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  1. Big Rig Camping opportunities

    A 43 footer will certainly limit you in some ways. You can't get into a lot of forest service campgrounds. Not sure what exactly you are looking for but you will spend a lot of time making sure you can "fit". You might go a little shorter
  2. My 2 cents would be an answer to "best rv that isn't prone to breakdowns". There is no such thing as a best rv. It depends on what your budget is and how you plan to use the rv. ALL rv's have issues, they ALL have breakdowns, or repairs. While one manufacturer may build a quality rv there are other things that break down, refrigerators, ac's, furnace, water pumps, etc, etc. Those are all made by different manufacturers. Our 5'r is a quality made unit, however, we have had repairs, the ac in the living room has been replaced twice, the rv frig cooling unit went out 3 times, the bedroom slide needed repair on a Lippert Scwintek channel slide system. None of those things were made by Drv, our manufacturer. So, sorry, but there's no right answer to your question. Other posters have given you good advice about the cost of rv living.
  3. Best Laid Plans

    Excellent post. There are so many posts asking which rv or which park is best. None of us can answer that for anyone else. When we decided to buy an rv 13 years ago we thought we would use it to live in while we built 4 houses. We rented 2 class C's and a class A, then bought a 5th wheel because it was a good deal (we didn't have a truck to pull it). After we bought a truck and started taking it on vacation and for long weekends we decided we didn't want to go home. We quit our jobs, sold the house, gave up the option on the land and went full time. Our 12 year anniversary is March 9. When I see any post asking those questions, I always state in my post to buy a used rv and live in it for a year before you decide to buy new. You never know what the future holds. . . .
  4. RV Security

    As others have said, theft is more common with pull trailers than 5th wheels but it does happen. A couple of years ago a brand new Drv 5th wheel was stolen off the lot at Wheels RV in Springdale, AR. As far as I know it was never recovered. It's probably back in the hills of AR or OK. A king pin lock is always a good idea, you never know . . . .
  5. RV Mattress Best Choices

    We purchased a 12" memory foam mattress from Sam's Club and really like it. After sleeping for 5 years on the original mattress with a 3" foam topper it's a world of difference, really comfy. It's slightly smaller than the stated size on the website so it fit fine. Highly recommend the Elite Night Therapy memory foam, several layers of different kinds of foam. We've had it almost a year, love it
  6. SD Drivers Liscense Renewal

    X2 on what schavone said. A few years ago we called and got a 1 year extension on hubby's DL. This year I renewed both by email, it was easy. Don't want to encourage skirting the rules but our mail forwarding service provided the overnight receipt.
  7. Domicile is very confusing to me

    Other posters have given you good advice. My 2 cents is that you can call any of the mail forwarding services in SD and ask questions. They are all friendly and helpful. We have also used My Home Address in Emery, for 11 years. They are great. We registered our vehicles in SD by mail 11 years ago when we were in CA. We didn't go to get our driver's license for a year. Once you have your driver's license you don't have to return for 10 years, if you have no violations. I renewed both our driver's license by email this year. Also, once you have your license, if you don't want to renew online or by mail, you can call and get an extension until the weather is better. I got an extension for my hubby once, just by calling DPS in Pierre.
  8. Mac the Fire Guy ?

    Look at Nick Russell's website, gypsyjournalrv.com and send an email to the editor. He's a friend of Mac's and will know the scoop
  9. Yikes, Smitty, that's a pricey renewal! I just did Hubby's last March and mine in August online. It was easy peasy, except I got a phone call from the license bureau that I didn't send a check to renew mine. What other state would call you and tell you that? SD is an awesome state to domicile, small enough for great service. Now if we could get get some good choices for medical insurance. . . .
  10. Insurance Info

    Same as rynosback, we had Blue Sky for several years, got a new policy with National General. We'll see how that goes. . . .
  11. Monterey County, CA needs park hosts

    Laguna Seca still has hosts, however they are managed by a concessionaire now. Lake San Antonio and Lake Naciemento also have hosts, though someone else handles that for south Monterey County.
  12. Monterey County, CA needs park hosts

    Thanks Kirk, for your comments. We are at Toro park now. They have the hosts clean bathrooms only if they WANT to. I agree on the comment about Jack's Peak, there is a host there now that's leaving and he has a motorhome about 35' (guessing). Not that much usage by the public, pretty quiet over there. The atmosphere is laid back and all hosts are friendly. Toro gets busy in the summer, it's a day use only park, lots of picnics and hikers.
  13. Friendly volunteers needed in beautiful Monterey County parks for spring & summer. 20 hours for single, 30 for couple, 3 to 6 month commitment, full hookups provided. Duties include fee collection booth, minor maintenance, lawn care (mostly fee booth), vehicle and equipment furnished. Volunteers needed immediately for San Lorenzo park. You must provide DMV printout with application. For general questions and information email Jim, 2ftaway@gmail.com
  14. Rats crawling into my engne

    Cab fresh, I think that's what it's called, at Tractor Supply store and on Amazon. We use whatever will keep them away, moth balls, dryer sheets, lights, etc.
  15. Leaves are falling and I’m getting Hitch Itch!

    We are with you! We have worked at this COE park in Arkansas for the past 3 summer seasons and are really looking forward to leaving on Nov 1. This is our first paying job after 8 years of volunteering at state parks. We won't do it again, too many hours and way too busy. We have a volunteer position already in place for next year.