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  1. Canada - China - what’s the difference - foreign.
  2. My irrelevant Dodge can be filled at full flow with the Big Twuck nozzle. But listen for the first little gurgle and slow down...
  3. Anyone make a steel casing tire in the popular 205 15 size used on smaller trailers?
  4. This is usually stated as king pin or hitch to rear axle wheelbase length limit. Trailers over the limit will off track into the oncoming lane on the corners.
  5. Does anyone know what tires GY makes in Medicine Hat, Alberta?
  6. If you can find a dealer or 3rd party shop where the shop foreperson has been around since your engine and truck model were in mainstream commercial service, they can be a wealth of knowledge. It can be hard to stay on topic but often the best way is to say “I have this such and such. I don’t have the Engine Operators Manual* for it. Are there any Special Instructions? *see what I did there?
  7. Be nice if a guy didn’t have to modify the heat treated frame rails at the end of frame. Just remove a cross member maybe, move air and electric out of the way and assemble the ET inside a stock dimension rail. If you factory order a KW you get the hole pattern file for the ET, your sales person submits it to KW, and the truck arrives complete with holes.
  8. Vern I have a related issue SAS-1 - Stupid Ass Syndrome
  9. RickS’s’z province has started a measured re-opening of business and services ... could the Medicine Line (CanAm border on the 49th parallel) be next?
  10. The problem with metric is the system lacks the “bombastic / bullshit emphasis factor”. No one ever missed a pot shot at a gopher by a kilometre. They miss by a mile (har har har) ... But we crow about engine displacement in litres now instead of cubic inches...how did that sneak by us? Back to wires....
  11. He looks like a “Super T“...
  12. Dave - on a Pete train horns go on the front of the right hand under cab step box. Your option to orient toward the ground or 90deg outboard. Option 2 is useful for interrupting drivers on hand held “deviceS” texting and vip voice calls as you motor past.
  13. If your trans is a 4 or 5 speed - Check with your nearest Allison dealer - many models have another overdrive gear present that can be enabled.
  14. Ok - the other thing that comes to mind (I’m a bit rusty on this) is I think the engine can be programmed to limit torque in the lower gears - we used to use this on trucks with 4 speed auxiliary trans behind 18 speeds to protect the driveline and diff inputs... The auto shift can be a bit lazy getting going - and the more you floor it the longer it holds the gear before upshift (opposite to an automatic torque converter trans) and the closer oncoming cross traffic gets 😳... add that to the Cat’s natural lazy throttle response... But get out on a 10 mile grade and ya, it pulls pretty good 😀
  15. Dave is your autoshift of a late enough vintage you can manually skip shift it? Try manual mode and up shift on the button one click, then try 2 clicks not too fast not too slow and see if it upshifts 2 speeds vs 1. Then try 3 clicks and so on.
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