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  1. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    For under 65's you also need to remember that not only does the state matter but your address within that state. This article looks at the difference your specific address makes within Texas. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox/FMfcgxvzLXHXSTwWgnZzLBbNvthbrMxF
  2. The charging voltages stated by Progressive in this pamphlet are way off: "Lithium Batteries require 14.4 to 14.6-Volts to fully charge. " You should charge to about 13.8 and then stop. There is almost no benefit and all risk in going higher. As Technomadia and others have reported going higher shortens battery life.
  3. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    We are going to keep coming back to this because the law really does not contemplate those of us who are on the move full time. We just have to be aware of the factors and do the best we can do. If you find a state that offers the insurance you want you will need to make efforts to put down some roots there. If one has their bank accounts there, stays there from time to time, has their doctors there, registers their car there and finds a way to have a mailing address there, then that might have to do. The issue is complicated not just by the residency vs domicile definitions but also because you have competing definitions under the federal law, the ACA, and the state law. I think we just have to keep the information going back and forth and if someone is considering a state----ask questions as someone here may already be residents there. I lived most my life in Michigan and they offer PPO insurance so that is easy for me but if that changes I will go through the very same process. I think it may also be a worthwhile subject for us to consider how one can minimize the risk of using a HMO plan purchased under the exchange and have a dialogue if anyone has real-world experiences with this situation. PPO is expensive.
  4. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    Yes, that is true. Where the person is a resident. But not necessarily where they are physically throughout the year. I will let Zulu but I think he is just referring to the fact the ACA uses a different definition than domicile.
  5. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    Well changing would be a possibility Gypsies but a few of these states offer PPO plans in the marketplace and those offer the best coverage for those under 65. So those states should be the residency for those under 65.
  6. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    I think part of the confusion may be caused by the phrases Minimium Essential Coverage and Essential Health benefits. The essential health benefits are listed here https://www.healthcare.gov/coverage/what-marketplace-plans-cover/. Perhaps because this is an association plan they no longer need to cover these essential benefits? If that is the case then the ACA is gutted. I do not know the answer but I do know this is massively confusing and people are not getting what most would consider to be an ACA plan.
  7. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    Blues, Zulu is not suggesting people repeatedly change their residency. He is suggesting people under 65 establish residency in states that offer nationwide PPO plans. Arizona does offer such coverage as does my home state of Michigan. Zulu has been attempting to keep track of where those policies are available as they are being eliminated in many states.
  8. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    Hi Georgianne. Thanks for your response. The problem mostly stems from the description of the WellMEC portion of the plan. On the opening page the description of the WellMec says: "WellMEC is an affordable, innovative healthcare plan that provides preventive care, vaccinations, and wellness services. Additionally, WellMEC is compliant with the minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act." Virtually everyone who reads this would believe this was an ACA or Obamacare plan. However, to actually be an Obamacare plan you would need to have a major medical plan that meets the requirements of the ACA. WellMEC only provides coverage for preventative and wellness provisions like paying for your annual checkup and immunizations. That may or may not appeal to some Escapees but it is a VERY far cry from a true ACA and/or Obamacare compliant plan. What WellMEC seems to be saying is that their plan is compliant with the wellness and prevention provisions of the ACA Act requirements. However, that again is very different from being an actual ACA plan. They only meet a relatively small segment of the ACA requirements and this would not be sufficient to avoid the tax penalty to the extent that is stillenforced. If you press the "Learn More" button then after an asterisk at the very end and in smaller non-bolded letters you see: "*The MEC plan provides 100% coverage for preventive and wellness only.THIS IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE and therefore is not intended to replace ACA compliant major medical plans." I am very concerned many people will be confused by this language. I see no need to refer to the ACA whatsoever except to say in bold. "This is not an ACA plan. This is not a major medical plan. This is not a catastrophic care plan. This plan covers services for wellness and prevention only. Please read all plan details." Georgianne. You should be aware that even if someone purchased every portion of the insurance available on that page the purchaser would not have anywhere close to an ACA major medical plan. I know from experience how people simply don't understand their insurance until it is too late and I am very concerned they will see "ACA compliant" and be misled.
  9. Looks like Trojan is getting into the LiFEPO4 drop in market. Don't know the price yet and they are looking at a Q1 launch. Also rumors Victron is looking at the market. https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/Trillium_Brochure.pdf
  10. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    I absolutely agree with you. I assume Escapees is marketing this to their members as a service and not to make money. Regardless of their intentions, however, this does Escapee members a great disservice and diminishes the credibility and goodwill of the entire Escapees name (which otherwise has a lot going for it IMO). The page is deceptive advertising. There is no other way to describe it and it could easily subject an unaware Escapees member to devastating financial loss. The page needs to be taken down or seriously reworked. As Zulu said above what is most depressing is that Escapees does not seem to really understand the health care issues for the under 65 crowd much less offer a product to resolve them.
  11. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    Just getting to this old post and really want to echo the comments of MKC and Zulu regarding the wording of the Escapees plans being offered. I had to read everything a few times and I am both an attorney and a nurse. In a horribly complex situation, these plans make matters exponentially worse and do a great disservice to the members. I have no problems with the plans themselves but the way they are being marketed and explained seems deceptive. DO NOT BUY THESE THINKING YOU HAVE ACA COVERAGE. While someone may want to use these plans to fill in some gaps they should not be used without fully understanding what you are signing up for. This is very limited coverage and I think the page should be significantly modified.
  12. Add Michigan Zulu. Blue Cross still offers PPO. This year I did look long and hard at switching to HMO and then supplementing insurance with something like Escapees indemnity plan. I just think that is too risky though so I am coughing up the dough for another year of PPO. The price is way up and the deductibles have moved to 7,000.00 per person and 15,000.00 per family. They were pretty good my first year into this. We are 60 so I have to patch a few more years together.
  13. I am in direct contact. Also, the shop is in contact. Anything that works.