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  1. Kids that can’t survive on less than 200 GB a month?
  2. dewilso


    Brett Wolf for inspection of class A's. Well known among high end owners.
  3. dewilso

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    Rapid City has never impressed me as real RV friendly I was stationed there in ‘70, formed the impression then & reinforced it often since.
  4. dewilso

    Dayton Ohio USAF Museum

    I plan on taking what ever it takes. But doesn’t seem to be any real convenient RV parks in the area.
  5. dewilso

    Dayton Ohio USAF Museum

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to RV parks for visitors to the USAF museum at Wright Patterson ?
  6. I’ve had a couple of instances where priority mail addressed to me at SKP address indicates has shown on the USPS tracking as received. Checking the mail room, the don’t have it and I’ve chased it down to the Livingston P.O.. When picking up my last "lost mail" at the P.O. and questioning them as to the WHY I was told that the mail to 77399 is scanned as received when it arrives at 77351, 77399 is just a branch. I don’t know who or what to believe but I do know that trying to receive mail as a resident is a real PITA. We’ve never had troubles receiving our mail when traveling...except at Skagway.
  7. Kyle is probably not set up for tire work.
  8. dewilso

    Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    Turned into the usual passing' contest, didn’t it?
  9. dewilso

    Opinions/Suggestions needed

    x2 above ! Make sure you can stand to put your pants on. If equipped, make sure you can use the pot and MAYBE the shower. The specs posted by Kirk are obviously not one of the first couple in your photos. The boxes are as wide as the wheels. They do however reflect the problem with the box between the wheels..80” outside fender to fender, inside width 58”. Lost a little important space there. TAB makes a few models with "standing" (69” on some) headroom. Here is the 400 model. T@B 400 Floor Plan Specifications Interior Height: 81″ Interior Width: 79″ Floor Length: 171″ Fresh Water” 30 Gallons Gray Water: 18 Gallons Black Water: 12 Gallons Tire Size: 205/75/15 GAWR: 3,500 Lbs
  10. dewilso

    Opinions/Suggestions needed

    The first couple of units pictured appear to be Tear Drop + ( kinda like a B +) they appear to have standing headroom. I believe that’s what I’d go for as a starter unit. Avoid those with fenders outside the body, you loose a couple of feet of width in the living space.
  11. dewilso

    Boycott Arizona Market Place - Yuma

    The one that chaps me is excessive standing in line to pay at some stores. Next we’ll have to beg the places to let us give them our bucks.
  12. My Foretravel was recently sold thru Motorhomes of Texas up in Nacogdoches. They handled everything, including detailing (not just a wash) the coach end to end. They will pick up the coach from your location. Handle mostly high end coaches so buyers are looking in the price range. i had PPL do 2 sales, was much more impressed with MOT. Just my own opinion.
  13. dewilso

    3rd party RV Inspector for new rig

    Trust a RV dealership, or manufacturer ?
  14. I have had pretty good experience selling on consignment, and no worries on the finance end. Be prepared for the cost shock though..6-10%.
  15. dewilso

    Escapees - World War II

    We MIGHT say the same about this thread....not that I have ANY disagreement with it, I just wonder how or why it’s here ?