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  1. Four extra feet??? Stopping distance is relative to speed, as is braking capacity to gross weight.
  2. Finally-I got it! Thanks for clearing away the fog for me JohnT. Now I'm wondering why the camping industry even makes a 50 to 30 adapter, let alone getting the design approved; however I do know this industry makes mistakes, one time I bought a new male 30A plug end, wired it up, but VOM testing showed the replacement plug color-coded wires were incorrect.
  3. We wintered in the RGV (Donna) once! The wind was not comfortable for us, a day without wind was unusual. We are still searching for a S. TX area where wind is not a constant. These bookmarks list practically every RV park in the RGV. We have wintered in FL but prices- one month more than pays for staying 4 months in parts of TX. RGV links and information South Texas RV parks and Mobile Home parks in Harlingen, Texas Texas Campgrounds Texas RV Resort Parks in the South Rio Grande Valley, members trva http://rv-rgv.com/
  4. After reading your review and thoughts about ARP, I bought a 2.1 model, oldjohnT helped me do the wiring and it works great. Adding the optional blower fan lowered interior frig temp 10*F on same frig setting.
  5. Well, the OP's thread topic is completely off the rails now. How would a 30A RV power cord overheat from being connected to a 50A breaker when the 30A RV panel breaker limits amp-draw to 30A? The cord will never see over 30A continuous-duty.
  6. You hit the nail on the head! The reason so many folks with 30A RV's have electrical issues is the over-used, maintenance-ignored, power pedestals in CG's. I tell my friends to use their own 50A to 30A reducer with their 30A RV when the 30A receptacle is loose.
  7. John T, when I was working for ABB, the plant chemist came and asked what I would use on their distribution-line, blade disconnects. He said they were having arcing problems and excessive resistance when the blade was closed when using dielectric grease. I asked if they had tried using water-proof, graphite grease? The chemist shook his head and said "duh" graphite is a great electrical conductor. I've infrequently rubbed powdered graphite on my 50A plug prongs, couldn't decide if it helped unplugging or not, but it sure made my fingers black. Went back to nothing on the blades, just polish them with a "Scotch" kitchen pad now and then.
  8. I too would like to know how to clear them away. I can't remember which ones I've clicked on these days.
  9. Depend upon where you are, Oregon or South Carolina, Portland Oregon the period of totality is 10:19AM. That however, beginning to end, lasts about 2H, 32', 9", which means you should be in-place NLT 08:30. BTW, if you plan to take pictures of the event make sure you buy a solar filter for your camera, don't look through the viewfinder-use the video screen. And, make sure it works, no do-overs.
  10. I switched to Sailun 235/80R16, load range G tires, which are 75 mph speed rated, and eliminated my 5er tire problems. Another plus, they are about 1/2 the cost of the equivalent Goodyear tires.
  11. I read your reply not long after you posted, but I was so taken-back(for lack of the correct wording) that I could not respond. I'm so sad for you, I cannot imagine how you feel.
  12. Dielectric means non-conductive, the use of dielectric grease is not universal, it has it's uses and not-good uses. In the instance of a 50A RV/marine plug where the female receptacle has good spring tension, dielectric grease is a proper application. There is a long discussion about the appropriate use of dielectric grease (participants are electricians and electrical engineers) here.
  13. I was very surprised to see surfers using the tidal bore.
  14. Right! I've seen the screws on older trucks holding the hubcap on so loose I wondered how it held oil. To Bobi and Dick; replacement gaskets and hubcaps come with either 5 or 6 screw holes. Take a picture of yours before you head to the local truck parts store if you need a new one.
  15. Another factor is involved here too. If you open windows during the cooler hours before the interior gets too hot for you, everything inside absorbs heat and humidity to outside air levels. Now you decide you'll turn on the A/C to cool off, this means the A/C unit must now remove the humidity, while reducing the temperature of the air, from everything stuffed inside your RV.