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  1. Skylight or not

    Sounds like you have made your decision.

    I just suck out and replace the brake fluid in the reservoir and doing this 2-3 times over a couple week period will gets 85% of the fluid replaced. I know that bleeding the brakes is the best method, but changing the reservoir fluid is a whole lot easier. The brake fluid will thoroughly mix in the brake system contrary to what some people may claim.
  3. Skylight or not

    I removed our sky light in the shower and installed a base level Fantastic fan (no reverse or remote). It still lets in the light and the fan sucks out any moisture 5 min after the shower is done, leaving the glass door and walls dry. The fan was a direct drop in for our Cameo fifth wheel. Power is from the O/H shower light. Greg
  4. Volunteer Nature Park Host

    We camp hosted at Illini SP near Marseilles, Ill. back in July, 2017. We never had any security issues or concerns there. I also have a CHL but never carry (only got it for the training and experience), some people are just way too paranoid in this world. Relax and enjoy life a little, you have a greater chance of being killed in a car accident. Spring Lake sounds like a good gig, but when I checked into them last spring, they wanted a host for the whole 7 month season, too long for my style.
  5. Wyoming

    We were there in 2014, I remember we started the sorting the following Mon. Just curious how they feed the herd and find volunteers to hang around later in Oct?
  6. Wyoming

    Yes, the actual roundup is on Fri, but volunteers get to work the corrals during the following week for branding and sorting, that's when the fun begins.
  7. Ordering a new truck

    I just priced a 2018 chevy LT (mid trim level) dually at Classic in Dallas, $53k ($57k out the door). I was looking a 15 model w/120000k miles for $39k on CL. For $14k before tax, the difference doesn't pay to get a used truck. When I talked to a former local MIch dealer this summer, sales person said I could not take delivery of the vehicle at his dealership until the TX plate and registration was received, meaning I couldn't get a Mich temp plate now that I was a TX resident. I figured he didn't know what he was talking about, but his price was also $57 out the door for a 17 model. Greg
  8. Buying new shocks and rotors 2002 f350

    Is this a new to you truck? How long do your brakes normally last? What is your normal brake service intervals? Future towing should not be a additional problem if you keep your trailer brakes adjusted properly. Usually you can't go wrong with OEM parts. I used to pull a 27k loaded gooseneck trailer with my 3500 Chevy and could get 100k on the OEM brakes. Try to avoid hard braking (sometimes hard to do). Greg
  9. Stirring an old fire... wheel bearing service

    As a full timer, I average 10k miles a year and every July I will remove the tires and pack the bearings. The bearings always seem to be in good shape and I probably could go 2 years if needed. The main benefit is being able to inspect the bearing seals and brakes which most of the time I do find something that needs repair. Greg
  10. Blood testing, PT/INR

    For my cholesterol blood check, I just went to the nearest hospital and found the lab desk. After I verified they accept my insurance, I just called my doctor and gave the nurse the lab phone# and fax#. Later I called to check that the lab had the order and went in the next day for blood sample. It was pretty easy and I already knew where to go. Greg
  11. Fulltime vs Recreational 5th Wheels

    You also have to trust your instinct. We went to a large dealer and thought we would end up with a Montana fifth wheel. After going through a dozen used campers, we were impressed and bought on the spot a used Carriage Cameo. I had never even heard of the Carriage brand before our purchase and found out later the reduced price was inpart due to the recent bankruptcy. It was obvious that the Carriage camper was well built and sturdy and we have been very happy with it full timing for the past 5 years. We had a master plan to replace it after 5 years, but now don't want to part with it. I have done many modifications and over maintain this camper to extremes, but I enjoy doing that stuff. Greg
  12. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    Be careful If riding a mountain bike in Deming or anywhere in NM. On a overnight stop last spring the wife and I rode our bikes from Dreamcatcher CG to Walmart and got 3 flats. Bought a can of flat fix to get back to CG, next morning all 4 tires were flat, nasty stickers. Greg
  13. Anode rod "tailings"(revisit)

    I wonder if plumbing codes or any building codes for that matter, apply to a RV? I could see codes being applied to a house being built in a zoned township, but would that apply to a portable RV? Greg
  14. Anode rod "tailings"(revisit)

    An aluminum tank sounds good, but I think I will just wait until the current WH tank starts going bad from all the supposed corrosion. The WH is now 10 years old with 4 years on the aluminum anode rod. I only use a pressure regulator if the CG recommends it, which is about 1/4 of our stays. Greg
  15. Anode rod "tailings"(revisit)

    I had the same problem with our WH pressure relief valve weeping. I replaced it and a couple of weeks later and the valve began to weep again. I believe the issue was I had lost the air pocket in the WH tank that had acted as a accumulator for the water pressure. The relief valve would weep during the heating cycle which must have been spiking the tank pressure. It might be worth while to get some air back into the WH tank by doing a partial drain to see if this helps the weep issue. Also, how about a aluminum anode rod? That's what I have used for 4 years now, no flakes. Greg