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  1. Grey Water Dumping

    New Mexico Greywater Code A remarkably simple code, for residences applying less than 250 gallons per day of graywater. Aeration of graywater is not allowed. Unlike some states mentioned later in this chapter, rather than specifying soil loading figures, New Mexico simply states „to ensure that the hydraulic capacity of the soil is not exceeded‟ Produce irrigation is not prohibited. No permit is required.Section 2. Section 74-6-4 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 1967, Chapter 190, Section 4, as amended by Laws 2001, Chapter 240, Section 1 and by Laws 2001, Chapter 281, Section 1) L. shall not require a permit for applying less than two hundred fifty gallons per day of private residential gray water originating from a residence for the resident's household gardening, composting or landscape irrigation if: a constructed gray water distribution system provides for overflow into the sewer system or on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system; a gray water storage tank is covered to restrict access and to eliminate habitat for mosquitos or other vectors; a gray water system is sited outside of a floodway; gray water is vertically separated at least five feet above the ground water table; gray water pressure piping is clearly identified as a nonpotable water conduit; gray water is used on the site where it is generated and does not run off the property lines; gray water is applied in a manner that minimizes the potential for contact with people or domestic pets; ponding is prohibited, application of gray water is managed to minimize standing water on the surface and to ensure that the hydraulic capacity of the soil is not exceeded; gray water is not sprayed; gray water is not discharged to a watercourse; and gray water use within municipalities or counties complies with all applicable municipal or county ordina
  2. Best RV Generator?

    Remember to think about security on suitcase gennies. 3/8th high tensile chain and serious padlocks.
  3. Brake rotor cracked

    Rotors best replaced in pairs
  4. Buying an Rv as a non U.S. citizen

    We did this a few years back. The process of buying and registering a RV if you are not a US citizen is the subject of several threads. Start by looking for a mailing address that accepts Aussies as the one that we used [Escapees] did not at the time. Get your B1/B2 visas. When planning your route be aware that immigration NORMALLY gives you 6 months when you enter. I know of people who have got a year but this is unusual and not to be relied on. So 6 months in the US a month or so in Mexico 6 months more in the US then a month or more in Canada. NB Do not just walk over to Mexico for a day then return expecting to get another 6 months. We met someone who had done this and immigration cancelled his visa and denied him entry. He was left in Mexico with his rig in the US.
  5. Tra-Park - Pecos

    Well we stayed there some years back and as we had read reviews got more or less what we expected. A cramped site and some scruffy long term stay sites with junk stashed under the rig nearby. . But the 30 amp supply was fine. The WiFi worked the laundry was clean and worked just fine even if the appliances were a little worn. We were travelling with our large geriatric German Shepherd and they were happy to see him unlike some parks. Fine for a night or two
  6. Olympic National Park, Good places to See and Stay??

    If you do go to the coast and pass through the town of Forks arrange to take the logging and sawmill tour. http://forkswa.com/event/logging-mill-tour/ Very informative and I think most tours are presented by retired loggers.
  7. Yet another noob

    There is a LOT to be said for a small class A [ circa 26 ft ] especially when you get somewhere and it is windy, rainy and muddy and you can go back and make a hot drink without going outside. I took my 26 ft class A into Monument Valley and made it round. NB I would not do it again. Went off road on dirt roads a fair bit and did not get stuck but was cautious about prospecting for soft stuff.
  8. Winter in Texas

    We stayed in Bentsen Palms adjacent too Retama and under the same ownership management [ at least they were/ Great facilities and well spaced. well laidout sites Not cheap at 677 $ for a back in in January but they are often fully booked months ahead. We also enjoyed South Padre Island.
  9. Shower or not to shower!!!

    I have spent time in a van conversion without a shower. Used a solar shower at times and a pump up garden spray. Both worked OK.
  10. Rv insurance for Non US Citizen

    There used to be a hidden GOTCHA in the Progressive small print. Your RV can not be the ONLY registered and insured vehicle. You must have a second vehicle, a 50 cc twist and go scoot will do as long as you have it registered in your name and insured in your name. You need to check and see if it is still there. Progressive were happy to take our money and only queried us after a year when we went to renew. I was OK as I had bought a M/C and a carrier which were insured through Progressive.
  11. Leaking water hoses

    My hoses which are blue and white striped were bought from Walmart 10 years ago and are still leak free. I suspect the reason for their longevity is their lack of UV exposure. I use them to fill the tanks then put them away.
  12. solar panels and inverters

    Do you expect to be living off the grid with access to LPG supplies for long periods of time.If the answer is yes you want to look at a 12 volt fridge. It should be a top opening compressor fridge. An ARB Fridge freezer is a self contained unit that you could take with you in the car. as well as using in the RV. But for maximum efficiency go for a top loading insulated box with at least 6 inches of insulation and a separate cooling unit. I have a Adler / Barbour SuperColdMachine CU-200 which I am very happy with. This can be run off 12 volt batteries without the inefficiency of an inverter. Otherwise go for a RV gas/110v fridge unit and run it off gas when you don't have lecky. Your salesman does not understand the relative efficiency of different systems.Running a domestic fridge off an inverter is about the most inefficient way to go.
  13. Suggestions for between Denver and Moab please

    Leadville is worth a visit esp. the mining museum. Take the The Matchless Mine tour. Go gold prospecting see http://goldstrikeadventures.com/
  14. A Long Walk......since October 2014

    If you are in Texas PPL Houston is worth a visit. Their sales staff are not on commission so no hard sell.SEE http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/ Get Texas driving licences if you can. they will give you a much wider choice of insurance companies and save you $100s on the annual premiums. If you plan to visit the National Parks get a America the Beautiful 2017: National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass. At $80 US for both of you it is bargain.
  15. My Life is Happy Chaos - Advice Please :D

    They do make some smaller fivers at around 24 ft. A fiver will be more stable on the road and less affected by crosswinds. It is also much easier to reverse.