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    My current interests include bus conversions, full time RV living, and now HDT conversion units. At this point I'm a frequent "lurker" to this site to learn all I can about HDT units and 5th wheel trailers, etc. ----------<br />
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    Something that I'm giving consideration to regarding the full time RV life is to provide Christian TV and teaching materials to campers. ---------<br />
    <br />
    If you have a fast internet connection and want to see a sample of some of my all-time favorite teachers on Biblical subjects, may I suggest viewing materials available at www.kcm.org. ----------<br />
    <br />
    I even have a tentative name for the ministry..."The Campground Chaplain". This whole train of thought is still in the formative stages.----------<br />
    <br />
    If you'd like to contact me via my personal email, drop me a PM.

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  1. All RIGHTY then! Hope all the ducks continue to line up for you!
  2. Does anyone live near, "Inver Grove Heights" Minnesota?

    Thank you! You're so lucky to be able to indulge the Want it (dont NEED it) thing. I did that when I was a bachelor and rode motorcycles. Now the budget won't support the habit...
  3. Need information concering, 3 pedal 18 speed Auto Shift

    I ran across this thread in another forum: http://www.thedieselgarage.com/forums/64-medium-heavy-duty/105804-autoshift-clutch-back-manual.html#/topics/105804 The short version is, this discussion points to the tranny cases being different, so you may not be able to just pop the tower off and put in the manual stick. I think I read somewhere that the clearances in the gear pack are different also...
  4. Need information concering, 3 pedal 18 speed Auto Shift

    My first ever ride in a truck with an autoshift was an 18-speed in a Kenworth T800. If I recall right, the salesman bumped it up to 5th gear before ever rolling because those first few gears are really S L O W (groundspeed). After that, once we were rolling I believe it skip-shifted 2 gears per shift several times (we were bobtailing). Other than that, as far as I know it's just an automated Eaton Fuller 18-speed transmission that works like the 10-speed you have. A great tranny, from all I hear.
  5. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Thanks for the tour of your truck and trailer! It really enjoyed meeting you and your bride and to get to actually set eyes on a really nice setup! Don't know if/when things will ever come together to get my own rig, but I can still dream!
  6. Having seen your truck in person I would jump on it in a heartbeat...if I had the $$ available. I don't care as much about the exterior spit and polish near as much as solid mechanicals, which I'm sure would be no issue for the next owner of your truck.
  7. Smart car electric vs gas

    I have a 2009 I bought new. It now has just over 67,000 miles on it. I used it to commute to work. By model designation it's a 451. The current model is a 453. The various labels (Pure, Passion, Brabus, etc.) are trim levels. The mechanicals underneath in the 451 are very similar. The electrics are short range, maybe 80 miles on a full charge. My gas powered one went about 330 miles between fills when I commuted. Now that I'm retired I don't give it a lot of thought...I just use it to run errands with when I go by myself. The smart car of America forum has a ton of helpful information. http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/#/
  8. REAL ....HDT

    Same rig listed here in the For Sale section...
  9. Off the deep end pic

    Is this a Farmall H? I was just curious...I spent a summer on my college campus mowing lawns, and I pulled a 3-gang reel mower with a Farmall B for the bigger areas. My dad was an Allis-Chalmers fan...we had a 1937 WC, a WD, and his favorite, a 1954 WD 45.
  10. CDL Class A License...Keep It Or Ditch It?

    I'm in a similar situation. Mine is CDL-B with air brake & passenger endorsements, and when I went to the CA DMV office to transfer my WA license to CA they suggested I hold off giving up my CDL due to the possibility of needing the higher non-commercial B license to drive a heavier "motorhome" with a trailer more than 15,000 lbs. Here they do have non-commercial class A and B, and the air brake endorsements. The part I still haven't gotten straightened out is what written tests to take to actually get the non-commercial versions. They have an RV test also. I have until May next year before this license expires to figure it out...
  11. For Sale- Argosy

    Absolutely! I LOVE the Pete 372! Shocked to see it up for sale but not mentioned by him here!
  12. For Sale- Argosy

    Having spent half a lifetime driving buses, I would ditch the wet kit and the product pump, swap the 18-speed for an Allison, and single it short. The Allison has a high (low numerical, like about .64) overdrive, which would be fine on the 4:11s. I haven't done the math, but it would drop the rpm down to a tolerable range.