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  1. missourijan

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    My 2 cents is no. We have 2/3 paint. There have been some oxidation on a few spots on the white. We used polishing compound with a cheap orbital buffer and it looks like new. I think it also makes a difference the products you use on it. Ours has never had a water bath except rain. We have used Wash Wax All on it since day one. It's a "waterless" product that's easy to use. The initial kit is pricey but gives you everything you need for years, just reorder the concentrate. We mix the concentrate with water. I have no connection with the product just really like it and easy to use. I can use this product at any park, even those that don't allow washing rigs. If you keep the rig clean and treat the oxidation when it shows up it's easy to clear up.
  2. missourijan

    Boondocking Web Sites? - paid access

    www.overnightrvparking.com is another one. $24/year. I have used it and liked it
  3. Other posters have given great tips. We went to Tucson the first time because some friends were staying there. We loved the Voyager resort and how friendly everyone was. We spent 5 winter seasons there. This past winter we had a family obligation in Monterey County, CA and really missed the warm weather of AZ. Do you know anyone who stays in the Phoenix area? DH's parents lived on the west side of Phoenix, we stayed at Leaf Verde in Buckeye several times and liked it. It's not a huge park and there are many people that come back every year. You may have to do what Barbaraok did and stay 1 or 2 weeks at several parks to find one you might like. It's more expensive but worth it to find the right fit for you.
  4. missourijan

    Auxiliary fuel tanks for Ram 3500 DRW

    My 2 cents is that if you are new to 5th wheels then you might slow down on what you "think" you must have. You are going to get lots of opinions from others, what they do may not be right for you. As another mentioned there's the weight of the fuel to consider, it costs you fuel mileage the more weight you carry. Just like other issues like membership campgrounds, you may want to travel for awhile before you invest in an auxiliary tank. We've been fulltime for 12 years and never had auxiliary tank, gas stations are everywhere, even on the 2 lane highways. Sometimes we carry 5 gallons of extra diesel, most times we don't fill it. In the 12 years we've needed it once.
  5. missourijan

    any Blm land available to stay off I90 in Montana?

    There are also many fishing access sites that are not too far off I 90 in Montana. You can look them up on their website (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks), most you can camp in for a small fee. They have vault toilets but not much else.
  6. There's a campground in Newport Beach, CA that is over $100 a night. We've never stayed there but my daughter goes there once a year. They will deliver "room service" to you by golf cart. It's right on the bay, I think.
  7. missourijan

    Replacing carpet with tile

    We had carpet in the LR and the bedroom. We tore both out, also the bathroom tile so that it would be all the same. The carpet was easy to remove but the tile in the bathroom was hard. We had to use a hair dryer to soften it up and use putty knives. We bought 16 x 16 vinyl tiles from Home Depot. Luckily, we were able to use the previous lines in the bathroom so that the tile was laid straight. It was hard on the knees but easy to do. We have never done anything like that. This pic was taken before the trim edge was installed.
  8. missourijan

    Has Passport America changed?

    We have been fulltime for 12 years and have used Passport America most of those years. We usually volunteer as parks hosts 4 to 6 months of the year and travel the rest of the year. Yes, parks that participate change all the time, we just adjust. There are other ways to save $$ on camping, we use casinos, Cabela's, www.overnightrvparking.com, Don Wright's Free Campground books and Corps of Engineers parks. We have found some great city/county parks that don't offer all the amenities but are good experiences. Yes, some of the PA parks aren't in the greatest shape but from what I see on rv park reviews 4 star resorts get negative feedback. We are traveling this summer from April to December and will continue to use PA when we can. We just left Southern Hills RV park in Hermosa (south of Rapid City) that was a great park, centrally located to visit all the attractions and $18.50 a night.
  9. You might check out the Facebook page Fulltime Families, they are living it. There are a lot of us retired people on this site
  10. missourijan

    keeping bugs and rodents out

    Try everything, as others suggested dryer sheets, moth balls, peppermint oil on cotton balls. Also, Fresh Cab is available on Amazon and from Tractor Supply, it repels rodents.
  11. missourijan

    Coast To Coast?

    I would second what Kirk said, wait a while to see how or where you will be traveling. I didn't see anyone recommend buying a resale membership. Look at the website for Treasure Lake in Branson, MO. They post resale memberships on their site and the cost to transfer them. Their "home park" dues are reasonable and are affiliated with a lot of those memberships. Several years ago C2C offered a 1 year membership for about $75, we signed up and really liked it. We volunteer has camp hosts several months a year so it didn't make sense for us to get a permanent membership at the time. I would consider buying a resale membership when we stop volunteering
  12. missourijan

    Vanleigh Fifth wheels

    They are not owned by Tiffin, the company was started by a Tiffin, as Kirk said but it has no affiliation with Tiffin motorhomes.
  13. missourijan

    Prospector RV Park Ely, NV. Closed

    We stayed there a couple of times, wonder why?
  14. missourijan

    Big Rig Camping opportunities

    A 43 footer will certainly limit you in some ways. You can't get into a lot of forest service campgrounds. Not sure what exactly you are looking for but you will spend a lot of time making sure you can "fit". You might go a little shorter
  15. My 2 cents would be an answer to "best rv that isn't prone to breakdowns". There is no such thing as a best rv. It depends on what your budget is and how you plan to use the rv. ALL rv's have issues, they ALL have breakdowns, or repairs. While one manufacturer may build a quality rv there are other things that break down, refrigerators, ac's, furnace, water pumps, etc, etc. Those are all made by different manufacturers. Our 5'r is a quality made unit, however, we have had repairs, the ac in the living room has been replaced twice, the rv frig cooling unit went out 3 times, the bedroom slide needed repair on a Lippert Scwintek channel slide system. None of those things were made by Drv, our manufacturer. So, sorry, but there's no right answer to your question. Other posters have given you good advice about the cost of rv living.