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  1. I towed a jeep TJ behind a 38ft 5th wheel and a dually for 5 years going back and forth between Oklahoma and Colorado, through Texas and New Mexico without any issues, my overall length was 78 ft. After my wife decided she had to have a 4 door jeep I told her she was going to drive it, just too heavy and too much length. The TJ was just over 3300 lbs, the 4 door was a bit over 5000.
  2. I use a RDS 95 gal aux tank with gravity feed, love it, and its now installed in my 2016 Ram. was in a Chevy before. I can pick and choose when and where I want to fill up so it makes life much simpler and saves money too. You just need to make sure you have the ability to carry the additional weight. I usually refuel at 60 gal down or so because the truck rides much better when full of fuel.
  3. I operate HF and 2 meter using a Tarheel 200 screwdriver 80-10 and a 2 meter antenna mounted on the truck. I carry 2-100 FT lengths of coax and hook up to the antennas on the truck. I use a remote controller on the screwdriver to tune it from the trailer so I can hook up my base radio in the trailer and do what I want. works great except for running the coax, about the only issue. Big plus is it gets the truck and the RF away from the trailer which helps with the RFI, don't have the heater turning on or the awning rolling up. LOL.
  4. The OP asked about the difference between backing a MH and a Fifth wheel with a dually truck. I can tell you that a MH is easier to back in a tight space when on a narrow road than a 5th and Dually. The dually/5th is usually longer and requires more room to back into a spot since the truck has to have room to turn. With that said a 40 FT MH and a 30FT 5th wheel/dually combo is probably close to the same length so it may not be too much difference but I still think it will require more room.
  5. Insulated and whatever needs to be done to handle desert heat, concrete floor, and as big as you can possibly build because you will never have enough room. Make door opening/rafter height at least 14 high. I highly recommend a drive through arrangement with doors on both ends, makes it much easier to go in and out as well as open it up for air flow when working inside. Most everything else depends on building code and needs for your location.
  6. 2011 HitchHiker 349 RSB Discover America pulled by 2016 Ram CC dually. Part timers approx. 6 months a year.
  7. We had the same problem when trying to forward our mail, only the junk gets forwarded, any credit card renewals, financials, and other important stuff labeled do not forward or address correction required will not be forwarded. Since we live in a rural area and don't have anyone to pick it up my solution was to install the largest lockable mailbox I could find and let them dump it all in there. Since we are usually gone only two or three months this works for us, I have all the important stuff electronic and if something did happen to come that needed our attention, well, too bad, we'll deal with it when we get back.
  8. The backflow preventers I have ran across don't have threads on the end so you can't hook up a hose to it, I usually just take some tools and remove it, hook my hose on and when I'm done, put it back on.
  9. Yep, got the letter, it all seems to check out according to everything on the web. I did go in through the website for OPM and followed the links from there to be safe instead of using the supplied address but it was one and the same as the link at OPM. Hated to do it but couldn't afford not to either. Have my fingers crossed.
  10. I have bought from GM when they were quoting the 0% stuff, I tell them I will take 10K off MSRP AND the 0% financing, after a song and dance they usually do it, if they don't, a different dealer will. Usually you just have to play the game to get the best deal. As for financing I'm in the group that says finance if it makes sense, you can cost yourself a lot of money if you are retired and take a lump sum out of your investments to pay for a big ticket item. Of course this all depends on what your income is and whether it will impact your standard of living while making the payment.
  11. A comment about pulling over to let traffic pass: When I am towing at 62 MPH, most of the time you cannot see a pull out large enough and far enough ahead to slow down and get into it within reason without slamming on the brakes. If there is a marked one ahead I will use it but most of the time the folks behind just have to figure out how to pass as I maintain my speed. If I do run across a straight piece of highway I will slow down once the passing starts to help but that's about all I can do. Of course this is dealing with two lane roads. I do get agitated when these topics come up that claim we ought to pull off to let people pass when in practice that is not usually possible.
  12. If you base your budget on 10 MPG for all miles driven you will be pretty close, and maybe enough left at the end for dinner, if you're lucky.
  13. Well, I don't post here much but I follow your posts here as I really want to go with a HDT to tow my rig. But, for now, I'm still using a 3500 Chevy for my 38ft Weekend Warrior.
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