but nobody regrets it.
  11. hemsteadc

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    2008 FL SC Cummins 8.3L. I need to do a manual regen asap, but, the switch on the dash isn't doing anything. Yes, I held down the little button then pushed the switch for 4 seconds as per instructions. The directions on the sun visor say "If so equipped, inhibit switch must be off." Where is that?
  12. hemsteadc

    Trojan T-105 vs T-105 Plus

    Consider AGM. No watering.
  13. hemsteadc

    Water conservation while dry camping

    About a cup. I don't do ultra conservation, I get more water. Of course that depends on how far I have to go for more water. I've even been known to wash my truck.
  14. hemsteadc

    M2-106 Air leak

    For now I'm just living with it. Rear bags stay up, but cab still falls o'night and pressure usually reads about 50. I inflate in less than 90 seconds so I guess that's acceptable for now.