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  1. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tampa RV show onsite parking

    Roger, what are you being a vendor of this year?
  2. GeorgiaHybrid

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Now, now, I do have some Mac and Matco on there as well. 😊Electrical meters are a mix but my go to is a Fluke If you look real close, you can see the 2 HF air/hydraulic jack's that are also on board. I also use Metabo and Dewalt grinders and Makita and Porter Cable polishers. No one company can make the best of everything but I will admit to not liking HF electrical tools. Air tools and hydraulics seem to be OK from them though. My engine lift is also a HF but I don't work under it.
  3. GeorgiaHybrid


    I am running copilot professional and it has worked as well or better than any other GPS that we have used. It is closer in how it works to the truck version than the RV but either one should work.
  4. GeorgiaHybrid

    Oil Change

    Just about any O'Reilly Auto Parts store or Auto Zone store will also take your used oil. You can also check around with local shops as a lot of them heat with used oil.
  5. GeorgiaHybrid

    Dropped Trailer-Segue

    To add another opinion here, I don't use a lock but do use 2 hitch pins from a tractor as safeties in addition to the locking pin on the hitch. If a fire is in the front of the trailer, you DO NOT want to engage the hydraulics as you might have a melted high pressure line in the flames. Putting fuel into a fire under pressure will really ruin your day. I pay insurance to cover those situations as, like Carl, I will have to get under the trailer nose to disconnect the safeties and I have never seen a trailer that was worth my life. Get the wife and dogs out and at a safe distance and wait for the fire department to arrive
  6. GeorgiaHybrid

    Towing with class C

    eddie, a lot of the hitches are bolted to the frame of the motorhome. If they are not torqued correctly, the bolts can loosen or even worse, break if they are overtightened as cyclic loads have been applied to them. Not saying that would ever happen with the EXCELLENT reputation the RV companies and workers have. On the hitches that are welded, have you ever done a good inspection of the welds on RV frames? I would guess that 90% of those welds would fail a structural inspection in a fabrication shop by an AWS welding inspector but they are allowed to be on the road as RV's are not governed by building codes used for buildings and bridges. Also remember that your safety chains are also attached to that same bolted cross section on your hitch and that leaves you where when things go bad wrong? Don't get me wrong, I don't think my hitch will ever fail but in my home state, trailer brakes and a breakaway is required for trailers or towed cars over 2,000 pounds. I would have a breakaway on the car without the law though as I prefer to be as safe as possible on the road.
  7. GeorgiaHybrid

    Park snobs?

    Like the old saying goes, we all have the same view once the RV is parked.
  8. GeorgiaHybrid

    Park snobs?

    LOL, I forgot to tell Paul about the trip down the mountain. They like to get the tourists heart rate up as it gives the local hospital plenty of work. If you have never visited this area before, there is a ton of things to do depending on what your interests are.
  9. GeorgiaHybrid

    Towing with class C

    I have a E450 class C and we tow a smart car behind it. I do have a braking system including a breakaway that is used with it. Just my thoughts but in case of a hitch failure, the braking system will still stop the toad. At 1800 pounds is it really necessary? Probably not but I would much rather be safe than try to explain to someone why I didn't have it and the car got loose and hurt someone.
  10. GeorgiaHybrid

    Frame rails?

    Any large structural steel fabricator will have a brake press capable of bending what you need. Even a small shop should have a 8 to 10 foot brake capable of bending 1/2" plate. Larger shops should be able to handle widths to 12 feet and up to 1" in thickness or more. One thing to remember, yes, you do need to match the bend of the existing frame but the inside radius should be at least 2x the plate thickness to prevent plate cracking.
  11. GeorgiaHybrid

    Need bushing replacement

    Are you talking about the panhard bar?
  12. GeorgiaHybrid

    Park snobs?

    Send me a PM when you get into town. That KOA is about 15 miles from our S&B.
  13. GeorgiaHybrid

    Saw a toad get free...could have been VERY bad

    In addition to safety cables, we also use a breakaway safety braking system. I prefer having as many safety systems as I can when towing.
  14. GeorgiaHybrid

    Truck painting

    Nah, just dig up another mason jar or two in the backyard
  15. GeorgiaHybrid

    The end of the beginning

    Can't wait to see it Steve.