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  1. I agree. docj, I've already heard a few references to AT&T satellite services since they bought DirectTV.
  2. The extended cab/double cab also reduces payload and tow rating. If you goal is maximum payload and tow rating, only a standard cab will meet the goal.
  3. I just noticed; why am I replying to a thread created in 2016?????????????? Old age is inconvenient.
  4. A 1/2" G5 bolt has a shear strength of 105,,000-120,000 psi; a 1/2" 316 SST shear pin has a shear strength of 43,275 psi I spent enough years in a tool and die shop to not make the comparison. Most shear pins are hollow.
  5. I want the easiest to replace and cheapest part to fail first. Installing a grade 5 bolt in place of the shear pin may wind up costing much more than a few shear pins.
  6. I ignore this stuff, there is absolutely nothing I can personally do sway the economy. If I have no effect on it, why waste my time and risk my health worrying?
  7. Plus, a memory foam mattress can accumulate moisture on the bottom side in certain situations, which may cause mold.
  8. Determine how much solar capability is required, and associated costs for the solar and extra batteries initial costs + installation.
  9. I guess I missed your point, do I have to like them?
  10. This website is probably the best weather forecast for traveling available: http://oss.weathershare.org/?Center=42.18529516716987,-122.097248046875&Zoom=8&Layers=CCTV,traffic There are many traffic/weather cameras throughout CO to see what lies ahead.
  11. I stopped some years ago. I was submitting CG reviews, most of which never were published. Some were positive, some negative. Now I only use Good Sam to look up CG reviews.
  12. It looks great, except for the teal cabinets, kinda looks like 1950's.
  13. You have to have experienced both, an LP burner that is properly adjusted and have been cleaned as recommended in the owners manual, or, an LP burner that has not been properly maintained and sounds like an old 150,000btu kerosene space heater.(salamander)
  14. OK, I'm slow, I just got it.
  15. I will join the chorus cheering Eternabond sealing tape. This is NOT a slap it on product, it should be applied as directed in the Eternabond video library (2nd half of page) if you want it to stay sealed and last longer than the OEM roof.
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