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  1. Halves of wooden clothes pins work well too, plus they are tapered on the end.
  2. This is the way newer Airstream trailers are wired: Older Airstreams may be wired differently per https://www.wiringforums.com/airstream-7-pin-wiring-diagram/ A temporary fix is to duct-tape the trailer plug into the Tundra receptacle until you reach your next stop. You might also use a fingernail file to gently sand the contacts in both ends if they appear corroded.
  3. Ray,IN


    Perhaps the first TPMS on the market was PressurePro, to my knowledge they are the only TPMS made in the U.S.A. I have a TST unit, I like it and it is reliable; several other brands are the same. None of the valve stem mounted brands have a sender that detects actual inside tire temperatures because the sender mounts on the valve stem, so what we look for is a differential temperature compared to the remaining tire senders.
  4. Back when I had a TT my ins. agent (Farm Bureau) told me my truck ins. was only in effect when both were attached, and did not cover contents.
  5. Just so we're all on the same page, you can only buy an extended warranty from the manufacturer of that item, aftermarket protection is called an extended service contract=ESC for short. This is somewhat like buying health insurance. I agree with you, the more electronics an RV has installed-from the factory, the more one should consider an ESC. Aftermarket items an owner installs is not normally covered by an ESC. A friend had their Norcold refrigerator fail, he asked their ESC provider if they would pay to install a household refrigerator, the reply was " yes, but it will not be covered by the ESC, only items installed at the factory when the RV is being built is covered".
  6. You might find what you seek at one of these places; https://www.rvadenver.com/HARDWARE-s/107.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=107&show=300&page=1 http://www.keylinesaleselkhart.com/specialty.asp https://www.rvdiscountsuppliers.com/?page_id=3
  7. The ARP unit installation instructions instruct the installer to wire both the Norcold recall box and the Fridge Defend in series. To do otherwise may leave the installer open to a lawsuit should it catch fire.
  8. I've never seen an RV lined with aluminum, aluminum skin-yes; although nothing will survive a direct lightning strike unharmed. Odds show one is more likely to be struck by lightening than winning the lottery. They are very fortunate to survive.
  9. We bought an ESC when we bought our MH in 2013. During the 3 yrs contract period it more than paid for the premiums plus deductibles. We did so because the MH and been parked in the previous owners barn for 8 years after he became too ill to drive. There are instances where setting money aside may not be adequate to pay for repairs. For instance, there is a man on irv2.co that has an ISX 650HP engine in his MH, it has dropped the valves in #6 cylinder 3 times now. The first time Cummins reimbursed him $10,000 on a total repair bill of nearly $30,000, nothing on the subsequent 2 times it dropped the valves. Very few people would have that amount of money ($80,000) set aside for MH repairs, or the fortitude to leave it untouched for other uses.
  10. Just a guess since there is very little information to go on; if the frig has been operated outside design limits for long periods the coolant lines may be blocked, which is a permanent condition. The design limits are 3°side-to-side, 6° front-to-back, as looking at the frig door.
  11. https://trips.furkot.com/ is interesting. I haven't played with it enough to know how to use its features though. After the create a trip screen you have the opportunity to choose hotels, RV's, etc., modes of transportation.
  12. I carry one of these just in case we park where shoes need to be cleaned off outside.
  13. Any large automotive store will have metal stems, be sure to buy the shape you need for access if you plan to rotate tires. I had 2" straight metal stems in my dually. The TST 507 transmitters fit just right on my truck,(2" stems-2" flow-through transmitters) whether I rotated tires or not. Be sure to place stems 180° apart to make access easier.
  14. Ray,IN


    We stayed on the SW corner of lake Okeechobee one winter, the rates are the lowest in the center(E to W), however you are 50 miles from anything resembling a city.
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