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  1. Thanks, brother. I "would" like to take a look at yours. I would really like to keep my hard cover if it's at all possible. PM sent.
  2. Oregon Coast Summer 2018 Ideas?

    Wholeheartedly agree with Barb. 2 weeks in one singular area is more than sufficient, but you can "easily" spend a good 3 months moving up the coast in the PNW and still leave wishing you had just a "little" more time. Not to put words in his mouth, but I think Al was asking because a month long stay in one place, let alone 2 is going to be harder to find than a squirrels acorn. Those folks up there are camping FOOLS! Most parks/campgrounds/lodges are reserved nearly a year in advance.. within hours after the yearly reservation system opens. I kid you not... they actually have "reservation parties" where a group of like minded folk gather like it's the superbowl and have a game plan in place to make calls as soon as the State reservation system opens for the upcoming year. Not that it can't be done last minute. Cancellations abound.. there are COE's, marina's, Indian casino's that can hold you between "ad-hock" stays, but you'll be extremely hard pressed to get anything more than a week or so reservation this late in the game for 2018. If your flexible and don't mind the occassional dry camp, it's doable. If your intent is to reserve and park it for the season... best bet would be to put it off until 2019.
  3. Induction cookware

    I am sure it will shock some folks for "me", of all people, to advocate cast iron (), but in an RV where storage space is limited... you really can't go wrong. Induction, LP, barbeque grill, oven, campfire... It's a one for all and won't break the bank.
  4. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Just a point of clarification here. Generally speaking, Progressive Dynamics ARE "smart chargers" and considered some of the best on the market when it comes to a DP (distribution panel) converter/chargers... and have one of the strongest customer service reputations.
  5. Mobley problems

    THAT's the one! Much easier searching for information when you actually know what you're searching for.
  6. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    That about covers it! ;-) I wish we could get "the powers that be" to sticky these links. Even if you aren't planning on solar it's information that anyone with an RV would benefit from perusing.
  7. Mobley problems

    Yeah. It does have a "sleep" mode when there is no active connection. I wonder if what's causing the disconnect issues is a failed "wake-up" call(?). Takes all of what... 30 seconds to reconnect? Hardly a deal breaker, right. If I remember correctly.. at one time I was reading about a dns refresh timer issue between the mobley and the actual tower signal that was user adjustable. There was some discussion on it, but I don't recall the specifics, aren't using my mobley so can't go look... and if I also remember correctly... it was in the mobley thread that disappeared into a black hole several months back. Maybe the mention of it might jar someone with a better memory than mine on the specifics. It's hardcoded into the mobley to only allow 5 IP assignments (devices).
  8. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Um... already mentioned twice... each of your batteries has the max storage capacity of 65 amp hours (ah). That would be at the manufacturers peak storage rating when new and at 100% SOC (state of charge). 2 batteries in parallel would be a total capacity of 130ah's. "Available" being 50% of total capacity in order to maintain battery health. If your load during a cooling cycle is actually only 1.5amps.. those numbers would double. If your TV is supplying some amount of 12v to your battery bank while driving... those numbers would increase even further. 4-5hr's on the road.... no problem. Ice is not necessary, and as jpcoll01 said.... it's not really even necessary to run it for that short of a drive. If it isn't opened it should have no problem keeping your "stuffs" chilled. For around $20 you can purchase a remote temp monitor. Stick that in your reefer and monitor internal temps remotely. If it drops below your comfort zone... crank it back on.
  9. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Probably should have mentioned... (not that you're ever going to burn off an entire tank while driving from A to B), but it may not necessarily be both tanks. Some regulators are auto switching. Meaning... both tanks are/may be "in play", but if you have a manual switch you have to physically switch your tanks over when one runs dry.
  10. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    I edited the above due to unexpected fog in the brain pan. Pulling 3amp on 120vac via your inverter would actually be pulling ~35amps of 12v (actual draw + overhead). With 65ah's available you would have roughly 1.8hrs of continuous run time. 15min/hr of actual would put you out to 7hrs.
  11. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Correct. And... correct. You're good!
  12. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    It's more likely that you have a 2-way reefer. 120vac or LP. There ARE 3-way reefers (120vac/12vdc/LP), but not all that common. I am also unsure when you said "off battery" if you might have meant off battery via an inverter to supply 120vdc. If "that" happens to be the case then you will NOT want to run your reefer "off battery" when not connected to shore power. Us the LP setting. Using either 120vac OR LP you are still using a small amount of 12vdc. The control board operates on 12v... either from your converter while plugged in to shore power or from your batteries when unplugged. As for your "connected while driving" question. That depends. Some setups do provide a very minimal "maintanence" charge. Meaning... your batteries shouldn't go down much at all while driving. Some do NOT. You would need to check your pigtail connector to see if 12v is feeding to the "hot" wire. The last part... I'll let someone else touch on. It get's quite lengthy. In a nutshell... Yes. It's possible. What it generally boils down to though is, "is it practical?".
  13. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Those numbers are for a Duracell duralast 27DP hybrid deep cycle. It's the smaller 650CCA model so you should have around 65ah's per (130ah total). Ideally, you don't want to take them down more than 50% of capacity so you'll be looking at the 65ah's to work with. You don't want to forget that you'll have a parasitic/phantom draw of around 24ah's per 24hr period. From there it should be easy enough to calculate your available hours of operation.
  14. Interesting video comparison. I noticed there were a couple of others, however, the main issue I would have with them is that their premise for comparison is fundamentally flawed, IMHO. A better "apples to apples" comparison between sectional densities would have been with the 2-1/2" 4-000 (a longer shell and more projectiles isn't always better). Not knocking the loads. Any one of which out of a small hand cannon at close range is going to ruin anyone's day. My opinions are my own, but something that might be interesting to watch. 1. .410 Federal 2-1/2" 000 (4-000) @ 7ft. 2:44min 2. .410 Winchester 2-1/2" PDX1 (3disk + BB) @ 3.5ft. 2:22min At such short distances the 3.5-7ft won't make a large difference in penetration, but should be noted to extrapolate the size of the spread patterns.
  15. Mobley problems

    I don't know if it's just coincidence, and not that it might help in your situation, but on a previous cord with only the #4 and #16 pins wired we would see the reboot issue from time to time. Since I started jumpering the #4 and #5 pins it hasn't been an issue. Actually.. if I remember correctly... it was Pat & Pete that turned me on to that tidbit. I have 2 sons in two different states that use theirs for home internet. They run 24/7 without reboot. I believe it's most definitely a mobley device vs. a service issue. Like Jack and others... I run my sim in a unite and have never looked back. That being said... I'm strictly on battery power and only have mine on when in use. I agree with Pat and Jerry... "heat is the 'enemy' of electronics"... and it's a good practice to unplug daily. Sticking it on a timer sounds like a solid plan and the mechanical type can be had for what... $5 (?). For connectivity issues.. I gotta say.. the Unite with even the $25 portable MIMO antenna is a "homerun" combo.