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  1. As I recall you did concrete forming in construction?? Anyway beginning of April I walked away from construction because at that point they still didn't get it re safety and this Covid 19 business. Things have changed, I called Worksafe and they dragged this one guys hide thru the fire x2. Even after the first time he bucked the system but not after the second. So here is the way Condos are being done in Victoria. With the building up 4 floors and closed in. We have 2 staircases at opposite ends of the building. One is for up and the other down. Both clearly marked and you still get people bucking the rules but If I catch them, they are sent the other way. If you are walking down a hallway and meet someone coming the other way, the one with the load has priority, the other ducks into the closest room. Maintain 6' separation where possible, if not wear a mask, we supply N 95's. There are 2 outside covered handwashing stations with hot and cold plus soap and sanitizer. Portapottis are wiped with Simply green full strength, handles inside and out, paperholders, disinfectant containers and the tops of the toilet seats and covers. Yes we are wearing gloves. All light switches door handles and anything else that people touch gets wiped and I have no problem doing it. The workers for the most part are concerned and not slacking off. There are some jerks who won't play ball but I was only there for a couple of days. Any longer and their head office would be called and they'd be written up....Do it again and goodbye. Each day there is a short meeting to remind everyone about the stakes. 2 months ago I was told there were over 200 journeymen carpenters off. I don't know if it was Covid 19 or just taking themselves out of the market. Take some hand sanitizer to work and wear gloves if possible and wash your hands before breaks and going home. Not everyone plays by the rules and you don't want to take it home to the rest of your family. Roger
  2. rdickinson

    Covid Update

    There was a video on Canada's Weather Network of a small dog being walked with it's leash attached to a drone.
  3. rdickinson

    Covid Update

    A 23 yr old woman in Regina not following stay at home guidelines was stopped by the Police. Somehow or other she was tested for the virus, found positive and fined 2800$.
  4. The RV park Where I am has locked the laundry, showers, washrooms and even taken the taps off the outside wash basins and hoses.. Being a private facility, there is nothing to be done.
  5. There was a pic of one but that is going back a decade or more. I had a 4700 DT 530. It's old tech, noisy going down the road, floor gets hot from the transmission, exhaust brake only, drums on the rear. No comparison to an HDT...at all
  6. Some people dig in their heels and refuse to shave facial hair off. I guess the option is don't work. Seems strange these 3m facial masks are not adequate for the Covid 19 virus but the could filter out welding smoke....At least that's what the folks at Cloverdale paint told me.
  7. I see lots of people, medical and not on tv, not wearing the 95's properly' The metal bar needs to be pressed down to conform to the face. Many are not. Masks do no good over a beard. We do fitting of half masks only on those who are cleanshaven.
  8. I've heard that story before. Makes sense. My Travel Soopreme came with washer and dryer. The dryer was elevated above with about 12" of useless space in-between. I got a shorter dryer and raised it enough to get a FP dw drawer in between. The hot and cold water, drain and power were all there. All that needed to be done was box in the area which I did. Now there are no dirty dishes around, they go straight into the dw. My tap water is hotter than my hands can stand and the DW uses a gallon plus or minus. I've seen by brother do dishes, by the time he finishes a sink load, the water is lukewarm at best, so I doubt they are as clean as any dw can do. But hey, each to their own. By the way, he has a 1500$ Bosch dw which hardly gets used.
  9. From what I've read, 70% alcohol or bleach will work but there may be a residual smell or taste plus I don't know if hospitals want to bother. I can get a clone of these Wildland fire masks but the outfit has all his future production spoken for so even the filters would not be available. If a suitable filter material could be found, I can get the rest of the mask made with off the shelf material and not have to worry about getting price gouged. The original price on these FF masks was 56, then 76, now 96. can$. Production is limited to 20,000 a week and he can't do more. I've had multiple discussions with him. His world ends at the Equator. So, if a suitable filter can be found, production could work up to 100k a week and prices would be a LOT less with filters being readily available.
  10. They were out of the 95's Ausi mask was shipped by Purolator. It may be handed to another Courier at the Border. You could get a tracking number by text or e-mail. Also sent a message off to the manufacturer for info. I store the 95's in Margarine containers and label the lid with a felt pen. Label the mask as well.
  11. Cloverdale Paint here has 3 white and 3 blue paper paint suits. I've used them, they have a zipper so can be reused if needed. I have to call, pay by Visa and make arrangements to pick them up. There are 2 other locations in the area. I've not called them yet. No N 95's or any other type.
  12. I'm finding out a little about the mask. There is an electrostatic charge induced by washing that lasts for about 50 hrs then needs washing and drying again. 1000 hrs then it's done. toss it and replace. I've swent of a request for info from the mfgr in Australia. He isn't seeing the light of day in production. These other guys were 21$ can more expensive than local firm. I'd like to see if they can be made under license like the V12 Rolls Royce Merlin made by Packard for Spits and Mustangs.in WW2.
  13. OK, I'm looking into what the Alpaca hair does. The boss is out but texted me he will respond when he returns. I'm trying another source. Maureen e-mailed me. Package goes out today.
  14. So, it is the way the hair is woven that brings the effectiveness down from .3 to less than .128? So it is the bouncing around in the weave that does the trick? Is this like a eggcrate type soundbooth where the noise gets absorbed with the convoluted shapes? I have some Home Depot filter material..less than 1/4" thick that could suffice as a backer for the hair and also serve as extra filtration. This is the same material used for the cold air returns on the roof mount heat pumps in the ceiling and the clothes dryer final filer....I'll send you a pic. So there is another firm I can contact as well as the owner of the firm these 2 were purchased from. I'll see what testing info they can provide without raising suspicion. My thoughts are can we duplicate the same results using the same or similar product. The 'weaving' may be the biggest obstacle. We have some Lamas 30 miles from here, maybe the owners can give me a couple of clumps. The rest of the mfg process is a snap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are the properties of the gowns material? Are there other products that will achieve the same result? Again, fabrication isn't a problem. We have Quilting stores, Sewing machine stores. I personally know Dean Sawyer of Sawyer Sewing Center ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE ventilators, you and others here know all about these. Are they that complicated or are they made uber complicated. There are some vids on UTube I started to watch and will follow up. I'm pinched for time as I have to recertify for a certification. Can a simplified version be made with off the shelf parts. We have some Braniacs at UVIC who thrive on this stuff. They have developed a bandage with sensors that detects infection, ph or acidic levels. I think it changes color. Trying to catch it before infection gets away. Maybe it can be reverse engineered.
  15. There may be an oiler in the system for air tools. BTW, on my shop compressor we punched a hole thru the block wall and put the air intake outside. It made a difference in the noise level in the shop. Stay away from people, have the groceries delivered by the food market if that service is offered. Costs me 15 bucks a trip, order online or I go b/w 7 and 8 am like I said earlier. Costco is a good place to go for gas, their personnel wipe each pump each time it's used. That r go to a full service station where the employee pumps the fuel. I pack med gloves and hand sanitizer wherever I go. Full or half mask?
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