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  1. California CDL

    Oh, OK, that explains everything.
  2. California CDL

    Carl, We have an expert on here? Who is it? David
  3. Metric v. American

    Phil, the marketing guys actually had the factory mark a scale on the wrenches for a while. One was marked in inches on the frame and the movable jaw had a reference mark to line up with the scale to get you close to the size you needed. The SAE wrench did the same except it was marked in sixteenth's of an inch. That went well for sales until someone asked why they didn't put metric on one side and SAE on the other side.
  4. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Carl, For our uses, if you have all 4 chocks bolted down, it doesn't make much difference whether you use a grade 5 or 8 bolt if they are 3/8" in size and up and you have 2 bolts per chock as most of us do. All 8 bolts would need to shear to produce a catastrophic failure and that is high unlikely unless you are in a MAJOR wreck. In that case, the car coming loose will be the least of your worries. To give you an idea, in shear, that 3/8" dia grade 5 bolt is good for roughly 8,000 pounds of load and the grade 8 is good for about 10,000 pounds. Given 8 bolts, that gives you a total capacity of 64,000 to 80,000 pounds for a 2,200 pound car. if you are in a pull (tension) on the bolt, the values are even higher but in our case, it is mostly shear or prying action depending on the chock style and attachment design. What you have to be aware of is keeping the car tight against the chocks and the straps tight to prevent any movement of the car. If you give the car a chance to move, then you will need to figure out the dynamic forces involved in your bolt loading.
  5. Another HDT spotted today, 1-5-2018.

    I think Jim and Alie are working in the Atlanta area right now but that is their Volvo now. That should have been a DRV behind the Volvo.
  6. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Henry, The only place in Florida that seems to be warm enough is Key West. Well, there are the Dry Totugas but it is a little tough to drive over to them. Even Tampa is in the low 30's right now.
  7. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Well, we stopped just south of Ocala tonight and it is currently 36 and dropping. The tree's had ice on them earlier today when we crossed the state line. Tell me again about how warm and sunny Florida is.
  8. TPMS

    Argo, you will probably need the repeater to get a signal up to your truck, you can see what that looks like in Tampa if you need them. We will be there boondocking in the NE corner of the parking lot with the other little trucks if you want to see our setup.
  9. TPMS

    Argo, a lot of us use TST sensors. I happen to like the replaceable battery model but I do need to replace the batteries ever 18 to 24 months. Not a problem and takes just a few minutes to change them out for about a dollar apiece.
  10. HDT Rally Site update

    Tom, they didn't get a pic of Sondra and David Kahanamoku either. I think that several others were not in there as well.
  11. 07 SportChassis Axle Seal

    If your brakes have ANY oil them, replace them. You can never get it out of the shoes and you save yourself a lot of issues later not to mention the safety aspect and replace them while the mechanic is in there.
  12. HDT Rally Site update

    number 3 is Leon and Anita Kirby
  13. 2005 31' funmover Ford V10 Rear End Ratios for mileage

    I think that you will find that a E-450 has a 4.56 rear axle ration and the E-350 has a 4.10 axle ratio. That is the main difference in the two. The higher numerical ratio on the E-450 allows the larger payload capacity of that model. If you change that gear ratio, you should drop your payload down to the E-350 level and I doubt that will be possible in 99.999% of the RV's that are on the road today.
  14. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    mysticmd, try shipping the hitch via motor freight (Redball or similar). it will be a LOT cheaper than any other way of getting something shipped.
  15. Kirk, There are some of us that are required to fill out the long form whether or not our deductions exceed the standard. Some circumstances that force you to file that form are having self employment income or if you have sold property during the year as well as the amount of income you have.