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  1. Basics to get started

    Internet access.
  2. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    You don't 'need' an MDT. They're just really nice and a treat for you for being able to afford one.
  3. How to find great boondocking spots

    That's a big sig pic.
  4. Tesla Battery

    O Of course. I was commenting about 'a few hours'.
  5. Tesla Battery

    I worked hard for my money, now my money works hard for me. I like not having to "justify" or budget everything I do. What others think of how I spend money is of little consequence to me.
  6. Sizing battery banks

    Lithiums don't care if they're undercharged.
  7. Tesla Battery

    About 3 hours. With full solar running, much longer.
  8. Tesla Battery

    I can do that with a Relion Lithium 48v 100ah pack.
  9. How to find great boondocking spots

    Subscribe to Day's End.
  10. Tesla Battery

    This should be in the Technical forum
  11. M2-106 Shopping Questions

    Ouch. 7
  12. Grey Water Dumping

    I dump gray on the ground at the Q all the time. It's completely gone in 10 minutes and I'm sure the bushes appreciate it. I think many folks do that but few want to admit it on here. I do not put food or grease down my sinks however.
  13. Excessive Internet Data Usage

    Don't have to visit a store to do that. I have the XXL (24g) plan same as you, with monthly carryovers and "bonus" data. My usage was around 12 gig last month, with a LOT of FB visits and surfing. I don't have a clue why you're using so much.
  14. 12 Volt Coffee Maker

    Any sort of heating takes a lot of power, and the loss due to 'inefficiency' is negligible.