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  1. RV park digital cable

    My 32" SEIKI (3yrs old) has the same menu, however, when I click on cable- automatic search, it displays a box for analog and a box for digital channels, each displays the number of channels found as it searches.
  2. Buying a cover

    Before we built an RV garage we kept our 5ers parked in the driveway. I covered them with a farm tarp, one blue - one yellow. I bought tarps large enough to completely cover the 5er. Anyway, I added 2x the number of eyelets in a tarp and used elastic cords to secure the tarp to the 5er, made sure I left no flaps in the tarp to slap against the 5er and damage paint. I never placed anything on the roof to create an air space between tarp and roof, seemed illogical to me. Each tarp lasted 3 years before sun rot ruined it. I never did find any paint damage resulting from being covered with a tarp. FWIW, these farm tarps do "breathe" if that is actually a concern, they are made by weaving, just inspect one yourself. Ever see anything woven that was air-tight?
  3. Here we go again

    Sadly this is not over: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/11/15/vet-set-himself-fire-after-long-va-waits-appointment-cancellation-investigation-finds/866834001/
  4. This pdf from Lippert explains service interval, storage concerns, in fact-everything about Lippert axles. Yes it does state 12,000 miles./12 months. Bearing grease, which is actually oil mixed with thickeners, does separate during long-term storage.(lay your grease gun on a shelf for 2-3 months and note the oil on the shelf) The oil separates from the thickeners, oil runs to the bottom, leaving only the thickeners in the bearings. That bearing grease link highlights the reason bearings should be manually cleaned, inspected, and repacked. Without doing so there is no way to remove the hardened "thickeners" that remain after the oil is used up that was in the bearing grease.
  5. Best RV Generator?

    My Boliy PRO3600SI inverter generator weighs 78# full of fuel and oil. New cost, $949. I don't have any difficulty lifting it into the truck-bed or moving it around @75 yrs old. I do long for the electric-start model, but it was not available when I bought one in 2008.
  6. My trailer bearings are completely serviced annually. I never did use the zerk fittings to add grease, this eliminates the ability to inspect bearings for any damage or corrosion. BTW, when a wheel bearing sits unused for many months the grease settles to the bottom side, leaving the top exposed corrosion. We spent 3 days dry-camped in the driveway to the county dump near Chicken AK because a wheel bearing failed+ruined axle stub, allowing the wheel to fall off. I'll keep re-packing per axle mfgrs schedule from that time forward. I respect Mark's abilities, however I disagree with his position. Both Dexter and Alco-Kober state annually or every 10,000/12,000 miles- whichever comes first.
  7. Other options: Deka ProMaster GC12V, 155AH battery, made by East Penn Mfg. Co. Precision GC12, 155AH battery from Baltimore Battery. com $164.95
  8. Tire Question

    Hi John! Here are some hot links to what I think will be helpful information with your situation: Dual tire spacing explanation 16" load range G tires are only made in 235/80R16: http://www.sailuntires.ca/MRT/S637.html As you see, this may require upgrading to different rims, which affects dual tire spacing. Goodyear also makes this tire. Another option is upgrading to 17.5" rims and tires, = very expensive. Another option would be to have a used 3rd member from a E550 installed. There is a company that sells dual spacers, machined from billet steel to enable wider tire spacing and larger load range G tires, if there is room in wheel well. A possible issue with these is; the engineers design a particular dually setup with the wheel bearing in mind, moving the center of the duals away from the bearing center line reduces bearing life and load capacity. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the best possible solution is to reduce your rear gross axle weight to conform to its maximum load rating.
  9. Our MH does NOT have the frig outlet wired through the inverter, and it was Winnebago's top of the line during production years.
  10. How long is too long?

    Right! I had that conversation with a man several years ago. He said he rewired his electric golf cart(don't have a clue how) so he could reach top speed, then throw a switch to make the cart run 50 MPH. I said OK__ what did you do to increase braking ability to match that top speed? After some stammering and hesitation, he just stopped talking about his "invention". Just because it can be done, doesn't make it right. Last year a girl was killed riding an ATV in a local forest, which has to be safer than WOT on a busy highway.
  11. How long is too long?

    Main factor to consider; towing capacity of the MH, most 40' diesel pusher MH's have a 10,000# hitch and maximum towing capacity(provided your coach is not over the limit within the GCWR.) To obtain a higher towing capacity one may be required to move to a MH with a tag-axle = 45'. Humm, don't know where that Pat&Pete quote came from. I did quote them in a different forum?????.
  12. Grey Water Dumping

    One RV park in Q actually requested we empty our gray tank on the greenery nearby. I was very surprised at the request.
  13. Fresh Water Sanitation

    You are right! I just assumed that was some form of a question. It is actually a statement, no reply necessary.
  14. SAFETY RECALL!!! Fire Extinguishers!!

    Speaking from a past life as an Indiana licensed Master Firefighter specializing in fire safety and arson investigation, ALL dry chemical extinguishers must be inverted and shaken and/or hit against a tire to loosen the dry powder, because it gets shaken down/compacted from not being moved daily and often will not work as designed otherwise. This was taught in fire schools since the early '70'''s. This recall should apply to ALL portable dry chemical extinguishers IMO. I'll be phoning in my extinguisher model numbers Monday, thanks for the heads-up.
  15. How do I figure tow rate on a truck??

    What year is this Ram 3500? The reason I ask, each model year seems to increase towing capacity. For instance a 2017 Ram diesel has a max. towing capacity of 31,210#; BUT, keep in mind the max. towing capacity is often calculated with one 150# driver, no passengers, 1/2 tank fuel, nothing carried in the bed or cab areas. This online towing calculator will accurately and safely determine towing limits, and only works with accurate tow vehicle and trailer weights, otherwise it's just an unwise guess.