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  1. I will have to check this out on my hitch. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Update: Camping World called Equal-i-zer and Equal-i-zer authorized a warranty replacement of the sockets and the missing spring bar. I have the repaired hitch back and look forward to staying my journey tomorrow. Many thanks for the comments - they were extremely helpful and timely! Bill
  3. Ron, Thanks for your comments! Good to know you've had excellent experience with the hitch. I was impressed with Equil-i-zer's information before I bought my RV and hitch. - Bill
  4. Don, Thanks for your comments! I'm going to the dealer tomorrow to see what they can do so I can head south before the snow flies some more. Will update this when I get more feedback. - Bill
  5. I checked and did not see any other damage. Just was out on Equal-i-zer's site to see if I could get any other information and didn't see anything related to it. Thanks! - Bill
  6. Was getting ready to head south today, and brought my travel trailer from my camp ground to my house to packup and noticed that my left torsion bar was not attached to the hitch and the trailer tongue. It was attached when I hooked the trailer up to the truck at the campground earlier today. The Equal-i-zer unit was installed by the dealer this past October. I'm attaching a photo of the failed hitch receiver. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm just glad I found it before heading out.
  7. I have been able to renew my amateur license without cost several times. If you use the Laurel VEC testing sessions, you do not need to pay for any VE test session fees. If you want a vanity call sign, then you need to pay for the 10 year renewal. Good to see some hams in these forums! Bill N3LLR
  8. In our local area, H&R Block started their course in October and the course runs through November/December.
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