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  1. Nope. Of course, it did not have to since the blowout sounded like a shotgun blast in the bathroom. No mistaking we had a blowout. This was in an American Eagle.
  2. I had an inner blowout with the Crossfire installed and a single Pressure Pro tire monitor on the duals. The Crossfire worked as advertised allowing us to slowly drive to a rest area on the good tire, call road service, and on our way within an hour.
  3. DirectTV Now Recording

    Yes, that is true and that will work to a degree for some depending on their viewing content and habits. There is actually very little "on demand" satellite channel content and what there is will be a couple weeks old. For instance, as of today, the newest American Pickers episode is dated March 21. I can live with that. However; more importantly, there is no way to view a NASCAR race or any sports event on my terms. Only way to view it is as it happens. And back to my original question. Does anyone know of a way to record Direct TV Now content for viewing later?
  4. Unlimited 3G

    BlueLghtning, that is what I am thinking too. I put $15 in last month and the account ate all of it but did keep the service alive. I now have the Mobley which works real well. I guess one has to wonder how long AT&T will keep the Mobley going. If it goes away, this unlimited would be nice to have. Might just try a $5'deposit to the 3G account next month and see if it stays active. If not, so be it.
  5. Unlimited 3G

    I still have this plan and it is working. Is Anyone else still active on this Unlimited 3G plan? If so, does $5 still keep it alive.
  6. DirectTV Now Recording

    That is exactly the way mine works and the reason for my original question. It has no capability to do anything like the DVR feature off satellite.
  7. DirectTV Now Recording

    Did not know that. Guess I am too new to this. I will have to explore and get smarter.
  8. DirectTV Now Recording

    Well, my purpose for streaming is to knock a $96/month cost to $35/month. Has nothing to do with eliminating the need to record content. However, I miss the DVR capability of satellite. Thus; am exploring some other alternative in concert with the streaming. Rumors are that DirectTV Now will have DVR capability sometime in the future.
  9. DirectTV Now streaming service has no DVR capability. Is there any way to record programs off DirectTV Now?
  10. Unusual ATT data reporting

    John, yes I experienced the same type of thing using the Mobley. It recorded 0 several times and when it did record, it would reset, just like yours. Not really a bad thing, just interesting. Dick
  11. Have been there many times. It is at the site of one of the largest Civil War prisoner of war camps. Chesapeake Bay and Potomac river surrounds the park. Many beautiful RV sites right on the water. Very large private sites with tall marsh grasses for privacy. Big rigs can go in easily. Verizon will connect. Rangers at the park are accomadating and likeable. Lots of history surrounding the area. Close to St. Mary's City, first capital of Maryland. Many small museums in the area. Twenty miles to the Naval Air Warfare Center, site of the Navy Test Pilot School with over 20,000 employees working at the center. Also a nice Naval Air Test and Evaluation museum there. Annapolis is about 70 miles and Washington D.C. about the same for nice day trips. Small grocery and hardware store is within a few miles of the park. However, major shopping is 25 miles. Also, with a wet spring, the mosquitoes at the park can be severe. Although, we have been there and hardly seen a mosquito. Does get hot and humid in July/August. All in all, for someone new to the area, could be a great experience.
  12. Unlimited 3G

    Here is the one I used off eBay. He flashed my JetPack remotely. Knows what he is doing and I would use him again if needed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/FLASH-YOUR-VERIZON-MIFI-JETPACK-TO-VERIZON-UNLIMITED-3G-REMOTELY-/232197052533?hash=item361005d875:g:-5gAAOSwV0RXuxm4
  13. I did this procedure as previously described on the Fiberglas roof of our American Eagle motorhome. The roof looked very good, (almost like new) and did so after 2 years. Practically stopped the black streaking after a rain. Do not get the stuff onto anything you do not want to coat. The effort and cost was well worth it.
  14. Unlimited 3G

    Chuck, you are correct. Thanks for clarifying. I will leave it as is and see what happens. It may be best to not make too many inquiries, as it may upset the apple cart or as the old saying goes, "let a sleeping dog lie". We are on the road and this is working extremely well. I frequently stream DirecTv onto my iPad without any problem. I tried a ChromeCast, but found out it will not cast DirectTv onto a TV screen unless you purchase the DirectTv Now subscription. (presently $35/month).
  15. Unlimited 3G

    I made my first $5 (as required) payment. However, the Verizon recording says I need to pay $10 more before January 28th. Not sure what to make of this. Maybe I will go ahead and pay the $10. Even at $15/month, this is still a good deal.