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  1. rdickinson

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    Waste of time
  2. Hi, still after the Maxbrake unit??.  It works.  $100 or best offer, you get right of first refusal.  I can mail it to you once I get into the US during the last week of the month...from the Americus area.



  3. rdickinson

    Good service from DirecLink

    Sometimes we have less than stellar experiences with our rigs re products and service, occasionally we get an outstanding one. DirecLink for me is top notch. Right from the get go they were on it. I sent or provided info and they got back to me promptly. The system was ordered and it arrived in a timely fashion taking into consideration the Border and all the problems it creates. Also they have a local ph# on their site in addition to the toll fee which doesn't work in Canada. The unit was installed with updated programming but there were still some set up questions which were sent off in an e-mail form. Next day came a response and the gent who designed the system called, and with me in the cab and the truck running to activate the system talked me thru the setup. So to sum up, I like the product and the service. The old system may be ok but this DirecLink is light years ahead. It's unfortunate they are not going to be at the Tampa Show, maybe next year. Perhaps one of the Rallys'? The contact person would be Felice One <Felice-One@tuson.com> John Soptich is the person who talked me thru the setup. Fitting this 5 month saga of water tank replacement, rot and accompanying mould plus 50 odd other items on the list should conclude on a high note with DirecLink Just in time for the December 19 or 20 jump off time for the trip south. Everyone have a good Christmas. Roger
  4. rdickinson

    Trailer Bottom repair-for son-in-law

    I have just completed a 6 week rehab of my rig. The water tank had split causing more grief than I care to go into at the moment. The Travel Supreme came with a metal underbelly crimped together at the joints which ran transversely. I was not able to get them apart so the metal was cut side to side. I used Coreplast and backed it with the 1/4" silver bubble foam. The foam was taped around the edge of the Coreplast with the with the 2" wide silver shiny tape. I have pics. I went full width underneath in 2 pcs with an overlap of about 6" in the middle. Each panel was about 38" wide. The UTube people use self tapping screws and fender washers every 2' or so. The Travel Supreme came with a moulding or trim piece screwed to the underside of the longitudinal frame rails. Something else done by a local RV Repair firm is to cut vents in the underbelly and putting in surface mounted grills, roughly 4" by 12" with the grill fins facing rearward. Add to that pushing in a chunk of pool noodle in the vent hole as a spacer between the insulation and the underbelly in case of a leak to allow for drainage. If you provide enough overlap on all 4 sides it should be ok.
  5. rdickinson

    double towing

  6. rdickinson

    SW Florida HDT Owners

    In Alberta, all that's required is a class 5 and an air endorsement. You can also triple tow, I've seen it done. After moving to BC, the requirement changed to a CDL because of the truck being air and the trailer electric. Add to that the whole rig weight over 8600 kg's. So grudgingly I took the course. In hindsight, I'm glad I did. It has made me feel safer on the road. I know: Where to position the left front wheel on an outside sweeping rt turn. Knowing what offtrack is Where to position my truck when making a sharp rt turn at a stop light or stop sign to prevent vehicles from passing on the inside or outside and making sure the back end of my trailer doesn't clip something on the sidewalk while initiating the turn. To maintain a 5 second separation b/w me and the vehicle in front in good driving conditions. At least 7 or more in poor driving conditions. Stopping so the tires of the vehicle in front are visible on the road. Any closer and they tend to feel uncomfortable and inch ahead because you are in their space. How to do a proper precheck. It took me 45 minutes going full bore to do during the exam. I practiced it for over a week, twice a day until I got it down perfect. When doing a pitstop, doing a walkaround, checking tires, hatches, lites. making sure nothing was missed when you started out in the am, keys left in doors, sat dish up, hatches unlocked, cap on the sewer pipe holder. How many sewer hoses have you seen by the side of the road?? When a Commercial rig is following me, I time his distance. If he's 5 seconds or more, I don't worry . If he or she's 2-3 seconds, then I look for a place to pull over to let him pass so he doesn't do something stupid to cause both of us problems. I'm no gearhead, but the CDL did teach me what to look for and to identify problems or symptoms. Whether we are talking about US or Canada, you can't go wrong. At the very least, you'll learn something.
  7. rdickinson

    Almost ready!!

    I'd go with RF Mogul in Salt Lake City, I can provide names and contact info. You could get a subscription from Shaw, keep your Canadian phone with you. Have RF Mogul install it for you then activate the Sat dish with your CANADIAN phone. Using a US phone won't work.. If there is ever a problem, Carlo can absolutely walk you thru the process of getting things up and running plus they will send updates which can be downloaded onto a thumb drive then uploaded into the controller. You will easily be able to get Shaw at Q. Mid December is jump off time, depending on WX. WX also will determine routing. 1st stop is Americus GA for a couple of weeks on Disaster Response with the Fuller Group. Then Wickham Park in Melbourne Fl from 8th to 15th then the Tampa RV show till the 20th. Not sure after that. Depends on who or what group has something ready and where. I'm down for 4.5 months and trying to avoid backtracking to save fuel. If I go that route, I'll email in advance. Last time I ran into a dust storm. Make sure your tires, brakes and bearings are all up to snuff. R Another edit. Is your rig winterized ?? probably by now.
  8. rdickinson

    Almost ready!!

    I tell the Border agent I will let him know first, if I plan to activate the parking brake. Also, you probably know about having the pets documentation info. I plan to ask in advance this year, what food can and cannot be brought across the border, same going the other way. I've seen some pretty upset people having to throw food away at the border which would ruin a trip. Keep meds in original containers. Where are you heading to? On edit, I can't see a sat dish on your trailer roof but if you have Shaw, it works from Northern BC to Mexico I'm told. I know it works in Southern Florida, I have an auto system on the trailer roof from RF Mogul in Salt Lake City.
  9. rdickinson

    Almost ready!!

    The presumption was you had an HDT.
  10. rdickinson

    Almost ready!!

    When I lived in Calgary, one time I went in the Commercial lane 'cus I wasn't sure and got chewed out by the US customs. So after that it was the non commercial even if they had to look up. The Commercial lanes' customs 'box" is higher so he's level with the cab. DON'T hit yellow knob. Just keep foot on brake. If you need to activate brakes, let them know. They get ticked off. If in doubt, call them to be safe. Roger
  11. rdickinson

    Test 2018

  12. rdickinson

    Surge protectors and adapters

    Check on the parts for sale topic down further on the topics. I got a 50 for $100. Now i have a spare.
  13. rdickinson

    Surge protectors and adapters

    An rv outfit should be able to. If not ask Progressive, they may have a list of recommended firms. Also, they were discounting them significantly at the Tampa rv show when i was there last...30%...maybe.
  14. rdickinson

    water leak at front end cap and roof

    SC 48, send me your e-mail and I'll send you pics and describe what I had done 5 yrs ago. My rear cap leaked similar to yours. In the same relative position. Eternabond tape for sure but there is more to it. My rig is a 2001 or 2, 40' Travel Supreme. I went up on the roof this morning and took a look at the area you have in question. Pics and a description should get you thru this. You have a good unit. By the way, as I recall Mark Bruss did an explanation on doing the same job on his then Travel Supreme. The topic may be in the resource guide. Roger
  15. rdickinson

    Surge protectors and adapters

    I have the Progressive portable 50 amp. If you get the hardwired one, they guarantee it for life, even if it gets blasted by lightning like my portable did at the Tampa RV show. I'd hung it on a chain link fence by the truck driving school to get it out of the accumulating water. Progressive still replaced everything except the outside case. Can't ask for more than that.