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  1. The genset is tripping due to excess current surges but I bet you already know that...…….. AC is NOT my cup o tea at all but I'm sure some HVAC techs might answer your question.........… What little I do know is if the AC compressor tries to start up against too high head pressure it can stress your genset and maybe trip its breaker. The T Stat controls should prevent any short cycling where the compressor wasn't off long enough for pressure to bleed off and starting attempts would over tax the genset. That being said and its a much easier and cheaper fix (Don't need whole new AC or compressor) IS THE START CAPACITOR is defective. They can be purchased at like Graingers or elec supply houses. Sooooooo not knowing the problem Id look into a faulty capacitor to begin with as that's easier n cheaper to deal with.... The HVAC gents can better answer your question. Im thinking like Kirk an AC versus any genset problem for now John T
  2. Been there done that n got the T Shirt lol Ive experienced the same manyyyyyyyyyy times you're NOT alone. In the RV now I have BOTH AT& T and Verizon MiFi Jetpack Hotspots,,,,,,,,,,An ALFA WiFi amplifer repeater with a 54 inch hi gain external antenna and indoor re transmitting antenna,,,,,,,,,,,,An indoor/outdoor MIMO dual antenna,,,,,,,,,An outdoor 11 dbi cellular antenna,,,,,,,,,,,and something else I forget lol. You think you have computer and software and networking problems geeeeeeeeeeeeee but for now all mine are working …………….. Knock on wood John T
  3. When I have such an issue I first try contacting tech support. If that's not possible I UNINSTALL anything I find related to the device then re install and re boot so Windows can re install. The other place I look is in Windows "Programs and Features" find the device or program (if any such exists ???) and UNINSTALL. In "Device Manager" one can often find something (like Drivers perhaps) to uninstall and/or update drivers. The other thing I've done is to use the program "System Restore" which takes the operation and software BACK to a previous date in time absent the new device then start all over again. The only other place I look is in "Networking" to update or uninstall then re install etc but I get lost there. John T NOT any Computer expert especially Networking grrrrrrrrrrrrrr you need someone younger then me to help on this one... Where are the computer experts ??????????????
  4. Hey don't we all !!! Sounds like you have a professional on your side who likely has all ten batteries load and charge balanced and all will be fine. CONGRATULATIONS on your system. John T
  5. That happens often around here lol John T
  6. Good point Al, indeed if your guess is correct and they were professionally and CORRECTLY installed NO problem. Of course all may still "appear satisfactory" (who monitors each individual battery like Smartgauge) even if they were NOT installed correctly (it will still work) its just that charging and load balance can be out of proportion and with such a huge investment its best for the overall life (of all ten batteries) if connections are correct. Regardless If the owner is looking for or not looking for any assessment, this may still prove good information for the RV Solar community. But hey I support any RV owners to do (and wire) as they please, its their RV their money and their choice, sure none of ours. Take care and best wishes, fun and informative thread you started. THANKS Al, for posting the Newsletter article, it could save someone serious bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!! John T
  7. With several batteries wired in parallel if they aren't connected properly the first few may be doing the bulk of the work and the rest not as much. For those who think it makes no difference read the test results linked below and improved methods of configuring multiple batteries for better charging as well as load balance. SURE it will still "work" if connected in a simple ladder parallel but you will achieve better load and charge balance if done correctly and with such a HUGE battery investment a person might want to at least consider how they are wired to get the most bang (in battery life for the entire bank) for the buck. As the test results indicate even an easy simple method of pulling the POS off one end of the ladder and NEG the other helps. To each their own methods however. http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html John T
  8. Spot, I consider myself lucky to have a small mom n pop Amish dealer close by where I can get all the parts I need cash n carry and NOT have to order online or drive to a big crowded city. He has two barefoot daughters that tape and wrap the panels in cardboard and load in my truck even, you don't get service like that in the big city...…….They sell fake angle "iron" and channel "iron" that are composite and fiberglass for mountings and never rust. Sorry not related to the OP but its fun to chat about good service. John T
  9. Right Al, this is strictly an Amish family owned at their farm business. Years ago it was strictly cash no phones etc now they have a phone and accept credit cards lol. They do a TON of business and installations in the local community. When I first went there (like to never found it) maybe over 10 years ago he had a small bay in a garage now a pretty big stocked warehouse of panels, batteries, chargers, inverters the real deal at fair prices... I heard him talkin Lifepo's to a customer my last trip there but didn't get info on pricing and brands etc. etc. John T
  10. Wagler Energy Sales, 8631 E 925 N, Odon IN 47562. (812) 636-8355 I have four of their panels on my RV rooftop. The last 305 Watt 24 volt panels (around 39 x 76 ) I bought were a bit under 85 cents per watt, they work great. Some in that community are installing 4000 or 5000 watt units for homes. With their cell phones and solar set ups they are GOING MODERN lol John T
  11. I saw that newsletter Al and for sure took notice of the price. I've seen different brands of 12 Volt 100 AH Lifepo's show up in the $900 to over $1200 price range. If I were younger and hadn't just bought three big AGM's I might have considered going that route. While Battle Born is doing a lot of marketing, handing them out to some of the big time You Tubers and drawing a lot of attention in RV circles, there are other good brands out there as well. The nearby "Amish" Solar Energy Company is stocking them now along with their traditional L 16's and huge honkin forklift battery banks used in home systems, they would get a tad heavy in my RV lol Take care now John T
  12. Neighbor Ray, I CAN TESTIFY TO THAT. Years back when we took the three kids camping THAT HAPPENED LOL "Might as well replace the seal while you have it apart, even it the old one works." MAJOR DITTO ON THAT I always did John T
  13. Here's a manual for a Dometic 300, it has troubleshooting tips and parts list which may help. Like chirakawa I replaced the seal and spring assembly when mine acted that way. https://cdn.ltvdns.com/leisurevans.com/owners/3rdparty/Dometic-Toilet.pdf John T
  14. So, the RV sat a couple months and I'm pulling maintenance and checks and low n behold I turn the Dometic RM2652 fridge on gas NO FLAME !!!!!!!! (Yes gas is on and present, good voltage solar keeps it floating around 13.2 volts, grounds and connections were clean n tight). I listen carefully and hear the gas valve open but don't hear the typical SNAP SNAP SNAP of the Ignitor Tips HV sparking, no faint flame sound, she times out, alarm light comes on, then safety shuts down as it should. It has about a one year old Dinosaur control board and new HV Ignitor Module. If yall recall how many times have you heard Kirk or myself or others in that situation preach CHECK THE IGNITOR TIP !!!!!!!!!!! (so often the problem instead of the board). I remove it and inspect under a magnifying glass for any hairline cracks or carbon traces and check the single mounting/ground screw, alls well sooooooooooooooooo I clean n polish the tip to remove carbon or corrosion, re set the gap WORKS PERFECT EVERY TIME YAYYYYYYYYYYYY You can bet I'm ordering a new tip today and putting it in the RV stock just in case. I enjoy pulling maintenance BEFORE I go back on the road...…... Hopefully this may help if someone experiences an electric fired LP Gas appliance fails to light...………….. Best wishes yall John T A Happy Camper
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