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  1. cpalmer2k

    Dish Outdoors & Hopper 3 Fees

    I understand the DVR fee applies. This is what I was referring to (from the Dish Fees page) DVR Service Hopper or ViP $15.00 922 $10.00 Receivers (first leased receiver is free, excluding 211 and Wally) Hopper 3, Hopper with Sling, or Hopper $15.00 Does that mean an owned Hopper 3 costs you an additional $15.00 fee (on top of the $15 DVR fee, for a total of $30 in fees) even if it is the only receiver on the account because it is "owned" and not leased?
  2. I've got a question for those of you who use "Dish Outdoors" with a Hopper 3. I currently use a portable dish and a vip211 but I'm considering going to a mounted/tripod dish setup with a Hopper 3. I've looked at the dish "Fees" list and it is ambiguous as to exactly what that would cost per month. I know DVR service is $15 but there is also some language about the Hopper 3 being a $15 fee per month unless it is leased. Do they really charge an additional $15 for the Hopper 3 if you own it? I did a chat with Dish and the told me it would be $150 for the Hopper 3 (one time fee) and then $15 per month. Does that sound right?
  3. cpalmer2k

    Pathway X2

    For those who have used a fixed dish and the Pathway X2 how would you compare your signal on the Pathway X2 to a fixed dish or tripod Dish? We have a Pathway X2 but cannot pick up the locals from the coastal area we typically use as our "home address". According to the spotbeam maps we should be able to pick them up fine where we are but we're showing no signal on that transponder at all. I wondered if it was because of the dish being smaller than a regular dish?
  4. I figured that unfortunately it would be that way, thanks for confirming. The only downside to the other CONUS markets is they are all in the Central/Eastern time zones. Just once I'd like to see some Mountain/West Coast affiliates be CONUS.
  5. I know most on here just change your service address when you move around to get locals where you are. I wonder if you changed your location to the Los Angeles area if you would have access to the new Continental US Broadcasts of the Big 4 from LA, or do Los Angeles users still just get the spotbeams. Does anyone here have Los Angeles locals because of your service address? If so could you check if the Distant Network versions are viewable too? 6306 KABC (7 HD) 6307 KCBS (2 HD) 6308 KNBC (4 HD)6309 KTTV (11 HD)
  6. I wish they still allowed newer accounts to get both DNS coasts. I'd love to be able to record my Sunday night shows from the west and not have to worry about padding them all. I imagine having the East Coast DNS is great for those of you in the west too. You can enjoy prime time shows while eating supper.
  7. Another option would be to take the DNS service and set most of your recordings for network shows and sports on those. That way they don't get messed up as you "move around" since you say you spend most of your time in the west. Just pick up an over the air adapter for your Dish receiver and connect your antenna to that. You can easily "rescan" when you move around to get all the locals from where you are and their subchannels.
  8. Selling my Pathway X2 portable Dish and the accompanying Winegard adjustable tripod/stand. I bought this last summer for my parents who just purchased a camper. They decided they hated camping though and sold the camper less than two months later. The X2 supports both Eastern and Western arcs and is a breeze to set up and use with the new Wally receiver or the older VIP 211k and/or 211z. Asking $350 shipped
  9. The ultimate references for everything DirecTV wise can be found on DBSTalk. This thread had a spreadsheet updated at least weekly that lists every local channel, national channel, etc as well as the satellite, transponder, etc it comes from. This is also a great reference for determining what spot beam locals you can pick up in the area you are travelling to.
  10. cpalmer2k

    Local Stations

    I was... one cable run for OTA antenna, and one for DirecTV. Since the OP wants to keep his DirecTV service address where he is from, adding the second run for an antenna would give him the option to get his "true" locals as well.
  11. cpalmer2k

    Local Stations

    Well that isn't very accurate... Genie Mini Clients still require coax connections to establish the DECA network they use. Yes, there is a single model "wireless" Genie but it requires a video bridge that also must be connected via coax at some point to the chain, and even then it's range is severely limited. Looking ahead the 61k Genie Mini Client that does 4K isn't wireless either. So not putting two cable runs in would be stupid in a new house.
  12. cpalmer2k

    Local Stations

    Here is what I would do if I were in your situation. If you really want to keep the Washington, DC locals at your beach house I would simply hire a local satellite dealer (look in the yellow pages, or at the dealer/retailer lists on DirecTV's website) to come out and and install the Dish for you when you get the house built. I'm sure finding one in the Myrtle Beach area won't be very difficult. You would likely have to pay them to install the dish out of pocket, but unless you're a new customer I doubt DirecTV is going to do it for free anyway. To get your actual local channels in Myrtle Beach AND the Washington DC channels you have a few options. Since the house is being built I would have whoever does the electrical run two coax cables to every location you think you might want a TV down the road. One of these can be used for a satellite box, and the other for an over the air antenna. That would give you the option of just switching between the TV Tuner and the DVR if you wanted to watch the local stations from Myrtle Beach on any TV in the house. Or, you can pick up an AM21N off eBay. That would allow you to pull the local stations directly into your DVR guide. But act fast if you want to go that route, DirecTV has discontinued them and resell prices are climbing. It technically is a violation of their terms of service, but if you ever need service all you have to do is explain that you're at your "vacation home" and they aren't likely going to raise any eyebrows.
  13. cpalmer2k

    East / West feeds

    Some have good luck changing and some do not. Dish does it without question 99% of the time. DirecTV technically says you're not allowed to change your "service address" randomly. Some reps will change the service address to give you locals where you are, and others have gotten their account "flagged" by trying to do that. Once it is "flagged" any change to your system must be verified by a technician visit (at your expense). Just use caution with that system- if you try it on a regular basis you might get flagged.
  14. Thanks for all the great info. Looking at the spotbeam maps it looks like Dish's stretch much wider than DirecTV's. I've always wanted to be able to pick up the coastal stations here in S.C. at my house, but I'm outside of the spot beam locations with DirecTV. It appears based on the Dish maps I would be well within range. Also it appears if you're using the Eastern Arc there are several CONUS markets you can switch to without having to change on a regular basis, if you don't care about the local news where you are (or just want to use OTA for it) All these markets are currently in HD on the CONUS satellites Bluefield, WV (Eastern Arc HD Only) Cincinnati, OH (Eastern Arc HD Only) Louisville, KY (Eastern Arc HD Only) Ft. Wayne, IN (Eastern Arc HD Only) Lima, OH (Eastern Arc HD Only)
  15. Is there an OTA adapter that will plug in and work with the receiver included with the Pathway X2? That sounds like an attractive option for my parents who recently bought a small camper and need TV parts of the year. They would want to be able to add local channels where they are though, without having to call/change them every time.