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  1. Toy Hauler Ramp

    This ^. My C-Force's door has a number of springs along the hinge that get wound up as the door lowers. Simple. The door supports it's load by the hinge and the top of the door which is on the ground during vehicular ingress and egress operations.* I would place Jeff's adjustable attached deck post legs at the top of the door. If placed closer to the hinge you would have to do extensive beam and cantilever calculations so as not to tip the toyhauler right over. *Engineering terms for loading and unloading stuff.
  2. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    RAT = Riders Association of Triumph. Our "rallies" are called Rat Raids The only qualification needed is an endorsement for right hand drive motorcycles. It's easy enough to get if I can pass it.
  3. 4113 Jayco seismic

    My slummin it 1 bath Roughneck trailer has a seperate light gray tank for the shower only. Sinks have their own gringy gray. Toilet = black. Shower does not fill the sink tank up, shower water can be disposed of in various ways if necessary, sink tank lasts many days.... But wait - the tanks are wye'd together and 2 valved at the discharge, so you can "equalize" shower into gray or black if needed What a concept.
  4. Dogbone versus flat adapter

    Hi Sal I have the Carrier system. The furnace operates on 12 volt no 110 v necessary. My system takes a second or two to respond to the remote input settings when you change them when in "furnace" mode. I have had it stall when button pushing occurs too quickly. I shut the system off and on again and away it goes. Dying remote batteries cause confusion and slow response. You probably cannot use the heat pump connected to 15 amp service. Switch your fridge and water heater to gas only. Check to see if the house receptacle is wired to a 2 pole breaker so it is two circuits. If yes you could use an extension cord from one to your coach, and unplug your converter from the coach receptacle and plug it in to the house with it's own cord if it is in a compartment you can access with a cord. Now your 12v loads (lights, furnace, water pump) are operating on their own cord and house circuit. If the house receptacle is on one breaker (oops) you need not bother with ^ above. I run my "50 amp" trailer many weeks in summer on a 15 amp circuit at a family spot. I just don't use all those amps at the same time.
  5. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

  6. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

  7. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    I would like to see a screen shot of one of these displays when you back out of an ISX 600 pulling 140,000lbs to make a downshift using the C-Brake and it makes that 40psi of manifold pressure now throttle is zero sneeze / jake action now we are at 100% fuel 2050 torque all in 1 second.... I'd try one... 'cept you need a ECM?
  8. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    Right mirror is in the peer around the right hand corner mode Wings, tail feathers, turbofan engines, fuel, seats, Dr. Pepper stores are options not included in the base weight as it left the RV factory.... You would think for the money it would come with roll down windas You don't need a CDL for it.
  9. Try finding some random image and drag it. This one is 12kb These aren't Volvos.
  10. Glenn - you drag them from your desktop or folder into the box below "drag files here to attach, or choose files" - so that the software can tell you your standard phone pic is too large to post ...
  11. Dave I posted how you can know your frame height above. There is no "standard height" for class 8 rails and "hitches". Rails are spec'd first, then axles, tires and wheels, then suspension. 5th wheel height above the rails is then specd by choosing the appropriate riser for the application. Not being a cob either pm sent
  12. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    ^ this can work well...
  13. Today's truck camper manufacturers fib a bit about weights maybe, I heard.
  14. Horst Miracle Probes

    SeeLevel's readout is in % which is that damphool metric.
  15. Full Body Paint

    I'm running the red desert camo custom applied by 50mph wind and splattery 30 second rain showers every 5 minutes on the one side right now. It warshes off once you get a round tuit.