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  1. Anode rod "tailings"(revisit)

    Well this explains where my flakes have been coming from. Thanks I have been puzzled as I filter incoming city water and have the mesh strainer on the water pump. So following. Is aluminum the answer as Greg suggests? Any downside?
  2. Here in Mich Blue Cross website they address it in their FAQ page. Maybe they do the same in Fl? Your Blue Cross coverage travels with you wherever you go. Here are the steps you take depending on what care you need and where. How to get care when traveling within Michigan and the U.S. As a PPO member, you're free to see any doctor you want wherever you are. But, if you want to keep costs down, it's important to see Blue Cross-approved doctors when you travel around the U.S. For emergency or accidental injuries: Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital or emergency care center. Emergency care is always covered anywhere within the U.S. Just make sure you have your Blue Cross ID card on you. For urgent care that requires attention within 48 hours: All urgent care is covered, no matter where you are. Just make sure you have your Blue Cross ID card on you. When you need to find a doctor or hospital in Michigan or in another state, just enter your address, city or any location to find nearby care from a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan doctor or hospital. If you’re not near a computer, you can call the customer service number on the back of your Blue Cross ID card. If you’re outside of Michigan, call BlueCard at 1-800-810-2583 for a list of doctors and hospitals in your area. Under the BlueCard® Program, you can get urgent and emergency care in your network when you're traveling out of the state of Michigan. For non-emergency care: Whether you're traveling in Michigan or out of state, you can search for doctors who accept your plan. If the doctor you see isn't a Blue Cross doctor, your share of the costs might go up and you might not get covered for all services.
  3. Drop KOA Value club Membership

    Kinda surprised to see fulltimers sticking up for KOA. I think the campgrounds are more oriented toward vacationers and those with families. I have no use for a store, gaming room, pool, playground or screaming kids. I mostly rely on RV Park Reviews and will only go to a KOA if it is clearly the best and at a good value. Otherwise they are just not our bag.
  4. Renting to try out

    Wouldn't it be very easy to prove? The truck manufacturer telsl you the capacity for fifth wheel towing and the rv manufacturer tells you the fifth wheel weight. If we are talking about pulling a 40 foot fifth wheel with a SRW I am pretty sure that every one of them will be overweight.
  5. Renting to try out

    And how would you feel about having a bad accident and your insurance company telling you that your vehicle was operated outside design specifications?
  6. Renting to try out

    Greg, The advice here should be not to listen to others or dealers but to fully research and comply with manufacturers and legal requirements. Check the weight specifications of the unit you want and be sure to buy a tow vehicle that meets the specifications BEFORE you buy either. Doing anything else sets you up for failure or an accident.
  7. With regard to the cost estimates given by Healthcare.gov, if your rate is based on getting subsidies and if your spouse is on Medicare or otherwise getting their own insurance, the stated rate is wrong. See here. http://xpostfactoid.blogspot.com/2017/10/alert-healthcaregov-plan-preview-tool.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Xpostfactoid+(xpostfactoid)
  8. Furnace rattling

    Ever figure this out?
  9. Furnace problem

    Why at night only is really an interesting question. Do you have wide temp swings between day and night. Anything else you do differently at night. Do you run propane appliances at night, or shut them off, which may account for the difference? Do you close a vent in another part of the trailer that may account for the difference? Have you tried the gas stove at night when the furnace doesn't want to start? I have a gremlin in my furnace also but it strikes very infrequently. I think my gas valve sticks closed sometimes. Anyway, I like the idea of checking all connections and make a close up and personal inspection.
  10. When dumping

    Just Don. I am just telling you from very unfortunate prior experience. I had a black valve that did not leak when closed but when open it would leak around the handle inside the underbelly of our unit. It would then smell for a while after dumping. In our case the smell did not seem to come form the bathroom but in the area of the valves. It wasn't a lot of leaking so the insulation was soaking it up. Things kept getting worse so I finally pulled the underbelly and it was not a pretty picture. Probably not the same problem you have but something to think about.
  11. For us the thing that really puts the price in the stratosphere is the need to buy a PPO for out of state coverage. Each year the PPO options in Michigan seem to decrease and those they at available are by far the most expensive offerings.
  12. When dumping

    Yes, I agree with Glenn. Something to be ruled out is a small leak. Are your valves enclosed? Valves can develop leaks and leak around them when opened.
  13. toilet issue

    Yea the Thetford Aqua Magic with the side arm---been there done that---Ordered a repair kit worked for a while but not long. My next repair was MUCH more effective. I threw it in the trash and bought the Dometic 310.
  14. Trostberg you may be interested t know that the Alexander-Murray compromise announced by the Senate today would create a new level called copper which would be a $10,000.00 deductible catastrophic plan available to all ages.