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  1. Ray,IN

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    You said you would like to see an example, I copied N pasted it for you. I suppose you would not believe your dealers website either. You do not believe me, I don' believe you. End of conversation.
  2. Ray,IN

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    excerpt from https://www.mainlandford.com/blog/ford-f150-scheduled-maintenance-guide/ 2017 Ford, Brake Fluid: Why you should check: Brake fluid is one of the most important components of your brakes. It’s what makes the brakes themselves work, in that it uses the fluid to compress the pistons on the brake rotors, allowing your F-150 to stop when you need it to. The process of changing your brake fluid is a rather involved task, and is not recommended for amateur mechanics – particularly as properly working brakes are such a critical component of a working vehicle. Check your brake fluid level on a bi-weekly basis, using the markings on the reservoir. Add fluid as necessary, referring to your F-150’s owner’s manual for type. Change your Brake fluid every 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers Changing your brake fluid requires a socket set, screwdrivers, rubber tubing, a drain bucket, and an assistant to help out. It is also plainly stated in the 2002 Chevrolet K3500 owners manual I owned.
  3. Ray,IN

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    This question is moot anyway, virtually all vehicle with hydraulic brakes, maintenance schedules say to change brake fluid annually.
  4. Ray,IN

    Contaminated Fuel - Pilot

    Pilot Flying J corporate office HQ including email, phone numbers, official website. Pilot Flying J  customer service
  5. Ray,IN

    Planning Your Route

    Historic Route 66 is the most comprehensive website I've found for what to do.. If you establish a set timetable, IMO you'll miss or by pass most of the lesser known attractions; worlds largest collection of soda pop bottles, etc.
  6. Ray,IN

    Wisconsin Dells

    All you ever wanted to know about https://www.wisdells.com/wisconsin-dells.htm It's primarily a water park IMO.
  7. Actually it doesn't; Gasoline degradation: https://www.exxon.com/en/gasoline-safety-storage Diesel fuel degradation: http://www.mycleandiesel.com/pages/FuelDegradation.aspx
  8. Ray,IN

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    How does that work with today's plastic containers?
  9. Ray,IN

    Marriot hotel data bank breeched

    Thanks for the correction docj; I merely repeated what I heard on the fake news. I'm confident you are correct.
  10. Ray,IN

    Quartzsite speed trap

    Having visited Quartzite I say it's a good thing. Pedestrians are everywhere, and in the majority of states have the right-of-way at intersections.
  11. Ray,IN

    Engineering Research Project

    At least one airless tire design is presently being used(has been for at least 10 years) on equipment in salvage yards where there is a lot of small pieces of metal lying around to cause a flat. I remember years ago I saw that picture of a wheel being considered for automobiles, I forget the reasons it was not feasible-at that time. edit: I do remember one reason it was not feasible, driving through mud. Mud would enter the webbing and cause a severe out-of-balance condition.
  12. Ray,IN


    A friend was an avid hunter and shooting enthusiast, had some bumper stickers made that were very sound advice; "want more gun control? Practice daily". I have a now-retired state policeman cousin who never fired his weapon except at a target range during his 20 year service. To say "I could shoot someone if i had to" is easy, doing so is anguish you never forget, it's there every day of your life. Your best defense is your mind, listen to it and get away as quickly and quietly as possible. I strongly recommend to anyone considering carrying or possessing a handgun for self-defense to read In the Gravest Extreme, by Massad F. Ayoob
  13. Ray,IN

    Class A RV and Car Seats

    Is there a correct answer??
  14. Ray,IN

    Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    I edited my reply to make irv2.com a hot link to that exact thread. The man even pasted a clip from the license requirements attempting to back up his claim. I've given up on trying to correct folks who refer to the RV drivers license as a CDL__.🤢 It's so simple it either goes over or under their heads.
  15. Ray,IN

    Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    ON irv2.com a man from TX claims drivers license from other states may not be valid if the TX drivers laws state you must have a CL B TX license. The discussions got so heated the moderator closed the thread. Any feed back from the experts who possess one? Most, including me, have the impression drivers license from all states are reciprocal.