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  1. Last winter I hired on as a spare school bus driver in the S. Texas area. The school district was so short on drivers, that they invested CDL training, medical exam and the hiring process to hire me. I told them I was only in the area for 3 months as a winter Texan but they were having the bus superintendent covering the spare driver position. I do plan to return next winter for another 3 month stay and hope to rehire again as a spare driver. Two 3 hr shifts/day that paid $15/hr + benefits and no state income tax. We volunteered 12/hr/week each at a nearby RV resort that also that included a free site. It was a neat experience!
  2. Our Samsung has the reversible door option. I removed a screw from the opposite side and got a 7mm bolt and knob from a hardware store (my bolt was too short and I had to weld 2 bolts together, a better option is to just buy a long enough screw )
  3. Here is a retirement community in S. Ohio that is looking to fill the last of 3 RV sites they have. We just arrived a week ago and it seems like a nice gig. Waverly, OH USA Show on Google Maps 2019-02-28 14:45:24 7519Combine Your Love Of RVing With Your Love Of Gardening Job Duties: GroundskeeperCompensation: See ad text. Job Duties: Help older residents take care of their front yard gardens, work in the Cooper Wildflower Woods, and help with maintenance of the Garden Railroad, and the Hummingbird Garden. Compensation: FHU, opportunity for private contract work in the village Details: We are looking for a retired couple who would love to experience life in a retirement community for a few months while living in their own RV. Bristol Village is located in beautiful rural southern Ohio at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We need volunteers April through November. You choose which months. We expect 20 hours per week per couple for FHUs. Duties include weeding, watering, planting, and grooming flower beds and gardens. Resident volunteers will be working along side of you on some days while other days you will be on your own. Schedules are flexible as long as you get in your 20 hours per week giving you ample time to travel and explore the area on your own. Bristol Village residents are extremely friendly and active. You will have free access to all the activities and facilities offered including a swimming pool, exercise room and a cafe. In addition, there are a number of state parks and attractions within a short driving distance. hallbetsy@155hotmail.com
  4. When I got my CDL in Mich 10 years ago, I found a local company that performed the road test and for a extra $100 they rented you their truck for the test. It worked out great cause the guy let me practice with the truck in the yard and showed me what to look for before the test began. I passed the driven test 100%. I then drove Hot Shot for a couple of years and met many RV Transporters. RV Transport was not a good job, they drove their trucks into the ground and had little money after expenses. MH delivery may be different, but if they were making money, the RV Transporters would have moved in. As far as workamping, try Sugar Beet Truck driving, get $25-30/hr for about 150 hours in early Oct. Check out Craigs List in Grand Forks, ND under Transport. https://grandforks.craigslist.org/d/transportation/search/trp In ND, farm truck drivers don't need a CDL. But the farmer would probably be glad to let you borrow his truck for a DL test and then transfer your new ND DL back to Texas. Might work! Another friend has a CDL and drives for UPS seasonal, Nov/Dec and makes $18/hr as a temp driver. Just Google search. Another job is selling Christmas Trees in Texas, just google search.
  5. We are back again for our fourth year driving sugar beet trucks. The farm we work on is looking for a additional driver for the main harvest, Oct 1 until finish which last 10 days depending on weather. If you are interested, call farmer John per the attached e-mail: Greg I am short a couple of drivers for October. Is there any groups or organization you could post a job listing for me? John Schumacher Schumacher Farms John@schumacher.farm 701.741.3173 Schumacher's trucks are equipped with automatic transmissions and he is willing to train new drivers. No CDL licenses needed, just a plain drivers licenses will do. Two things are required, a can do attitude and safety first (Trucking is among the top 10 most dangerous jobs)! You can also check Craig's List for Grand Forks, ND under "Transportation". There are other farms also looking for truck drivers and most farmers hire starting mid Aug up to harvest time, Oct 1.
  6. We tried for a month to go catless, but the camper was just too quite, new rescue cat likes birding!
  7. Fiver is a internet bully, reason I stopped posting.
  8. For ND, I just print off the 3 page state form (state web site) and fill it out by hand, 10 minutes max.
  9. We also had a leak on our Cameo slide. What I found was separated caulking on the outside front corner moldings which allowed water to run down and pool in the belly under fabric. This pooled water then soaked the plywood flooring and carpet. Inspecting the caulking closely, it was separated only where the decal stripes were located and it was hard to see. I replaced the caulk, floor plywood and no more leaks in 2 years.
  10. Choosing a tow vehicle is like choosing your religion. Your best bet is to determine what kind of truck you want to drive and go from there. Everyone does a good job of justifing their truck decision, they all have pros and cons. Not sure WTH happened with this post!!
  11. Can't go wrong if you just follow the shoreline roads, each of the 5 lakes are unique and worth their own trips.
  12. In a fifth wheel, the unit is pretty secure to the truck frame and with the brakes applied will rarely break loose, however the camper interior will be rearranged in a hard crash. In a MH crash, the interior will also be rearranged and the occupants will experience it first hand with pots and pans flying around them. Any crash can be bad, but a MH has the potential to be much worse for the occupants.
  13. My wife and I full time on $2k/month, but it is less stressfull to have a decent nest egg for any unexpected expenses that might come along. We also volunteer a lot which keeps expenses low (also consider boondocking). For you situation, I would consider a 3/4 ton pickup and mid size TT which both can be bought used for low $$. Also you could haul a bike/moped/motorcycle in the truck bed for extra transportation. Another thing is to research repairs and try to do some yourself to get familiar with your rig and save $$.
  14. Go to E-Bay and punch in your part#. I get my Duramax filters in 1/2 doz quanities for about 1/2 the cost of auto part stores. You can research your vehicles OEM filter supplier such as WIX and also buy that brand.
  15. Contrary to above post, I have had good luck using Walmart general spray paint to cover carpet stains. The trick is to find a close color and just apply light coats until you get desired color match, (not too thick) and do it from different angles. Make sure you feather out the coats like you would when paint matching a car spot repair. If it doesn't work, you can still remove and replace or cover.
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