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  1. Chat works fine for me.. as long as the person knows what he or she is doing. 5 minutes. Don't do this late at night.
  2. M2-106 Air leak

    There must be a schematic for the air system.. somewhere.. maybe?
  3. M2-106 Air leak

    Thanks Chad. Next visit to the shop will include that specific item along with a few others. Hard to know what is simply annoying vs. what is critical. It was critical when the rear suspension bags were falling overnight while hitched up. That was a simple plug in the jct box near the rear axle. This... this is much more difficult.
  4. M2-106 Air leak

    I gave them 3 days in the shop this time instead of 3 hours. They found 3 leaks: the seat switch, and 2 others, but the gauge pressure is still dropping overnight and the cab is sinking. Passenger seat stays up. I don't get it. That's a pretty substantial leak, or so it seems to me. Perhaps this shop just isn't very good at leaks, or is lying to me..but I kinda doubt that. And they don't have the sniffer as mentioned earlier, just soap bubbles. Air horn switch.. hmm, that's a thought..thanks. And since the cab is falling, I'll make sure they look at the cab air bags next time. For now, I'll just put up with it, but I hate driving around with known problems that usually just get worse at the worst possible time. Anyone ever had service at Freightliner in North Las Vegas?
  5. I suppose it's too much to ask that they put this feature online.
  6. Lucky? I have never had to set up that far away. I was very happy when DTV put the beeps back in their HD receivers. Using a camera or a meter was workable, but just another PITA.
  7. The subject, aiming.
  8. No Throttling 4G hotspot/sim on Ebay

    You really want to take a chance with quasi-legal alternatives?
  9. Question about joining Excapees club.

    But you're going to have to get rid of the X.
  10. Walmart Scanning App

    Which at Quartzsite are so far, largely ignored. I use the McD's app to order when the line is long. Works like a charm.
  11. No beeps? DTV put theirs back.
  12. Portable inverter/generators?

    Than, the word is than, as in safer than, or other than. Thank you.
  13. Costco 24DC Interstate Battery

    80% is for Lithiums.
  14. Trailer Fire - need some help please.

    Relion 100ah Li.
  15. No signal beeps in the receiver?