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  1. After Reading Pulled over.............

    Chad, Thanks so much I really appreciate the help. Have a great holiday season! Vegas Teacher
  2. After Reading Pulled over.............

    Can anybody help me find in the Nv rules and regulations where it explains that I do not have to have a CDL if I am driving an semi, bobtail or pulling a travel trailer / 5th wheel? I have looked in the book and am not seeming to find the numbers so I can copy and paste the section into my resource book / file folder. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  3. HDT Camping on the Pacific coast highway through California?

    I took highway 101 from Lincoln City Oregon to Crescent City California, we traveled in and out of the Coastal Redwoods and then went to see the Redwood Forest Starwars Return of the Jedi was filmed with the Ewoks LOL. It was at the top of list for beautiful drives. I am a Ray Stevens fan, and we went through Coos Bay Oregon, a town mentioned in the "haircut" song. Outside of having to slow down to 35 mph for a speed limit, it was a very enjoyable drive along the winding back roads and smaller U.S. highway systems. Mom and Pop gas stations and places to eat. Happy Holidays, Vegas Teacher
  4. Insurance

    I did forget to put in that it was on both the trailer and the tractor. National General will not insure one without insuring the other. It looks like Chad and I pay the same rate approximately. As you can see I live in Las Vegas and everything out here when dealing with insurance is a little more expensive. However I remember when I was 18 years old (back in the 90's, yes I know I am just a pup) but I wanted a IROC Z 28 Camero or 5.0 HO Mustang 5 speed. Car payments would have been 150.00 per month and my insurance for an 18 year old boy was 250.00 not good. My parents were all for the car until they saw the insurance quote and said no way. I wound up with a 1987 Ford Bronco II. I did have an awesome ground pounding stereo in it. It did 180 DB's and I worked at a car stereo shop........... Oh the stories I could tell about growing up and jobs I had as a kid. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory O
  5. Insurance

    National General Insurance - just over 800.00 every 6 months with towing. But I am young and dumb so they probably charge me more LOL!!! Later, Cory O - Vegas Teacher
  6. Gas Run - Crystal Valley - Cheap - Moappa Nv

    Steve, Almost forgot we will be going through California again. I have dog training Tuesday of next week. Driving down Monday evening and back on Tuesday. Will be staying at the Pilot in Hysperia and training 30 minutes down the road in Fontana. Later, Cory O
  7. Gas Run - Crystal Valley - Cheap - Moappa Nv

    Steve, Thanks for the advice. My tires are at 1/32 and 2/32, the wear bar is showing through on one of them. Can these be serviced and if so How I am all about saving money at this point. Love's, just north of Vegas, gave me a price of 2800 O.T.D. for 8 drives. They are an Asian brand and I can't remember which one, it sounded like Toyo but it was not Toyo. I have new Toyo's on the front because I found out I drove home with cracked bridge stones. The crack was 10 inches long, spider webbed out and I could see steel bars underneath. I can't believe I made it from Tampa Bay to Las Vegas on them. The idea to prioritize is great and I am doing that now, like do I need it or want it. Do I need the Deep Space headlights or do I want them, do I need a ladder to get into the top bunk or do I just want it. I like your idea of the fluids and keeping up on that stuff. Anyway all is good and thanks so much. Later, Vegas Teacher.
  8. Past time to leave Montana

    Wrkrvr - Vern - See my post about exit 75 Moapa Valley of Fire Chevron Diesel prices - if you need fuel and if you can hold out, you might want to stop there. Last night I paid 2.88 per gallon. Phone number is below so you can contact them to see if the price is correct or still good, but fuel in Vegas is 3.28 per gallon. 42 cents per gallon is quite a savings if you are buying a 100 gallons or more. Just on a 100 gallons that is $42.00 Anyway safe travels. Later, Vegas Teacher
  9. Gas Run - Crystal Valley - Cheap - Moappa Nv

    I use an APP called Truckers Path and it shows me diesel prices all over the nation. About 20 miles north of Las Vegas off of I - 15 on Exit 75 at the Moapa Valley of fire Chevron gas station / Truck stop Diesel is 2.88 per gallon. At Loves truck stop, 10 miles south of there Diesel is 3.29 a gallon and at the Petro by the Las Vegas Motor speedway Gas is 3.30 per gallon. This is a savings of 42 cents per gallon and on 200 gallons it is a savings of $84.00 that is enough to buy a mid level steak dinner on at for two at the Out Back or if you hit happy hour at Herbs and Rye here in Vegas everything on the menu is 1/2 price - great place to eat. Anyway that was what I paid last night. I got the semi out, stretched its legs and did about 50 miles round trip with it. The D.W.'s father is back in Vegas now, he is a snow bird from Michigan and owns a house in Vegas, I took him for a ride to get gas last night. He had a lot of fun. I keep my Semi at his house along with my current trailer. He bought his house out here in Vegas during the housing crash and picked up a nice house for pennies on the dollar. The trip went well, truck ran great and I am getting more and more comfortable driving the truck. The inner cooler repair has made a huge difference and we take the hills without dropping at all in speed or even increasing in RPM's the boost it gets is impressive. I can't wait to see how it will ride once I get new drive tires on it this spring. I am also going to do new front shocks this spring. I just ran out of money on the last set of repairs. I actually think I might get out and try to turn a wrench myself more often and save money there. I love the advice all of you gave me and it is well appreciated. The D.W. loves the fact I took her dad out and spent some time bonding with him, he is a pretty good person. I get to park my truck and trailer for free so every time I go over to start the truck up or drive it I try to do something nice for him. At the age of 84 he can't do what he used to but he had no problem hopping up in the cab of the truck. So the D.W. is completely on board now with the Semi, she is enjoying riding in it, and last weekend she got involved in a small project on it. We organized the inside, bedding and all of that stuff. She also started cleaning off some of the really old grime and paid more attention to the little things than I do when I clean. It is like when we do house work together. I see the big things but she sees the small things. So she is taking ownership in the truck and how it looks, I drive it and all of that good stuff but she makes it look great! We are on the right path now. She is not scared of the truck at all, she just doesn't want to drive it yet. I am looking for some good places to take her to let her get acquainted with the truck that are not busy. With the Holiday season approaching Mall parking lots are not good. We do have a stretch of road from our school up to the Clark County shooting range that is not heavily traveled so I think we will start there, wide lanes, 35 miles per hour and she can turn around at our school in a large parking lot that won't have anybody in it. Once again I am taking the advice of the people on the forum. I hope you can see I am reading / listening to what you are saying and applying it to my life & D.W. See I am even using D.W. like you pros do, so now I need you to let me in on the rest of the shorthand you use. Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
  10. Past time to leave Montana

    It is still in the mid to upper 70's through Thursday here in Vegas and we will get a nasty cold front after that pushing us down into the upper 60's 68 / 69 then we warm back up to the mid to upper 70's again through Thanks giving. It has been a great fall season here. I think you will be happy with the weather south of here her when you get into Arizona. Later, Vegas Teacher
  11. Past time to leave Montana

    Safe travels and good luck, we are off today for the observance of Veterans Day - Thanks to all on the forum that served this great country!
  12. Past time to leave Montana

    10 day forecast for Las Vegas and the weather you have to look forward to if you can get out of the frozen north: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USNV0049:1:US
  13. Past time to leave Montana

    Vern, Man I am feeling your pain for you in each of your stories and updates. Two years ago we were trapped in Winter Storm Goliath in Tucuman NM, and it was awful. We were at a LaQuinta with two Fully grown German Shepherds with two queen beds. The fun part was watching the people in the parking lot slip and slide around in trucks and SUV's without snow tires on. I saw 5 wrecks happen just from people that were getting out to play in the snow. The line for the breakfast bar in the morning was awful and you only had two kinds of people in line those who were complaining and those who were trying to make the best of the situation. I was trying to make the best of it and have fun meeting people. We got out after being stuck there for a while. NM highway patrol shut down 40, but did a fine job getting it opened up. After it opened we saw many cars that skidded off of the road and into the median or ditch. I do have to say my all wheel drive Subaru did awesome on the highway even on the patches of ice that were left. It was ice patches the size of a football field. So best of luck to you, I hope you are able to get out soon and that you find I -15 passable. It is still great weather here in the S.W. yesterday Las Vegas we were over or near the 70's for our high temperature. Later, Vegas Teacher
  14. Semi Confused -LOL get it semi Ha! Ha!

    So what if I throw in a Good Sam discount card on Truck Stop Lot Lizards LOL!!!
  15. Semi Confused -LOL get it semi Ha! Ha!

    Lol lmao you and flyer are killing me right now!😅😎