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  1. Oregon Coast Summer 2018 Ideas?

    Pretty much looking for one spot for five or six weeks, although not adverse to moving around either. Just in the planning stages now. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a nice park on the Oregon coast for next summer (2018), most likely June and July. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Insurance

    Farmers: Volvo and fiver $1,046 per year. Should mention that I am registered in Cook County IL which pushes the rate up a bit. On the other side I have three vehicles, house, and umbrella liability policies with them which earn some discounts. I should also mention that they have stood solidly behind me regarding a serious accident with the smart 18 months ago.
  4. We were in Alb for a family wedding during the Fiesta this year and it is a sight worth seeing even without actually attending any of the events. Should be a great HOP!
  5. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    X 2 on the Fluke. My cheap multimeter konked out at an inconvenient time this summer. An electrician that helped me out recommended a Fluke T5-1000. Just received mine last week, great meter, really user friendly and seems pretty tough . A bit pricy ($144) but well worth it. Two things I really like about it: it reads either AC voltage or DC voltage with the same setting on the meter and it is built so one probe can be fixed to the meter, so you do not need three hands to hold the meter and two probes.
  6. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Here's a link to photos of my build on Photo Bucket. Deck Build
  7. Buying a cover

    That's what we did for years in Northern IL. Found a retired farmer with a virtually empty tractor shed. Only drawback being a mile down an unpaved road - and we were only 40 miles west of the Chicago lakefront. Out of sight, secure and I had a key for access anytime I needed it. Head out to an exurban area, look for a Tractor Supply or similar place and look on their message board or ask around. You did not say what urban area, but if there are lakes around there are often farmers who advertise boat storage - boat or RV usually room for both. When I first found my place I asked the gentleman if the doors were high enough, "Well," he said, "they are 18 feet high ..."
  8. Semi / snow - Bob tail

    I've driven ours in the snow with the trailer on (3,500 lbs pin weight) and the 1,600 lb smart on board and it's not something I want to do again! And I'm a guy who learned to drive in snow country and still have no fear of driving a car in slippery conditions. After one trip from Chicago to St Louis in steadily falling snow the DW said "I never knew I could hold my breath that long!" It is doable, but I would not recommend it. Another vote for Steve's suggestion!
  9. Just had the MorRyde IRS installed on our Newmar in July. A bit pricy, but well well worth the money. We have towed about 5k miles since install and really happy with the result. Added a bit of weight to the trailer, but we went from two 9k sprung axles to two 10k IRS, so we gained capacity.
  10. Air Compressor Questions

    My air is leaking down fairly quickly, going to take it in for an overall check shortly, but when I shut down I can hear what sounds like a high volume, low pressure air leak in the area of the compressor. More of a 'whoosh' than a 'hiss' sound. Maybe internal leakage in the compressor? Which produces three questions: can the air compressor be rebuilt? Is there a rebuild kit? And, if so, can a reasonably competent mechanic do it himself? I was ASE certified Master on cars many moons ago, but HDTs are a completely different animal!
  11. We do as Dale does, switching to the locals as we move. Using the spot beam maps helps. For instance earlier this month we were in Des Moines for a night, Independence, MO for a two nights, and Claremore, OK for two nights. When we hit Des Moines I switched to the Kansas City locals and we stayed in the KS spot beam for five nights. Oddly, when we switched to Amarillo, TX we found that the HD locals were on Sat 61.5! First time I ran into that with the Trav'ler. Still received the locals in SD which was fine for a couple of nights. I was also told that the ability to change your service address (for locals) will soon be added to the MyDish app!
  12. Trailer Saver 5th Wheel Hitch

    X2 Been using the Trailer Saver since just before Hensley bought the company, 10 years plus. Towing close to 19k for more than 10 years with no issues. Very rare failure to lock is invariably "hitched high" with the wide part of the pin inside the jaws instead of below them. Of course I have occasionally forgotten to "cock" the hitch by returning the lever to the 9 O'clock position.
  13. Best Leveling Jacks to Buy

    X 2! Love the BigFoot! And great after sale service.
  14. Every person has their own priorities and specific situation which determines the best plan. Very hard to generalize. I retired and started taking SS 10 years ago at 62. Like Eddie I was sick of working. In addition I had just survived colon cancer with a clean bill of health. My investment advisor took enough out of our portfolio to supplement my SS for 10 years. He put it in CDs with staggered maturity dates, which coincidentally protected those assets from the recession. We let the rest of our investments ride it out and they have more than recovered. Now my wife has reached 65 and was able to take advantage of filing a "restricted application" for her SS and put off collecting until it reaches max payout at 70. The she filled for the spousal share of my SS. She gets 50% of my full benefit, not the reduced benefit I receive. Now we can let her SS benefit grow for five years and then she can switch from half of mine to her full benefit - which will be more. They have closed that so-called loophole, but you can do what she did if you were born before early 1952. So right now I am really happy with my decision to begin collecting as soon as I could.
  15. Pilot & Flying J

    X2. Never really check about the .08 discount, but it does get pump start and cash price for CC.