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  1. I don't get it. He has a reg and valve.. and he found a 12" hose to replace a leaky one. What am I missing that he needs a new reg/valve or has to call Italy? If the size and threads match... a hose is a hose is a hose.
  2. Nope. Not in my book. Takes all of a couple minutes out of your day.....
  3. Are you insinuating that he's too much of geezer to make a long flat drive like that without a nap?
  4. Everyone's usage of their mobleys are different. If mine sat in the house plugged in 24/7 next to my weBoost and I was tethering to a router I might consider it a waste of money. For "my" intents and purposes, what sold me on the 815S was the design and portability. They are "supposed" to be "tough" and water resistant. As is, when in areas where a cell signal might be possible while "legging it", I've been taking my mobley along with a power brick and cord, which sure beats no wifi at all, but having a stand-alone device you can just drop in your pocket then all the better. Throw in that, stand-alone, it is supposed to get better reception than the mobley... another win. Throw in that it's antenna capable without having to drill through the case... another win. Throw in that, from what Technomadia says, with the netgear MIMO antenna ($30 [that you can't find in-stock anywhere] that I just now bought from Amazon for $21.99-5%) that it is supposed to far outperform even my weBoost 4G-X (towers permitting)... and it's mobile... another win. Throw in removeable batteries and a port other devices can "leech" off it's battery... another win. In the minus category, it runs off it's battery. Yet another battery operated device that will need to be maintained VS. just plugging the mobley into USB. All for $22.01/month? Yeah... I'm not seeing a lot of "downside" on this purchase, for me. I guess their are all sorts of other router features that are leaps and bounds beyond a mobley, but that stuff doesn't "factor" for me.
  5. One more to throw in while one is re-reading their intended reply... 4. What am I trying to accomplish and how will my wording be perceived? Ie., calling those that may genuinely be attempting to be helpful "anal retentive", "PC police" (although I have NO idea how political correctness plays in this particular thread ), etc. Posting a question to an open discussion group (forum) is "going" to generate.. wait for it... "discussion". Meaning... take what is applicable to your particular situation to heart and leave the rest on the table without all the negative commentary.
  6. Yeah they do...
  7. You're braver than I am. I was going to mention the same thing but we've already been instructed twice in this thread that if we are not offering options to help the OP we should keep our posts to ourselves.
  8. DuneElliot- Sorry! With this new forum format, if threads drop below 5 or 6 pages I generally don't see them. Reed's post popped it back up into view. ;-) It sounds as if you have it resolved, but just for general knowledge. In series, voltage is addative while current is constant. In parallel, voltage is constant and current is addative. Specifically for you.. if you are running S/P arrays your current output (amps) would exceed the 10amp fuse. In series.. you would be generating 48volts (4 x 100watt 12v panels) and ~8amps. A 10amp fuse would be appropriate. In S/P (2 x 100w x 2 arrays) you would be generating 24volts and ~16amps. It would pop your 10amp fuse. In parallel (4 x 100w x 4 arrays) you would be generating 12volts at ~32amps. Again... it would pop your 10amps fuse.
  9. I should probably add... what is likely happeneing is that your genny is running near peak output to keep your 15k going, but it's not able to do that indefinately. Once temps reach a certain level it will drop down to the "sustained" output.. which may be too low to keep your AC going.
  10. Very likely. A 15k AC's running draw is "likely" to be somewhere between 15-18amps. Your 2k watt genny... at the sustained output level (1600watts) is right on 13.3amps with max output (2k watts) will only peak at just a shade over 16.5amps. If there is anything else at all pulling juice it's going to be a non-starter. If you picked up another Yamaha though you could parallel them. The AC would then be a non-issue and you would still have around a good 10amps +/- left over to run other loads.
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. At least the immediate issue is resolved and you're good to go in the interim. The EasyStart safegaurds probably helped identify a long term issue that could have developed into much more than it turned out to be.
  12. OUCH! Yep.. that'll do it. Good thing they used 1.5 rolls of tape though. That would have been a fire waiting to happen. Good find and bet you'll sleep a lot easier tonight.
  13. Completely OT, but language intrigues me. I've travelled all over the world and it's the first time I've heard, "my bust" as well. The only written reference I could find was in the urban dictionary with possible origins as, "Local slang: New York Burough". Does that holds water from where you're from?
  14. At least it was one size step off in the right direction. A $1 adapter is a quick fix vs trying to get a standard to fit into a micro slot.
  15. Don't think so. The spec sheet says "micro-sim".. which is what the mobley has. If that is correct, of course. I'm assuming it is, but won't have my UE for a few days. In a different thread I'm pretty sure Dutch said, no.