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    Sold the house in Geneva, IL; Winter in Tucson. Summer wherever.

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  1. Dennis M

    Cool Truck

    4:11 gears? Seriously?
  2. We loaded our first smart in 2006 and are on our third - 1-450 and 2-451's. I have always winched up using the rear tow eyes with no issues. Not sure what the tow eye config. is on the 453. I do drive off though.
  3. X3 I'll chime in again. Ever since I started driving - long, long time ago - I have always told myself that every other car on the road is trying to kill me. I try to be doubly alert in the truck and react to anything odd. Case in point, years ago in southern IL a car towing a small U-Haul passed me, the right rear tire was 6 to 8 inches outside of the fender. I immediately kicked off the cruise and slowed down. Sure enough less than a mile down the road that wheel and tire came off completely! Car and trailer came to a pretty quick stop on the shoulder, but that wheel and tire must have gone anothe half mile, bouncing off the guardrail!
  4. Dennis M

    Smart car help?

    We've had 2005 ( a 450 gray market - 64th smart in the US), a 2011 (451) and now a 2013 (also 451). Each has been an improvement over the previous, primarily in ride comfort. The 451 is a few inches longer due to European pedestrian impact standards and has a Mitsubishi engine, the 450's had a Mercedes turbo-charged engine. Really not much difference in performance. We have carried all three crossways on the Volvo deck. Loaded the '05 in March of '06 and have been carrying one ever since. You often hear comments about safety concerns and most of the people in this forum know there is no reason to be concerned. The reason we bought the 2013 was because the 2011 saved my life (and my passengers) in 50 MPH head on hit from a Chevy pickup running a red light. Seat belt broke my sternum and my passenger had cracked ribs, also from the seat belts, so the smart lived up to my beliefs. The drivers door still opened and closed. When we are not traveling the smart is my wife's daily driver and she loves it. We prefer the look of the 451 versus the newer ones, but that is just an opinion, all of them are fine for carrying on your HDT.
  5. Dennis M

    Purchasing Fuel

    I use the Flying J RV card which gets me pump start and cash price using my Visa. Sometimes pay at pump, more often just pump start and go in to pay. We always give our CC company a heads up when we are traveling and rarely get a kickback on 200 gallon fill-ups. On the rare occasion they will text my wife to approve the purchase.
  6. X2 on Desert Trails & Tucson! We spent ten winters at Desert Trails and only stopped because we built a winter home in the area. Reasonable prices, great residents and friendly owners.
  7. I have a Cyclops in my Jeep Wrangler. Probably just as effective and cheaper. Never thought of one for the Volvo, never thought of a 20 year old truck being that vulnerable.
  8. Commercial owner operated rig https://cdllife.com/2019/that-is-our-livelihood-couple-pleads-for-help-recovering-stolen-semi/?
  9. Same here and it's still going strong after 14 years and 100k miles plus.
  10. Dennis M

    Smart tires

    We put 185/55R15 Hankooks on our '05 Passion and they transformed both the ride and the handling compared to the hard as rock Eco Contis it came with. Kept stock asymmetrical rims and it worked just fine. When We need new tires for the 2013 I will probably do the same.
  11. Thanks guys! Just what I'm looking for.
  12. As Rudyard Kipling said: "You're better man than I am Gunga-Din!"
  13. Planning trip for early June. Traveling from Cody, WY to Gardiner, MT. I'm looking at taking US 20 & US 89 through Yellowstone. Anyone taken this route in a HDT? Comments?
  14. X2 on XPS Ribs! But I have run them at 65 PSI for years. (Michelin weight charts and actual wheel weights specify 60 PSI ) Due for a new set next year and I'll definitely buy XPS Ribs again.
  15. Here for your edification is a real truck and real trucker. Twin stick, 16 speeds forward, 4 in reverse. Take special note of him running up through the gears in reverse! Also don't miss the comment from David himself "I made my debut in the left seat at 14 ..." 57 years behind the wheel you learn a few things. I sure don't pretend to be a 'trucker'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adXl1fASYII
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