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  1. Thank you for the responses
  2. Ok - being electrically globally delayed I got lost here - so I has a question: A MicroAir Easy Start as featured in the video Chad linked will allow my trailer's Dometic "13,500 btu" air conditioning function to be operated by my Honda 2000 inverter generator when plugged in normally without a bonding jumper ? that might have been 2 questions...
  3. Grandparents from Norway and MN USA ... so we also warsh things and enjoy visiting Warshington state tooo.
  4. I control the heat unner the coffee pot by adjusting the burner on the profane stove. They have lectric ones now?
  5. Something haywire with the ECM me thinks.... but "injectors" are the go to issue ... wipers quit? Injector... flat tire? Injector... that many miles? Oh dear prolly a injector,,,,
  6. What Dollytrolly sez ^ ... if you don't have vertical take off and fly away capability please be careful in the back country full of not normally back country folks stampeding around to see the eclipse... which will ill be replayed 10,000 times on the tee vee
  7. In Alberta we would send the new hand to find a skyhook...
  8. I connected a dedicated generator starting battery using an isolator called Amp-L-Start. The starting battery is maintained any time shore or gen power is present.
  9. Once you find and buy that "perfect" hose, it will be dragging on the road next trip...
  10. Hang on I'll go look.... Mine say MADE IN U.S.A.
  11. I'm kinda like Scrap, bias wise... A fella close by me ran this era MX engine in a W900 hauling crude oil and produced water on 80% gravel / hilly terrain, GCW 100,500lbs 90F to -35F, mud, bugs, snow... 14,000hrs with a minimum of trouble... a couple EGR cooler flushes, accessory belt tensioners, a top set or two, many of the CEL's go away on their own, some had to be erased by dealer, none caused a tow to town. The big drop in oil prices = big slow down in work so he retired the W900 by selling it. It is now hauling logs in "retirement", 8 axles, 140,000lbs...
  12. Have a look see at Bridgestone R250's - Many sizes. Q rated 99 mph. My little Cummins has a time getting my rig going that fast... They were quite a bit less moola than Ribs in our market...
  13. Hi BrianT - thanks for the update - I did the same thing to my wee house on wheels earlier this year due to the untimely timing of my cooling unit failure / disorganization / location / proximity to good motorcycle roads vs doing a major technology research / change / renovation etc . Unit 1 ran 10 years of quite a bit of use, figgered if unit 2 runs anywhere's near that we are good....
  14. Could you post a pic of your bonding connection? thanks
  15. What every HDT / Big Fifth needs: