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  1. Daveh

    Battery drain

    Curt out of curiosity. What amp size are your batteries and what watt was the bulb?
  2. Daveh

    Battery drain

    Let us know your results Curt. We like these mystery issues.
  3. Agreed. But........
  4. I did too. I am pretty sure it was one of those autocorrect typos and he meant eternabond tape. Which is exactly what I put on my roof after the damage.
  5. Well, it certainly was a nasty wind. Three days in a row and we were trapped by schedule and route. Most of it was tail wind but on the third day it shifted to the north and we were headed easterly. It was up about 30mph maybe higher gusts. Bad but not horrible. I normally would have taken the day off. I could see sway in semi trailers but I didn't feel any problems. We never heard or saw a thing. No idea anything was wrong until we were setting up and I saw solar wires hanging over the side. I had 6 mounts----4 of them held. I think the ones that ripped out were the last to go and so had the full force of the wind. The other brackets still had pieces of the panel so it looks like the panel itself gave first not the brackets. I am wondering whether I lost a bolt in one of the mounts to get the whole thing started. Just can't tell. Scraped across our roof and tore out our antenna though so I have damage.
  6. Couldn't I just ask a child to change my license plates and drive away?
  7. Well I lost a panel last week somewhere in Nebraska. Anyway, I just happened to come across this in my Facebook stream. I had not heard of them before. Maybe new. I am interested in the weight of the product as that may be a negative. The large surface area for the foot is interesting though. They say no screws for EPDM but I would be worried about lifting the EPDM. https://greenlinkengineering.com/products/knuckleheads/#solar-support
  8. Daveh

    Battery drain

    Kirk, I saw Curt's post over on Facebook and suggested he ask his question of the Escapees. I think he should see how his batteries hold up with the terminal leads unhooked. What struck me is that he has not historically had this problem and now in short order his old batteries die (maybe natural) and then the new ones can't hold a charge. Yes maybe the new ones are bad but this just all strikes me as odd.
  9. Daveh

    Battery drain

    He replaced his batteries with new ones so this drain seems of recent origin. Could be the new batteries. My switch shuts down everything.
  10. Well anyone traveling that way could stop in and carve their initials in the Andersen lobby wall.
  11. Really? You should see some of our health care cat fights.
  12. It looks to me like they are trying to cut a deal already and Andersen is doing his best to avoid jail by offering payment of the full penalty amount and significant community service. This is what bothers me about the guy. He presents this like it was his idea and it is clearly based on the penalty in the code and lawyer/PR firm maneuvers. He also says he did the vandalism without thinking in an apparent fit of love wanting to make a gesture to his wife. However, we now know he was interrupted and asked to stop and yet continued. This is why I intend to boycott without seeing much more in the way of contrition.
  13. Chirakawa-------Here what are you going to do with this situation after she pays her fine? Hire her as a babysitter? What if she owned a pet supply store or was a dog groomer? Would you be good with it?? http://people.com/uncategorized/woman-caught-dumping-dogs-on-camera-san-antonio-good-samaritan-video/#01a8e801-d012-4e0c-a68e-88900e5c9323
  14. Chirakawa. We will agree to disagree. In defense of Kirk, I think I am the first one that went down the road of the Boston Tea Party. Protest (boycott) is part of our culture and I do believe complying with the law is the minimal requirement. You can be a really rotten person without ever violating the law. We have all had a space next to those people. Ethics is a higher standard. Doing his with kids there, ignoring requests of others to stop and then doing his best to limit consequences puts this guy on my permanent S list absent further sincere and significant action.
  15. Yes my thoughts were similar to what Dartmouth said. I don't dismiss your point Chirakawa. It is a very valid concern. But for your analogy to be fair let us say a doctor ran a special type of clinic and in his private life intentionally showed extreme disregard for those things his clinic stood for (i.e. a sobriety clinic and he was caught with drugs and evidence strongly suggesting a history of ongoing usage). And, for the analogy to be complete he can't just be any doctor but he needs to own and run the entire medical business and his name needs to be associated with it. So yes, in those type of circumstances I could imagine referrals stopping and patients with addiction problems looking elsewhere until they received a very satisfying response. And, no, I do not think a response that I have been charged and will pay my penalty is sufficient. That is sufficient for the minimum standard set by society. This guy would have a much higher bar to cross. What should be done? Well, he could step down or he could jeopardize the entire clinic and those he employs. If we follow your logic a corporation would never pay a large penalty because the employees might suffer. Look at it this way, if any other officer in Andersen had done this, they would be gone the next day. But he is the owner and he is not budging. If the business suffers it is because he won't accept the consequences of his behavior (he himself remains an addict in the analogy above). Andersen is lawyered up and doing nothing. He promises to do what the law would otherwise require and tells us everything is okay. It is not okay. He can step down from operations. He can sell the company. He can make specific and significant commitments by the company to future public conservation causes. But he cannot piss on my leg and tell me it is raining. He cannot engage in conduct that threatens his business and employees and then say it is my responsibility for responding to his own conduct.