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  1. If you are so-inclined, consider a DIY kit:https://www.daverootrvglassrepair.com/window-repair-kits.html
  2. That is your decision, I just presented the facts as I understand them. You will not notice water in compressed air until it condenses, that happens when compressed air(it heats when compressed) temperature declines to ambient air temperature. If you are in the SW it is not usually a concern.
  3. Whatever brand or type you choose to use; remember to buy and use an air filter/dryer on the pressure hose. This is more critical on a small tank compressor, as the compressed air doe not have time to cool and condense air before it enters a tire. I have a 120VAC Fini pancake compressor with built-in regulator, and always use a small air filter when adding air to tires. That moisture is what causes unusual tire pressure rise at interstate speeds.
  4. MIne is hard to access also. Thankfully the extended service contract paid the bill to replace all three leaking valves, except for the $50 deductible.
  5. Ray,IN


    You be the judge if this is relevant. I bought Sailun S637 235/78R16 ST tires for our 5er some years ago, they turned out to be larger in diameter than the Cooper's of the same size; so much so I had to have the rear axle moved rearward by 3", as there was 3/4" between the Sailuns when mounted on the 5er. When they got hot(I was told) they could "grow" in diameter by as much as 1/2" per tire when at speed. BTW a HDT repair and tire shop in Chamberlain, SD is the source of my information. You may want to verify this yourself, it's your money you''re spending.
  6. page 5 of https://www.frakco.com/TravelSoftHD.html
  7. If cost is the same near you, it's gonna take a hunk out of your wallet. When I began using Potassium Chloride it was $8 per 40# bag, then began increasing in price to the point buying bottled water for consumption was cheaper than the difference between salt and potassium Chloride.
  8. Thank you! The description said it was for use with an RO system for dishwashers. Scratch that idea. Would this "filter" be better? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PHTTBWY/?coliid=I2MN2K8SA6EMPZ&colid=IIT191TPI0O4&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  9. Thanks; We can't travel much since DW's wreck, however, I've been considering these "filters" to use with the MH when hard water is encountered, but they have a low capacity. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S7KE9P2/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_10?smid=A3EIVBCQ1ZC8U1&psc=1 Thanks for the suggestion to buy RO water, we presently use an undercounter carbon filter for drinking, ice maker, cooking, and the coffee maker, but I doubt it removes trace salt.
  10. We began using salt, DW's blood pressure rose, changed to Potassium Chloride, then it went to $24 per 40# bag, (salt is $5 a bag). That price jump was aggravating however in a few weeks all local store stopped selling Potassium Cl. That forced us to return to salt.DW's heart Dr increased her meds.
  11. Actually not, return to the original topic post and read the contents and thread title, which pertains to switching to LED lighting.Yea, I know nitpiking.🧐 Now if anyone wants to drive where stop signs are optional, drive into a town in Mexico.
  12. We still have the old dinner bell on a post in the yard, used it before cell phones were invented. DW said she's going to buy a dog training collar for me, and whenever she wants me she'll just push the button. This way even if I'm operating the tractor she can get my attention.
  13. That is not however, the entire story. For instance, I have an AT&T tower 3 miles from my house, BUT, my house sits in a small valley surrounded by hills that are 200' higher than my house . I am lucky to get one bar so my cellular amplifier will have something to amplify. The closest Verizon tower is 5 miles in the opposite direction, never any signal. I finally upgraded our cell phones so I may connect to the cellular service via the internet, but must be within signal range of my router. I still cannot call DW (in house) while I'm out on the farm somewhere. That IMO is not the result of any devious intent by cellular providers. This "dead spot" is less than a mile sq. and would not be visible on any nationwide coverage map.
  14. 👍 I just did(new CC phone) that last month, thus my question. It's kinda hard to read intent.
  15. My engine is a 1999 ISC, when I visited the QuickServe website last night I discovered it may be covered by a current open campaign/TRP covering 3 different engines, the ISB, ISC, and ISL; this is for the Cummins air compressor front bushing. This is a heads-up for owners of those engines to log-in to Cummins QuickServe and check for your engine by serial number.
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