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  1. nd- my Carriage trailer has a zippered access panel in the bottom tarp for the big room slide motor / shaft connections etc. It is a small tooth black zipper in a black flap in a black tarp above the black axle in a dark head bonkin area under the trailer.
  2. Warm snow and ice not much grip. Medium cold snow and ice purity good grip. Cold snow (-35) good grip, cold ice with skiff o’snow - eek! Sometimes the “fringe areas” with snow / freezing rain and temps hanging around freezing are the worst.
  3. noteven

    Cool Truck

    I drove a 359 for a 2 truck owner. He retired his 352 and bought a 362, black, 400 big cam. It was a nice cab over. It had the flat screen with 3 wipers.
  4. noteven

    Cool Truck

    Many moons ago while my DW was in college I drove a KW W9 with a NTC 350 that was in a good state of tune. You know this is so when the tailpipes are rainbow colored chrome above the mufflers. You also know this is so when you accidentally romp on the throttle driving through a sharp frost dip on a street by the refinery at 25mph and bend an injector pushrod. It didn’t “roll coal”. Musta had something to do with the non-stock turbo and a #10 or 12 fuel button. The owner zipped over and we changed it in the parking lot out back of The Chrome Stack cafe in the gravel parking lot. it was white with blue fenders, like this truck, but tandem drive 1981 W900
  5. noteven

    Cool Truck

    What is “rolling coal”?
  6. I’ve patented a plastic springy tat expander so when yer 87 you can see what your fave tattoos said. It works like a beaver pelt stretcher only different.
  7. Oh another top tip. Don’t travel anywhere near me and mountains. I’m convinced I can make it snow in summer by hauling a rv 🤣
  8. I drive in snow if I’m ok with the conditions. What I don’t like the road deicing materials covering my rig. I always stop asap I get out of the crap and wash the rig especially the underside. What can be a bonus is the snow weather turns to rain as you fly south and you get that first main rinse “free”. I use my camper. If I have it winterized when I leave I run the heat once I’m in warmer weather- like above 0F, and have some bottled water. I flush with antifreeze and don’t re commission the water system until I’m south of -20F Land... Last year it was not cold when I left AB so no winterizing. I travel the Rockies route so one to two days reduces the risk of stupid cold. Like chirakawa said I watch the weather ahead, usually government weather services and provincial and state highway cameras to avoid the drama and overblown reporting and forecasting.
  9. I had my Maxbrake conk out heading down a 6 mile grade with a 14,999lb (maybe a bit more) 3 axle trailer behind the Dodge 3500.... weeeee! Fortunately I still have that truck driver habit of not starting down an unfamiliar grade at 70mph in the dark...
  10. noteven

    OT: Boondocking

    Is the violent crime rate lower now in Canada and the USA than it was 20-30 years ago? Fear has always been Big Business...
  11. noteven

    Road noise

    The orange 3M earplugs will help while you research completing your vehicle.🤣
  12. My new camper (Cirrus) has a marine grade cushioned floor covering. It is not “traditional rv trying to look stix and brix” . Edit: it is a sheet material can’t see it working easily for a renovation.
  13. Vern you sent those temps here now 🤣. Supposed to warm up to “normal”... Kirk - ya it is... I ran the diagnostics shown in the manual. All functions check ok except the LP check - returns the E1 code. So time to check the gas system when it warms up outside. The burner and related parts look really clean...
  14. Thanks for the ideas so far. We are having some brisk fall weather right now. Snow flurries, 14F, wind 15-25mph... I don’t wanna stand outside in the shade messing with a $&%@$& absorption fridge😬... We have a warmer spell on the way... I can check wrknrvr’s instructions..
  15. Gas supply pressure appears normal. Blue flame on stove, furnaces and water heater firing normally on gas.
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