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  1. Vegas Teacher

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    I love the facebook side of this it is a lot easier to use and post pictures on.
  2. Vegas Teacher

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Yep sounds like my teachin'
  3. Vegas Teacher

    California - Fog

  4. Vegas Teacher

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    I have said this before and will say it again to piggy back on what has been said already............. On the forum all you see is black and white, words and words only. You don't see facial expressions, body language or hear voice tone and infliction. Something said in humor or good old fashion ribbing of somebody can get taken wrong. On line anybody can hide behind a screen name. Look at how Dolly Trolley pushes me around or Vegas Flyer. Flyer is a great friend and I have had the pleasure of eating lunch, well buying lunch for him, but if you only read what we wrote to each other you would think we hated each other, but they love to tease me, and I like to get them all worked up too. In teaching, I face 200 kids every day, I have to be very aware of what I say and how I say it. When I type an email to a parent it is read by me and my administrator before I send it out, then I CC the admin, on the email just in case the parent complains. Once again I think a lot of stuff starts on line due to Ego's and not getting to talk to somebody face to face. It is easy to cyber bully and being a teacher in a high school I see it on a regular basis, something very innocent gets out of hand and it turns into a fist fight at school. The sad part is when grown people start acting like the kids. Well that is just my two cents worth. Later, Cory O
  5. Vegas Teacher

    California - Fog

    California, L.A. Drivers, Outpost Cafe and Broke Garage doors: I was going to drive the Volvo over to dog training from Vegas to L.A. but a few things came up, got in the way, like my father-in-law got in a wreck, and other $h!t. Anyway I had to drive the Tundra instead, which just had it 95,000 mile tune up to the tune of 1800.00 and some change. Oil, transmission fluid, front and rear differential, power steering fluid, passenger side low beams, new wiper blades, all kinds of stuff. Well we left Vegas about 1 p.m. and got to Hysperia California about 4:00 pm. Went to the Oak Room Micro Brew and enjoyed a craft beer flight. We then traveled on to Fontana, trained got back in the truck and on the road back to Vegas about 7:45 p.m. When we started going up the mountain pass into Hysperia we hit some really dense fog, visibility of only about 25 feet in front of the truck. My question is this......... In the semi when driving at night I notice my headlights are less than impressive, how bad would the stock Volvo headlights be in the fog? The other thing that scared me was the L.A. Drivers, they were on my @$$ I turned on my low beams at first then I turned on my hazard lights and finally I turned on my Cargo light in the bed of truck just so they would see me. I finally got over in the truck lane in the "Rocking Chair postion" and ran 20 mph with a Peterbilt leading and Kenworth trailing. We got off at the exit to catch 395 and went to the Outpost Cafe in Hysperia (this is a great place to eat, I can't say enough good about them!) at the Pilot truck stop. Ground Sirloin steak for me and meatloaf for my wife, an hour later and 3 cups of coffee I got back on the road with full stomach, caffeine and a tank full of gas. Well coming down Baker Grade looking at Primm Nv, the wifes cell phone goes off at about 11:45 p.m. Our renter calls us and says somebody hit the garage door and drove off. We call a 24 hour garage door service and get an appointment set up for between 6 and 8 a.m. the next morning. We get home about 1:15 a.m. by the time all the dogs (4) have been out to urinate and defecate and eat we are in bed at about 2:00 a.m. back up the next morning at 5 a.m. on Sunday. Meet the repair guy at 6:00 a.m. after a 3 hour nap. Went for breakfast on the way home at a place called Jam's. Went back to bed until 2:00 p.m. Sunday and the Chiefs lost. That was my weekend, how was yours. Hey Dolley Trolley I did not kill myself or anyone else this weekend aren't you happy LOL no fire balls, no soccer moms ran over. Come on I know you are out there LOL!!!!! Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  6. Vegas Teacher

    10 - 4

    Happy 10 - 4 day!
  7. It is a very beautiful boring drive, if that makes any sense! It is a terrible place to brake down. Poor cell service even with Verizon, last time I went from Vegas to Elko. Later, Cory O P.S. What is your favorite food and are you a buffet person? We have some good sushi out here too!
  8. Vegas Teacher

    Anyone know of a good place to spend the night near Redding CA

    Dave, All kidding aside if I hear something I will private message you. The dog community is small, and we all know each other. I will keep an eye, ear and Paw out for you. Later, Cory O P.S. if you make it back through Vegas Please let me know, I would love to see your Rig and my wife loves the classic look, I think she is ready to buy one of them to fix up over the Volvo I just bought two years ago. She also wants a wood panel classic hot rod. God I love this lady!!!!!!
  9. Vegas Teacher

    Anyone know of a good place to spend the night near Redding CA

    Redding and Motels........ About 5 years ago My wife and I were driving back from a Schutzhund trial in Salem Oregon and stopped in Redding for the night at a Motel 6. At that point we had two male German Shepherds of impressive size and stature. 5 years ago they were younger than they are now, still alive but move a little slower. They are both trained in Tracking, Obedience and Protection for Schutzhund competitions. So we get checked in to this lovely ( said in a sarcastic tone ) little motel and make it down to a park in front of our room. The people staying in the room next to us have the music going, door open and smoke wafting out the room into the parking lot where half of them are sitting on cars. I get Jax out he is a West German, German Shepherd coming in at about a lean 85 lbs, 90 when he is fat. ( I could write a dissertation on feeding and exercise but not the place for it here but we take good care of our dogs P.M. if you want more information.) Jax is the traditional looking shepherd light front with a Black Saddle, big boxy head. His head is 11 inches center of the ears to the tip of the snout. Next we get Sawyer out 75 - 80 lbs about 30 inches at the withers. Sawyer is Jet black with brown socks, big boxy head but very, very serious looking. These people start to scatter like roaches, when they see the two dogs. One of them comes over and asks if they are drug dogs, music gets turned off and door closes to the room. One of them walks past our window about 5 minutes later, Sawyer hits the window barking at full speed, the scum bag jumps 10 feet. I laughed, Jax had his back and both were on the defense. California may not let me carry my CCW since I am from Nevada, but they can't prevent me from carrying my pack of 4 German Shepherds, Pepper Spray and Bear Spray. Later, Cory O
  10. Vegas Teacher

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    Yep go get a nap and some Metamucil so you have the strength to come up with a good comeback. I got faith in you!!!!! I did look at those roads on google earth, it is this new fangled thang on the interweb, 299 looks pretty good. I think I could do it.
  11. Vegas Teacher

    First pull and truck weight.

    I love Grizzly tools been there many times, just around the corner from Bass Pro
  12. Vegas Teacher

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    So are you saying you need a young agile man like me to drive your old @$$ over the highway now???? Yep I am laughing again as I write this, I am sure you are fired up now! You know us young guys with good eyes and reflexes are having to much fun with this right now. So I am awaiting your rant back on this. I need something to make me laugh today, so fire away old fart LOL! 😎 Later, Cory O
  13. Vegas Teacher

    Hi everyone brand new here!!

    Welcome to the Forum!
  14. Vegas Teacher

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Good Story - Sunday I did not allow for people going back to California. For those of you not from this part of the country I-15 is a mess going back to L.A. from Las Vegas, plus they now have this new check station for everybody across the entire southbound lane of I - 15 going into California. This wonderful new check point causes traffic backups. Between Jean NV and Primm traffic was backed up. I had to go in stop and go traffic for over an hour. This is normally 15 minutes. Finally we made it to the Exit. Once again I have to quote the old man Dolly Trolley ( I know he is gonna get on me for that, I am laughing out loud as I type this ) "You have to play nice with the smaller animals." I was more than ready to drive right over a few drivers from California without remorse or regret, people are so stupid, they think these big rigs can stop on a dime like cars, or they can just zip in front of you. So my mom is in the cab and I have to watch my language, yes even at 47 I still do not use profanity around my parents. But my blood pressure probably went up 10 points on that trip. I think I might have taken out a cone too. Lots of them out there. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory O
  15. Vegas Teacher

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Hey are you guys talking about crown royal only every afternoon after school when I get home. Also you old fart trying to hang up in this nice young man almost wants to make me go cry to my wife about all you bullies out there. You all realize I am joking right. So yes if you get close to Vegas or p ahrump look me up and we might be able to work something out for lunch. Now trolley has mentioned stuff about the chicken ranch but as a teacher I can't go to those places, something about wanting to keep my job. You guys keep on laughing, joking with me, giving me he'll and having a great time. I love it and I am sure the other readers appreciate all of the humor in the thread. Later Cory Ossana