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  1. He was a big part in helping me make the big decision to fly out from the UK with my life in two suitcases and spend two wonderful years exploring North America in a Safari Trek. Tioga George boondocker extraordinaire has made his last night camp.
  2. I was up a narrow mountain road in central France at one of my favourite hang gliding sites in my small diesel RV. I had the 3 am ferry booked and was due at work the next day. I loaded the hang glider up and got ready to start the drive back to the UK only to have the clutch pedal go loosely right to the floor. 10 minutes investigation showed that some thing had broken inside the bell housing and it was not immediately repairable. So I warmed up the engine, put it in first and with a little help from my friends got it moving and hit the strater and off we went. 300 miles later I drove on to the ferry with 200 miles to go in the UK. By the time I turned into college I was doing perfect clutchless gear changes and had developed an eagle eye for spotting parking places with a down hill exit.
  3. Lots of National Parks and State Parks have camp sites that are specifically reserved for tents. EG Camp 4 in Yosemite. No reservations required BUT at popular times the ranger arrives at 8.30 am and the line will often start at 7 am Be aware that to book a campground in popular parks at popular times you need to know when the sites become available and be online with all your data pre entered and hit the book now button within seconds of the sites becoming available.
  4. At that money you are looking at a bumper pull travel trailer something like this. https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/used-rvs-for-sale/travel-trailer/2008-holiday-rambler-aluma-lite_rv-39398 2 bunk beds a couch and a queen but no water tanks grey / black tanks no generator so you are really restricted to places with full hook ups.
  5. We are a couple of Brits and we did the buy an RV drive around then sell it but in our case it was 2 years later. Here are some things based on our experience. I realise that coming from Oz you might be used to the heat but summer is the WRONG time to be visiting the places you talk about. It is just to darn HOT. Do it in winter. Fly in t Seattle and do the Alcan highway to Alaska makes sense in the summer. Or stay high in the mountains where it is cooler. If you decide to go ahead with the idea of buying a small RV here is what we did. Join Escapees and join the mail service [ if you can there may be a problem ] But we did this and it gives you a legal address ou can use for registration and insurance. Look for insurance Champ Carter in Livingston can help they are used to foreigners wanting insurance. Check the small print. A small class C is handy enough to avoid towing a small car. We had a 28ft class A without a toad. If you go ahead with the plan to be South in the summer a separate [roof usually] AC unit is ESSENTIAL. eg something like this 25 ft class A We bought from PPL sight unseen after we had it inspected by an independent vehicle mechanic. They will sell it on your behalf when you are finished. We found them to be very fair. This meant that we arrived spent one night in a motel and were on the road the next day. If you plan on visiting places like the Grand Cayon National Park then the annual park pass is a really good deal $80 gets both of you and your vehicle into any national park. Plus deals on some campgrounds. We did not subscribe to any campground group except Escapees as we thought them poor value. As you will be travelling a lot you might consider overnighting in Walmart car parks and similar Many have a security patrol all night. We had wonderful time.
  6. We really liked the winter climate in the Rio Grande valley around Mission. Bentsen Palms RV park was our favorite but it does get booked up early.
  7. Will you be driving on a UK licence. If so you need to let Good Sam know. When I went through this some 11 years ago Good Sam would not cover us. Progressive and Foremost would cover us driving on UK licences and they were the only companies I found that would. If you can get a US driving licence insurance will be easier to find and substantially cheaper.
  8. I love riding motorcycles both on and off road. So when I bought a class A I went out and bought a motorcycle carrier that fitted on the tow hitch and a Yamaha 225 dual sport. It was a good decision. They are more stable than mopeds with small wheels. I did miss the amazing carrying capacity of a scooter. I strapped on a small crate to the back carrier of the 225 and used a backpack. But best of all I loved getting off the beaten track.
  9. Benson Palm RV Park would be my choice especially if you are a birder as they next to a major birding center. We really liked the layout and plantings. When we were there it was booked up months in advance for Jan to March.
  10. If the genset uses the main fuel tank then it is common to have a fuel pickup for it that only reaches to 1/4 full level. Thus the genset can not completely empty the tank.
  11. A 3000w lpg running at 75% load will burn a 20 lb cylinder in 5 -6 hours.
  12. IMHO San Diego is the only part that has a civilised climate year round. The rest of the USA is either too hot or too cold at times. There are exceptions like New York that are both to hot in summer and too cold in winter. Retreat to my flame proof bunker amid shouts of 'INCOMING'.
  13. have you got an electric fan on the radiator? If not think about adding one or even two depending on the shape of the radiator. Kits are available.
  14. Remember to budget for some form of anti theft device. High tensile chain and a matching padlock as a minimum.
  15. Make sure you take the logging tour http://forkswa.com/event/logging-mill-tour-2/ We stayed about a week
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