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  1. I believe (hope) that they would know if the signal inside of a vehicle, car, truck, or van, made of steel (many are you know) would be USABLE, or not.
  2. The only thing that has held me back is I have a B with a steel roof and don’t know if the signal will penetrate the roof. I’d have had one long ago otherwise. Wineguard says yes the signal will be degraded, but can’t/won’t say if it will be unusable or not.
  3. I’d like to know more about the BB failures Alloy, can you provide any info ?
  4. Hey Gary, welcome back. Bruce Horton did a nice write up on the project a while back. There is a 10 yr contract with CARE for the tower, $1k a month. Some I guess are afraid it will cause brain damage or make them sterile. Probably to late on both accounts. Some of us are rooting for the project.
  5. Thanks, I’ll be heading for Rainbow End and AT&T is nearly nonexistent there, so the Mobley SIM will be no good.
  6. Will the Netgear Nighthawk work on VZ system ?
  7. My experience has been that the price from CW, with some negotiation, is competitive. BUT, the after sales service, including accessory installation, is sorely lacking.
  8. I know where to get them, they are pretty common items. But the question is if I get a brand Y from Wally, will it fit the brand B from Ace ? My experience is “usually”, but the Buddy item FE doesn’t work with others.
  9. Is there a "standard" for propane quick disconnects, or are they like cell phone charging cables where they won’t play well with each other?
  10. I bought a new Winnebago plagued with problems beginning within the first 10 miles. 2 dealers in Texas couldn’t fix it WGO said bring it back to the factory. Three days they worked on it & pronounced it cured. I drove from the factory to the local WGO dealer & traded it. A motorhome a couple of months old with ~4K miles (all delivery & chasing service) doesn’t make a real good trade. My attorney said that the consumer protection laws, & state Lemon laws were so neutered as to be nearly ineffective. If I wanted to fight them for a couple of years I might get a settlement. Being 76yrs old I didn’t want to spend the 2 yrs. $500K MAY be extreme in your minds but we don’t know if they netted anything, or do we ? I doubt if WGO will settle after the first round.
  11. Exactly what we are finding in more and more "RV" parks nowadays.
  12. Katy Texas was once a pass for RV'ers. Don’t know if it’s the same now.
  13. Got the Nighthawk, and it seems to be working. I just used the browser interface as the app doesn’t have very good reviews. I couldn’t tell when the PUC and pin resets were working, I’d enter new ones and it seemed to just freeze up, but as said, it’s working and a LOT faster than Mobley.
  14. Next step was ordered a Nighthawk from AMZ, should be here tomorrow. Hope some of you who know something will be around ? 😬
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