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  1. Ray,IN

    Sewer hatch seal

    The question is, where do you expect the rodent to go once it enters the wet bay? My wet bay is completely sealed from the rest of the MH. I have the opposite condition anyway. I replaced the deck hatches with new ones from a marine store, the threads are larger and thicker, which makes me fiddle with getting the hose end through them for a minute or two. Remember, if a mouse can get their head into an opening, they can squeeze the rest of their body through too. So, if you have an opening the size of a dime they can squeeze through.
  2. We stayed there with our CC,LB dually and 40' 5er. I doubt his HDT is much longer than our dually.
  3. Nearly all RV's are built from the bottom up,and the roof is the last constructed. This means adding insulation from inside is much more difficult, requiring cutting around walls, cabinets, etc to remove the ceiling paneling. Removing the roof is IMO the most practical, I don't know why your roof is not removable, could you explain?
  4. I think you are doing the right thing now. Keeping the EPDM material clean, any material for that matter, is the best action an owner can do to maintain their RV roof. At some point in time every RV roof reaches its end of life, we just want it to be later than sooner.
  5. There are many RV repair/remodeling shops available. The most obvious action is run a search for those type shops within 100 miles of your location, no results-widen search. ALLOY seems to have the best option for increasing insulation R-value.To fill voids I would use the best quality spray foam available.
  6. The vast majority of FL RV parks have some/many permanent trailers on sites. They are required to buy annual license plates and registration. Are they counted as full-timers by the state?
  7. hillcountry, I agree beach sand contains a lot of salt, and it gets EVERYWHERE!
  8. Interesting reading on Social Security:https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/investing/dont-believe-these-social-security-myths
  9. FWIW, I had this problem with our first 5er water heater, I was advised to remove the gas valve end of the thermister/flame sensor and polish both ends with a pencil eraser, then reconnect the end, being careful not to over-compress/crush the end of the wire.It worked and the water never failed again while we owned the 5er.
  10. Our old cell-boosters were constant power, they have the ability to over-power a cell tower signal and can prevent others (without a booster) on the tower fringe from making a call. Newer booster models have a feature to provide just enough variable power to maintain a reliable signal. I know about the registration thing, but I didn't. It's kinda like CB radio several decades ago, you were supposed to apply for and receive a license (mine is KEW0304), however so many folks didn't apply for a license, the FCC eliminated the requirement. I fully expect the same thing with cell-boosters. I keep my Wilson signal booster in the MH, JIC I breakdown where the tower signal is too weak to make a call. No cell-booster can amplify without a signal to-er amplify though.
  11. A man on irv2.com posted his personal experiences with renting his MH, why he stopped, and the reasons he will never rent his MH again.
  12. At least give your Ford dealer a chance to retrieve any codes in the computers before saying they cannot find and fix this issue. IMO they are the most qualified service shop you'll find. We no longer live in a mechanical age. A 15" height difference between MH and towed was not a good choice, now you need a 12" drop receiver hitch to put your setup within the 4" difference band; and be VERY careful where you drive to avoid getting hung on a swag in the pavement.. OTOH, you could buy an enclosed trailer instead of flat-towing.
  13. Then it would be best to stay at St. Mary's, where there are 2 commercial RV parks.
  14. Yes, it's the medical assist program included in the annual dues for FMCA; and frankly the only reason I joined the organization.
  15. Kirk I have had a wireless Voyager rear camera in the MH since 2013. The only time it did not work was when the ground got corroded at the camera. I back our MH into our garage by myself with confidence, using the camera and rear view mirrors.. I have a cheap LeekLoo wireless system off Amazon on my pickup, I got exactly what I paid for=cheap. These cheap wireless systems operate on 2.4 Ghz, which is the same frequency as cordless phones and many other devices. This means it does not work many times and places due to interference.
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