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  1. Propane Regulator Adjustment

    All LP appliances in our MH call for 11" minimum water column. Of course there could be misprints in the manuals.
  2. Sailun tires

    I installed Sailun S637 LR G tires on our last 5er, which completely eliminated tire problems on the 5er. I now have Sailun S637 truck tires on our MH. I see them on many HDT's now. They ride better than the 9 yr-old Goodyears did, are very quiet-running, and cost much less than Michelin or Goodyear.
  3. Watching TV

    We enjoyed our 5ers, and I didn't like the overhead TV;'s in MH's. Before we bought a MH we surveyed the watching TV issue. Our MH has 2 couches that are just right for reclining and watching the overhead TV. If we have company the TV is off anyway.
  4. how to replace propane tank float assembly

    IMO, This is NOT a DIY job unless you are a trained LP repairman with the proper equipment.
  5. Flying Js and other truck stops

    PFJ and other truck stops are so busy they have established a reservation system for parking spaces. A driver calls ahead and reserves a parking space for a mandatory rest.
  6. Staying in a parking lot

    Straps are no help positioning the boards underneath the jacks. I use the awning hook to retrieve them.
  7. TPMS

    I discovered that the hard way. I put aluminum caps on my pickup wheels with brass stems. I twisted the valve stems completely off of 2 wheels attempting to remove the aluminum caps. Luckily GM uses replaceable valve stems in their OEM TPMS devices. That was a $40 lesson.
  8. Tow truck tire suggestions

    I always used B.F. Goodrich T/A commercial tires on my dually. I figured if the bean-counters at UPS found them good enough, so would I. I towed a 15,500# 5er about 80K miles and never had a single tire problem on the truck.
  9. Awning Style

    30° HaH! finally got it. I was using the numbers at the top of the kyeboard, but the numbers on the right side of the keyboard must be used. Remember, a computer is only as smart as the operator. Only the right Alt key works with Alt+248. Now to discover how to create a shortcut for ° Thanks for the lesson.
  10. Happy 2018!

    I hope '18 is better than '17 for my family. We buried 3 between Christmas and New Years day, a cousin, a cousins husband, my sister, and her husband- my BIL- last April.
  11. TPMS Limitations? Opinions??

    This amateur TPMS user does not agree with your statement. If your low pressure alarm is set at 81psi cold, a warm tire does not change that. You have determined 90psi is your minimum air pressure for your actual tire load, it doesn't matter if the tire is cold or hot. FWIW, a tire 20% lower than the minimum for your actual tire load is considered "run flat", and should be removed and inspected by a professional prior to re-use. Forget about the pressure rise while driving unless your high alarm triggers, just like you did before a TPMS was invented.
  12. Inspect RV(s) for my Purchase

    Consider contacting a mobile RV repair business. If they do not perform such a service the may know who does, and provide contact information. Some of the better RV resorts should have mobile RV repair business cards from reputable companies.
  13. Battery questions

    Reading the entire thread of replies, no-one mentioned performing an equalizing charge, with accompanying SG readings, on Bruce H's batteries prior to further testing. It is discussed in The 12V side of Life link but nowhere in this thread.
  14. Awning Style

    Good catch, however it states 30" instead of 30*.
  15. Awning Style

    Carefree's Mirage is the strongest, most durable lateral arm box awning available - IF one is to believe their advertising. This type awing seems to be most often used on new MH's with starboard slide rooms. My objection to using one is the lack of a tilt feature to block evening/morning sunlight. Guess that's why I still like my old manual Carefree awning, which may be lowered to within 5' of the ground.(no starboard slide)