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  1. dewilso

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    Number please ?
  2. dewilso

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    Hey Gary....you got several responses, and even a couple of answers! For diesel mechanical work I and several big rig owners have happily used; Beau Reece 936-221-2055, or 936-326-4360. Beau lives up in Cushing but has no problem scheduling a visit to RE. He does a lot of work for the Foretravel community. I have seen TJ Mobile RV Service in the park several times, no experience with them. 936-295-3642 or 936-714-4190 A friend in the park had some on site work done recently by West, you might wanna call them. What work do you need ? Dave W
  3. dewilso

    Info on cleaning toilet ball valve

    I pour in some vinegar & let it sit awhile, then continue to use it periodically as a preventative measure.
  4. Not gonna happen, everyone has their own favorite app, and contribute updates to that app. We then end up with 2 or 3 (or 5 or 10) incomplete sources.
  5. dewilso

    RV Inspection

    Didn’t check either, I’d use a tech savvy RV'er. They may, or may not, be "inspectors".
  6. dewilso

    Packing a minimum of clothing

    Tools can keep, or get, you both off the side of the road, I have yet seen clothes that would do the same. West Beach attire excluded.
  7. I have a WFCO 55A converter that I replaced with a inverter/Charger in my MH. I’m thinking of using it as a battery charger in my shop... see any issues?
  8. dewilso

    Propane Pressure Question

    What’s the voltage doing ? Once upon a time I had a battery going south, the furnace would light, but the battery would sink & let the sail switch drop out.
  9. What kind of Subaru ? Are you a Subaru dealer?
  10. dewilso

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    I NEVER use PMB # on my address, it’s either #, or Apt #.
  11. dewilso

    RV Wire Color

    Thanks for your replies. Geeze, John 48 yrs! Got me beat, 41yrs with motorhomes. I thought that maybe, just MAYBE that the RV industry had come around to a standard...on SOMETHING, other than quality. My son recently bought a late model pull behind that eats batteries. I'm not near, but he says his converter is wired as black +. I guess I’ll have to teach him how to use a meter.
  12. dewilso

    RV Wire Color

    In a RV, on the DC system, is the + side black, or white...typically.
  13. dewilso

    Mobley power options change

    What’s a PUK number & why do I need it ?
  14. dewilso

    1st RV purchase... is it too much?!

    Looks like a nearly overloaded 53 gas chassis. And all RV's are likely to have "issues".