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  1. FWIW, Waze is owned by Google.
  2. Ray,IN

    water leak at front end cap and roof

    Do not skip the most important step, thoroughly clean the void before applying any sealant if you want it to actually seal against future water intrusion. This may help: Eternabond Video Library the RV section is the bottom half of the page.
  3. Ray,IN

    doing the Q in 2019

    Getting off-topic_ but I must correct a misconception. Triple-towing is the tractor/power unit towing 3 trailers, double-towing is 2 trailers, one trailer is single towing. One cannot include the power unit as being towed, otherwise when one is simply driving a car it would be classified as towing. Several RVing websites perpetuate this myth. ref: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/sites/fmcsa.dot.gov/files/docs/Vehicle_Configuration_508CLN.pdf
  4. There are dramatic changes around Louisville, I 69 was in the beginning planning stages and has yet to be completed today. Some states have sections built, which do make it much easier to travel. Best of my knowledge, Google is the only mapping software keeping abreast of I 69 construction, they show sections that was only completed last June. I think all GPS mfgrs buy their map software from the same company.
  5. Wow! That could literally be a lifesaver for many folks, Flint and Detroit Mi come to mind.
  6. Take a look at Google Mymaps, it has most features you seek.
  7. Ray,IN

    Florida RV Parks for Snowbirding

    S. Fl RV parks have been booked up since early June. You best bet is to call and ask to be put on their waiting list. Be prepared to hit the road at the last minute though. Two years ago I asked to be put on a waiting list in a specific RV park. They called last month to ask if I still wanted a site, as they had a cancellation; I had forgotten I was on their list.
  8. Ray,IN

    Water tanks full or empty

    Waterjosh; I used to be on the other end of the process, I was a CL A industrial wastewater treatment plant operator for a time. These links reinforce the FDA bottled water standards: https://publicaccess.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212068717-Who-regulates-bottled-water-and-what-are-the-standards- https://www.bottledwater.org/education/regulations/fda-vs-epa https://www.fda.gov/Food/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/ucm046894.htm
  9. Since you didn't post your lot or price, please tell us. Which one is yours? http://choestoefallsrvpark.com/ lots for sale
  10. Ray,IN

    03 Monaco electric question

    Excessive resistance in the circuit can cause the voltage regulator to sense low charging voltage, the regulator then might cause an overcharging condtion by increasing flow to the rotor. Just one possibility.
  11. Ray,IN

    Cummings 450 performance

    Thanks for providing that link, it contains very useful information and rebuffs some old fireside stories.
  12. Ray,IN

    Water tanks full or empty

    I keep our water tank full, you never know what lies ahead. Some travel trailers however are so close on weight that a full tank unbalances it for towing. JimK; That may be true if you simply fill the tank from city water, however I use Sodium Dichlor to treat my water tank, so it stays safe for many months at a time during storage. An aside to this: In the 1990's I was on a team clearing out old cold ware era bomb shelters at the university here. We opened/unsealed a barrel of drinking water and had it tested for safe drinking water. It tested as good as the city drinking water.
  13. I phoned a small WM in Western Ky last year and asked about overnighting, the woman apologized and said their parking lot was small and nearly full all the time; there was no parking for RV's or trucks. I thanked her for taking the time to explain and said goodby. I looked up the address on Google maps and she was absolutely correct, it showed a nearly full, "L" shaped parking lot that was shared with a strip-mall. I seldom stop at WM to overnight, and always go inside and request permission when we do, even if I had phoned already.
  14. Ray,IN

    Insurance Liability question

    Legalities have been addressed, what IMO is the next topic is driver stress of towing at/over the maximum weight limit for the tow vehicle. It will not be comfortable for the driver on 300+ mile drives, nor will it be easy on the bank account, things wear out and break faster.