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    Exploring, riding motorcycle from rv base camps.

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  1. Duck season! Wabbit season!
  2. noteven

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Solana Beach CA sunny and 60F.
  3. noteven

    Honda EU2000i Generator

    A call to Honda USA?
  4. noteven

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Clouds of white from burning coolant have $ $ signs in them... Proceeding N of Bishop CA with the wonton one time there’s a bit of a climb on 395. I’m maybe 18-19k lbs. I have the cruise set on 2000rpm part throttle 850 EGT in some gear or other in the 6 speed U shift. Here comes a blue oval gasohol V8 pulling a 15” 5 bolt wheel tandem TT in hot pursuit...goes by us 8 mph faster at eleventeen thousand rpm...25 gallons an hour? there were such a stinking invisible cloud of gasohol exhaust behind him I thought my poor little Hummin Cummins and I were both going to have to go on oxygen 😂
  5. noteven

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    In general it means to address components prone to premature failures by modifying or replacing them with more reliable parts or systems.
  6. Not amps. Ramps. Ya I know - keep my day job...
  7. You need 3 ramps.
  8. noteven

    Buss bar

    Hey Glenn take a gander at Digi-Key - no end of electron stuff and lots of their part numbers can be ordered in qty 1 of...
  9. In a absolute media hysterics polar vortex emergency a person could use cheap vodka. Good Canadian rye whishkey absolutely not. Not sure about porch climber wine...
  10. noteven

    Help with identifying part

    There. “Fixed.” If any consolation Vern it was -29C here this morning. Warming up over night tonight.
  11. noteven


    I was driving trucks (American English: “sem eyes”) back when king pin connected rv trailers were not very common around here. A guy told me he had bought a “fifth wheel” to “go camping”. I looks at him dumbfounded and says, “A Holland? What for, a windproof patio table?”
  12. noteven

    Front mount swivel wheel platform

    Nope, it wouldn’t. No hinge point, wheels, or lights.
  13. noteven

    Front mount swivel wheel platform

    Vern - a guy could dress that rig up and “stealth camp” in the parade...
  14. noteven

    Towing configurations

    Here ya go Ray 🙃: Oz trucks
  15. noteven

    Sending my guns back to myself

    Isn’t a short barrel scatter gun better for social work anyways?