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  1. Edmonton Alberta 87 gas US$1.44 / USgal, Diesel US$2.23 / USgal
  2. noteven

    Double Tow Question

    Just funnin with this question: so, like, if I’m driving my tow mobile bobtail, am I “single towing” in Origun?
  3. Straps through wheels is how a lot of roll back recovery truck operators secure vehicles.
  4. ... so the guard says, “no, we’re good ... but thanks for the offer..“ and then there was a big round of 🤣😂🤣. Then they opened the barrier and sent me on to Canada. Everyone was still chuckling...
  5. .... so I racked my feeble brain... has there been an export ban on toilet paper I missed while self isolating my way north? Think dummie... what if I get detained trying to leave? Cell phones don’t work here... now what... I decided to go for it and said how much I have on board...then asked a question “Do you guys need some?” ... and awaited my fate...
  6. Original post contained some details I had a rethink about posting. At this crossing the USA has travellers report, answer questions, produce papers, when leaving the US for Canada. Canadian side open. USA exit closed. Ya they do - equipment looking at you miles before the crossing. I didn’t wait long. Usual questions. The exchange took a turn from the normal polite but serious q & a when the guard asked how much toilet paper are you transporting? oh oh
  7. Glad you guys and everyone are doing ok. I was waffling between making the straight run north for Alberta on I-15 or making the 93 run and stopping to look at the Bonneville Speedway for once which I did ya I knew the flats are wet in late winter etc. Anyways the morning of the quake I was over dere isolation camped north of Wendover rather than in the SLC area overnight. We had a 6.2 in our southern BC years. It’s not funny.
  8. For my rv king pin trailer I have old habits - I back in using mirrors, stop, get out and have a gander at pin height and alignment, adjust if necessary, connect trailer brakes energy supply, apply trailer brakes with trailer brake control (Johnson bar, spike, trolley valve) and back into pin. etc I have a rear camera on the truck camper rig and it makes backing into a pain in the ass ball hitch a breeze...
  9. I just don’t know about you motorcycle people....
  10. Nice T660 is it a 5 passenger model? RV’n trailers are a bit flimsy compared to heavy truck grade trailers so air hitch suspension and oscillation is good. Another option is an air suspension ball hitch on the tractor... But a kingpin/fifth wheel is nice for hooking up vs ball hitches... Also reduce the psi’s in the drive tires on the truck to minimum allowable by the manufacturer for your load and cruising speed - tires are part of the suspension unless they are over inflated for the load. My KW single drive weighs around 10500lbs on the drive axle with the toyhauler loaded and full water and I run 11R22.5 tires at 70psi.
  11. My Fthree fitty camper truck rides ok with 2672lbs camper loaded, if you don’t count the squawking door latches (motorcycle chain lube spray shuts them up), and interior door panels flapping in and out rattling the can of chain lube and the pliers and all 16th’s wrench, but empty she is a lumber wagon compared to my KW dually... which doesn’t rattle but it does the job for a camper truck...
  12. noteven

    Driveline slop?

    Scrap I see you found a shift pattern placard for a cab over with 18spd u shift complete with 2 million miles:)
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