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  1. question about coyotes

    Good observations Al. Being isolated by the salt sea, antelope Island really does not have an apex predator which is why the deer population gets so large. If coyotes could effectively hunt and kill deer that would not be the case. As it relates to the horse discussion we need to remember that a full-grown mule deer can get about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and weigh between 100-300 pounds. The pictures evoke the scenes of a wolf pack taking down an elk but everything in the pictures is actually on a MUCH smaller scale. A full grown horse is going to be up to 2,000lbs and of course much taller than a deer. https://wildlife.utah.gov/wildlife-news/1587-deer-captured-on-antelope-island.html
  2. question about coyotes

    Yes I had heard about this Missouri story also. I don't know why the media pushes these stories and then downplay corrections. It was a 104 lb canine---a wolf--a protected species. whoops. I gotta say though in the pictures except for the size it sure looks more like a coyote. Look at the head. Anyway, a wolf. https://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-notes/2011/04/104-pound-missouri-coyote-determined-be-wolf
  3. question about coyotes

    Doesn't sound like we are talking about the same place. The Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson is world renowned and considered one of the top 10 museums in the US. The facility combines a zoo, botanical garden, art gallery, natural history museum, and aquarium. Additionally, the museum is combined with not only an art institute but a well-known conservation and research program. The facility is 98 acres with 2 miles of walking trails. By contrast, the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg is a small art museum. Respectfully, it seems like you are just saying stuff.
  4. question about coyotes

    Its called the Sonoran Desert Living Museum..............Cause they are alive. You should go but don't kill anything:-)
  5. question about coyotes

    By the way, why is it we are advised only to take care with our small pets? If they take down horses shouldn't we say "Take care with all pets up to the size of a full grown horse". When is the last time you heard about a rottweiler, german shepherd or pitt bull getting carted away by a pack of coyotes. You don't because it does not happen. They are small mammals.
  6. question about coyotes

    Yes you can underestimate nature but not the laws of physics. Did you read the story? Did you see that the coyote pack was engaged in a fight with the farm dogs? Do you think they just stopped the fight to go kill a horse? I am not against being very cautious of wild animals. I encourage it. But if you read the stories you will find that as a direct result of this incidents neighbors started shooting and poisoning the coyotes. All because of sensationalism and unfounded fear. A gray wolf can weigh up to 180lbs and this would be a huge and risky project for them.
  7. question about coyotes

    Really!!!!!!!! Let me get this straight. The people were home. Their dogs were out. You think a group of coyotes chased a horse around right there by the barn ( in circles like ring around the rosie?) until it tired, were able to collapse by biting it and then start eating it....... The Michigan DNR spent days investigating and did a full report----but your wife has it figured out????????? You acknowledge you don't weigh anything. Michigan DNR specifically says coyotes look bigger than they really are BUT you know better than biologists who DO tag and weigh coyotes and spend their life studying their behavior? You know more than the Michigan DNR, Arizona Game and Wildlife, the National Geographic Society and the Sonoran Desert Museum (that actually owns several coyotes)????? YOU know better? Okay, I got it..
  8. question about coyotes

    I agree Al. It sounds like they couldn't do a good autopsy on the horse because it already had been buried. I suspect for some reason the horse was down and the noise the owners heard was the sound of a hysterical injured horse and a standoff between the farm dogs and the coyotes that came in to take a look. If you read about wolf pack hunting habits you learn that even they are reluctant to go after big game unless they absolutely have no choice. One broken bone is a death sentence for these animals and they do not thrill kill or take unnecessary risks. Wolves hunting habits have been studied closely because western ranchers have accused them of thrill killling livestock. Researchers find however that packs do not want to take unnecessary risks.
  9. question about coyotes

    Little, I am sorry but the Arizona game department says the Arizona coyote weighs 20-35 lbs. The respected Sonoran desert museum says they weigh 15-25 lbs. I owned a standard schnauzer that, unfortunately, killed two coyotes. They just aren't that big. As the Michigan DNR says "The size and weight of coyotes are commonly overestimated, because their long fur masks a bone structure that is slighter than that of most domestic dogs." While it is true the eastern coyote ranges about 5-10 lbs more, they don't hunt 15,00-2,000 lb horses. http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/es/wolf_difference.shtml http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10370_12145_12205-60378--,00.html
  10. question about coyotes

    Ha. Yes, I should dial it down and I will get off my pulpit. I am not against hunting for food (although I don't because of grocery stores) and I don't expect people not to defend themselves, but I do get riled up when folks come across as enjoying killing things or when they do so out of unfounded fear. This whole thread really seems to sensationalize the danger of coyotes and that leads to the unnessesary anxiety of people out in nature and the death of wildlife. Reminds me of rattlesnakes here in Arizona. If you look at the statistics the vast majority of people that get bit are trying to kill or handle the snake. Just leave stuff alone.
  11. question about coyotes

    HI Al. Those are the initial stories and they gained a lot of press and credibility due to the sensational nature of the story and the horse owners were volunteers (for horse work) with the local Sheriff's office. The DNR did conduct an investigation that concluded the following February. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2015/02/13/coyote-horse-oxford-township/23342091/
  12. question about coyotes

    The Michigan DNR fully investigated that alleged coyote----horse killing and said it absolutely DID NOT HAPPEN. So like I said get hobbies. If you afraid of wildlife-don't fulltime. I fulltime to be near nature---not kill it.
  13. question about coyotes

    This is all nuts. Leave the damn coyotes alone and get real hobbies.
  14. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sunpower-tariff/sunpower-puts-u-s-expansion-on-hold-over-trump-tariff-idUSKBN1FF00X
  15. I obviously do not know all the considerations but I would thank a US manufacturer would have some justified hesitation in making a large investment based on this tariff protection. If the numbers would work anyway, okay, but in addition to the WTO concern above, what are the chances this is just a negotiation tactic or will be overturned by the next administration?