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  1. If I want to have a two door jeep and a 5th wheel how big of bed do I need to have put on for the trailer to be able to turn a 90 or more degree angle or more safely? What did you guys do, no I am not going to single mine.
  2. "We were almost run off the road a few weeks back by an idiot playing with his GPS and phone while trying to drive." We have a lot of those in Vegas, many with out of state tags.
  3. I am not an expert on anything when it comes to these trucks or way of life I am hoping to enter into in about 9 years, but I do know how to do one thing........ FIND HELP, I am not a mechanic. My Grandpa is rolling in his grave because he was, he had a full service Texaco Gas Station, back in the days when full survice they did a 30 point inspection when your call was being filled with gas, and even topped off oil and wiper fluid if you needed it. He also had a full service shop. He could tear apart an engine or transmission. He worked long and hard, had a very successful career, but I never got into it. I should have. So now I pay the price, but I know how to ask those who know for help, and I know how to do research and find help LOL ;-)! Your Welcome, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher
  4. https://www.findtruckservice.com/Semi/Mobile/Truck+Repair/SC/Myrtle+Beach/ Here is what I found on line......
  5. I agree completely with the Old School, I bought the Motor Carriers Atlas in 2017 and I love it. It never hurts to see then entire route or the U.S. Laid out in front of you. Kids have no idea of how to read a map or plan a trip from point A to point B. I took Geology in College and we had to learn how to read all kinds of maps, including Topo maps we put on 3D glasses to see relief, it was awsome. Map reading is kind of a lost art. Anyway thanks for the advice!! Later, Cory O - Vegas Teacher - 1 hour and 5 minutes of this period plus 2 days of exams then Friday is Teacher Check out day.
  6. Dolley Trolley, Man how are you and the rest of the "old farts" doing? Hey I just about made it over the hump this weekend, actually yesterday but did not feel like it. I got in at 1:30 and by the time I fed all of the dogs and did a round of "Potty" brakes I got to bed close to 2 a.m. I called John last Friday to get a meet up set up with you him, my wife, his wife and your wife at a local diner of some kind in the big city of Pahrump! I am picking up Kennel Pannels for my dog kennels at TSC and it seemed like a nice stopping point to relax for some R & R and then get to jab you a little bit. I assume you are a different person in front of your wife, I know I am. Anyway if we make an afternoon run would you like me to text you when I head over. I got a few "teknicle" questions for you anyway! Later, Cory O
  7. Hello all: Due to a sport I am in I do a lot of traveling into California for the weekend. I normally leave at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, for Delano, and return around 1:00 a.m. Sunday Morning to Vegas. Last weekend on 58 headed home we learned of a rig that had gone over the mountain side and was being picked up by cranes a piece at a time. I pulled into a Denny's / Flying J just off of Merced Ave, in Bakersfield California, I sat in a booth and was talking to my wife about alternate routes. I had one ear open and was listening to the two guys in the booth behind me. As the meal progressed I figured they were long haul drivers, so I asked them if they were. I asked them if they had heard what had happened and we talked about that for a while. Then we got to talking and I told them about my 780 and showed them pictures of it, with my trailer hooked up. One guy asked if I had a CDL and I told him where I was in the process. I told him I had passed my written and that I was going to school this summer to get the rest. The person I was talking to had about 20 years on me and I walked away with a few golden nuggets of information from him. Some of the things that really jumped out was how interested he and his friends were about the conversion from the commercial to private or RV. They loved the research I quoted to them from the site. Not one guy made a wise crack about "Do you think you have a big enough truck????" It was pretty much in agreement that the semi is the right tool for the job. I know I will never be a long haul driver any time soon, but there is always retirement. They were all really friendly and nice, not a single condescending remark from any of them. We got back on the road and by that time the road was clear. Also does anybody use WAZE app. This app has nothing to do with pulling trailers or stuff like that but what it does is, it is a live app with its users tuned in and able to post on it. So just like google maps you type in where you are going and it sets up a route for you. If a user sees a car on the side of the road or a speed trap they record where they are and it goes out to all users who are logged in. If there is a wreck and a road closure, like we found out about above, it lets you know and automatically plans an alternative route for you, it also highlights the area of the road which is closed so you can see where it is and how to get around it. Members talk about alternative routes and once again it routes you around. By the time we got done eating I looked on the app and the road was open. I had not known about this until my CC teacher told me about it on Friday, I used it for the first time this weekend it was great. I am currently shopping for the Best GPS for the Big Rig, I want a large display, I am both near and far sighted. Which is the favorite for those of you on the forum. 4 days of School left, bring on the adult beverages!!!!!!! Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  8. Here is a link to an article. I thought the name of the article was kind of catchy. Did anybody hear about it? https://www.yahoo.com/gma/sticky-situation-truck-carrying-41-000-pounds-honey-181000825--abc-news-topstories.html Later, Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher - 6 class days left, then summer time😉!
  9. Love's can do a full set of Aola Truck tires (Drives only) for $3198.00 mounted out the door with tax included. Is this a good price and are these acceptable tires for our type of use?????
  10. It might be on America's funniest home videos.
  11. Not offended at all, I just feel stupid sometimes asking so many questions.
  12. To all: No offense was taken, I take all suggestions, comments and constructive criticism on driving and safety to heart and try to learn from everybody. Teachers are life long students. I think this backing thing gets the best of me sometimes. You know I studied 340 questions and read the driving book cover to cover, I annotated the text and outlined parts of the book I have it committed to memory. I am a good student I know how to study, I know how to learn. The backing is difficult for me, I know the trick put you hand at the 6 O'clock position and just turn the wheel the way you want the back of the trailer to go but how do you guys position the mirrors so you can see. On my Tundra I am so used to the mirrors and how far out they stick plus I just seem to know them better. I could really use advice here and any advice on backing up the the trailer bobtail and putting it on along with backing that trailer would be nice. I also know you back to the drivers side but how do you know what is going on, on the passenger side if the angle of the trailer makes it a little difficult to see. I ask this because when I was backing into the spot at a truck stop a frew weeks back, between two 860's, I was more than a little nervous. Later, Cory O
  13. Plus I have many questions I want to ask. I do put some on the forum but then some people get so pissy I feel stupid. If it were only guys like you who have a real background in trucks it would be better. I always give you credit and listen to what you have to say. I think I found the perfect house in Texas it was a farm 40 acres bardominium guest house pond and out in the middle of no where just shy of 200k, wish I could retire tomorrow and buy it, but that is not going to happen. Happy Easter Later Cory Ossana
  14. Just the class I am doing it only for the instructions 40 hours behind the wheel one on one with an instructor. Backing a trailer is a huge part of it. They teach you to slalom backwards.
  15. Insurance breaks plus in Nevada I can't register it as an RV. I am looking at other lot io options.
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