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  1. We normally summer in St Ignace Michigan although this year we extended our lease at the Escapees park in Benson Arizona. We have been wondering what the St Ignace park would do this year. Well, they are not closing but they are changing procedures so this may be an option for full-timers. This is a GREAT summer climate and beautiful. Here is the message from Tiki: Tiki RV Park in St. Ignace, Michigan will remain open the entire summer/fall season until at least November 1st. If any full-timers find themselves without a park, you are welcome to come and stay with us. You must be fully self-contained. Our office, restrooms and showers will be closed until further notice and there will be office personnel available by phone only. All payments must be credit card over the phone. For information or reservations, call 906-643-7808.
  2. Looks nice Did you have that powder coated?
  3. I am thinking of buying a basic and smaller hitch cargo carrier and modifying that. I may wait until this summer as there is a welder that does some work for our park and I may hire him to design something more specific. I did think a carrier would be a good starting point but maybe he would rather do it from scratch. My other option is the front generator area. I am concerned about airflow though? I know I would need to have it open unless I put some type of grate over it. The other thing I was considering was putting a hole in the bottom of the generator area so when we were stopped I could lower the unit with linear actuators. I am worried though that the copper tubing and stuff will not allow this movement and create a leak?
  4. Glenn where have you installed the outdoor unit portion?
  5. Still A LOT. I am thinking of pulling my ac unit (Such junk). Interested in how your project goes.
  6. When I first got my Calb LifePo4 cells about 6 years ago I had them all hooked up on a table where I was balancing them and testing them. Dropped the wrench. Holy S***. I happened to have a piece of wood nearby so I could very quickly knock the wrench away, but what a display. Really scared me. Whenever I mess with my batteries now it feels like a diffuse the bomb scene from Mission Impossible. Thank goodness my wife did not see it. I never said a word. The cell survived.
  7. Well then he is quite far along. So then he would have 1 pack and he could use a single shunt-----probably the BLK. That is much simpler. I got thrown off with the three pack talk.
  8. Yes the terminology is getting confusing. I would call your set up 1 pack made up of three packs in parallel. If the three packs are connected they should be in voltage balance. You probably still want to separately monitor the voltage on each 48 volt "component" battery but I would think you could do that rather inexpensively without the need for a separate shunt etc. Just use one shunt.
  9. Why are you keeping the as separate packs? Can't you just parallel wire them into one pack.
  10. Doesn't look like that is an option for 48 volt packs. https://forum.solar-electric.com/discussion/353276/battery-combiner-for-2-mixed-48v-banks I would just want to know exactly what was going on in each pack. You could rely on the BMS but won't your low voltage cutoff be lower than what you normally would want to run your batteries down too. That is where the victron and magnum shunt monitors are nice because they will alarm the pack at a voltage above your low voltage cutoff based on amps used.
  11. Depending on your setup there may be a place for something like this in your system. https://www.magnum-dimensions.com/smart-battery-combiner. My concern is that your packs will get out of balance.
  12. So you will have three 48 volt packs each with a separate charging source?
  13. Yes, I was going to comment on this also Glenn. Did I understand right you have three packs? If you have three separate packs then you need to monitor each pack. I think you could do a shunt on negative each pack and then a shunt on the main negative for a total reading. This is where it could make a huge difference what brand monitor you go with as some can communicate with each other and some not.
  14. I have a down converter from Victron that I am yet to install. I have the same concern. Not specifically on the breaker but that the terminals are not really large enough to accept my calculated needed wire gauge. I am going to run larger gauge and then just make adjustment to smaller size right at the terminal.
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