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  1. I am a licensed agent in both Texas and Florida and can assist you. I am also an Escapees commercial member. Just give me a call at 1(866)558-3577 extension 101. Gerald D Heinrich
  2. Signed up for Direct TV Now when it first came out and use it with our ATT or Verizon Wireless Service while on the road and with our Cable Internet while at home. We have never had a problem. We love it! Works great while on the road or at home. Gerald
  3. Most of the motors for these are actually power window motors for popular automobiles. Look for a part number or take it off and go to a local auto parts dealer. Gerald
  4. Had a similar problem on my coach. Checked voltage with no draw12.7v. Put a draw on them and the voltage instantly dropped to under 7v. Replaced the batteries, fixed the problem.
  5. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rick-perry-kills-wily-coyote-during-jog/
  6. I started the process of activation at 11:00 AM by calling the AT&T Connected Car Department and worked with them (talked to 3 different representatives) and talked to ZTE (3 different representatives) and sent e-mail to the seller (no response here). In desperation, ZTE finally sent me RMA's to send them in for repair. I spent nearly 10 hours, on the phone, working with representatives at AT&T Connected Car Department, & ZTE technical support not including the trip to the AT&T store to get Sim Cards as requested by AT&T Connected Car Department. In desperation, I filed a claim with PayPal, asking for a refund. The last step triggered an e-mail response from the seller (a full 11 hours after I started the activation process) who suggested that I check the APN settings and included with the e-mail was a MSWord document that explained how to change the APN setting. I made the changes suggested in the MSWord document and the two now work. I had ordered one from AT&T previously and when it arrived it was activated and worked wonderfully. My experience with the ones that I purchased from Zim-5 Enterprises was far from satisfatory and as stated in my prior post, I would not purchase again from Zim-5 Enterprises.
  7. Don't buy from Zim-5 Enterprises. I have 2 that I ordered from them and neither will work. Per ATT they are not compatible with their system.
  8. When you change you domicile from California to South Dakota, Humana will cancel your current Part D and you then have the right to pick another plan. You might want to look at SilverScript a national plan and the largest selling plan in the nation and has a 4 star rating. Gerald
  9. I did finally receive my device. Only after, I sent him an e-mail to advise that I was reporting non-performance to Pay Pal and asking that they refund my payment. So far, it works as anticipated. Haven't had to pay the monthly charge yet. Only time will tell. Gerald H
  10. Although I got a tracking number indicating that my device has been shipped via USPS. Unfortunately, USPS has no record of ever receiving the package. Printing a shipping label doesn't indicate shipment. It only indicates that they printed a label. Somehow, USPS has to receive the package from the shipper before they can deliver. Gerald H
  11. Travis must be reading this topic. I just received an e-mail where he promised to ship this weekend. Only time will tell! Gerald H
  12. I also received the e-mail confirmation of order. That would be great except I haven't received a device. No e-mail or text since. He has my money, I don't have a device. Hope you have better luck than I have.. Gerald H
  13. Still no device, text or e-mail. Ordered and paid September 2, 2016 Gerald H
  14. It appears now that he had stock at the time that I ordered but he is out of stock now and will ship as soon as a new supply arrives. Hopefully this is the case. Gerald H
  15. I ordered on September 2nd and paid via Pay Pal. I have not received the device and he doesn't respond to texts or e-mail. ??? Gerald H
  16. My son has a 2015 version of the same make and model. After weeks of trying to resolve it issue, he found that there are two grey water tanks and he was only draining one (other dump valve isn't near the others) and they were cross connected. He drained both tanks, sanitized, problem solved.
  17. Good Ol Dan When you turn age 65, you have another enrollment period that allows you to purchase any Medicare Supplement (Medigap) sold in your state of domicile with no health questions asked (your disability doesn't matter). This enrollment period lasts for 6 months after which (in most states) you would have to meet the underwriting requirements of the new insurance company. Some states (although they are few in number) allow you change to another company and or plan during your birthday month each year. It is very important that you take advantage of this opportunity as you will find that if you miss this window of opportunity your options to purchase another supplement may be limited. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE RULES DISCUSSED HERE DO NOT PERTAIN TO MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS OR AFFORDABLE CARE ACT PLANS THAT HAVE TOTALLY DIFFERENT RULES.
  18. Medicare rules say that a Medicare Supplement policy is a lifetime plan. The only way that it can be canceled is for non-payment of premium. Your plan will follow you wherever you may move or have domicile. The premium for the plan will adjust to the premium for that plan at your new domicile. Just continue to pay the premium on a timely basis and you will be fine. https://www.medicare.gov/supplement-other-insurance/when-can-i-buy-medigap/dropping-or-losing/dropping-losing-medigap.html
  19. I suggest that Medicare eligible Escapees contact Heinrich Associates. They have been a commercial member of Escapees for many years. They are Medicare Insurance Specialists who understand the Escapees life style and can assist you in obtaining health insurance coverage that allows you to go to any Doctor or Hospital in the United States that accepts Medicare patients. Heinrich Associates is licensed in several states and can assist those with a Texas domicile as well as those who domicile in other states. Just click the Heinrich Associates links above to find their contact information. According to a recent study over 90% of the doctors in the US accept Medicare Patients and a much larger percentage of hospitals accept Medicare Patients. It is very important that you obtain the correct type of Medicare coverage if you want the coverage to follow you anywhere in the United States that you travel. Don't make an expensive mistake. Know the facts before you make that all important decision.
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