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  1. Where is an aircraft A&P mechanic when you need one? New tools to buy Carl: https://shop.snapon.com/product/WTR1A
  2. Chuck, is it the just the pads that are wearing? Just on one side of the rotor? Just one caliper or all of them? What gain setting are you running on the DirecLink?
  3. Chuck, what is your tow vehicle? What type of brake controller do you have?
  4. Dan, when you need to remove them, a little heat on the bolt will break the Loctite loose. In this case, the new bolts came with blue Loctite already on the threads. I am still curious on this though as the new bolts they sent Carl were the exact same length as the bolts we removed even though his VIN never showed the recall being done to it. Having pretty much lost faith in anything from DRV, I have to wonder if they sent him the right bolts. Everything was cleaned up, bolts run down tight and torqued to spec when we put it back together. From the looks of one pad, I think the caliper stuck, got the rotor, pads, caliper and hub very hot (their TPMS monitor went off showing a rise in temp and pressure on that tire) and that broke loose the blue Loctite and allowed the bolts to back out.
  5. You know, I bought a big old KW to haul my tools and the thought of putting them in my smart never crossed my mind. I doubt that your YJ would even hold 20% of the tools in my shop, hell, I doubt that it would carry my air compressor. So the entire point of your post is what?
  6. Try asking a local body shop to put it together with some panel adhesive. That is what a lot of the newer cars are using to attach body panels to each other. You will tear the panels before that stuff lets go
  7. I'm impressed you could spell anath, I mean anesta, well you know, the guy that puts people to sleep.
  8. Phil, you have a too long of a wire run that created a low voltage which increased the amperage required and that caused the LCM to shut off the cirduit. Try running the backup light circuit to a new relay in the nose of the trailer that uses the truck circuit to trigger the relay and the trailer battery and wiring to run the lights. I had to do that when I added new backup lights to the rear of our DRV as they pulled a littlie to much juice and didn't wotk right until I gave them enoungh voltage. Remember on a DC circuit length, you have to count the distance out and back when figuring amperage capacity.
  9. Just make sure you buy the two part catalyzed clear coat. It has a button you push on the bottom to mix the two parts. After that, you shake it like normal and spray. What you need is a paint like this: https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-s-2k-aerospraytm-high-gloss-matte-clear.html
  10. One thing to watch for in a small RV is the allowable weight capacity for cargo. Whether you look at a Transit, Sprinter, Ford E series van body or Chevy. We have looked at some where we would have been overweight with the two of us and two dogs. Others would have allowed a change of clothes each and maybe a couple of cans of beans for food. Also check the capacity with full tanks and the actual fresh, grey and black water tank capacities as they will vary greatly.
  11. GeorgiaHybrid


    If all you are doing is washing the rig, try an extending wand for your pressure washer. I use one similar to this: https://www.toolbarn.com/be-pressure-85-206-024l.html/?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CPCS+-+Shopping&utm_term=shopping&utm_content=382gtSTL_pcrid_103905915254_pkw__pmt__pdv_c_product_be-pressure-85.206.024L_&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4Nr8x6fV4wIVl_hkCh2TwwkxEAQYAyABEgJtNfD_BwE It does a great job but you need to be VERY careful when you turn off the spray. You will be leaning into the wand as is has a bit of recoil and if not careful, when you turn off the water flow, it will dip down and hit the roof of the truck. Just make sure to go to the side of the truck before releasing the trigger. I use that plus a long extendable fiberglass pole with a brush (bought at the Freightliner dealer) to wash the truck. Doesn't take too long using that method. We just had a 16'x78' slab poured to store the truck and trailer so I am thinking about building a movable scaffolding to use when I need to wax the top of the truck. Currently I am using a wash and wax product but it doesn't last very long at all. We also have a baker style scaffold from Northern tools that is roughly 12 feet high that I use on the side of the truck but you still have to reach across about 5' or so to get to the center of the roof, not ideal for waxing hence the reason for some custom built scaffolding that will go over the top of the truck.
  12. The good thing about most Pete's or KW's is that I can get parts from a LOT of places. Sensors for a Cummins or Eaton are easy to find and fairly reasonable. Most of the other parts can be sourced within a day or two from the non-OEM parts makers.
  13. The Volvo OEM part DOES has some special properties. It is designed to separate unsuspecting owners from their money. And from what I have seen, Volvo does a VERY good job of doing just that.
  14. It more than likely is a stuck open vacuum breaker on your grey water tank system. If you haven't replaced them, look for them under the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks. You would be surprised at how bad a grey tank can smell.
  15. Carl, One thing to keep in mind about COE campgrounds. Firearms are not allowed unless you have a permission letter by the commander of each region. I have mine from the Mobile and the Savannah districts to be able to carry in several state parks in Georgia that are on COE property. If you don't have that letter (from the region you are in) which you have to keep with your license, make sure you conceal it well if you carry. They will never search the camper or truck but some eagle eyed busy body might spot one if you carry it a little sloppy and report you. If you don't carry all the time or any at all, have fun and enjoy the parks 😁
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