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  1. I'm still kicking my arse for not getting in when you first suggested Tesla stock.
  2. i don't do facebook, I'll wait until someone else tells.
  3. Your response just told the OP what he happened is improbable. What is your opinion of where his tank of water went?
  4. The RidX liquid says it has a citrus smell, missed that, sorry.
  5. I edited my reply while you were posting.
  6. Sold at WalMart too, got one there? If you cannot buy Happy Camper, try RidX liquid.
  7. After spending August in Las Vegas, I learned a hard lesson. Never open doors and windows during hot weather, but rather keep the air conditioning running 24/7. When doors and windows are opened, everything soft absorbs humidity and heat. This can triple the load on the air conditioning system, ie:overwhelm it to where it cannot cool adequately. Air conditioning only works well when it dehumidifies the air too. Air conditioning/chilled air was a byproduct of inventing a dehumidifier. Mr. Carrier perfected the first practical air conditioner/chilled air. Building on what Customer1 said; use an inspection mirror to look into the ceiling duct ends. I read one man's experience where the ends of the foam ducts were open on the ends, which allowed chilled air to just blow into the end caps. I think he temporarily stuffed old towels into the ducts beyond the furthermost registers.
  8. I have read glowing reports about Happy Camper, but never used it myself.
  9. A friend has been driving a MH for over 40 years. When we were leaving a CG he was behind me, I swung wide to miss a telephone pole right on the corner of the intersection. He didn't, and damaged the right side of his MH severely. It happens to novices and experienced MH drivers alike.
  10. If I remember correctly, I used to get that error msg when I attempted to sign-in and was already signed-in. It usually happened when I used the FireFox back arrow and reached the sign-in page again. Also, make sure your password manager has the correct address for the escapees home page, not sign-in page. That's it, i'm out of suggestions.
  11. My Microsoft live email will display the actual sender's email address when displayed address is hovered over. Any incoming email that is not in my address book goes directly to junk folder, which I review nightly.
  12. UPDATE: Sorry, false alarm. problem was in front of keyboard. I use FF, just tried Edge. The circle with your picture appears in this forum, as well as my icon in FF, Edge has the same thing. Main forums page displays a black circle with text-type bubbles inside. The quote button in your post has the grey square with the same as i described inside though in FF. Edge displays the normal + sign, then quote. I'll refresh FF JIC. Thanks. Refreshed FF, no change. It's really strange, I'll begin disabling add-ons, it will take a long time so I'm done for now.
  13. Some time ago the individual icons went MIA, where I used to see, for instance, Kirk's picture, I now only see a square box with 4 white squares inside. The right column displays individual icons properly. Anyone else seeing this???
  14. I agree with twotoes. I always close the city water faucet when the pump is on, otherwise if the back-flow prevention device fails, I just contaminated the CG water distribution system.
  15. I look at it as thinning the herd. If my grandparents could survive the Spanish flu, I can survive this virus- if i listen to the experts.
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