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  1. dewilso

    Who make a good budget C to buy new?

    Yah, roof pool directly over driver, it’s a engineering feature. Both of my LD 24 & 26’ had it. Helps keep the driver clean & cool when they get in & out.
  2. Never have, & never will....except Walmart
  3. dewilso

    Who make a good budget C to buy new?

    Why a Ford ? Had 2 Lazy Daze on the Ford E450, good hay trucks. As said earlier knock 25-30% off of most new prices.
  4. Lou, how does the float bowl empty without suction ? What’s gonna replace the fuel that you’re trying to get out ? You only get to the point that the carb Ventura can’t draw (caused by suction) any more fuel. This leaves quite a bit in the bowl to evaporate. You can also, if you desire, use the vent side to draw Seafoam or Stabil directly into the bowl. it would be really nice if we had a clue as to what generator we were discussing...
  5. dewilso

    Anyone planning a trip to Alaska next year

    I would not go without Mike and Terri Church's book. Forget the Milepost, to much data & not enough information. The Alaska coupon book.... study the contents before you buy it. Don't short yourself, it may be a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s a LONG way to go if you miss an experience.
  6. I’ve been considering a valve on mine also, but I’m looking for a petcock with 3 taps. I want to be able to open the line to atmosphere when running the generator dry. I don’t believe it would be very effective, when trying to empty the carb, to have the generator sucking on a closed line. Some snowmobiles had the petcock I need as they had individual main & reserve fuel tanks. Just REAL tuff to find snowmobile parts around Livingston!
  7. dewilso

    RV size limits

    Got rid of our 36’ Foretravel as it was to big to go many places we wanted to go. Always calling ahead to see if we'd fit, or if there was space available just wasn’t for us.
  8. dewilso

    What company makes the best class c?

    After 2 Ford 450 based units one of my criteria for this one was a Chevy chassis. My present one is on a Chev 4500.
  9. dewilso

    What company makes the best class c?

    Very good traveling friend has a Coach House, the cabinetry looked nice until the hinges & knobs started pulling out of the particle board. We owned a Leisure Travel Sprinter van for a couple of years, was an ok rig, but as all rigs...especially 'B's' on Sprinter chassis....over priced. I’d add the Phoenix to the possibles, no personal experience but the ones I’ve looked at appeared to be pretty nice.
  10. dewilso

    What company makes the best class c?

    The ones who disagree have been blinded by the bling IMOO. I will say that after some extensive work in the Foretravel I found not one piece of particle board, but the wiring was like a mad person string caca.Lazy Daze was almost aircraft quality in that area. The old steel Blue Birds were also exceptional.
  11. dewilso

    What company makes the best class c?

    Oops, the phrase "are crap" was deleted somehow.
  12. dewilso

    What company makes the best class c?

    Start with the understanding that ALL RV's along with most of the stuff built in. Motorhomes since 1977, I’ve owned a lot of them. My present rig is a '14 Forest River 24’ Class C, previous was a ‘03 Foretravel, 06 Lazy Daze 26’ ( the 2ond one). I went with the Forest River knowing what I was getting, the Foretravel & Lazy Days were expensively disappointing. Butttt, of all the RV's I’ve owned the 2 Lazy Daze were the best constructed of all. They had some design/construction issues, but overall they were best. I haven’t owned a Borning Free but did admire them, met with old man Dogen twice and was impressed with their construction techniques.
  13. dewilso

    A/C High Amp Draw

    Duh, yes it’s the AC model, I have a Victron on my DC side. I find the little cheap AC meter handy for SHE who loves things that plug in.
  14. dewilso

    A/C High Amp Draw

    Thanks for the insight. I’m kinda leaning towards the run capacitor now. Plugged into a good 30a service today instead of the generator so I would have a stable supply. Sitting at 120v steady to start. Started the A/C and voltage dropped to ~116v, A/C drawing 11.9A. After running ~15min, voltage steady at 116, amperage increased to 14.9A. As said, not measuring with a Fluke. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B013PKYILS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. My 13.5 btu A/C starts it’s run drawing 12-13A, as the unit runs, the Amp draw slowly increases to around 16.5A. Not measured with a Fluke, but don’t understand the increase. Pretty close to sea level at Rainbows End.