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  1. Got the Nighthawk, and it seems to be working. I just used the browser interface as the app doesn’t have very good reviews. I couldn’t tell when the PUC and pin resets were working, I’d enter new ones and it seemed to just freeze up, but as said, it’s working and a LOT faster than Mobley.
  2. Next step was ordered a Nighthawk from AMZ, should be here tomorrow. Hope some of you who know something will be around ? 😬
  3. Got the codes !! Just went thru 3 levels of chat. They gave one, I asked for 2 they said not normally required but told them I was old and apt to screw up they sent both.
  4. A while back I started a topic about my Mobley died, but now I can’t find it to continue. It didn’t die, which is good. But it now shuts down after 2 hours. I was wallering around about putting the SIM in another router & generally the instructs here are to text or chat with AT&at, tell them I’m having SIM problems and need the unlock codes. What kind of SIM problems am I having ? What do I tell them if they ask, or do I just hang up & call back? Sorry for being so dense but I really don’t want to loose this thing !
  5. I’ll be using the #2 method, as I have in the past with good results. This install will be in my class B so space constraints are the biggest concern. Thanks
  6. I’m putting 4x Battle Born batteries in my RV. The batteries will be end to end, parallel wired. I'll use 2/0 cable from the batteries to the inverter. Now.... one end of the bank along with cables will be 50" longer than the other, is this a problem ? What gauge cable should be used between the batteries ? Thanks
  7. Interesting. I don’t agree with Kirk, I believe if someone sees the thread and has a positive response, they would claim the credit.
  8. I know that many of us use various APPs for finding facilities. We look at ratings, comments, locations, inclusions, prices (if applicable) and what ever else. We use AllStays, Gas Buddy, Free RV parking, RV Park Reviews and many others. My question is how many actually contribute their knowledge to improve or maintain these valuable resources ?
  9. The zipper technique works very well, if everyone uses it. The problem comes when some "merge" at the first lane closed sign, and others try to follow the technique. Kind of like roundabouts, they work well all over the world, but it’s like taking your life in your hands to enter one in the US.
  10. Thanks all, guess this is a RTFA problem for me, instead of a RTFQ.
  11. As I said, I live in Livingston, Polk Co. Texas, I just don’t want to do a 900mi detour to go there to get Texas plates if I can get them in another county.
  12. Bet that subject line has been on here a bunch of times ! Butttt, I’m buying a new car & MH in Iowa. Since I live in Livingston, I want to register & title in Texas, but I don’t want to drop all the way back down there to do the deed. I was gonna head west from here so I thought that I might go thru the panhandle to register if I could. Can you register outside of your home county ?
  13. Does anyone here have experience with the Winegard Connect 2 ? Could I use the SIM from the Mobley in it ?
  14. dewilso

    Tinker Week?

    Cut the off then soften the end with a gas match.
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