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  1. You gotta know what kinda bear is hanging around camp. Look at their scat. Black bear - will have berry pits, leaf matter. Grizzly bear - will have bits of little bells, The North Face puffy coats, and smell like bear spray...
  2. noteven

    Damnphool ideas

    I sitting in fronta the heater sipping a coffee looking outside at the cold and wet chitty weather and a idea 💡 comes to mind... Travel to Arizona via Halifax, NS to see some lakes and leaves. Stay in Canada eastbound. Then shape a course for AZ kiddy corner. Overnight at Walmart. Post on Instagram I’m over here a ways east of Edmonton, AB. How hard could it be?
  3. noteven

    Throttled! (Prematurely?)

    X3 😁 Kirk that wold be spelled humor in TX
  4. noteven

    LDT weigh ins with travel trailer - HDT immanent

    I had a brake controller fail while towing 15000 lbs trailer with the won ton. The GCW of that same trailer and the little KW dually is less than the brake rating of the truck itself. I like that configuration...
  5. noteven

    Fraternal Organizations

    The Overnight RV Parking website shows Elks Lodges with rv parking with info.
  6. noteven

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I’m not a pro mechanic/technician/trades person. I will buy cheaper tools including HF for occasional use or a specific job. I can get by. I have accumulated some pro grade tools over the years and they are always nice to use.
  7. Those Navigator stoves look pretty nice. A person would have to order with enough lead time.
  8. noteven

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    They are jist really fwozen. Pete - you need a suit a warm clothes, good mukluks, and a “figh gallon pail” and some way to make a hole. Not big enough for the boat. Just the fish. I plan on not doing this for the foreseeable winters by the way. noteven interested.
  9. noteven

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Pete you can fish here in January in the middle of the lake complete without a boat 😁
  10. noteven

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Stay skinny Mr. 😀 speaking of eroded shoulders, potholes, and such...anyone ever wonder what roads maintenance managers drive on that this stuff goes unnoticed for weeks and months?
  11. noteven

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    My summer camp area is East/SE of Edmonton which is like East of Eden only cooler. You can always tell a Alberta RV’er shopping for a rig: Does it have a furnace? Does it have AC? both are often used in the same day. Will the closet hold 3 weights of coats, rubber boots, insulated boots, mitts, sun hat, rain jacket 😀
  12. noteven

    Cutting bed and mounting 5th wheel

    Pete c’mon over - it’s 38F and raining here 1700 miles north of Flagstaff...😀
  13. noteven

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    It’s not four wheel drive?
  14. noteven

    Triple towing, legal where?

    I’ll bet that state toad was flattened....