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  1. dewilso

    Hot Tire Pressure

    Thanks for all the helpful pointers for my present situation. They are all appropriate responses to the original question.
  2. dewilso

    Hot Tire Pressure

    Real helpful Kirk, thanks !
  3. If you are on the road and after while you need to adjust your air, but the air place is miles down the road, and the tires will be road heated, how can you determine a good pressure ? You leave Texas and it’s 100°, then, later, you are in Colorado, it’s 40°, your tire pressure monitor squeals every morning, it’s 50 miles to Discount Tire.......?
  4. dewilso

    Clean Up That DoDo

    Ahhhh, another thread about crap that has turned into a p_ssing contest !
  5. dewilso

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    You buying in Australia? Long Highway busses were fairly common, but then, how did it get into the country.
  6. dewilso


    Many, MANY years ago I ran across a guy who carried his ultralight, folded, in a roof pod. He’d set it up then have his buddy drive to takeoff speed & leave the roof. Don’t know how he retrieved, but bet it wasn’t a neat as hovering & grabbing!
  7. dewilso


    Same way, it helps to be dyslexic! I can see a real advantage in scouting out Boondocking sites.
  8. dewilso


    Good to know we have a expert on board to help keep us straight.
  9. dewilso


    Just got a Mavic Air and it is an AMAZING piece of technology. Small, very portable, and pictures that blow my mind. Bought it mainly to help us check the farm ( we’re in our70’s) and now I see the attraction of these things.
  10. dewilso

    Road advice New Mexico

    I like the qualifier, Drive in the center and you "probably" won’t hit it !😊
  11. dewilso

    Rainbow's End price increase

    They COULD do as some othe countries I’ve been in. They have a meter, like a parking meter. You slug the meter for how ever much juice you want. Of course meters, regular or otherwise cost money.
  12. dewilso

    Who make a good budget C to buy new?

    Yah, roof pool directly over driver, it’s a engineering feature. Both of my LD 24 & 26’ had it. Helps keep the driver clean & cool when they get in & out.
  13. Never have, & never will....except Walmart
  14. dewilso

    Who make a good budget C to buy new?

    Why a Ford ? Had 2 Lazy Daze on the Ford E450, good hay trucks. As said earlier knock 25-30% off of most new prices.
  15. Lou, how does the float bowl empty without suction ? What’s gonna replace the fuel that you’re trying to get out ? You only get to the point that the carb Ventura can’t draw (caused by suction) any more fuel. This leaves quite a bit in the bowl to evaporate. You can also, if you desire, use the vent side to draw Seafoam or Stabil directly into the bowl. it would be really nice if we had a clue as to what generator we were discussing...