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  1. Vegas Teacher

    Back from Oregon

    Well we are back from Oregon and it was a great trip. The California / Oregon wildfires were incredible and the amount of smoke was unbelievable. I am happy we did not take the Volvo now. There was a lot of driving in smoke, lots of smoke. We did the ale trail in Eugene and went to a lot of places downtown and in a lot of very tight spots for parking. The Tundra, being a double cab and having an 8 foot bed was quite a challenge in some parking lots and narrow streets. Our dogs were great and the seminar was a huge learning experience. Meetings for school start Wednesday 8/8/18 and students come back 8/13/18, Monday a week from today. I got my boots polished and my suits dry cleaned. Good bye summer, hello work. Oh well only 10 more....... Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  2. Vegas Teacher

    Yeah, I knew this would happen when I bought the Pete..........

    Dave, When you were in Joplin you were 30 minutes from my home town of Pittsburg Kansas. I have been trout fishing on lake Taneycomo More times that I can remember. I have cussed highway 76 a lot, and my parents can recite the outlet stores at each mall along the strip down there. We used to go there a lot for summer vacation. My first teaching assignment was in Stockton Missouri. My girlfriend, at the time was from Ozark Missouri, and we had year passes to Silver Dollar City. Did you go to old town Branson and go to the Landing? It is a great little mall area with Bass Pro Shop on one end of it. We used to go there and fish off of the gravel bar for trout, as well as standing below the Dam beneath Table Rock Lake. You are in my stomping grounds and are making me homesick! Later, Cory O
  3. Vegas Teacher

    headed to Oregon

    Hello All Vegas teacher is headed to Oregon for a Schutzhund / IPO seminar. Some people are old school some are not. Schutzhund is old school IPO soon to be be IPG is new school. This is a German dog sport. Anyway I am going up to Oregon with two of my 4 German Shepherds. My wife and I do this sport for fun and our dogs are taught tracking, obedience and protection work. This seminar will focus on obedience and protection. My girl is a pretty good little bitter, she is 65 lbs of pissed off terror when she wants to be LOL. She is also in heat right now which makes things interesting. Sad to say but I am driving my Tundra up not the Volvo. I still need to get tires on it and do not have the Direct link brake control hooked up yet. Need to do that, but not in any hurry. I am leaving Las Vegas between 11:30 p.m. Monday night and 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning next week. I will take 95 north to 395 to 5 north into Eugene Oregon. This will be a one day trip, about 15 hours with stops for the dogs and such. I hope to be able to do it sooner but don't know if it is possible with taking time to eat and get gas. I love to drive at night, the desert is boring and there is not much traffic on the road at night. My wife and I will trade off after every tank of gas. I will drive from Vegas to Tonopah, she will drive from there to Falon, I will drive from Falon to Reno, She will drive from Reno to Susanville and then we will decide from there who drives and when, but we trade off and make a pretty good team. I like doing this because it lets me make really good time going places. We have an air B&B near Eugene and plan on going to wineries and Microbrews prior to the seminar. the 26th is our 15th wedding anniversary, if anybody up there knows of a great restaurant, please let me know. We are staying at the Shilo Inn Friday and Saturday, that is the host hotel. Does anybody know anything about them. This is also a reason we did not drive up there. With dog stuff everybody normally stays together at the same place. So if anybody has any suggestions of places to go or things for us to see in the area between Wednesday and Friday please let me know! Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  4. Vegas Teacher

    24 hours in Hell - Gordon Ramsay T.V. show

    So school is out and I have been away from the computer. I like to take some time away from the computer and the internet. I feel like when I am on the computer I should be doing some kind of work. So now the bigger question why is the school teacher talking about Gordon Ramsay, a very well known Chef on the HDT website and his new summer show called 24 hours to Hell?????? That is a great question? Has Vegas teacher lost his mind? Does he not know this is a site about big trucks and trailers? Will he get out of this trap before he is ran over by the train, tune in tomorrow Bat fans same time, same channel. LOL I make myself laugh sometimes... Anyway, just hang with me for a minute and I will get to the point....... So on this show Gordon Ramsay goes into a failing restaurant and gives it a complete make over and retrains the crew in 24 hours. Yes it is a copy of many similar shows of this type. However, on this show Ramsay has a Semi he calls "Hell on Wheels." Hell on Wheels looks to be a classic Peterbilt Semi, ( Also my eyesight is not perfect and I am not an expert, undoubtedly somebody on this website is) but Hell on Wheels has a complete kitchen made into the 53 foot long commercial trailer behind a huge Drom (sp????) box. It is all black and pretty sweet. Later, Vegas Teacher
  5. Vegas Teacher

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    This is meant jokingly........... Flyer is being a smart @$$ again. You know he and Dolly Trolly go out to eat with me and spend 2.5 hours telling me horror stories about all kinds of accidents that happen with these big rigs due to people not knowing what they are doing, driving ways they should not be and telling me how a semi can outrun a 5.0 Liter mustang going up hill pulling a trailer. However now flyer wants me to pull my dash off, hook up a braking system and put the entire public at risk of me driving my semi and crashing it into a soccer mom and her kids on the way to "Wally World" That is what I like to call Walmart. So what is it I am good an capable or dumb as a box of rocks. Look once again this was written to make people laugh, it is not serious and I am also just being a smart @$$ so when you read this take it with a grain of salt. I know Flyer jokes with me on the forum, I get to see in, many of the social circles we run in with dogs, so I know his ribbing is in good nature like when he says my mechanic sprinkled pixie dust on my truck, what a smart @$$ Later, V.T. - Cory O
  6. Vegas Teacher

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Not even close. Sorry plus I have family and to many plans to make it out. I still don't have my direct link hooked up, and don't see that happening any time soon.
  7. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    Lance, I said earlier in this thread that Teachers don't get a lot of thanks, as bus drivers I know you don't either. Parents expect you to get their prized possession to school and back home safely but rarely do you get thanks from those who you do the service for. I have and advantage I can get up and walk over and take care of the problem you are kind of trapped unless you pull over, but then you also have a schedule to keep. Thanks for keeping the kids safe and getting them to and from school safely! Later, Cory O
  8. Vegas Teacher

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    You know a picture is worth a 1000 words and just being able to see what you are talking about makes all the difference in the world! I appreciate the picture a lot, and yes I have wondered about when to replace that too. Thanks Cory O - Vegas Teacher P.S. I only have to wake up Wednesday and Thursday for 1/2 days of school then Friday is teacher Check out for the summer!
  9. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    No money to burn just fed up and tired of not making progress. There is a point at which frustration takes over. I am not, I repeat I am not a mechanic and I don't own large tools. I also don't have the time or professional experience real mechanics do. Tom did an awesome job and deserves a lot of credit. The point of this post was to compliment a person gor doing a great job, showing up early, being a professional in every since of the word and to let others in this area know of a great and reliable mechanic. I think many lost sight of that simple title to the post.
  10. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    Paw like a dogs paw and Rump like rump roast. PawRump - the H is silent. All I know is I have driven over there over and over, over the last 3 weeks in a row and tired of the drive.
  11. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    I think that is a good point too. Before I left the previous weekend I did soak them again in P.B. Blaster. However he did have to put a little muscle in it to get off the bolts. I won't lie it is fun to watch somebody who is good at what the do, day in and day out, show you a little magic.
  12. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    He was an about 175 but pretty well built, young and former military who refused to give up. He did not drop a single foul word and was positive the entire time. He was just a good guy, and good at what he did. What did I learn??? That when you have done this before andyou know your tools and know the tool is warrantied for 100% replacement if it breaks you can push it to the limit without worry. I have also learned I am not a mechanic, I want to do my work, but I have a lot to learn. It is also about having the right tools for the job and using the tool you have correctly, and he did all of that. It was a win with this truck I really needed to happen. I was starting to give up hope. Yes I understand it is a marathon not a race. I have ran a marathon before, it was a lot of fun 5K free beer at the end, one year ago today in Flagstaff Arizona did it with a buddy named Geo. Anyway I want to move on to the fun projects not like adding new mirrors, Chrome, train horns and that kind of stuff, not Jackalopees, Direct link breaking systems, cab shocks and all of that kind of stuff. I want to do the fun projects but they are probably a year or two off, at least I am under 50. On a second positive note Monday is a full day of school, Tuesday - Thursday kids get out at 10:40 and Friday is teacher check out day! Summer 2018 here I come! Later, Cory O
  13. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    Hey do I get crown too I work much better lubricated myself. I don't need no stinking Dr. Pepper we will save that for Phil
  14. Vegas Teacher

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    What is that can you send a picture?
  15. Vegas Teacher

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    So am I. I really liked the person. He was solid good guy!