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  1. noteven

    Coolant Lines

    There is a Bearcat here at summer camp that is in semi retirement - seeds a few acres in the spring. There is a lack of junky plastic on those machines. I think the hood might be 1/4” 🙃
  2. noteven

    A nice Carriage toy hauler for sale

    Rick - It will have Dexter 3 x 7000lbs axles carrying about 14500lbs when at gvw. MorRyde 4000 suspension. Mine has the larger drum brakes 3-1/2” I think... yes tires are unknown - but it is at a dealer they would do pics on request I would think. If it has lived in Canada west tires age at less than half rate compared to hot places in the USA. I run Bridgestone R250’s on mine. Let me know if you buy it I’ll ride there and buy supper I’m less than 6 hours 😎
  3. Duck season! Wabbit season!
  4. noteven

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    Paul has a no lube failure Vern posts a story of “that was close” nature And 2 days ago my son test drives a motorhome here locally and the pinion bearing piles up due to next to no lube after sitting leaking for a year... So I figure I better look at the trans and diff in my KW dually... on with the coveralls, idle the engine a bit as per Eaton Fuller oil level check procedure, slide underneath, diff is good just below full mark. Over to trans horse the big plug loose - turn turn turn turn ... watching watching for oil at thread turn turn .... and down the arm and sleeve of my coveralls goes some 50W Eaton spec lube. ya we’re good.
  5. noteven

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    Happy Birthday Randy
  6. noteven

    A nice Carriage toy hauler for sale

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cargo-utility-trailer/lethbridge/2006-c-force-carriage-39sv1/1242803725?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Canadian $ price. No personal interest in this unit. I live in one. You can return it to the USA as it was built in Indiana. Anyhoo this is lots of toyhauler for the price if you don’t suffer from model year anxiety. it likes a decent size tow vehicle is why I posted this here. Mine weighs 18,000 ish lbs as I travel and knocks a good size hole in the air.
  7. noteven

    Coolant Lines

    He’s a Tiger
  8. noteven

    Coolant Lines

    Steiger tractors with Eaton Fuller transmissions’z have a no trans oil pressure warning buzzer and lamp. Sounds off every time you open the clutch and stop the trans main shaft to select a gear. End of Fuller trans trivia...
  9. noteven

    1993 National Sea Breeze questions

    Kirk funny thing about our land - machines do not age for 6-7 months each year as we have a mini ice age. Cold dark storage is wonderful. So a 1993 is about “10”in west Canada years....
  10. noteven

    1993 National Sea Breeze questions

    I’m helping someone do a little research on a 1993 Sea Breeze motorhome, GM454 engine / Workhorse chassis. 55,000 miles on it has been used for vacations and weekends and that’s what the buyer wants it for. Low annual miles. Any particular things that should be checked beyond normal RV stuff (leaks, haywire and bubble gum repairs, obvious lack of maintenance and repair etc?) Any parts that are now made out of unobtainium, that sort of thing. They are also looking at a couple low miles Winnebago Chieftains of the same era, one GM engine one Ford 460 chassis. Experiences welcome Thanks
  11. noteven

    Changing batteries

    Aha! So the Cummins is not the only electron powered diesel that is fussy about system voltage at startup attempt... Dont know if I’ve ever mentioned starting battery disconnection as A Good Thing on a gadget laden parked rv toter... but I know rickeieio has
  12. noteven

    Regen needed, switch no workie

    Interesting. DEF trucks have DPFs too. Try the local Freightliner dealership?
  13. noteven

    Trouble shooting toy hauler gas tank fuel nozzle.

    Now I should get busy and fix my pump 😀