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  1. I have dash cams in all of my vehicles, wouldn’t drive without one, esp in Houston. But...."Mobileye" is more than a dash cam. Several manufacturers are now offering them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobileye
  2. I know that Mac has retired. I will never use a dry powder extinguisher, unless it MIGHT save a life. Besides the mess that the powder leaves, it also promotes corrosion where ever it may have penetrated, better to let it burn then let the insurance company hand you a check, and they handle the remains. JMOO Now back to the question, does anyone here know what the media is in Macs little extinguishers?
  3. I have a few of the 16oz extinguishers from Mac, his demonstrations were impressive. I’m looking for a larger unit with a similar media, I believe he sold a 2.5# model, but I really don’t know what I’m looking for. Suggestions Please.
  4. Yah, I’ll hold my breath for it to be system wide.
  5. I wonder if that 170AH is usable or full rated capacity. BB 100AH gives you 100AH usable. I had 4 BB in my C, that I had in my Foretravel, Love this new technology!
  6. I have an address with Google, River.rd, for a year or so I’ve noticed that I get email addressed to someone else. Today I looked at the address and find that the odd mail is addressed to Riverrd...note no dot. What’s going on, or do I just abandon the address I’ve used for 15 yrs ?
  7. I gave up dinking around with this on the prepaid plan dropping tower & WiFi connections at different times.
  8. Got my 8800, on the prepaid yesterday. It is much slower than my phone on the same tower, often half the speed, or less. It also randomly drops the tower connection, with the WiFi remaining connected. At other times the WiFi signal disconnects. The tower I’m on, at Rainbows End cannot be crowded. Anyone else ?
  9. Reduced the price & Posted on RVT.com
  10. Sorry for being late, I have a GGrandson, 70 yrs younger than I am this week. Here is a link to some photos, mostly Interior as the weather hasn’t cooperated at. All! Forester Fotos
  11. My wife & I are downsizing, one more time. We have ordered a new 'B' & now will be putting our present 'C' on the market. It is a 2014 Forester 2251SLE with 36-37k miles. Equipped for ultimate boondocking, dry camping and just traveling. Built on the comfortable, capable Chevy 4500 chassis. I won’t detail the mundane standard equipment, you can check it out here. http://www.forestriverinc.com/product-details.aspx?LineID=591&Image=31059&ModelID=4422#Main I want $50k for the rig equipped as it is...we can negotiate removal of a couple of the batteries if you don’t want all of the power. The rig is at Rainbows End. I wanted to give SKP's first crack at this, I’ll put it on rvtrader in a week or so. PM me if interested. Not interested in any trades. * Replaced dinette with recliners to create a comfortable "living" area. * Replaced frosted glass in door with clear to better enjoy the view. * Remodeled galley, replaced OSB counter top, installed new recessed stove top, created space for toaster/convection oven. * Replace galley sink trap with HEPVO waterless trap, big increase in usable under sink space. * Remove closet divider, installed real pole. Created a larger, more usable closet. * Added Dometic Bluetooth controlled furnace thermostat, great for warming the MH before getting out of bed ! * Replaced shower door with swing out rod to create a more usable shower. * Installed replacement water saving shower head. * Outside Adco windshield cover provided. * Added a AC power load monitor meter. * BigFoot Platinum jack system installed. * Levelmate Pro instadded. * Added shelf in large storage bay to increase usability. * Added bolt-on rear bumper rack, for Honda generator, chairs & etc, this is NOT a hitch mounted unit. * Refrigerator Fire extinguisher provided, not installed, have to leave the next owner something to do. * RG6 connection for portable satellite antenna on roof. * Convert ex-battery box under step to hinged top storage, excellent for storage of small propane bottles. * Installed Koni FSD shocks 6/17. A remarkable ride & handling improvement. * Installed CrossFire monitors on rear duals, with pressure monitor caps on the front wheels. Much more reliable than any system I’ve used. Pressure Pro available if you want it. * Installed new Michelin M/S tires 6/17. * Added swivel unit to passenger seat. * Blue Ox tow bar included, won’t need it with the 'B'. Extensive electrical additions & modifications including; * Installed new remote control Maxxair fan in rear overhead vent w/Maxxair cover. * Install halo LEDs on front & BR vents. * Added vanity LED fixtures. * Install LED reading light fixtures at bed. * Installed 4x 100AH Battle Born LiPo batteries 3/17. These batteries have a 10yr warranty & give 400AH of USABLE power. They are FANTASTIC for boondocking! Check the Battle Born videos on YouTube. * Installed Victron multi-plus 2000w inverter/charger supplying entire coach with 120V powered by the BB batteries. * Installed Victron BMV-700 battery monitor, with Bluetooth dongle. * Added 400W of solar panels on roof. * Installed Victron 100/30 MPPT solar controller with Bluetooth dongle. * Relocated shore power cord to better utilize space. Installed connection to Victron MPPT controller for portable solar panel. * Added additional 120v outlets. * Added 12v powered USB outlets. * 12V television, no need to run the inverter to watchTV. * Installed Micro start unit on AC to ease starting load on generator. --
  12. I'm 76, we’ve had a motorhome since the late 70's, & I retired at 55 with the intention of going "full time". We bought a 5th wheel cause that’s what "full timers" do. We made one trip in it & hated traveling with the trailer. We still had our S&B, to large & to many acres. I knew then that we both wanted & needed a base to come back to so we built a small place at Rainbows End. So, after so many years of "full time part timing", (or is it "part time full timing" ?)usually 6-8 months a year. I no longer get much joy out of it. Roads are different, drivers are different, RV'ers are different, "full timers" are different & there is nothing that draws me to the road any longer. We’ll go "someplace" & do "something" this year, then make our 5th RV trip to AK next year with my much younger, new RV'er, brother next year (?) then hang it up except for visits to the kids.
  13. We’ve ordered a new Winnebago B and can hardly wait. This will be our 3rd B. Since the first 2, Sprinter based, we’ve tried a Hitchhiker 5er, 2 Lazy Daze C's, & a Foretravel. We found that the B gives us much more flexibility in our travels which more closely matches our way. No reservations, no planning & no towed. If (when) one of us has medical issues, either just an appointment, or a hospital stay, the other has a crash pad. On our first we put 60k miles on in 16 months. It didn’t break us, financially, physically, or mentally. Get what fits your desires.
  14. Remember, all of the "stuff" that usually breaks down like TV, water pump, water heater, microwave & etc are standard units & have their own manufacturers warranty. Other "stuff" like cabinets that won’t close, window leaks & such, most anyone can fix, IF the parts are available. Seeing the prices available & knowing that you can hammer on the dealer, I’d probably jump on one if I didn’t have a new Winnebago Travota on order. One caution, & its a BIG one, you want to make sure that the unit is the dealers to sell and it’s not still a Hymer/RT asset.
  15. As others have said...do what you want.
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