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  1. Boondockers Welcome is another resource for private land camping.
  2. Yes - apply power momentarily is the correct reaction to a flat steer moccasin. Well done Pete. A Toyo rep may want to look over the remains if you contact a Toyo HDT tire dealer. My new trucks were delivered with Bridgestone or Michelin steer tires. Both companies took causes of steer tire sudden air loss very seriously on the rare occasion it happens. They sometimes offered a customer a policy deal on replacement depending on circumstances.
  3. You’re welcome. A bit of a cover on the bike will keep wet road slime from coating the bike. There isn’t a pile of wind right in behind a trailer, but the vacuum swirls a grubby mist up that gets all over everthin on the back.
  4. Short version: the Pete in the video has a sleeper with a large baggage compartment. 😊
  5. Rick & Darryl - if I were spec’ing a KW for this application it would leave the factory as a “tractor” meaning rear lights and mud flaps installed, trailer air and electric installed, 5th wheel installed or frame drilling done and a tractor braking system, with a “customer/body builder installed sleeper or dromedary box” option. It would be a “complete vehicle” (ready to couple to a semi trailer with no further modifications as it leaves the factory), without any “incomplete vehicle” documentation. The tractor is compliant as is and the customer could actually register and plate it as is without the sleeper. The big sleeper company is responsible to provide compliant lights and reflectors etc. KW would request info regarding the weight and dimensions of the “drom box”. A “truck” is “incomplete” - a cab and chassis meant to be further up fitted with a cargo or equipment body and may or may not have trailer air and electric. It could receive hitch or fifth wheel. It has a different braking system. It cannot be registered and plated in the form it leaves the truck factory. It becomes a complete vehicle after the body builder installs the body and/or equipment. The body builder is responsible for final compliance such as c of g, hitch location, box length (over hang), braking standards etc. Engineering drawings and info would be sent back and forth and reviewed by KW to ensure c of g above the waterline is good, frame strength is correct, steer axle brakes are correct etc. before the spec is priced and ordered. Taking a tractor and lopping off an axle and changing the wheelbase and adding high loads behind the cab and placing a heavy pin load from a semi trailer (even a 12 ton rv trailer) many feet behind the drive axle etc should be reviewed by the truck oem and / or a body builder engineer before work commences to ensure component loading, braking and emergency situation handling and stability remain inside safe parameters.
  6. And...if you are like the desert Boondockers who just “have to get out” when it rains - get one of these: HDT for wet conditions
  7. I have a hydraulic Mile Marker winch on one of the diesel Land Cruisers in the fleet. Powered by the power steering pump. 100% duty cycle as long as the engine isn’t under water higher than the air intake and will run. I have a land anchor that digs down under line pull because trees never seem to grow themselves where they are needed for winch recovery. I use a tree strap to prevent damage to trees. Most correctly rigged winch recoveries “aren’t fast enough” for stuck folks. Snatch blocks, and using “dead men” under the wheels and chained to the winching vehicle if it is stationary recovering another really adds to the pull capability. A bouncy recovery strap the tow vehicle can use some inertia with works well, as does a side anchor method using 2 tow vehicles inertia or winching. All the drivers have to have a brain and a careful throttle foot though... Electric winches are more or less battery powered...a long heavy recovery is hard on components.
  8. noteven

    HDT sighting

    It’s kinda bizzy along the coast here for this bumpkin... but it’s nice to do a little beach time
  9. “I resemble that remark”
  10. 80% of what I post is made up and the other half is bullshit.
  11. I say ya rick. The rig is really just a motorsickle base camp appliance...
  12. So, like, would a self driving “toad” be programmed to follow your main rig like a drone ‘cept on the ground? or would you set the destination and just slap it on the ass and send it there to meet ya when you get there?
  13. noteven

    HDT sighting

    Hi Dennis - no my KW has the winter off this year I’m using my F 3 fitty and truck camper with cargo trailer garage for my 2 wheeler and junk. ‘scuse me “stuff”. In San Diego county for a bit yet, visiting.
  14. And the line stands still in relation to the deck edge vs chafing.
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