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  1. Carl, most of the newer microwave ovens can handle a small amount of metal as long as it is not touching the sides of the oven or is close enough to spark over to the wall. As long as the nose piece is isolated, I don't think there would be an issue. Don't know what would happen to the elastic bands though.
  2. Just a dumb old country boy here but would zapping a cloth mask (dry or damp) in a microwave for a period of time do the trick?
  3. Yep, I understand that Carl and would do no less to him..😄
  4. Somehow an "Attaboy Steve" just doesn't seem to be enough but it's all I can do right now.
  5. Rick, doubt it you would find anything in the filter, Gentleman Jack is already double filtered, but do what you think feels right.
  6. Rick, if it happens to be your time to go, I will lift a glass of Jameson's in your honor and memory. If I go first, as much as it pains you, how about lifting a glass of Gentleman Jack in my memory. None of us are spring chickens anymore (more like late fall....) and I hope that all of my RV friends come thru this OK.
  7. I just happen to have a 3M full face with two twist-off filters (one on each side) downstairs with spare filters and some 3M brand N95 masks in the garage. Now you have me wondering about that big O2 tank in the garage. Not medical grade O2 but probably better than the alternative of not being able to breath if it completely hits the fan. Might not live that long though. I think Vicki was loading one of my pistols earlier today and chuckling while looking my way.... This is one time that I keep coming back to one passage I actually like from the Koran. "Let there be spaces in your togetherness "
  8. LD. The 20% was just on the deposit only. We had a $100 deposit so it cost us $20 to cancel. Didn't even think twice as we has an entire month reserved there. The campground owners are brand new at Deer Run and got blindsided by this Chinese virus crap. I just hope they can survive and prosper after it dies down.
  9. Our local witch doctor retired. He's running the rally now....
  10. Let us know when it gets here, eould like to see both of you and the new truck! From a disrance of course 😁😁😁😎😎😎
  11. Vicki and I were waiting to see how things developed before making a final decision on going to Deer Run. After listening to our kids complain about us going and the advice of some very good friends that I trust, we have decided to stay home this year. I hope that this virus winds down soon so life can get back to normal but I am beginning to wonder if that is going to happen. David
  12. Never fear, you and Freda can be in an older version of your truck any time you need a fix.
  13. Some of us will be there at the start of April thru the end of the month, stop by and ask any questions you like.
  14. As much as it pains me to agree with Phil (OK, not much pain....) he is correct. Make sure you have the correct license to drive a private truck of that GVWR, make sure the fifth wheel and airlines are gone, get a temporary tag, a bunch of snacks and drive it home. Leave the signage off of the truck, never had them, never will.
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