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  1. Hey I just wanted to say thanks to all of you! I am feeling much better now. I am looking into other shops and places to go to. If anybody knows a good shop around Vegas, would you please send me a name or phone number. TEC was out of line, way out of line. Thanks, Cory Ossana P.S. It is good to be back. I missed visiting / posting with everybody. Also Happy Holidays to you all! Later, Cory O
  2. I agree with Carlos. I have the same range of temperature he does, plus I drive through some really cold areas going back to Kansas in the winter. I go on Amazon and order aftermarket Lithium batteries. Many times these are a 1/3 of the cost. I have read about them not lasting as long or catching on fire. I have several cordless tools. I put them under a lot of pressure. I have never had any problems or seen any shorter charges being held. I am happy with them. If you have 3 or 4 extras on reserve when doing a big job that pulls a lot of juice they are nice to have on hand. Storage is the same with these, I see no difference where I put them or how careful I try to be with them. I may not know semi's but I do a lot of wood working and carpentry, even though I am a high school biology teacher. Later, Cory O
  3. I had a recommendation of a place called true blue truck service
  4. Why are places like that? Do they think we are stupid?
  5. Mark, My dad was a Firestone Store manager who went town to town opening Firestone Stores and reorganizing them. We spent a Year and a half in Arkansas City. We lived on Stanely Drive and I went to Jefferson Elementary School in the Kindergarten and 1st grade. We used to go to Winfield, Witchita & Ponca City for fun. Later, Cory O
  6. I did, I am not going back! I might buy parts from them but that is it, unless I can find a place to buy volvo parts instead of TEC.
  7. I needed to get a steering problem looked at and air leaks fixed. I also thought it might need a new fuel pump. So I asked for a DOT inspection.
  8. It was pulling to the right, and it had a lot of air leaks so I took it in to get looked at. While it was in the shop I asked for the DOT inspection. Thanks, Cory O
  9. No I did not have any noises. I took it in because my truck has a slight lean of 3/4 on an inch left to right. The Truck also pulls to the right as I drive it. I was told that Schrader trucking lines does that on purpose. I also have a bunch of air leaks. So while it was in the shop I told them to check it over. The fact my truck never made if from the parking spot and they don't even have an oil analysis machine in the shop, I find it very fishy. Later, Cory O
  10. So Hello All been a long while.......... Hello and Happy Holidays to everybody out there. I have been radio silent and I haven't even been on the Forum since August. I am teaching at a new school and so busy I don't know where to begin some days. I sold my 24 foot Fleetwood Pioneer travel trailer. I put it on a consignment lot and got 1500.00 after commission was taken out of the cost. It was in pretty rough shape, I did not want to deal with Craigs List and did not want to argue or haggle with people. So with 1500.00 in burning a hole in pocket I went to TEC equipment, truck in the parking lot and strode up to the service desk. I asked them if they would do a complete inspection and look over my truck stem to stern. Sure, no problem! I told them what I was doing and that they could keep it as long as they needed to just do a really good inspection. Two days later I get an email - CALL US.........BAD NEWS So on a Thursday, of las week, I call them after school lets out. They tell me my first project is 15,000.00 - 20,000.00 for gear failure and I needed another 15 to 20,000.00 worth of parts and labor done to the truck. I hang up the phone and proceed to the nearest toilet at school to puke my guts up. Before hanging up the phone I ask them If I can leave it at the lot until Saturday so I can figure out a way to break this news to my wife, they laughed and said NO PROBLEM. When I got to TEC Vegas on Saturday morning the first thing I noticed was my truck was in the same parking spot. The next thing I noticed was it had not even moved, not an inch from where I parked it. Then when I went in they service person told me the mechanic started my engine and "Heard" gear failure so he stopped right there and wondered why my comercial 5th wheel was missing in the first place. I am going to get a second opinion, I am not going back to TEC again. Later, Cory Ossana
  11. If I want to have a two door jeep and a 5th wheel how big of bed do I need to have put on for the trailer to be able to turn a 90 or more degree angle or more safely? What did you guys do, no I am not going to single mine.
  12. "We were almost run off the road a few weeks back by an idiot playing with his GPS and phone while trying to drive." We have a lot of those in Vegas, many with out of state tags.
  13. I am not an expert on anything when it comes to these trucks or way of life I am hoping to enter into in about 9 years, but I do know how to do one thing........ FIND HELP, I am not a mechanic. My Grandpa is rolling in his grave because he was, he had a full service Texaco Gas Station, back in the days when full survice they did a 30 point inspection when your call was being filled with gas, and even topped off oil and wiper fluid if you needed it. He also had a full service shop. He could tear apart an engine or transmission. He worked long and hard, had a very successful career, but I never got into it. I should have. So now I pay the price, but I know how to ask those who know for help, and I know how to do research and find help LOL ;-)! Your Welcome, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher
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