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  1. treeed

    Pre-rally - Tour of Strataca????

    Count me in.
  2. treeed

    San Antonio Parks

    Hello, We stayed at the KOA Mar 5-8, 2017 with our 45' 5th wheel and HDT. There was plenty of room for us. The bus stop right outside the park was a convenient way to get downtown.
  3. treeed

    Crater of the Diamonds State Park

    We stayed at Catherine's Landing in Hot Springs AR. We were there last September and it was a nice campground with lots of space for our HDT, 5th wheel and smart. It is, however, about 60 miles away from Crater of Diamonds..but it was a nice ride there when we visited the state park.
  4. treeed

    East Coast Rally Registration is Open

    Hello. We are arriving hopefully April 15th. We will be attending the Cumberland County Playhouse on April 21st to see the comedy Greener Pastures.
  5. treeed

    Camping or Boondocking in Yuma

    We are planning a trip to Yuma AZ mid January and was hoping we could get some suggestions on the best places to camp or boondock. This is our first time there so any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Teresa
  6. treeed

    National HDT Rally

    That's a pretty common question. Resoundingly the answer is DO NOT STOP. Many of us have our HDTs registered as RVs/Motorhomes and as such are not required to stop at weigh stations. Haven't heard of anyone getting any serious hassles from the officials and personally I've never been even questioned. I've even heard some suggest that stopping may give them ideas they don't need...
  7. We love our 780. Our 5er is 13'-4 high so they look good together. Storage is great and I like the standing room. Also allowed us to add a 7'-0 drom on the back for more storage capacity.
  8. Count me in. I have everything I need (just arrived in the mail yesterday!). This weekend, I'm going to try to reproduce the ECR project using the info on the particle website. Wish me luck!
  9. treeed

    National HDT Rally

    Interested in a repeat of the tank monitoring project. There were some other comments on the ECR thread that were also hoping for a repeat at the national rally. I didn't participate in the ECR project but now wish I had since I now have a tank on the truck that I'd like to monitor. (pretty please!).
  10. Checkout www.rvhaulers.ca. Gregg has some great info on his site and many videos posted on his you-tube page and may also be a source for a truck. He is also located in Calgary
  11. treeed

    National HDT Rally

    We'll be there with Remington. Plan to get the registration in the mail today.
  12. treeed

    ALASKA 2016

    We are also planning a trip to Alaska in 2017. Would love to keep up with you and Jack for the trip. Will also follow this thread closely! Ed and Teresa Haagsma
  13. treeed

    What is your 5er?

    So I hear! And the jury is still out on the tow vehicle?
  14. treeed

    Tank Monitor Project at ECR

    I would very much like to observe. Haven't had the coach long enough to know what level sensing I have yet, but am interested in what is available if I run into problems, or am looking for an improvement
  15. treeed

    What is your 5er?

    2016 New Horizons 45' Majestic. Towed with a 2009 Volvo 780.