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  1. vt3fan

    2018/19 Winter in Arizona Recommendations

    My wife and I spent our first winter after retirement(originally from Vermont, now Full Time) in the Benson area. We decided that we liked it so much, we went home that spring and sold everything and went full time. The next year out west and to AZ, decided to split it up and get a taste of some different areas. We started off with a 2 month stay in Casa Grande, then 1 month in Yuma, and than back for 2 months in Benson. Yuma won and we've been back there the last 2 years. Already made reservations for next year. The Yuma just made sense for us. Algodones is less than 20 miles away. Dental work. Glasses. Prescription drugs. The Colorado River and adjacent fisheries was the cure for what ailed me, after having to sell my bass boat and severely curtail my fishing by going full time. I now travel with an inflatable pontoon boat powered by a 30lb thrust trolling motor and have become a regular at Mittrey Lake in Yuma. The park we stay at, Fortuna de Oro is in the Foothills and offers everything my wife and I enjoy: Pickleball for me and an active sewing group for her. So I guess you might want to try something similar- research areas of AZ, and then pick out a park in areas of interest. While in that area, check out other parks. Eventually you'll find what you like. Good luck.....
  2. vt3fan

    Antonito, CO to Chama, NM RT 17

    Thanks for the advice. We've done the Cumbres & Toltec twice and loved it. This will be our first visit in an RV and definitely looking forward to some trout fishing.....I will be looking in to the Rio Chama RV Park.
  3. vt3fan

    Antonito, CO to Chama, NM RT 17

    Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated. We've stayed in the area before(before we were full time RV'ers) and have done the train ride twice. It is without a doubt one of my favorite experiences. And what a scenic area. Now to check out Rio Chama RV Park.....
  4. vt3fan

    Antonito, CO to Chama, NM RT 17

    Trying to get an idea of what this road is like and if towing a 37' 5th Wheel is advised. Does anyone have any experience with this road?
  5. vt3fan

    Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    I would echo the remarks of 2Gypsies. My wife and I have been volunteer crew for the past 3 years and have stayed with the Escapee Boomers at Balloon Fiesta Park. Arrived 2 days before the start of the event and left the day after it ended. If you are serious about attending, I would look in to the Escapees Boomers option first. RV Parks from as far away as Santa Fe jump up there rates during Balloon Fiesta, that is if you can get a site to start with.
  6. All the advice and info is important. It is there for you to analyze and reflect on in your situation. There are good points for 5th Wheels, just as there are for Class A's. You do your homework, but in the end, it all boils down to choices. What is right for YOU.
  7. vt3fan


    Just curious, where in AZ are you? Also, where in Vermont are you headed? My wife and I are full timers going on 3 years now and we are former Vermonters and have made the trip from AZ to VT twice. We are currently in AZ in Yuma. If we could get together, we would be glad to share our travel routes including places that we stayed.
  8. vt3fan

    Tips for Traveling to Canada

    My wife and I are considering a trip from SD to Saskatchewan to visit friends this coming summer and then continue on to BC. We've never traveled in Canada before with our RV and were wondering if anyone has a reference or checklist for things to be aware of and things to do(US and Canadian Customs). Also, travel route from Regina to Vancouver - things to see and do along the way. RV Parks or stops would be helpful too. Thanks.
  9. vt3fan

    Checklist: Our Full-Time RVing Plans

    Congratulations on your decision, I am sure that you will not regret it. My wife and I found the following website and articles very helpful. They cover just about everything that going full time involves. http://www.technomadia.com/excuses/
  10. vt3fan

    Help! RE: Generators! We Know Not What We Do!

    We too have a residential refrig in our 2016 Mobile Suites 5th Wheel, and just did 10 days boondocking at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. We utilized a Zamp Solar 160 watt portable solar panel during the day, with our 1000 watt inverter, 2- 6 volt batteries. Yamaha 2000 i portable generator for about 3 hours after the sun went down. We shut our inverter off(and our refrigerator) for the night, with no ill effects. So, it is doable with a residential relfrig.
  11. vt3fan

    Yes, another domicile question!

    We went through the same thing that you are going through about a year ago and one thing that we found enormously helpful, was the Technomads Booklet - No Excuses, Go Nomadic. They cover just about everything and as to your specific question regarding Domicile, check Chapter 9. After reading and digesting,we decided on SD as our Domicile. We found this book extremely helpful and I think you might too.
  12. vt3fan

    New Member saying hello

    Well said Kirk. My thoughts exactly.
  13. vt3fan

    Switching to a 5th wheel, but what truck?

    Definitely a 1 ton dually. Plan for the future- how many buy their last trailer first?
  14. I agree with Jim2. We also chose Americas Mailbox- for our Mail Forwarding and for establishing residence. They are very easy to work with. We did the nights stay at Americas Mailbox, actually 3 and in that time, we established residence. On day 2 we got our drivers licenses, at Americas Mailbox they took care of registering us to vote, registering our truck. After getting our drivers licenses, we traveled to local Insurance Agent and got our vehicle insurance transferred over to our new domicile state, SD and our Medicare and Dental Insurance(BC/BS) set up. From there we went to a local bank and opened up a checking and savings account. All of these steps taken to prove our "intent" to make SD our Residence. As for the services Americas Mailbox provides, 2 weeks ago I got notice from them advising that our vehicle registrations would be coming up next month. By providing them with pertinent information for the renewal-reg and paying a small fee, they took care of everything for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to establish residence in SD.
  15. vt3fan

    CLASS OF 2016

    Yesterday we celebrated our first year anniversary. Full-timing is everything we thought and hoped it would be.