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  1. GeorgiaHybrid

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    Carl, I learned to ignore anyone that wears orange and lives in Knoxville. They are all a little touched in the head and we usually say "Bless your little heart" when we meet them. 😁
  2. GeorgiaHybrid

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    Carl, mine is an OTC branded one. Works well though and not super expensive. Check out www.tooltopia.com for a lot of the specialty tools at a good price
  3. GeorgiaHybrid

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Dolly, EDM is also really good at putting ports in barrels to reduce muzzle rise. It doesn't disturb the rifling by leaving a burr like a normal machining process would.
  4. GeorgiaHybrid

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    With a 26 gallon tank, I never fill it up all the way and always buy it at Pilot/FJ as it is generally a lot cheaper that way. I don't usually buy fuel there because of the price but the DEF is usually fresh. Carl, anytime you want to borrow a refractometer, you are more than welcome to use mine.
  5. GeorgiaHybrid

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    Instead of a penny, get a 3/4" copper pipe cap and flatten it. Nothing will stick to it and you should be good to go with your welding. Since 1982, a penny is 97.5% zinc and only 2.5% copper. That zinc will melt, coat the broken off bolt and make it very difficult for you.
  6. GeorgiaHybrid

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Steve, I have a std commercial plug (currently re-wired to a RV style). a normal RV plug (in case I need to tow someone else's trailer or a bumper pull), both glad hands, a camera plug that is a commercial plug as well and I also use the yellow commercial auxiliary plug for other circuits to the trailer (back up lights, belly lights, etc). Other than that, we added a couple of horizontal 1/2 plates to use as steps to get up on the bed and a socket for a post to use with your hand to help pull my old butt up there when using those steps.
  7. GeorgiaHybrid

    Overheard at the dump station

    The pills for that hose are VERY expensive though but can make a 10' hose grow into a 20' hose in seconds.
  8. GeorgiaHybrid

    New gear ratio

    Blue, saw where you were heading up to Montana. What part and how long are you going to be there?
  9. GeorgiaHybrid

    Loose vs. Lose

    I wish I could be in sight of your site when you receive that cite.
  10. GeorgiaHybrid

    Jack Stands Under Bed?

    LOL, Carl my hearing is gone from shooting too much in my younger days without proper hearing protection and listening to ZZ Top, Steppenwolf, CCR, 3 Dog Night and a lot of others at concerts and yes, on my 8 track.
  11. GeorgiaHybrid

    Jack Stands Under Bed?

    Carl, Get one of the grandkids to listen for you. I found out from Donna that your hearing is gone, she said that you don't hear anything she says.
  12. GeorgiaHybrid

    Loose vs. Lose

    How about a pair of pants? If you can figure out why two legs instead of four are required to make a pair of single pants, I wouldn't have too many socks.
  13. GeorgiaHybrid

    Loose vs. Lose

    There's quite a few good lines that can be made about loosening nuts here but I will quit right now and stay quiet
  14. GeorgiaHybrid

    OT: Campground recommendation between Atlanta and Savanah

    Carl, If you stay in Milledgeville, be sure to visit the old downtown area near the Georgia College and State University. There are some gorgeous old homes there and the original governor's mansion which is now open to the public. Milledgeville was the old capitol of Georgia and just about the only town in Georgia during Sherman's march to the sea those invaders from the north didn't burn during the war of northern aggression.
  15. GeorgiaHybrid

    Passing a simi etiquette

    On my truck, the front and rear ICC markers will flash when I hit the courtesy button. With the HID headlights in the off position, KW removed the option to flash the headlights by hitting the hi/lo beam stalk. Why they couldn't have just done a momentary flash to the high beam when the lights are off is beyond me so I just use the markers for that now.