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  1. We have one of the 16 gallon water heaters and never really have running out as a big concern. I liked the idea of a tankless for less weight and less energy use. Are these not real benefits?
  2. I am confused on this as well. Some people say their's work great while I read others who say they are either scalded or cold.I am interested but this conflicting info has scared me off.
  3. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    Can you put it sideways?
  4. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    Glenn. I apologize if you answered this before. I am trying to envision your set up with the mini split underneath. What is the clearce from the back of the minisplit to the RV floor? Did you put a protective grate or screen in front of the unit? Are you holding the unit in place with angle iron attached to your frame?
  5. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    Where does New Horizons mount the mini splits?
  6. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    I have been thinking of doing this also but with the 120 volt.
  7. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    Glenn you have probably covered this previously but isn't your bottom mount position going to make the dust in the filter problem worse?
  8. Daveh

    Mini split amount revisited

    Where is your spare tire area?
  9. Daveh

    Water Softener

    Thank you everyone!
  10. Hi Just did some work on the toilet ball valve and I found a lot of calcium build up. Recommendations for water softener?
  11. Daveh

    Buss bar

    Thanks John. Interesting.
  12. Daveh

    Buss bar

    Glenn's system involves major loads and I suspect he is looking at busbars like this which are anything but cheap. https://www.electricalhub.com/blue-sea-2107-powerbar-busbars-600-amp-2. John T what do we really need for busbars because there can be a vast price differential which is why I looked at making my own heavy duty ones just like Glenn.
  13. Daveh

    Buss bar

    Glenn rather than smash pipe why not just order from copper from a place like this https://www.metalsdepot.com/brass-products/copper-flat-bar. Also, you can buy on ebay. I agree with John you just seem to be asking for problems by attaching it to aluminum angle. I have not made my own but looked into it and then bought them due to time considerations. I think if you walk through a dollar store or home depot you will see all kinds of plastic or rubber items that could be used for mounting (bottoms for canes or table feet). Otherwise if wood is easiest just put a buffer layer of plasticor dip them in plastidip.
  14. Daveh

    FMCA PPO plan

    I don't want to have too much of a pile on so I will say this is an improvement. However, as Zulu said the fact that this is a complicated subject should not prevent Escapees from attempting to explain.
  15. Take a look at this article. https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/articles/battery-articles/gel-vs-agm.html I would decide between flooded lead acid and agm. If you are going to go flooded lead acid again I would go for a good brand like Full River. The same for AGM. Another option on lithium is to make your own pack. Buy 4 100 amp hr lifepo4 cells and connect them. Check ebay. You may want to consider relocating your batteries also and then you could use the 6 volt golf care batteries.