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  1. Jemstone

    Pricing Help Needed

    Need Pricing Help We have ended our travels and will be selling our rig when we return to Arizona in December. Our truck is a 2010 Volvo 730 with an I Shift transmission and a D13, 435 hp engine. I have singled the truck long and have decked the truck with aluminium diamond plate. Where the wheels for the forward tandem axle were I have installed two 33” deep, 4’ long and 29” wide locking storage boxes, even with and covered in the same aluminium diamond plate as the rest of the deck. The hitch is from Mountain Masters and has air adjustable shocks to accommodate any tongue weight. The truck has 640,000 miles on it, 24,000 put on by me. Over the last four years I have upgraded to the bright Volvo LED lights, corrected a couple of transmission problems, replaced a faulty regeneration sensor and have provided annual lubrication and oil changes.. I’ve retained all service records. Everything works as it should and the truck is a pleasure to drive. I would appreciate your thoughts about a reasonable price for the truck. Thanks, John (Right now I don’t have the band width to send a photo.)
  2. I started out with magnetic signs proclaiming my privateness. When they faded I tossed them and did not replace them. There are fairly few occasions in which the sign would help. At 55 to 65 mph as we pass by weigh stations, no one can read the sign. I have removed the forward tandem axle (I’ve singled long) turning the space where the axle and tire had been into large storage boxes on either side. The entire rear chassis has a raised deck of diamond aluminum plate. The truck’s profile now is more like a crewcab pickup truck on steroids than a commercial class 8. In four years no LEO has shown any interest in me, other than a couple of personal, retirement related questions at fuel stations. The Volvo’s D13 engine is not designed to run at high rpms. My truck gets expensive to run at 65mph, and at 65 I don’t see much scenery if the road has curves. However, we spend six months of the year on the Oregon Coast near Newport. The only north-south coastal highway is US 101 (usually just called 101). The average speed on 101 is about 45mph, due to slow trailers and other RVs. The fastest speed limit on most of the highway is 55mph. Plus, during the summer, 101’s winter landslides must be handled, a difficult and potentially dangerous job that limits some areas to large areas of single lane traffic. John McLaughlin, currently in Waldport, Oregon “Where the Forrest Meets the Sea”
  3. Well Jeff, I must respectfully disagree with you. Maybe I’ve been lucky with our Volvo 730, but if we were to be hit with a strong Oregon Coast storm we would stay in the Volvo. It has never leaked a drop that I’ve seen, and we have been in several storms with “sideways rain”. Additionally, my wife and I have been on the road for six months each year for the past 12 years. In that time we have owned four 5’vers; two Carridge units, a Landmark from Heartland and for the last four years a Lifestyle 38’ four season 5’ver. Lifestyle was the short lived successor company to Carridge - most of the same management team. The unit is the equal to our Carridges and none of the units ever leaked. I do have roof treatments and recoatings at recommended intervals. We had the Heartland unit a short time, during which the suspension totally failed. The roof did not have time to fail. I wish you a dryer future. John McLaughlin, currently roosting in Coos Bay, Oregon.
  4. When I signal a trucker that it’s safe to pull back into the right lane at night I turn off my lights twice, very briefly. Most truckers seem to like that better than flashing brights and at least half flash thanks. Canadian truckers seem to have no signals that I’ve detected, but then I don’t speak Canadian nor play hockey, so I may be missing something, eh?
  5. Jemstone

    Air Horns

    “And an obnoxious horn isn't going to change anything. Did you expect your horn to blow them back into their lane?” Blowing them back into their lane is an excellent idea. However, I’ll settle for telling them that cutting off a semi is a dangerous and stupid thing to do. These are not pansies that panic - these are seriously dangerously drivers and they know it. Little old ladies are slow, not reckless. I’m going after the loudest horn I can find. And, thanks to you, I know what to ask for. A horn that will blow them back into their lane!
  6. Jemstone

    Air Horns

    Driving through the San Francisco Bay Area last week on I-580 I was cut off three times by cars who clipped into the space in front of me, leaving me no room to brake. Each time it happened I honked my “loud” Volvo horn - and each time the horn spoke with the voice of an alarmed goose, not a truck. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding good quality train horns, especially kits that include the compressor and mounting hardware. I’d also be grateful for mounting suggestions from anyone who has put a horn on a Volvo VNL730 (2010 vintage). Loud is good. We are currently staying in the coastal redwoods north of Eureka, CA. Cloudy and cool - the opposite of our home in Arizona. Thanks John McLaughlin
  7. “Oh ya.......for the folks that brag about size .....our length is today ........,.,1 4 1 F E E T ..Total“ That sounds more like a train than a trolley. +++ Peace, John & Rodeane (the +++ symbols allow us to end on a positive note.)
  8. Jemstone


    We have been notified by National General Insurance that we will have to pay $2,000 for next years HDT policy. This includes our trailer, which National General says must be included with the truck. Is this in line with what y’all are finding? Thanks, John
  9. Well sir, I have had the same problem with a 2010 VNL730. The regen sensor was shot and would not allow the truck to regenerate. All attempts at a parked regeneration request failed. I was 124 miles north of Las Vegas on US 93 when the DPF packed up and shut the truck down. This was a costly lesson in keeping track of regenerations. Also a lesson in having a good roadside assistance policy - ours covered the $1,100 towing bill. I would suggest you explain the issue to the dealer, since you are sitting nearby. Of all the issues you listed needing attention, this is the most lmportant. De-rating means the Diesel Particulant Filter will pack up and the truck will protect itself by shutting down very soon. Don’t trust that one hour before de-rating will happen. When the filter packs up, in one hour or ten minutes, the truck will de-rate, giving you just enough mobility to get off the road at a crawl. If you drive an I shift, that’s what the “M” on the shift lever gear selection is for, limping off the road. The best of luck, John
  10. “There are so many that don’t believe that taking that extra axle worth of brake surface area away, is a big deal. With our magnificent country and it’s amazing Constitution, that is thier God given right to have and express thier opinion. And it is my right to say that they are nuts.....lol” As a “Nut” I feel I need to respond. I singled my Volvo VNL 730 long, using the vacated axle area for large storage boxes under the deck. I have no doubt I could stop faster with the other axle still attached, but my stopping distance is good and it’s predictable. I know how long it will take me to stop and I have NEVER had an exerience in which my brakes were not more than adequate. My response to your being happy to be in a tandem wheel truck going down hill is that you must have been going faster than I would have been comfortable with. I rarely use my brakes going down mountains. The brakes are there as backups for the engine brake. In emergency situations they have served well. After all, my entire rig weighs half of what the truck brakes were designed to handle. I came to my HDT from a Ford 350. I suspect most of us coming from pickups will see the singled HDT as a huge upgrade from the pickup, not as a degraded HDT. Driving the Volvo I have never been pushed into the middle of an intersection by the 5th wheel. Being pushed into an intersection during a quick stop is what brought me to a HDT.
  11. It’s simple Jim - a commercial truck owner, registering as an RV, is avoiding the taxes for a commercial truck and possibly the need for a CDL. The misuse of the RV registration throws doubt on all of us driving full sized trucks that are used as RVs for short trips. Creating suspicion about the legitimacy of our non-commercial status could lead to having to carry cases of Dr. Pepper when traveling in Texas. Here in Arizona it matters not what a privately owned truck is used for, only what it weighs. In 1969, while driving for Yellow Cab in Phoenix, I bought an agitated can of Dr. Pepper and opened it after I got back in the cab. I realized it was agitated only after I pulled the tab. Most of the can shot straight up and spread out on the headliner, raining soda evenly throughout the cab. I have not opened a Dr. Pepper in a vehicle since.
  12. If the goal is to save tire wear he’s going to need 15 more rocks.
  13. My basic road side kit is the phone number for Good Sam Roadside Assistance. The Volvo has not had easy to fix problems - two serious transmission issues (the second due to not correctly repairing the first transmission issue) and the regeneration sensor failing, causing the particulate filter to pack up and shut the truck down in the desert 125 miles north of Las Vegas. At 74 my driving skills are still good but my physical strength is diminished, so wrestling with truck repairs is not a viable idea. In fact, it's a terrible idea, as my mechanical skills are on level with those of a basset hound. It also appears that almost any repair or change requires accessing the truck' s computer. Even upgrading the headlights to Volvo''s LED bulbs required accessing the computer (expensive but excellent lighting). If you do get the LEDs from Volvo have the mechanic set the computer control so the low beam stays on when the high beam is chosen. This makes a huge difference in dark rural areas Despite the problems, I love my truck. The difficulties are all resolved and the truck will sit at 1400 rpms all day while towing. The compression braking system means I can go through the Rockies, High Sierras or the Cascades, rarely touching my air brakes. Plus, the jake brake is almost silent, so I can use it in towns without bothering the residents. The I shift transmission is smarter than me in terms of how many gears to skip and when to shift. I was initially upset that Volvo did not provide air horns but as time has gone on I've found that I use the Volvo's horn much more than I did the air horns on my former Freightliner, as I'm not worried about frightening a spooky driver. I also agree with the thoughts expressed previously in this forum that the air horn is now owned by our naton's fire departments. I probably should have simply said my emergency kit is a phone. No reception, deep poop!
  14. OK noteven, what is "floofy" coffee? It sounds like a Starbucks offering that might involve Hazel nut and a special coffee bean grown only in the temperate zone of Bulgaria.
  15. Congratulations on making it to retirement Gramps. I've been retired for ten years and love it. Based on my experience and observations it would be wise to renew your CDL one more time. It is an easy way to keep your options open, should you decide to do or buy something shortly after retirement. I did some part time work for my former employer after retirement, allowing us to travel to New Zealand twice and stretch out our retirement savings. Unless you have much more money than most of us, retirement expends savings fairly quickly unless previous spending patterns are quickly reduced or more money is brought in from working. You can also look on the part time job as an insurance policy should something unexpected occur. John
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