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  1. Both you and your DW need to sit in the cockpit of any Class C you consider, esp. running the engine, you'll see why I wanted a Chevy instead of another Ford E450 chassis. Let the passenger feel the ergonomics, or lack there of. The Sprinter based C's and A's did not have the carrying capacity, nor tankage we wanted.
  2. On both my Foretravel & my Lazy Daze I've used the outside cable connection to connect my Tailgater & and a Carryout (on the LD) with no problem. The FT has RG6 coax the LD had RG59 feeds.
  3. The 36' is to big for what we do, i hate taking it anywhere off pavement, which kinda dampers boondocking, dry camping is limited to paved parking lots. Many folks will tell you that size is not an issue, but it is for us. We like to travel, and see things along the road, pretty tuff to just wander some time in a small town, or make a U turn if you think you missed something. We are in Alaska now, in the Foretravel, it has a residential chest freezer and refrigerator. I brought it so I could fill the freezer with Salmon & Halibut, No way for those in a 22'. It has 1200W of solar on it, no room for that on a 22', but no need for that much either. 8 airbag suspension, and #34k not much bothers it on the highway, including trucks. My wife can, and will drive either, we both have class B license in Texas. Which do I like best...the Foretravel will go on the market when we return home.
  4. I've had MH's since 1977, a long time ago ! We've had 2 Lazy Daze, class C's, 2 Sprinter based class B's that we REALLY liked. The rest were class A's, from GMC's, an FMC, +++, to our present pair, we have a '03 Foretravel 36' & '14 Forester 22' class C. One of the Sprinters was a Gulfstream, shoddy electrical @ plumbing installation, but for the money, compared to other Sprinters it was well worth the price difference...but remember, the didn't build the body. The other Sprinter was a Pleasure Way, supposed to be top shelf stuff, but to me it was no better than the GS. The LD were very nicely executed, plumbing and electrical were VERY nicely executed. Butttt, were they worth the extra $$? Not in my book, this also goes for the Born Free, and any othe "premium" coach, the all have been fitted out with crap IMOO. I bought the Forrester knowing the "quality" (or lack there of), but it was short, had a queen size bed we could get to both sides of and it's on a CHEVY chassis, all were on my list of requirements. oh, we tried a 5th wheel Hitch Hiker, made one trip, Texas to S.D. & rtn, hated that experience. It ended up in the oil field, new owner thought he had hit the jackpot!
  5. Had forgotten all about the Cradle Point ability to do what I, where did I put that?
  6. I want to use my Mobley at my S&B for my security system, and thermostat control while on the road. I need a router to connect to. Which routers will work with the Mobley?
  7. My lawyer costs more than your lawyer !
  8. Don't want the latest unread post, I want the latest post.
  9. Guess it's not a feature.
  10. Is there any way to set this so it defaults to show the latest message in a thread first ?
  11. Here's who we use to board and groom our 2 Yorkies.
  12. Where is a good place to get replacement sensors for my Pressure Pro? Any SKPs still selling them ?
  13. Never heard of them. But, making oil field office trailers doesn't exactly reflect as a high end manufacturer.
  14. X2 what Kirk said.....except for the Ford dealer. They will not work on a Motorhome, unless it's something simple.