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  1. The ideal gift for the HDT’r who has everything: Auto greasers Mount on the truck. Trailer - Run a bank of lines to a manifold and connect to the truck. Build a GPS interface so the system increases supply on rough US roads and all of Canada. NOTE: Not for use on drivelines! Not for use by people who enjoy flopping around in gravel under their rig destroying a perfectly good rag while getting dirt in their eyes.
  2. noteven

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    For all your air suspension reading pleasure: Firestone Air Suspension Design and Engineering Guide
  3. noteven

    TV set up

    Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) to his companion Stephen Katz (Nick Nolte) in A Walk in the Woods: “.... books...they are like TV for smart people...” 😲
  4. noteven

    Upgrading to big rig

    Bolted Kenworth frames have 3 piece crossmembers and 16mm bolts in 17mm holes. Yep the wrong size and damnphool metric besides!
  5. It’s good to know the management system will protect from cold charging. I know lithium batteries like cold storage. I have a few carry along tools that are lithium. I let them freeze. Go in a month and pick up the tool and it’s fully charged. Always warm the batteries before charging. But they work fine in the cold. Lithium seems to be ideal for my truck camper application where they can be inside the heated envelope when the camper is in use and charge quickly by properly managed current from the truck, tiny generator or charged by a less than giant solar kit. For now the ol’ flooded battery is going in the box, out in the cold, to be abused some more
  6. noteven

    radiant heat for floors

    Glenn - Vern and I discussed and gazed at their system in the AZ sunshine and pleasant warmth.
  7. Hi Vince - welcome I want to apologize on behalf of Darryl&Rita recommending the very knowledgeable firm Can-Am RV. To us Alberta people 200km one way is, like, a trip to the fridge for another beer, eh?
  8. noteven

    5th Wheel AC and furnace system noise

    Webasto AirTop heaters are pretty quiet in a truck sleeper. Mebbe they come in a Size Large for larger cubic spaces?
  9. noteven

    Siphoning a toy hauler gas tank

    I have a rattle in the hose siphon and it works just fine in my tank. 2 litre soda bottle works perfect for transferring 6-7hrs worth of gasohol for the Honda 2000 when it is enough for requirements vs running The Big Onan. gotta go here comes the Safety Police 🚔...
  10. noteven

    Anyone have an hdt for sale?

    Private message sent
  11. noteven


    32F here today so there. 😊
  12. noteven


  13. noteven

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Our nearby little city has a traffic lights crossroad intersection of the major highway and a busy commercial avenue. It’s one of those pieces of road the maintenance superintendents that draw up the pothole and ruts in pavement repair orders must never ever drive on. A great place to dislodge snow, ice, or dried mud off your rig. Downrange the shoulder is littered with air brake dust shields, pieces of springs, the odd muffler etc. Anyway I’m there waiting to turn and a new F-150 towing a floor over the wheels enclosed trailer (aka snowmobile trailer) about a 26ft? turns across in front of me. As he traverses the holes and ruts I note his trailer is a rocking and teeter tottering totally independent of the truck. As he passed to my left I peered down from my high vantage point in the Kenworth there it was! A Gen Y hitch! My first sighting in the wild! I should get a life... The truck and trailer were moving gracefully independent of each other, looked like about 3”. Trailer looked happy. They look like a nice uncomplicated solution. I would think it is ideal if your tongue weights are fixed but it is going to give some even at light weight. I have an AirSafe like Phoenix pictured above. It is heavy to wrassel with. It works nice. It is very adjustable for lighter tongue weight. Weight distribution works fine. You need to fiddle with the psi as a bit you change temperature and altitude. You learn right away not to unhitching without deflating the suspension in it. I do like to experiment with “the Hard Way” so I did it twice just to make sure that is the wrong way.
  14. noteven

    Snow roads

    Hi Vern yes I will be following them. I was helping with a very late harvest due to global warming snow in September and tying off some other loose ends. Overcast and 0F overnight here but warming already supposed to get maybe into low 20F with a inch of snow. Sunny days coming and more “normal” temps so it will be “chocks away” and I’m off. The migration this year is going to be with my pickup and camper for a more aimless rideabout experience than ever. North Ranch country is on the very loose itini...itenu...ittena.... plan for sure. You think my Big Rig looks like the Clampett’s wait till you see this one. I might have to park in the brush North of you and throw a note in on a rock....
  15. Thanks Itinerant1. Great to hear from someone with some time on a system. Does your battery bank have any kind of auto control to prevent accidental charging of the batteries if they are below safe minimum temperature for charging?