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  1. I have used window washer fluid in the traps many times living in the mid-Atlantic region. Works fine.
  2. Dick N

    Mobley won't shut off.

    Bill, which one did you get off Amazon? There are several with the least expensive at $60. How involved was it to make the swap? See any performance improvement? My Mobley is working with the reset but now will only run 2 hours. Might do what you did. Do not want to go any further backwards as I did with the reset or jeopardize this great service from AT&T.
  3. Dick N

    Mobley won't shut off.

    If you have not tried device reset, that would probably fix it. However; a reset may bring other problems such as a max 2 hour on time. Also, it will revert back to a need for the original password to access WiFi Manager. Not a problem if you have it. How do I know? Because I had to do a device reset and experienced both of these issues.
  4. All is fine now. Have 5 devices available and this morning Mobley has been humming along just fine. Think I hijacked this thread from the original so apologize for that. Thanks to Dutch and rynosback for the tip which did ultimately solve my issue.
  5. Found the Admin password and now can access the WiFi manager. Also, now have all 5 devices available. So reset fixed that problem. However: after setting time out to the max of 2 hours, it now shuts off instead of staying on indefinitely as before. Maybe one of the automatic updates will correct it.
  6. Did the reset and it did something cause now I cannot access the WiFi Manager. Says “wrong password”. Tried password off bottom of Mobley and my old password.
  7. No, for fear of messing up something and losing this great deal. However, if it is perfectly safe, will try it. Will it change the password?
  8. My Mobley does 4 devices and no more. It has one device listed as blocked but checking and unchecking that box makes no difference. Have not figured out how to de- list the blocked device which I think would give back the 5 allowed.
  9. Cannot help you on a replacement. But it leads me to a question you may be able to help me with. How does one use a Router with a Mobley? I too have a Mobley. Would a router allow one to use more than 5 devices with a Mobley?
  10. Dick N

    Thousand Trails

    Thank You. Live in Maryland so not sure if tax applies. Received an offer from TT of $150 off the $575 for a zone pass. Seems o.k. However; if we are unable to use it in Florida during January , February, or March this coming year, we probably could not make it cost effective. An attempt to find out (via phone, chat, email) if the 2 Florida resorts still will book Zone Pass members for January, February or March has proved fruitless due to holiday. TT website for non members will not provide that info. If someone who has access to TT resort availability could provide that info, it would help our decision process immensely. Thank you to anyone who might help. Dick
  11. Dick N

    Thousand Trails

    Is a tax assessed in addition to the Pass Cost at time of payment registration for a Thousand Trails zone pass?
  12. Dick N

    Visible Phone Data Plan

    Here is more info. This ‘secret’ Verizon cellphone plan is unlimited for $40 a month WGN 9 Chicago LOS ANGELES – A new cellphone company called Visible offers service on the Verizon network with an unlimited plan including calls, text and data for just $40 a month – and mysterious storefronts are popping up around the nation. They're painted bright blue, with the words 404, Store Not Found printed on them. Spoiler alert!... Read the full story
  13. Anyone tried this? https://www.visible.com/
  14. Dick N

    No more Verizon 3G mifi

    Thanks for that info. I almost purchased the 4G device, but based on your experience, will wait to see how it ultimately works out for you. Please keep us posted.
  15. Dick N

    No more Verizon 3G mifi

    Here is a link for the 4G. Read the thread on Howard Forums concerning their 4G experiences. https://www.drwireless.us/?route=common/home