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  1. $200 located at Rainbows End.
  2. Coming to that time that we will no longer be traveling with a need for a toad. This is a like new 2019 Chevy Spark with 26-2700 miles on it. Bought it in Iowa last year, towed it to Duluth, MN, thru Wisconsin then back to Livingston. Fully equipped, seats, tires, wheels, Apple Car Play and Millennial anti theft transmission (AKA standard 5 sp). Lights & Blue Ox base plate installed. Blue Ox tow bar included. Clean, clear title, located at Rainbows End. Bring $$9800 and drive it, or tow it home. Will do the financial transaction here, and will also execute the title transfer here If desired. I towed this with a class B with a V6, probably the easiest tow I’ve had in more than 40 years ! It's red, and weighs 2000# according to the SKP scale.
  3. I’ve used YouTube TV for a few months, replacing my Dish account, on a Roku stick. I am usually using a Visible phone as a hotspot. Last month we streamed 136GB. My only complaints are the remote control really sucks, sometimes it acts on a button push, sometimes it won’t. I also get buffering a couple times a day. This happens whether I’m connected to Visible, or a hard line DSL. I suspect it’s YouTube, not the Roku or internet as it doesn’t seem to happen on other Roku channels or apps or what ever you call them. Most hated is the Remote.
  4. I just cruise the market place.
  5. I miss Word Star, no mousing around.
  6. Gary, I’m sure you’ve looked into Visible ? I have one of their phones now trying it out. The data speeds have been just ok, until yesterday. I was getting 60mbs on my Verizon phone & less that 5 on Visible. Spent 1.5 hrs chatting with them & got a ticket opened. Neighbor is getting 15 down on Visible.
  7. Damn, already took mine. Took it when the market was up.
  8. The interaction between the Livingston PO & SKP really gets to be a PITA. I’ll try the 77351 Monday. A neighbor just ordered using 77399, maybe my complaint drew some attention? Thanks all.
  9. I tried signing up for Visible yesterday and it wouldn’t take my SKP address, I suspect it’s the 77399 zip code cause it keeps suggesting 77351. If you use Visible, with a SKP address, how did you do it ?
  10. Just finished my one weekly trip picking up groceries and the mail, afterwards I made a circuit of the Park. I don’t remember the last time it was so full. It’s sad that you can’t be made to feel as welcome as normal, but in these times a wave is the best we can do for a greeting & a welcome .👋🏻👋🏻
  11. Actually, the Texas travel restrictions address only those flying in from NY or NO. When I had to go to NO for business I would always drive, it was easier and quicker than flying. I imagine that all of the Katrina residents Houston picked up flew in....yah on I10 airline !
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