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  1. Daveh

    Battery/Electricity issue

    Kirk raises many good questions. Let me add another question. Exactly what kind of battery did you buy? Can you tell us the brand and ratings. It may help if you took so,e pictures of your battery and the outlet where you are plugged in. Don't give up. These things are frustrating in the moment and we all go through them. It does take a willingness to learn however. Keep asking questions and read as suggested by Kirk.
  2. It is not easily removable. I took it out as I strongly suspected it was the problem and besides the 12v wind up motor was beginning to fail. So I cut the cord and now I am hardwired and just roll up the cord into the compartment that housed the reel. The odd thing is that the process is now actually easier.
  3. I don't have the reel with me right now as we left it with our quasi home campground but will do this wjen we get back.
  4. I didn't mention a cord reel Kirk. Winding up a cord by hand takes about the same amount of time. Just another thing that can go wrong when it is mechanized.
  5. Okay, folks here is the update. We got back to the park in Manistique, Michigan, I plugged in the 50 amp and everything works. All voltages good. No sign of the problem. After we decided to come back I decided I would tighten everything electrical in our fifth wheel just to be sure (I found nothing loose). One of the workampers, a retired farmer, saw me with everything torn apart and asked if he could help. I explained the problem and went through my whole system with him. When we got to my electric cord reel I showed him the junction box connecting the shore cord and reel to the main AC input wiring in the trailer. All the connections were tight and everything looked good. He then said that the cord reel, which is powered by a 12v motor, had to have some kind of system in it to allow the cord to wind without everything jamming up. I did some research and could not find schematics of the, ridiculously expensive, Shoreline electric cord power reel ( https://www.hollandrvparts.com/product/50a-power-cord-reel-cc50d/ ) but I did find an old post from about 2004 of an RVer complaining that he had an electric power reel and that he had seen high voltages. He said he took it apart and it had brushes and contacts that held position against rings on the reel to maintain the electrical contact. He said it showed signs of wear and concluded he had a bad ground (other posters then chimed in and said "no with those symptoms you have a bad neutral"). He then bypassed the reel and had no problem. This confirmed to me it was a possibility and another variable I could eliminate. The question remained why did I have a bad neutral at the Manistique campsite but not at the two subsequent sites I tried. Well, one possible explanation was that the reel had bad spots and if it stopped at the wrong location the problem would show up. If that theory was correct I was playing Russian roulette each time I spun out the cord reel. The theory explained why the park could not find the problem and why I did not see the problem again. We could have tested the cord by putting in in different locations but I never really liked the thing. SOOO, I cut the cord, wired a direct attachment back to the outlet box, and pulled the entire cord reel. I got here and everything works. Was that it? I think probably but I don't know. Seems to me there are at least three possibilities. 1. The cord reel had bad contacts as discussed above. 2. The park had problems that they corrected in the course of checking things over. 3. The park still has problems that depended specifically on the loads being drawn on that particular day and the problem will reappear. 1 and 2 seem like the most probable and as much as I don't like to admit it I am leaning toward 1. I still have the cord reel so one of these days I should be able to do some testing of continuity on the neutral with the reel in different positions. Thanks everyone so much for your help on this electrical mystery. Welcome your thoughts and second guessing. Dave
  6. I have been curious about this myself. Hard to see anything on a pure black plug.
  7. Yes, he is listening. The tone has changed quite a bit.
  8. Well, Here is my response from the new electrician. Ok so we load tested and ground checked the hots, neutral and ground and didn’t see anything. Do you have to travel back this way? It would be nice to see what your setup is to try to replicate the problem. Also what is the sequence that you plug in can I see pics of all the ends/devices? I am a little at a loss for what to do. I do not have my new EMS system yet. I am a little reluctant to plug back in but at the same time I would like to get to the bottom of this.
  9. Yes, I should have mentioned the unbalanced part Kirk. Good point. I mean they should know that right, but the first didn't even know to test under load. Fair point about some electrician not seeing certain problems. We live in a specialist era or in this case a very rural one without many RV parks. The first electrician said he was not the one to do the install. I doubt this second one is either as this is a big project. My fifth wheel presented the system with a very unbalanced load so I hope they do the same. I might send a short email over to the city manager.
  10. Update. Well the standoff continues. I called the park and they told me the electric had tested good. Spoke to the electrician and he told me that he tested voltage at panel but made no tests under load. He said he did not have equipment to test under load. So I don't feel like I can go back and they will not refund, so least yet. We both are using the same argument that this never happened before and did not happen again after I left. The difference is that I can control the variables. I have a plug, cord and now that I bypassed the transfer switch, a direct lime to my panel. Update. The City manager called amd said they hired a new electrician that will test under load.
  11. Yep. Grrrrrrrrr is right.
  12. Yea, I think we have decided we are not going back. Things are souring quickly because they are not returning phone calls. We prepaid nine days in advance and had to leave after the first night. They are renting our site to others even though we said not too and they are refusing to give us a refund or allow us to use another site unless we pay for that site in addition to the one for which we have already paid. They say these things without a hint of embarrassment. This is getting a little ugly and I don't think we would feel comfortable back there even if the electrical is resolved. The City owns the park, small city, so I emailed the City Manager tonight to hopefully get this quickly and fairly resolved. Good grief. I have not encountered this before. Most private owners would just have resolved this on the spot. What is there to argue about? Your renting your potentially unsafe site to others so refund us and we will travel on.
  13. Well. Apparently, the campground I was in is owned by the City of Manistique, Michigan. Anyway, I called today about our site and was told that an electrician had been to the site and found no problem. I asked if the outlet was tested under load but the person at the park said they did not know but that the electrician was coming back to do another test. I again told them I thought the site could present danger to person or property and that the problem could be an open or floating neutral. The park employee told me that they had another party in the site the last two nights and they had no problem. I again started to wonder whether the problem could be in our unit. So I moved from the 30 amp site in the campground we are staying to a 50 amp site. I ran the air, water heater etc.. No problem. None. The voltage on each side of the leg at my panel were 123 and 121. Ground to neutral was less than 1 volt. So assuming it is a problem in the park why would other campers not have an issue? My load is not balanced as most things run through the subpanel to the inverter. I am questioning whether a real licensed electrician inspected this or a city employee. Anyway, any thoughts? On another note. We prepaid 9 days in advance at 40.00 per night. They will not give us a refund or allow us to move to another site but they are renting out our site to others while we wait for them to find the problem. I have never experienced such a policy so I have more fights ahead of me.
  14. Daveh

    Electric issue has me baffled

    I would put this on the back of my trailer but it is a little too long 🙂. Still ,it would make a great tagline to a profile Kirk