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  1. Ray,IN

    Hooking up house current to MH

    To understand how to determine which extension cord to use, this online voltage drop calculator is invaluable. No, you will not be able to run an air conditioner from anything less than a 30A outlet, an attempt to do so will result in either tripping the house breaker or ruining the air conditioner.
  2. Ray,IN

    Engine overheat

    Exactly! One thing I do on long grades is to shift the Allison mode out of economy so the tranny can down-shift at higher RPM points. I seldom do a foot on the floor climbing grades, I'm in no hurry.
  3. Describe lights; LED, florescent, incandescent? You are certainly starting at the correct point, power to fixture. Florescent dual bulb fixtures do not work if one bulb is bad; good bulbs but a bad ballast =fixture does not work.
  4. Ray,IN

    Class A front end alignment

    Right! When the local HDT repair shop aligned my MH, the rear axle was out by 3/4"(thrust angle) It cost $300, and well worth the money. Our MH now drives better than it ever did.
  5. Put in your gas tank then fill with fresh fuel. My farm tractor sits all winter with gas in the tank, it'd never failed to start or run properly in the spring. my uncle nearly burned to death when he put old gas on a stump in his backyard, walked about 30' away, sat the can down, returned and started the fire. At the same time as he got back to the gas can it exploded. Gas vapors are heavier than air and spread out at ground level.
  6. Ray,IN

    Valero has RV Islands?

    If you want a fan club for your soap box, I'm in! One time DW said she wished we were driving my old farm truck that has a 3"x8" channel iron for a front bumper.
  7. Ray,IN

    Starting Batteries....

    Hi Kirk! been a while, anyway, Cummins diesel engines do not have glow-plugs; they have a 12V grid heater inside the air intake to preheat the air for easier starting. For this reason Cummins explicitly states to never use ether for starting assist. I agree, replace the batteries now. Low cranking amps kill a starter rather quickly, and they are spendy.
  8. Before commiting to selling on consignment contact your insurance company and make sure you have the proper coverage. Some do not cover this in a basic policy. Stick with a large established re-seller, I've read posts on irv2.com where the company went bankrupt and the consigned RV was seized as part of the company assets, leaving the RV owner paying on the old RV and the new RV until the bankruptcy was settled. Another man bought a consigned MH, company went bankrupt and he could not get the title. Those posts were back 3-4 years ago best I remember.
  9. Ray,IN

    Nose high?

    Our last 5er was nose-high. I had a 2"X2" sq steel tube cut to the same length as the bottom spring leaf and installed between springs and axle spacer, of course this required new-longer U bolts. In retrospect I should have had a sub-frame welded to the OEM frame and attached the suspension to that sub-frame because I did notice some spring wrap during hard braking.
  10. Ray,IN

    Propane Regulator Adjustment

    All LP appliances in our MH call for 11" minimum water column. Of course there could be misprints in the manuals.
  11. Ray,IN

    Sailun tires

    I installed Sailun S637 LR G tires on our last 5er, which completely eliminated tire problems on the 5er. I now have Sailun S637 truck tires on our MH. I see them on many HDT's now. They ride better than the 9 yr-old Goodyears did, are very quiet-running, and cost much less than Michelin or Goodyear.
  12. Ray,IN

    Watching TV

    We enjoyed our 5ers, and I didn't like the overhead TV;'s in MH's. Before we bought a MH we surveyed the watching TV issue. Our MH has 2 couches that are just right for reclining and watching the overhead TV. If we have company the TV is off anyway.
  13. Ray,IN

    how to replace propane tank float assembly

    IMO, This is NOT a DIY job unless you are a trained LP repairman with the proper equipment.
  14. Ray,IN

    Flying Js and other truck stops

    PFJ and other truck stops are so busy they have established a reservation system for parking spaces. A driver calls ahead and reserves a parking space for a mandatory rest.
  15. Ray,IN

    Staying in a parking lot

    Straps are no help positioning the boards underneath the jacks. I use the awning hook to retrieve them.