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  1. Thanks to all who responded. I found an interesting web page that allows you to input your panel capacity, angle, location, and system loss to show expected output hour-by-hour. It actually came up pretty close to my actual results! It is amazing how much you lose when you get as far north as Yellowstone & Grand Teton! https://www.renewables.ninja/ Hope others find this useful...
  2. To all who replied, thanks for your input and info. Combiner box is in utility area of RV, so run from panels to combiner is really about 40' for one pair and about 30' for the 2nd pair -- but used 50' as the "safety factor". From Combiner Box to Solar Controller is about 5' of 1/0 copper. From the Solar Controller to the DC Buss is about 1' of 1/0, and from the Buss to the batteries is about 4' of 1/0 cable. The 80 Amp increase was measured from about 10 AM to 6 PM by reading the Trimetric meter and subtracting the deficit Ah from fully charged. I had just inspected the panels and (while there may be "some" dust on them) they had no big blobs of bird droppings, leaves, etc. and my location allowed for unshadowed sun throughout the heart of the day. Chad, I would consider your 175 Ah estimate fairly reasonable, and I would have been quite satisfied with that result... I moved to a 50A electric site and have been getting about 30 Ah charge showing on the meter instead of near the 60 Ah rating of my PD 9260 -- It connects to the buss with 1/0 copper from within 3'. Thanks for your info. Any additional insights would be appreciated.
  3. I installed a solar system a while back, but have only recently begun to demand much from it. Here's what I have: 4 panels of Sunmodule SW260 260W Poly V2.0 Module -- nominal 260 W and 30 Volt panels -- flat mounted on the roof of the trailer ---- The panels are wired with 2 sets of 2 panels in series, for an intended nominal 60V @ 7 to 8 Amp feed on 50 ft of 10 AWG wiring Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 charge controller 8 ea. Crown CR-23 6V deep cycle batteries in a series/parallel configuration = 4 @ 12 V and 235 Amp Hours Trimetric - T 2030 meter After two weeks of full-time boondocking, with several rainy days we were at about -385 amp hours. We got a good sunny day (at Grand Teton - so not too directly overhead) and only picked up about 80 Amp Hours of battery. All the lights were off, refrig on propane, etc. so there should have been minimal draw. I would have expected at least 3 or 4 times that amount on a bright sunny day. Am I crazy? What am I missing???
  4. When we were looking for our rig I knew that I would be working from the road, therefore we specifically looked for floor plans that provided a good place to work. Many rigs provide one kind of desk space or another, but here's what we have - it includes a desktop tower & UPS, two monitors, printer, etc. We disconnect the Monitors & printer and set them on the couch when driving; the PC is permanently strapped to the wall & floor.
  5. We completed our one year anniversary 10/16. Last year on Friday 10/16, Judith had her last day of work. There was a "going away" lunchon from noon until 2:00. I arrived a little before 2, opened up the RV and allowed her co-workers an open house for them to see where we would be living. We closed up the rig at 3:00, headed south, and have not "looked back". We have been volunteering much of our time, and loving ALL of our activities.
  6. I had seen that, but "somebody" I had talked to had said that there is some BLM land much closer -- not a formal campground. But, of course, I don't remember who said that! LOL. Looking at the PublicLands.org site, it looks like the land along the road is a mixture of Reservation land and BLM land. Hoping someone in Escapee-land has experience there.
  7. We are planning to visit Chaco Canyon National Historic Park in a few weeks and would like to be close to the park but would like to avoid driving the 10 - 15 miles of bad road with our 5er to get to the park's campground. Has anyone stayed on any of the BLM land in the area of the access roads? Where?
  8. Thanks for your comments, that's why we were suggesting something very loose & flexible. We would anticipate that everyone would go off on their own adventures, but from time to time we might meet up again at a place down the road (or not, if that was the preference). We have never done anything like this before, and would be open to any ideas people may have for how to keep things as flexible as possible and still have some shared time and shared experiences. All insights are welcome... Maybe we could set an interesting destination to meet next week (or in 2 or 3 weeks)? Phone & email could keep the "group" in touch to visit some interesting point or spot? We're open to ideas.
  9. We are contemplating a summer-long trip for 2017 that would visit many/most of the National Parks & Monuments in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and possibly western Dakotas. We thought it would be fun to have a few like-minded couples traveling together in a VERY loose caravan, where we might stay a few nights in the same place then wander off for independent exploration but from time to time get back together. We are not caravan planners or a caravan company, just RVers that would like to share the experience with other travelers. We enjoy boondocking, state parks, and more natural campgrounds, but can be flexible. Anyone interested in such an adventure? Anyone have experience in coordinating such a trip & want to share advice? We are just in the beginning phases of thinking about this, so all comments are welcome.
  10. Thanks everyone for the comments and thoughts. Before starting the A/C the line voltage at our whole house power protector reads 123 V, under load it hovers around 115 - 116 V. Yes, I am using a clamp on amp meter at the breaker box clamping on the AC lead. As I said, it would run for several hours in the morning when the temperature is only 85 - 95 (only???). The coils and fins are clean, but some of the fins have gotten bent (maybe a too low tree branch?) The original breaker was 15A, so I replaced with a new 15A. If anyone has additional ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.
  11. We have a Dometic 59516 rooftop A/C on our 5th wheel trailer. We are currently in Sedona, AZ, but the temp has been hitting 100+. Our A/C will run about 4 hours in the morning and then it will throw the circuit breaker. The compressor in the rooftop unit is way too hot to touch. I have replaced the circuit breaker (it was tripping at 13.5 Amps on a 15 amp circuit.) After letting everything cool off for a couple hours (still in 100 degree afternoon heat) I put a clamp on amp meter on the feed wire and turned on the A/C. It started at 12.5 Amp and gradually increased to over 17.5 amps, then the breaker popped. Is my compressor shot? I would expect that the A/C "should" be able to handle 100 degree temps, even if it had to cycle on & off for thermal protection. Anyone got any great ideas?
  12. I designed & installed our Solar system for our 5th wheel, mostly using the information and advice from Jack Mayer & Handy Bob. The support and willingness to help here made the installation a success. Jack Mayer's site has a TON of information, divided into several sections. Be sure you look at EVERYTHING! Here is the thread from about the time I was installing my system: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=116134&hl=
  13. SloPoke congratulations on your Year Anniversary! We just passed the 6 month mark. It's amazing the "learning curve" we have to go through. In our first week I learned that you cannot go down one aisle in the Walmart parking lot - then come back the next aisle -- we put a little yellow streak on the side of our 38' 5th wheel learning that one! We spent the winter in southern Arizona, volunteering at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and "seeing the sights" in southern AZ. We are spending a month touring places in the southern California desert before it gets too hot (Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Anza Borrego, etc.) And will be heading to Sedona for the summer to volunteer at the Palatki Heritage Site (National Forest Service). If you want all the details, go to our blog: Judith & Mark's Travels. We still wake up every day and are amazed that we can be doing this!
  14. We are investigating the possibility of installing an evaporative cooling unit in our 5th wheel. We spend most of our time in the Southwest so ambient humidity will not be an issue. Our time is divided between volunteering at NPS/NFS/NWS sites and boondocking; but even when we have electrical hookups we would prefer to not run the Air Conditioner more than is "absolutely necessary" (a term that is defined somewhat differently by my DW than by me... LOL) But since these units are around $600; I'd like to know others' experiences before I shell out the cash. Thanks in advance... Mark
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