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  1. Coach-Net Crashed on me

    Very glad the tree missed you guys! Why on earth would your insurance broker even present a policy to you where you are "on the hook" pardon the pun for recovery/towing if you have an accident that damages your auto so it is not roadworthy? If you biffed 'er off Hwy 1 into the Pacific like rental van guy did the other week there that could be a hefty bill what with helicopters, divers, winch trucks and on lookers.... My broker would look at me and say, "Don't be an idiot. I'm not writing that policy for you that way." But then again we've known each other since middling school.
  2. 780 trans not shifting .

    Tennessee Towing runs a sweet Loovill ! I'll take my 250 points for spotting that, thank you.
  3. what Darryl&Rita said: I don't see signatures/links on the iPhone device.
  4. Smart car width for deck planning

    It’s the long side of a right angle triangle unless the king pin is right in line with the front of every trailer you will ever hook up to, then it is 1/2 the trailer width. Take a stick and saw it off at the distance from the center of the king pin to the widest point at the front of the trailer plus 6”. Then use the stick as a story stick as you look at the layout you want at the back of the truck. Now from the end of your stick look up at 90 degrees. That line needs a minimum of 8” of dip clearance to anything on the deck of the truck.
  5. MDT (M class) vs. Ram 3500 or Ford F450

    edited - posted a story pretty much off the op topic . Not enough coffee . dumass.
  6. Train horns

    I wonder if Scrap would have the switch and solenoid valve schematic for KW's that use an electric switch to toggle between city horn and air horns? Might make a simple way to actuate train horns ...
  7. Loading motorcycle into toy hauler

    An added bonus to good rigging is if you flop your trailer on it's side your bike will be doing the fly on the floor which is now the wall so once the wrecker sets it upright you can back it out using the safe unloading techniques ^ and you are on your way.
  8. Boondocking for HDT with 40' plus RV

    The "vibe" of my rig isn't full on "Hector" but more like "looks ok going by at 60 mph..." - also known as "nothin in there worth getting shot for..." Learning from other boondockers - the general consensces seems to be the farther you are boondocked from large towns and / or cities, the less troubles... I use the satellite view in Google Maps to look over the lay of the land to scout "500,000 star" camp spots. I have kinda learned my rig's capabilities around it's ground clearance.
  9. buying an RV

    I apologize and wish to revise my free advice: A pickup truck on a 6 year finance note will be much happier towing 1/2 it's advertised weight rating for the life of the loan.
  10. Parking on an incline

    There was a driver back in the day who would park his R600 Mack in the barn with the fuel shutoff cable “on”. And the truck in gear. And the brakes “on”. Another truck bumped it...
  11. Too hot in Yuma too cold in Idaho

    Elevation above the sea level is the key to kool ...
  12. buying an RV

    My free advice to anyone considering a trailer is pay cash for one that weighs about 1/2 what the "tow rating" is on your paid for tow vehicle.
  13. Parking on an incline

    Hi Brad - Basic air brake video
  14. Hitch Camera

    I saw a tour video someplace I cannot find now where the guy used an industrial dairy barn camera on his rv project. He stated it was rugged, had night vision, and less cost than "RV" equipment.