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  1. This rig has a very low departure angle: https://images.app.goo.gl/CTz3Mokri477oGZp9
  2. Hi Swharton - Benchmark maps can be purchased and loaded through the Avenza Maps app as well. Has the details of the atlas version and you can toggle back and forth between Benchmark and Google maps to look at terrain or satellite or plot distances etc. Benchmark shows your location by GPS so you can see if you are on BLM or whatever...
  3. Hi John and Vern, On my previous truck camper rigs I disconnect the blue charge wire in the truck camper’s 7 way plug. I connect the camper batteries with I forget what size cables (3/8” diameter or so) to a 160amp isolator. I get nice amps at the camper batteries I think.
  4. I always wonder if you been campin’ and run the house battery down with lights and gadgets and furnace and watching the latest fear, disasters and mayhem ‘scuse me “The News”, and then plug in the 7 wire plug as you hook up to leave is the teeny blue wire in there now the worlds smallest booster cable?
  5. You could connect more batteries using these connectors between truck and trailer: Phillips 336
  6. noteven

    Tinker Week?

    My cargo/enclosed/bike garage trailer has a owie on the fibreglass roof cap at the front where it tried to move a hunnert year old elm tree... Annyways the black gorilla tape on the wound has been there for 7 years....it’s getting a bit gray looking but I have fresh black gorilla on hand...
  7. noteven

    Tinker Week?

    Useful pre-visit info: Duct tape test
  8. noteven

    brake controller

    Hit the brakes! It looks like a Bludot brake system is not a “controller” it’s a brake system for trailers that doesn’t need a “contoller” beyond a normal trailer air brake controls (aka trolley valve, Johnson bar, the spike, company jake). In other words nothing needs to be done to the truck to hook up to one? So a towmobile should be able to have both electric trailer brake controller and pull eith Bludot trailers or electric brake trailers?
  9. noteven

    brake controller

    Argo - is the Bluedot all electric? i.e. does it apply trailer brakes before the tractor air brakes take up? What I like about the Hayes is the tractor and trailer act like air brakes...kinda...
  10. noteven

    brake controller

    I have a DirecLink in the won ton works great. I have a Hayes air/electric in my analog KW dually works great.
  11. noteven


    Retirement- You never get a day off... But the schedule isn’t too rushed...
  12. noteven

    Wheel torque

    Ya. But you also hafta say “click”...
  13. Connect about a 10000 watt inverter alternator to the pto and charge up them lithiums in about 15 minutes...
  14. Having a “MSRP” or “List price” is a legal requirement of vehicles, equipment dealers, recreational equipment etc etc. in many places, maybe even US states. Under Canadian law no one “sells” you anything- you offer to purchase it. By taking a loaf of bread to the checkout you are offering to purchase in the eyes of the law. Big ticket stuff - Yep - it’s that dreaded thing: negotiation.
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