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  1. It was the section across Okla.
  2. Ok, we will be headed to Cody, WY the middle of April and I refuse to go back on US287. We came back that way and it almost beat our truck and 5th wheel to pieces. We will be leaving from Lubbock TX about the middle of April and no hurry to get there before the last of April. We normally make the trip in about 3 days. However I don't want to drive through Denver and don't want to drive through OK on 287, do you have any other suggestions? I looked at Lubbock to Durango CO to Monticello UT to either Evanston WY or Rocksprings WY. Also looked at US385 north from Lubbock to some where in Nebraska, but I don't know how the roads are up that way. On our way back from Cody this last Sept we turned off of I25 just before Wheatland and went across to Scots Bluff NE them turned south. This route wasn't bad until we got on US287 and that stretch of road was beyond terrible. Rough enough that it broke my exhaust just in front of the Muffler, noisy ride on to Lubbock. Ford F350 40 ft 5th wheel DW driving our daily driver Thanks for suggestions in advance
  3. Our's is Cody, WY. Sight seeing, western history, museums, Yellowstone, the Bighorns, Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Beartooth Highway, Indian Medicine Wheel, Old Town and nightly Rodeos just mention a few.
  4. Got RV out of storage, flushed all lines, put plug back in water heater and left Texas for Wyoming. Didn't use water heater until reaching Cody Wy RV park. Got set up and was ready for good old hot shower, Hot water has terrible odor. What is best way to stop the awful odor.
  5. Thanks for the replies, maybe not exactly what I wanted to hear, but exactly what I needed to hear. Currently we do as "rynosback" suggested and for now what we will continue doing. Again, thanks and safe travels.
  6. Just wondering if any one pulls a medium size toad behind their 5th wheel, if the factory says it is rated to do so. Ours is rated to pull #5000 and has the factory installed hitch.
  7. Bubblechaser, the last place I worked we had a "Park-it" powered dolly to park our 20ft enclosed trailers. We had two of them and a very tight place to park them in. I could do it if we were just parking one of them but not both. The "Park-it" did the job but it was a chore, we were on crushed granite, so it sometimes turned into a wrestling match if they were loaded, but it was a quality built piece of equipment. I just don't know how it would work on a 5th.
  8. We spent 4 years at Oak Forrest RV Park on the far east side, but it has changed owners since. If you don't mind a drive there are some over near Georgetown and some out by Liberty Hill. Most of the close in parks are usually full with waiting lists. Google parks in the area and start calling.
  9. We spent last spring and summer in Cody, Wy last year and we ended going to YS 6 different times and still didn't see it all. I have 5 pages in an email of a lot to see in that area if you want to read it. Kinda hated to dump it all on here but will email if you want it. Going back this year to same spot; lots left to see.
  10. If truck is still available please send pictures to; durwood75m@gmaildotcom Thanks Durwood
  11. Loop 289 RV Park is on Loop 289 in Lubbock, near where the Cabella's was. Nice park close to Tech and several eating places.If you get close to Lincoln spend a little time there and Ft.Stanton is a great afternoon visit. Great place in Capitan for burgers across from the Smokey Bear Museum is Oso Restaurant Knock your socks off burgers.,
  12. We have the "removable" steps from https://www.rv-co.com/index.html . We have used them for 3 years and love them. Ours are the 5 step model and I have a place in the back of the truck for them while on the road, easy enough to remove, store or install . There are several videos on u-tube about the steps with a couple of reviews. I like these because we are able to use the factory steps and don't have to install the others for times we stop while on the road or in close quarters. Where we park our 5th wheel while at S&B, there is not room for anything but the factory steps. On the road @ Hill Country Event Center & RV Resort in Medina, Tx.
  13. Several years ago while I was still driving an over the road truck, I had stopped at the CP north of ElPaso on Hwy 54, the dogs were going over an old pickup off to the side, I was in the truck line (only other vehicle at the CP) and they had a dock they could stand on and be at window level. i was enjoying the show and did not know one of the other agents had walked up to the window which was down, he said in a louder than normal voice"you gonna sit here all day". Of course I jumped and said "Oh S-_t". He got a charge out of it and we visited for several mins. Never asked what I was hauling, where I had been or where I was going. Just have a good day and drive safe. I still get a grin out of it after over 20 years. Like everyone says, be polite and give direct answers.
  14. I just upgraded from 16" tires with an E load rating to the Sailun 17.5s with an H rating for our 40ft 5th wheel. I ordered them online and they were delivered mounted and balanced. I will put them on the RV next week. The RV came with E rated GY Marathons, at less than 1500 miles I had a blow out, so I put some Light Truck Michelins on it. Afterwards I decided that was not the way I really wanted to go and opted to the upgrade to the 17.5s. I will move the Michelins to our tow vehicle and try to resale the original Aluminum wheels off our RV.
  15. Tires arrived this evening; only checked date on one and it shows 2817, I will check the rest when I get back in town. Leaving out for 5 days in car.
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