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  1. I have a WFCO 55A converter that I replaced with a inverter/Charger in my MH. I’m thinking of using it as a battery charger in my shop... see any issues?
  2. dewilso

    Propane Pressure Question

    What’s the voltage doing ? Once upon a time I had a battery going south, the furnace would light, but the battery would sink & let the sail switch drop out.
  3. What kind of Subaru ? Are you a Subaru dealer?
  4. dewilso

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    I NEVER use PMB # on my address, it’s either #, or Apt #.
  5. dewilso

    RV Wire Color

    Thanks for your replies. Geeze, John 48 yrs! Got me beat, 41yrs with motorhomes. I thought that maybe, just MAYBE that the RV industry had come around to a standard...on SOMETHING, other than quality. My son recently bought a late model pull behind that eats batteries. I'm not near, but he says his converter is wired as black +. I guess I’ll have to teach him how to use a meter.
  6. dewilso

    RV Wire Color

    In a RV, on the DC system, is the + side black, or white...typically.
  7. dewilso

    Mobley power options change

    What’s a PUK number & why do I need it ?
  8. dewilso

    1st RV purchase... is it too much?!

    Looks like a nearly overloaded 53 gas chassis. And all RV's are likely to have "issues".
  9. dewilso

    T-Mobile at Escapees in Livingston?

    I tried T-Mobile a couple of years ago and found, as said earlier, that they used AT&T towers....sometimes. They didn’t use some of the towers AT&T had roaming agreements on, I found it less useful than AT&T. Might be a great option if you lived in the middle of a big city. Saw an article the other day explaining how "coverage" could be claimed. If a company reached ONE customer in a zip code area they could claim coverage for the entire area. Didn't answer the question, sorry Gary.
  10. dewilso

    Mobley power options change

    Mine updated today😞
  11. I’d make sure the insurance was in effect first thing. Then I’d take a small SS cable and thread it thru the wheels (one will do) and around the axle. You’ll at least have the box, and satisfaction the you ruined their day.
  12. dewilso

    How long should batteries last

    I’d not even mount the Victron meter, wish I hadn’t. I VERY seldom look at the meter, with the bluetooth you don’t need the meter. It’s also easy to take it with you to your next rig.
  13. I use the Garmin USA App on an old iPad mounted on my dash. $49 (already had the old iPad) and now I have a10” Garmin with a display just like a Nuvi.
  14. dewilso

    Silicone caulk removal

    Nothing sticks to silly cone.
  15. dewilso

    Hot Tire Pressure

    Thanks for all the helpful pointers for my present situation. They are all appropriate responses to the original question.