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  1. noteven


    Won’t make it this year - safe travels
  2. If a guy could find an aircraft tire that fits they stand up to torture pretty good...
  3. noteven

    DRV accident

    Anyone know what happened exactly? signed not on face book
  4. I like. It’s my winda cleaning bottle I fergot to leave at camp when I went for a walk.
  5. A guy could duck tape a busted device to it so as to look all electronic...
  6. Our letter carrier burst into our office one day leaking tears and snot heading for the lavatory. “Damn dog was upwind!” he sez...
  7. noteven

    DRV accident

  8. Yep Glenn that will work. Unloading by backing and tipping the teeter totter will have great OMG factor at the campgrounds... I use CAD* once in a while ... that and TME** *Cardboard Aided Design **Tape Measure Engineering
  9. I wonder if I could do a HH stay somewhere and do some nit picking...
  10. Glenn- have a gander at AmeriDeck loaders for pickups for geometry ideas. I have an older one that will load 2000lbs on the deck.
  11. Early Cummins “Signature “ 600hp/2050 torks ISX’s z would leak combustion pressure at the injectors forming “asphaltines” in the return fuel. The fuel in the tanks would turn black.
  12. I’m pretty much a full time b.s.er making stuff up as I go.
  13. So let’s say a guy has the real fuel tank up in the drom box, and 8 month old gasohol in the “fuel tanks”....
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