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  1. Vegas Teacher

    Majority RV & Retirement

    You just made a biology teachers' day by using the word Ecosystem!!!!! If you used Biome or Ectone I would love it even more. Yes I am interested in hearing about all parts of the state. I am only familure with Dallas, San Antonio, Laredo & Corpus Christi. Plus I only know about what it was like in the summer time in those areas. I want to know what it is like there right now, in the middle of winter. Then what is it like there in November is it starting to get cold and misserable or is it nice. I do have to day I know the Pan Handle of Texas well on either side of Christmas. I drive I -40 home each year. Not a big fan of the weather I have been in, in Amarillo at Christmas time. Also thanks for all the information on other states without income tax.
  2. Vegas Teacher

    Majority RV & Retirement

    I agree completely that the topography changes depending on where you are in the state. That is why I am curious to hear from others in the state about where they live and what it is like. I am familure with Dallas, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. I have been to Laredo and through El Paso. But there is a lot to see and look at. You are also correct that I have a lot of time, that is why I am starting to ask questions now and educate myself. Also the great thing about being a teacher is having time in the summer to go and explore the different states that offer no state income tax. However, as mentioned, they make up for it somewhere else and that is also what I am looking at. What is that somewhere else? Please keep you comments coming. My wife really wants to know what the seasonal temperatures and humidity is like month to month. Later, Vegas Teacher, Cory O
  3. Vegas Teacher

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Hey me and the DW need help. We live in NV, and NV has no state income tax, so I have not paid state income tax on my money for years. We are looking at the states that have no income tax and low land / housing / real estate prices. Texas is coming in at the top of the list. Growing up in Kansas I used to travel to San Antonio for summer vacation with the family. It was fun to visit. I would like to be near San Antonio but not in the city. I would like to be a couple of hours away. I would like to have acreage out in the country and be completely outside of city limits. I would love to have a pond on my property. So I am not dead set on any one area of Texas, but would like to get opinions from those who live there! I would also like to get opinions from others who live in no state tax states. So for those who respond looking for answers to 1.climate spring winter and summer temps 2. Levels of Taxes on property 3. HDT Friendly or not 4. Any other information you would like to throw at me. My retirement date is January 29th, 2029 Wife's retirement date is January 23rd, 2023 I got to Vegas 6 years after she did. Anyway we start doing research early. Our realestate agent has told us to start shopping now, and forming ideas. If we find a hot property buy it now, rent it out (LOL if you read my last struggles) and have it partially paid off before you move there. I will be selling two properties in Vegas right before I move and will have them paid off prior to retirement plus each property should pull in over 300K, yep welcome to Vegas. Californians think we are a steal for prices. Thanks for your help and opinions. Yes over the next four or five years I am going to update and ask this question in similar ways many times over. Update on the rental saga - we sent the 30 day letter of collections to our former tenents on Friday, for some odd reason we have not heard back yet. And I thought they would turn into good people and pay up LOL '-( Later, Cory O Vegas Teacher
  4. Vegas Teacher

    Its a marathon

    Updates and totals: 1. Cleaning alone -$400.00 2. Everything on the inside plus the garage -$10,000.00 3. Landscaping -$400.00 4. Back Rent -$4800.00 5.$15,600 + February rent = 16,800 Not Fun places to spend money, So the Semi is put on hold. I know it is a marathon, but this is a $20,000.00 Road block / Detour. Later, Vegas Teacher
  5. Vegas Teacher

    Its a marathon

    Thanks, I just did not know somebody could have so little respect for the property of others. My wife and I lived in that house for two years, it was a nice house in a good part of town, it still is a nice house in a nice neighborhood in a good part of town. 1800 square feet of living space, 2 car garage. It is all beaten up inside until we get it fixed up. I am now going with a property management company from here on out. 10 years from today I can retire. I will sell it then. later, Cory O
  6. Vegas Teacher

    We have arrived at Dollytrolly’s Oasis

    Now if that young feller that lives over the hill would stop by and treat us gezzers to lunch it would be wonderful. Dave, Glad you made it back down this way! How long you going to be there? I might just try to make it over Saturday, However did you read my post about a marathon????? Got some financial issues right now. Also I figured out where you hit the road and you had no clue as to where you were going, it is the new bypass around Boulder City, I did not know it was open, but as a local I love it. I no longer have to mess with that little town where traffic slows to a crawl when the lake is busy. I am sorry I did not know about it back when you were coming into town, you have to thank Trump for that one. Hey get Mike all riled up for me, that old fart needs somebody to really P!$$ him off good at times. Also look up Vegas Flyer, he is good for a laugh too. Later, Cory O
  7. Vegas Teacher

    Its a marathon

    If you are on the Facebook HDT site you have read this......... Yep I get it, it is a marathon getting these trucks ready to run on on the road, however when you get a 20 mile detour, snow and ice thrown at you that marathon becomes a seemingly impossible project. So yes I have savings and yes but I have hit a major detour in repairs on the truck. Here in Vegas I own a rental property. for 10 years I have been the property manager and had good renters. This streak came to an end over the Christmas Holiday and between back rent and repairs that I have to do to get my house ready to put back on the market I am probably out 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 from my pocket. All new flooring, the carpet was trashed. Completely painted top to bottom. Holes punched in the sheet rock, Entry doors to rooms broken off of the hings, no not unscrewed, torn off. Solar Screens ripped off and laying in the yard. The whole house stinks of something, don't know what. Smells like year old grease, from a deep fryer but the fryer is gone. I built a nice dog run for the renters it is gone. Even looks like they pulled a motor cycle or 4 wheeler into the house and dripped oil on the living room carpet. So a couple of things will change. Semi is put on hold for a while. I have brand new lights sitting in the box waiting to be installed. I was going to do tires, shocks and springs soon, however that is now put on hold. Anyway my emergency fund is going to get used up here pretty soon. Later, Cory O
  8. Vegas Teacher

    Best Cell phone holder / tablet Holder I have ever Used

    Thanks Rick, I will have to look into it.
  9. Howdy all, First thanks to all who read and gave me advice on wiring Parallel , Chad those pictures were perfect. https://www.iowa80.com/search/max hold/ If you go to this address you will see what I picked up over the Christmas vacation I took back home from Vegas to Pittsburg Kansas, we were spitting distance from Jack's place over in Parson's K.S. Jack, sorry we did not make it to Parson's, maybe this summer! O.K. so I went to the 44 Truck stop, I know Mr. Cobb has been there and few others on the forum have too, but if you are ever going through the Midwest and you are on 44 highway anyway, this is a must see place. It is incredible, it is like going to the Terrible Herbst just south of Las Vegas on 15. Anyway I bought the Maxx Hold for my cell phone in the Cell phone size, they also have them bigger. Over the years I have bought to many to remember, had them for a 48 hour period and the backing wears off, looses it suction or the phone slides out of the padded friction holder, not with this one. The suction has not stopped, even driving in 9 degree weather for hours on end, the unit has metal and steal on it not a lot of plastic and padding. It has spring loaded arms and they clamp down on your phone, in short it just works. If you are in the market for a new holder I would not hesitate, I love mine. I do not have a tablet, my wife has a Kindle Fire, But I am sure this would work for it too..... Later, Cory O - Have a great weekend.
  10. Vegas Teacher

    Runnig Parallel - Batteries

    ABSOLUTELY!!! See you then! I got to get it done before Valentines Weekend!
  11. Vegas Teacher

    Runnig Parallel - Batteries

    Hello All, Please help. I want to run two 12 volt batteries in parallel on the front of my trailer. I know if I hook the (+) to the (+) and the( - )to the ( - ) between the two batteries I am good there. However, how do I attach the ( + ) and ( - ) wires coming off of the trailer. Do I attach both to one battery or the ( + ) to battery A and the ( - ) to battery B. I am doing this to increase parking lot time for boon docking not to increase voltage from 12 to 24 volts. I guess I could go next door and ask the phyics teacher, he is about 20 years old than me. He is also a retired physicists from the nuclear plant, but his explanations are so long winded and I get tired long before he is done talking. If anybody has pictures that would be great. I have two marine batteries that are pretty new, I can't wait to give this a try. I also want to learn how to set up solar pannels, but one thing at a time. Later, Vegas Teacher
  12. Vegas Teacher


    Grand Teton & Yellowstone: Wife and I went there about 15 years ago and I loved it very much. We tent camped from Las Vegas to the U.P. of Michigan then down across the bridge to her home town of Paris Michigan. Yep I go to Paris almost every year and never have to get on an airplane. Anyway we spent a week there. For those of you who have been there you know you don’t have to look very hard for wildlife or guess where something is. When you see the 30 cars pulled off on the side of the road, yep something is there. So we are driving between Teton and Stone in the 10 mile stretch of connector highway. I see the mob of cars pulled off on both sides of the road and the crowd building. I pull over, get out and put a can of pepper spray in my pocket J.I.C. (just in case) down the ravine about 50 yards is a mother black bear and two cubs. She is trying to get away from the crowd and her cubs to a safer, quieter location. One of the tourist, starts running / jogging toward the bear shouting HEY BEAR! HEY BEAR! The bear stops turns around and looks at the now confused tourist. I turned on my heal, and went back to my truck, a Nissian Frontier at the time, and left. I hope nothing happened to that person but, we all need somebody to win the “Darwin Award” each day! Later, Vegas Teacher
  13. Vegas Teacher

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Sorry HDT my apologies lol 😁
  14. Vegas Teacher

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    And pulling this trailer with the tundra is what lead me to wanting a much bigger and better truck. Even though my tundra by its factory specksshould be able to do the job I know that it is at the limits of what is can do. I have pulled it up and over the Rockies using the 1/2 ton but that is not the best tool for the job that is why I started going a different direction. Now it really started when we went on a 4 week vacation about 5 years ago to the Pacific northwest in the pioneer my wife decides she wants something bigger. I am thinking o.k. like 1 slide and a 26 or 27 foot bumper pull. No she wants a triple axel fuzion 423. So I go back to my schutzhund club where Vegas flyer is a member. He says have you thought about a semi instead of a dually. I asked him if he was crazy? Then I start doing the research all of us have done and decide on the semi for the reasons we all bought the semi. Now it has taken me a few years to get to this party. I saved money every month so when I bought my 780 I did not owe anybody any money. I am now saving for a fuzion. It is going to be a while, I still have my 23.5 footer but that 6500 lbs fully loaded the semi doesn't even know it is back there.
  15. Vegas Teacher

    Cab Air Bags on Volvo

    Once again $90.00 no head ache, no trouble shooting no reading manuals, we to a semi shop, had tge work done by a professional dropped off in the morrning picked up in the afternoon. No skinned knuckles, no four letter words, no stress, no videos just pulled out my credit card. Sometimes plastic is the best tool of all. 😁