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  1. Nothing political about it, it's merely capitalism at work. However, if the status quo is to be changed, it is we who must become interested enough to do something.
  2. Ray,IN

    Battery/Electricity issue

    IMO the battery charger is not working. Borrow an auto battery charger, hook it up your battery and read voltage. If this voltage is not above 14V on the charger it's not being charged.You don't need a large battery charger, a 10A is fine, just observe charging time limits for the charger. If this does not solve the problem, begin checking for a poor/missing ground to the battery.
  3. CA is the acronym for lots of things. Like AC is the acronym for lots of things.
  4. Ray,IN

    Tricare suppliment

    I suspect you mis-read RV's reply. I've never encountered $3,000 in co- payments or non-covered bills, even when I had open-heart surgery and bypass surgery 5 years later; nor when DW was hospitalized for 3 months due to an auto accident, including 3 major surgeries.
  5. Ray,IN

    Refrigator/freezer replacement?

    RV salvage and surplus stores/yards listing.
  6. I agree, sitting here at home now, once a week I sit in the MH with genset and air conditioner running while listening to a radio. After an hour or so, DW calls and says it's time to come home now__.💕
  7. Ray,IN

    Another CG Ettique Question

    What Jim said, X2! In some states feeding wildlife is illegal, kinda like feeding deer from now to hunting season..😞
  8. A friend had a 1987 Bluebird MH he really liked, so, he took it to the factory for a total interior update. It wasn't cheap to completely redo the interior and fix/replace worn chassis components, but it appeared brand new when he returned. He said he had weighed the insurance vs year vs upgrade issue, then decided the annual savings in insurance premiums, license plates, and taxes out-weighed the insurance. At 70,000 miles your engine is just broken-in, and__you know how it's been treated and maintained since new.
  9. Ray,IN

    Has Passport America changed?

    We, like Kirk, have found few PA parks along our route. During winter months forget about S. FL, virtually all suspend the offer during peak season. Their join for 5 get 2 more free offer expired July 31, but I may be sure more such offers are in the future.
  10. I remember one time we were returning from CA and saw a new-looking MH sitting in a vacant lot beside the U.S.A. checkpoint. Outside sat two elderly couples on a pile of luggage and other stuff. Don't have any idea what the agents were searching for but it looked terribly uncomfortable for the couples sitting there in the hot sun. Point is, insure you know and understand entry laws for CA and U.S.A.
  11. Ray,IN

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    We traveled in 5ers until 2013, when we made the decision to buy a MH due to ease of set-up and not having to run from tow vehicle to trailer when raining hard. Best decision we made was to buy used, MH is paid-for now. When we found the MH, it had been parked in a barn for 8 years due to owners poor health. We've never had any problems with the chassis and running gear, however it did use oil for the first few months until seals softened up again, now no added oil is required between changes. I would recommend considering an exclusionary ESP=Extended Service Plan for a used MH though, which includes the gaskets and seals rider. It's sorta like buying a health insurance policy, if you never need it the expense seems worthless, but when its needed having a savings account may not pay the full billing. FWIW, there is an option to installing a base-plate on a Jeep and associated cost: https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-8000-bo.htm
  12. perhaps I'm not seeing the larger picture. What are you planning to do about the drive engine, that sits just as long as the genset, if you don't use Stabil?
  13. Weigh-to-Go LLC owners are selling the business. Sounds like an opportunity for a full-timer.
  14. Ray,IN

    Tricare suppliment

    Chalkie is correct, as are you. Tricare is secondary to other medical insurance policies. If the OP purchases another policy Tricare pays last-if anything is left to pay. For the OP's wife, she is not eligible for Tricare yet, so until she is, a Medicare supplemental policy may be advantageous. A Medicare Advantage policy is another topic.
  15. This hitch is complete and in good condition. Decals are sun-faded, I plan to phone Reese and obtain new decals since they are free of charge. For pick-up only, details provided by PM-ing me. $300 cash.