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  1. Just saw this for Kenworth and Petebilt owners: https://www.overdriveonline.com/transmission-issue-prompts-recall-of-nearly-2000-kenworth-peterbilt-tractors/
  2. HushMat?

    That is an awesome Idea I am going over to home depot tonight anyway project for the DOW but will look into that! V.T. - Cory Ossana
  3. HushMat?

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks again for all of the information.
  4. Death Valley Brewing

    D.T. (LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗😄) I just checked back into the forum today, I did not drive the semi over there yesterday, we took a friend and drove the outback instead. Lot less gas wasted that way. Went to the date farm, death valley brewery and the BBQ resteraunt had a great time. My wife did the hot spring thing 20 years ago and said she had no desire to do them again. As you acknowledged my degrees I have very little want or desire to swim in the water where others have no doubt urinated or other in the water, even though it is hot enough to kill everything I don't want to float in it. I don't go to public pools for same reason. Thanks for creating images I will never get out of my head. I would love to meet up some time, as you always seem so humorous in your writings, thanks for helping me start off positive today!
  5. HushMat?

    O.k. so here is what I am thinking of putting down first https://www.amazon.com/050220-Spray-Deadening-Unwanted-Vibration/dp/B001URKV0G it is a spray on sound dampener. The cost is 14.00 a can and covers about 20 square feet. I read on a different web site that it is dry to the touch in 20 minutes, paint in 6 hours. So my plan is to, take the flooring up possibly remove the chairs and spray the interior of the cab including the fire wall. Let it dry over night then the next day add in the sound deadening materials, I have always been if a little is good a lot is better, that is kind of what got me into the mess of buying a semi in the first place LOL!!! Also as far as the box for the Generator let me know what you guys are doing. I need something to put over mine, but I am worried about ventilation and heat build up working against me. Later, Vegas Teacher.
  6. HushMat?

    Has anybody ever worked on getting the amount of road noise reduced in the cab of the truck? There are 100 things I want to do on the truck over the next few years but, this is one of the things I am looking at. Has anybody used this product: https://www.bigrigchromeshop.com/ultra-sound-deadening-and-insulation-hushmat-p-15472.html#.WoRdza6nEdU Back in the stereo world we used dynmat to keep sound in the car and vibrations from the lower bass frequencies from rattling things loose. The upshot was it also quieted the ride. Anyway just asking.
  7. Passenger seat removal????

    Thanks for the advice from everybody. I might just have to get my hands dirty over the long weekend and take the seat out then remove the refrigerator.
  8. Passenger seat removal????

    I forgot, I would like to be able to kill the power from the batteries, using the kill switch and run the truck off of a different power supply, that is why I asked that question. I don't have 8 - 10K for an APU installation, for bobtailing & boondocking.
  9. Passenger seat removal????

    First - pictures would be great of the refrigerator! Second - the truck came with a giant inverter. I have been wondering how to set up a plug to run the truck on shore power (30 amp) or power from my generator? If I decide to bobtail and boondock? Can a set up a converter along with the inverter like I have in my trailer. Flyer and I replaced the converter from the trailer on a very cold December 31st a couple of years ago in the campground behind fremont street here in Las Vegas. Later, Cory O
  10. Passenger seat removal????

    Thanks for the information. The dorm fridge is a great tip, thanks for the advice!
  11. Passenger seat removal????

    I bought my 780 and when I bought it, it had a aftermarket refrigerator, it is about 3/4 the size of a normal fridge. The person who had the truck took out the passenger seat to get in and went after the closet where the original Volvo fridge was with a precipitating saw and it looks more like a rabid beaver attacked it than somebody concerned about the looks of the truck. Anyway I want to do a few things to my truck. To start this process I have to take out the passenger seat, the fridge is just to big any other way. When I contacted the person about what they did, he just said good luck and have fun with that. It takes up a lot of extra room in the apartment area and it makes a lot of noise as well as rubbing on the back of the drivers seat, I just want it gone so anyway...... How hard it is to remove the seat and deal with the airlines? Could I do it myself or should I pay Volvo 120.00 per hour for shop time for them to do this? Where could I get a replacement closet and Volvo refrigerator from without paying an arm and a leg? The bunk bed ladder is also gone. How hard is it to install one of these and are there any for under 200.00 Also I am trying to find a Semi Junk yard near Vegas, does anybody out there know of something close to here on near Fontana California since I go there a lot for German Shepherd training sessions? Later, Vegas Teacher -Cory Ossana
  12. Death Valley Brewing

    Hello All, This coming weekend we have a 5 day weekend from school, it starts on Wednesday after the school day is over and we don't go back until Tuesday of the following week. On Sunday I am going to bobtail over to Death Valley Brewing in Tecopa California. If I take 160 out of Vegas toward Pahrump I can be there in about 2 hours. I called them and they were really nice I told them about the 780 and asked for permission to park in the lot by the restaurant / brewery, you can also get food delivered there from a local steak restaurant which I thought was really neat. They were really nice and were more than open to the Semi. I am also going to be pulling my trailer over to Hysperia California. I am training in Fontana California and Thursday and leaving on Friday. I am going to stay at the Pilot truck stop that has the outpost cafe. I have grown to really like this truck stop for many reasons. One of the biggest is the customer service and the since of humor they have. The first time I stayed there with my wife we stopped there just because we were tired and it was a long day after teaching. I get up around 4:30 a.m. and teach freshman biology from 7:00 to the end of the school day at 1:30. I have a lot of students in each class and it keeps me on my feet and busy. By the time we got to Hysperia (AFTER DRIVING 55 MPH, Chad you got to work on that speed limit for us) it was later than I wanted it to be, I was tired and did not need to make any poor choices or bad mistakes behind the wheel of the 780 so we called it a night. The next morning I woke up and went in to see the attendant about getting a shower for me and a shower for my wife, when he said why not use the room at the same time and just pay for one shower. I looked at him and asked if he was serious. Once again Vegas Teacher does not need to loose his teaching license, for something stupid. He just looked at me and smiled and said sure, we do this all of the time, keep it to about 30 minutes because we are busy this morning, he smiled, I paid 12.50 and we got a shower, all was good. Now when I passed a trucker on the way into the shower room he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Anyway I called them last week and told them I had stayed there a couple of times and love to eat at the Outpost Cafe. I told them I would purchase my gas for the trip there and asked if I could park my Tundra and trailer in the lot. I told them I would park way back in the back and not take up any prime spots. I also explained that I was going into Fontana for dog training and asked if I could detach my truck and trailer from each other and leave my trailer behind unattended in the lot. They were extremely nice and said no problem. I could stay for 24 hours in the lot with the trailer and not have to worry about it. I explained again I would not have my 780 but my Tundra instead, and they did not have a problem with it. So the Semi and repairs, I understand it is a marathon and not a race and that repairs are expensive, all is good and the wife is on board with everything.................. Well my wonderful wife decided she wanted to go furniture shopping a couple of weeks ago and I did not even hesitate out we went smile on my face through all of the furniture stores in Las Vegas. She did not find the sectional she wanted so she wanted to reupholster the current sectional and did not know who to call, so I did the research and called all of the shops around Vegas, found a good shop, took pictures of the couch and submitted them to the places I called. Next set up an appoint to go to Regal Upholstery about a week ago on Friday. Between when I set up the appointment and when we, my wife decided she wanted another chair to be redone at the same time, I smiled and said what ever you want no problem. We went to the shop and then I took her out for dinner, her choice - Sushi. I do love Sushi so not a big deal. We set up a date for the people to come our house and measure. I made sure we were home on time and I cleaned the downstairs from top to bottom for her. Cost of the couch 4100.00 and some change, cost of the chair 500.00 and some change. So next truck repair has already been "mentioned" and she didn't even bat an eye. Newton's Laws say for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, just hope it all plays out well for the 780 on the equal part, but I did really make her happy. Remember only 2 shopping days until Valentines day....... Later, Vegas Teacher
  13. WCR - When?

    Well at least we know flyer is still a smart @$$ however one could not ask for a better friend. Regardless of how he comes across lol! Later Cory Ossana orange Volvo Vegas Teacher.
  14. WCR - When?

    Dave, (this is going to be kind of long... go get a sandwich and a beverage, but it is all positive nothing negative) Thanks so much. I really want to meet the people I talk to on the forum. I think this would be a great way to do it! You live up in Washington? 3 years ago I made my first trip up to the Pacific N.W. in the summer. There was no rain. We stayed at this great campground Just outside of Olympia. We were not in the main part of the city we were a ways outside and it was well before the Volvo. So I found this place by a wild wolf enclosure. It was a campground with a gas station attached to the check in facility. Anyway this was the trip that changed everything for us. When we bought the trailer we were pulling then and still pulling currently, my wife was very much well why do we need anything bigger. Now we were moving from tent camping (skipping the pop up phase) and going directly to a 23.5 foot Fleetwood Pioneer. Used from Craigs list 6500 , but talked them down to 6000.00, yep is has some dings and bumps but figured I would put my own on it and guess what I did. Anyway as teachers we can go and explore all summer long. So out first stop is in Battle Ground Washington for a Schutzhund trial with two German Shepherds. We are there for a week and we go to see Mt. St. Helen's and a few other things in the area, including Voodoo Donuts in Portland Oregon. We then travel north to Olympia and go to several places there and make it up to Seattle to see the Farmers Market. Next we travel back down to Oregon and meet an incredible German Shepherd breeder, Ray Reid, who was already a friend but we spend a few days there and visit with him and his family. It was a great trip and both Pam and I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest we even returned the next year and did Highway 1 from the middle of the Oregon coast line down to Cresent City California to see the Coastal Redwoods and the forest where Return of the Jedi was filmed. O.K. but this is the trip that changed everything for me, after the second week of being stuck with two large German Shepherds in a trailer that does not have slides or anything. So my wife says lets go trailer shopping when we get home. Granted this is 2015 but it is a start. So I say O.K. thinking she wants to look at a bumper pull like we have and go from there. Well we get home and the first thing we look at is Class A motor homes, and back at Schutzhund practice I start talking to Vegas Flyer. Flyer says what about a 5th wheel toy hauler with a garage for a dog. So I say I don't have the truck to pull it. Pam, she wants to go big or go home. I also say that for the price for 4500 series or 450 dually is pretty expensive, and at that moment in the summer of 2015 is when flyer introduces me to the idea of an HDT. Honestly I looked at him like he was crazy. Then I started the research, I joined the forum a little while after but I joined the forum. My investment person started putting money back for me. Then last year in March I bought the Volvo. I am happy I did but have not used as much as I have wanted to yet. I am sure I got a great truck, 20K can't beat the price for the safety and power it provides me. As all of you have said it is a marathon not a sprint when fixing these trucks up. I love my truck and someday it will be repainted shined and have the bed you guys have. I am looking forward to that day when it gets here. This summer if I get to come up I might be in my Tundra or I might be the ugly Duckling at the ball, in my well used 780. I really hope to see you there and as Paul Harvey would say............ "And now you know the rest of the story!" Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  15. WCR - When?

    Maybe before in Vegas....... Absolutely if your schedule permits would love to grab a coffee or a beer depending on your mood and choice for the day. Later, V.T.