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  1. Ray,IN

    rear air bags not filling up

    That pull-rod is available from most any HDT repair shop. When my rear rod-end broke I got a new one from a Love's truck stop repair shop. Your MH ride height must be totally reset to factory specs after you install the new rod, otherwise you will be replacing the driveshaft U joints rather quickly, and perhaps the bearings in the differential and transmission ends.
  2. I would select renting if/when one was required and permitted in the RV park. Keep your $9,000 in the bank, it will go a long way when renting vs owning. Walking or biking should be preferred, remember the old saying, "use it or lose it". Street-legal carts are available for rent as well as golf carts if preferred.
  3. Yes; we are quite happy with our furniture. Mattress is a Serta double-sided pillow-top, the only down-side is it is quite heavy to flip; well, it suppose once in 19 years is not excessive effort.☺️
  4. Ray,IN

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    Whoops, thanks for catching that jcussen. That's what I get for speed reading. Sorry Nick, forget my reply it does not apply.
  5. Ray,IN

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    I agree, have the front ride height valve inspected, it may be un-attached. The setting is critical for several reasons.
  6. Ray,IN


    For general information purposes, if you do not plan to buy a car to tow behind your RV; In addition to taxi drivers we have Lyft drivers and Uber drivers on the roads, both are ride sharing ventures that may be available where taxi's are not available. Both have cell phone apps to connect with rides.
  7. Ray,IN

    Homebuilt MH

    OK, now "not being his first such build" and "not getting along perfectly" make sense.
  8. Ray,IN

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    The mysocialsecurity website is fighting hackers attacks that have penetrated some of their security software programs.https://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/mysocialsecurity/ Anyone can block access electronic to their SS account: https://secure.ssa.gov/acu/IPS_INTR/blockaccess as a final safety measure.
  9. Ray,IN

    rear air bags not filling up

    Does the truck have the port to add alcohol into the air system to remedy frozen air lines?
  10. Ray,IN

    Homebuilt MH

    The article says this isn't the first such rig he has built, then continues to talk about poor fuel mileage @ 6.8mpg, not bad for a vehicle geared to be a sprinter to a fire instead of a OTR vehicle.
  11. Ray,IN

    Boondocking Etiquette

    Was he related to Murphy?
  12. Ray,IN

    Information Gathering

    If you find time in your schedule, consider visiting Utah National parks too. In reality however, for the way we travel and sight-see, you've already overloaded your scheduled time allotment. With the exception of avoiding California, we plan to see everything on your schedule + Utah National, and some state parks. Our time schedule is 4 months,(we also drive about 200-250 miles/day) but everything is flexible because at our ages ( mid-70's), daily health may take priority over daily schedule. We will not make reservations because school is in session beginning early Aug for most states.
  13. Ray,IN

    Stuck waste tank valve

    Kirk pointed out the best method to bypass the valve issue after you get it open. Do you think it's the actual valve gate or is it the cable binding/stuck? Lubricate the cable by using a cable lubrication device. If it doesn't free up the cable it actually is a stuck valve. I lean towards the cable because of your description, and prior valve replacements. I would not try to clean all grease out of your holding tank, because you are also cleaning all waste valve lubricant away too. BTW, have you tried using waste valve liquid lubricant yet? Most of the waste valve lubricants use coconut oil, a cheap lubricant is 1C ordinary cooking-type vegetable oil poured into an empty tank.
  14. Ray,IN

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Amazon(app) offers pickup services, you tell them where you want to pickup your merchandise, they ship it to the center you choose, you pickup when you choose. As to finding the lowest price, download software that tracks the item you want and notifies you when the price drops, or the lowest price on the internet.
  15. Ray,IN

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    I believe you are right in your assessment of modern society. Most thefts are a crime of opportunity IMO, I think there is a very small percentage of dedicated thieves. When we carried our Boliy genset in the truckbed, the main reason I had it secured with a 3/16" cable was to keep it from bouncing into, and getting damaged by the 5er hitch; anti-theft was a side-effect. How much security would it insure when the handles are plastic? I once saw a man had his genset chained to the trailer bumper with a 3/8" chain -shiny and strong looking, the padlock looked like it came from a dollar store; still the genset had plastic handle supports, guess there was logic somewhere.