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  1. I prefer the over the wheel straps with traditional blocks. Never have had one come loose yet but I do ratchet them down pretty tight. Even if one does come loose I still have 4 chocks and 3 other straps to hold a 2,200 pound car. That is more than sufficient to hold that load.
  2. To answer the title of your thread, no, I never fly with a generator, the TSA kept confiscating the gasoline every time I went thru security. I wish they would let me take it though, half the people in the plane would want to plug in and charge their cell phones and laptops.
  3. Above all else, use the head that the good lord gave you and LOOK at the road signs, bridge heights, weight limits, construction zones and the traffic around you. We have caught several errors with GPS software and maps by paying attention to where we were going. The driver should do just that, drive. The other person in the cab should do the navigating. We were almost run off the road a few weeks back by an idiot playing with his GPS and phone while trying to drive.
  4. Try your local Ford dealer, they probably install more hitches than the RV dealers. I would also take a look at a B&W turnover ball to keep the rails out of the bed.
  5. We use copilot professional that came with our KW. Other than one wrong turn going eastbound from St Louis, is has been flawless.
  6. He will be better off with a trailer. Most of the MB chassis class C's are right at the limit of weight carrying capacity from the factory. When you add a motorcycle and the carrier that will be needed, he will be well north of 600 pounds dead load on that hitch. When you consider that it is now a lever with over 600 pounds bouncing on it instead of a load between two supports like a trailer would be, I'm betting something will break in short order.
  7. Eric, the pin to rear bumper dimension on the 36RSSb3 is 37-2, the 38RSSA is just under 2 feet longer at 39-1. Like you, we often run 12 to 16 hour days getting to a destination and often stay in rest areas, Walmart's and the like while on the road. Having the ability to use most of the house (including the shower) with the slides in is a big plus vs the additional 2 feet of length. Once you get close to the 37 to 39 foot range, you will be limited to the places you can fit when compared to a 25 foot long travel trailer but the tradeoffs were worth it to us. You just need to determine what is important to you and your family and how you plan of using the rig.
  8. Eric, Your concerns are the reason we purchased a 38RSSA for our use. The ability to open the fridge, use the bathroom and get into our bed without opening any slide was the prime consideration for us. Those are also some of the many reasons we got rid of our prior fifth wheel.
  9. GeorgiaHybrid

    Forum issues

    Rick. Everything is working correctly, the issue is that you are out of Scotch.
  10. GeorgiaHybrid

    DRV accident

    So you have actually examined the trailer, truck, hitch and sidewinder? I wouldn't have thought you could have examined all of them, did a structural analysis, had the various materials tested in a lab for adherence to ASTM and ANSI standards in this short period of time.
  11. Your primary will build up to 90 to 100 psi and then the secondary will start building pressure until it matches the primary pressure and then they will both build up together until both are at full pressure.
  12. And therein lies the difference. You are driving a minivan to go grocery shopping and I am bringing my second home with me.
  13. For a newer truck, I prefer a Cummins as ALL truck companies sell their trucks with a Cummins as an option. Parts are easy to get, any independent shop can work on them, and software is readily available. As long as you maintain an emission engine, they don't seem to be that big of a problem but preventative maintenance is the key and if you do get a check engine light, fix it, don't just keep on driving.
  14. LOL, a backfeed from the trailer on a KW will not allow you to shut off the truck unless you disconnect. I added a heavy duty diode in the circuit to allow us to stay connected.
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