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  1. Of what?
  2. I find myself less inclined to participate in or on this forum for the same reason others have stated. Dead wrong information. In other cases I ask a question which is important to me, even directing it to those I know have the experience in that very topic but get no response. Lastly when someone has a problem which I have had myself perhaps more than once and I go to the trouble to post a step by step response even providing the names of someone in their immediate area who repaired it for me, they keep asking the same question and getting absolutely wrong answers. It seems sometimes topics of value get poor if any responses and absolutely childish and moronic topics drag on forever. Re the current post, I had the same problem in Feb, breaker would blow sometimes then it wouldn't cool. It pulled 29 amps and everyone was off the mark. The Dometic hot line identified the issue and the unit was replaced by a hotshot tech who wired it wrong. It cost another 350$ to get it rewired correctly. Never mind asking the AC questions here, call Dometic and ask them, THEY are the experts. And don't let some joker sell you a 7 yr old discontinued unit which happened in my case. Dometic could tell by the serial #. It still works ok. Lastly, off topic re putting a hitch on the new 2017 Smarts, It can be done, I did it and have pics. There are adequate fixing points at the rear in spite of what the so called experts say. Mine was done by a Machinist/ Parts Manager at the Smart car dealer in Victoria. I have for the most part moved on, finding little value here.
  3. That's the one, Search by make. 335 is the smaller engine, 387 or whatever they come now, is the bigger motor. With a mob like that, carrying a Smart wouldn't work. So not sure what you'd use for a get around vehicle. They do have nice interiors. Thanks Nigel
  4. http://www.cowboycadillac.com/doonanpeterbilt.htm There are other trucks than Volvos. An extended cab could take 7 or 8. I've forgotten the site for used units but it will come back to me.
  5. Lower rad hose seems squishy, a little leak so it the pipe it hooks up to on the engine. That is heavily rusted. All Filters being changed plus oil plus annual inspection. Oil is good. Nothing we can see in the positioned mentioned but it is dry up there.
  6. The current system has the generator on the truck, the new generator will be under the fairings, plug is at the rear under the license plate that flips up. It's your standard 50 amp straight blade receptacle. A 30' long power cord in the front of the trailer, next to the inverter plugs into the 50 amp truck receptacle. A second cord to truck from trailer operates a remote start switch below the electrical panel. The 50 amp cord at the front of the trailer has come in handy when going into a site where the pedestals were at the wrong end of the pad. DB level is 78 but not able to be heard in the trailer. Current unit runs at 3600 rpm, the Onan would be quieter.
  7. Some generators are 3600 rpm, others like the 7.5 Diesel Onan are 1800. 1800 rpm has the perception of being quieter. It will also with some mods fit under the sleeper fwd of the100 gallon fuel tank. Roughly 5k installed with a used one. By a firm in New Iberia. He did quite a bit of work on my truck, top notch. Electrical Innovations, give him a call. Only 230 miles from you...it's worth it to get something done properly.
  8. X2 on the oil change, I got turned down last year. Even had my own filter.
  9. I've used them in a Commercial application in a Medical office over 30 yrs ago, they do work.
  10. Someone have problems with ants?? I have a solution which worked for me, found it on UTube. Get a smallish bottle of Boric acid, something like salt or sugar consistency wise and mix it with Maple syrup. Pretty high dose/mix. turns the MS almost grey. Put blobs of it around the counter or wherever they hang out. In the UTube video it killed them on the spot, in my case they ate it, ran over it, partied on it but the next day there were fewer and 2 days later they were gone, completely. This was over a month ago and none since. These were the little tiny ones, sugar ants I'm told. Like I said it worked in my case.
  11. Someone must know a lawyer, get his or her opinion.
  12. I had a typo on my other post, the fridge is 36" wide not 26. Anyway seeing more posts presents the need to input some more. Minimum 4 golf cart batteries, all purchased at the same time. Go with a Magnum 2812 Inverter Charger or its equivalent. It will convert battery power to 12v and also allow you to use the micro to nuke food when on the road. It also has a hefty charger to boot the batteries when plugged into shore power or the generator. The control panel which could be wired on the inside bedroom wall or close to your electrical panel, gives you the option to turn the charger on or off or regulate the incoming charge amount so you can run other things without blowing breakers. Powersharing. Something else I did to keep the batteries up when driving was to put a charging circuit in between the truck batteries and the trailer batteries. Using hefty cable and forklift plugs at the back of the truck, then up the pinbox area into the trailer to the batteries. This will keep the batteries up during the day while on the road so as to not need to turn off or down the incoming charge from the inverter. All this is doable, I've done it. I also have a small 1.4 cubic ft freezer to carry a bunch of frozen meals when I go on my migration south. I've caught onto posting pictures so Monday when I get the truck back, I'll take some pics to give you an idea of how this looks. You may also consider an automatic battery fill system.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wh4MVopY3c Trojan as well as others make them. If your batteries are at the back of a compartment, it saves you putting your face over the batteries to try so see the water level. Bad news in my book. Battery acid in the face, not a pleasant thought. Less than $100 and easy to install. Hook up the turkey basting bulb to the battery hose side, drop the tube in water and squeeze 'till it won't. Your batteries are now full. The Fisher Paykel unit my mom had was the shallowest I've seen. But even that was better than an rv fridge which took eons to cool down and quick to warm up when shut off.
  13. I've asked about this before even about plumbing a change but was told no. It can be a real PITA sometimes. There should be a way.
  14. An ex Bigfoot person currently out of Lakeland Florida was at the Tampa RV show 3 yrs ago. He works a lot on race cars but still does the installs but charges more. For my Travel Supreme, he recommended a 21k leg at the rear where Bigfoot only went with a 17k leg. He also claimed to not require me losing 1 of 2 propane cylinders at the front left side of my rig. I don't have specific contact info but he pushed the right buttons with me. You'd have to hunt him out. Roger
  15. It pleases me no end that a Pre Trip has been included.....long overdue. Had I gone to the Rally, and known of the time becoming available, I would have offered to do the BC version of the Pre Trip.