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  1. Thanks all, guess this is a RTFA problem for me, instead of a RTFQ.
  2. As I said, I live in Livingston, Polk Co. Texas, I just don’t want to do a 900mi detour to go there to get Texas plates if I can get them in another county.
  3. Bet that subject line has been on here a bunch of times ! Butttt, I’m buying a new car & MH in Iowa. Since I live in Livingston, I want to register & title in Texas, but I don’t want to drop all the way back down there to do the deed. I was gonna head west from here so I thought that I might go thru the panhandle to register if I could. Can you register outside of your home county ?
  4. Does anyone here have experience with the Winegard Connect 2 ? Could I use the SIM from the Mobley in it ?
  5. dewilso

    Tinker Week?

    Cut the off then soften the end with a gas match.
  6. A little bit of an error in the first para, but this is a pretty good indicator of why used 'B's are difficult to locate? https://www.rvbusiness.com/blog/winnebago-leads-upsurge-in-class-b-coach-sales.html
  7. The computers must believe I have a gambling addiction with all of the casino clubs I belong to. 😃
  8. Thanks for the info ! I'll be coming across to 35 from Sherman.
  9. Has anyone here stayed at the RV parking area at the S. side of the outlet mall N. of Gainesville, TX recently? We’ll be going that way soon & really need power for an overnight, otherwise it would be the nearby Cracker Barrel. It no longer shows as an item on Allstays.
  10. So, golfers need helmets ? I’m with Kirk, and not even a part time moderator, or agitator. Who pays for the injuries caused by their ________?
  11. I bought one of these after an incident. Zap Stick
  12. My younger Brother is doing a van conversation, instead of BB he went with Renogy. Got a great price on them $1K for 170 AH (?). He has Brent trying to contact them for some setup information for a few weeks. They don’t respond to the customer service emails, the woman who answers the phone hasn’t a clue...but will have someone call back, that hasn’t happened - yet. Great price, but I don’t know how good the deal was.
  13. I have dash cams in all of my vehicles, wouldn’t drive without one, esp in Houston. But...."Mobileye" is more than a dash cam. Several manufacturers are now offering them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobileye
  14. I know that Mac has retired. I will never use a dry powder extinguisher, unless it MIGHT save a life. Besides the mess that the powder leaves, it also promotes corrosion where ever it may have penetrated, better to let it burn then let the insurance company hand you a check, and they handle the remains. JMOO Now back to the question, does anyone here know what the media is in Macs little extinguishers?
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