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  1. GeorgiaHybrid

    Contaminated Fuel - Pilot

    Just went over to truckersreport.com and in the truck stop forum there is no mention of anyone getting bad fuel at that truck stop. They have always been posts about it in the past but not a peep on there about this one and there are a LOT of truckers on that site. I would think that word would have gotten out on there about a contaminated fuel issue.
  2. GeorgiaHybrid

    safety of Walmart

    Kimball, TN just west of Chattanooga on I-24. The owner of the shopping center is now requiring all semi trucks with or without trailers and all RV's to be off the property between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. There are no local ordinances against parking there and the manager can't override the property owner. It is now posted no parking and they have a security guard there to make sure you leave. Give them any lip and the cops are called. By the way, the Lowes store behind Walmart will allow parking. They own their property.
  3. GeorgiaHybrid

    Mouse deterrent?

    I think the rope lights are a big help... for the mice. You are lighting up the trailer so they can see where the easiest way in is located. 😁
  4. GeorgiaHybrid


    Glenn, if you plan on using a pump shotgun in a trailer for self defense, I would suggest a short bullpup design like a Keltec KSG over a longer, conventional pump like a 18" barreled Mossberg 590. Not that I would EVER condone violence, everyone that knows me can see that I am a passivist that wouldn't hurt a fly.
  5. GeorgiaHybrid

    safety of Walmart

    LOL, With the government doing everything they can to find out what we own, do you actually think that people tell the "survey" companies or the government how many or even if they own a firearm? It's too bad I lost of all mine in a tragic boating accident years ago and all I own now are plastic toy guns. Sure miss all of those I had that are at the bottom of Lake Chickamauga now.
  6. GeorgiaHybrid

    Mexico travel

    You can also do some research here: https://www.mexpro.com/mexico/rv-vehicle-import-permit.html To get you started.
  7. GeorgiaHybrid

    safety of Walmart

    LOL, here we are raised with firearms, hunt with them, shoot in competition with them and yes, use them for self defense. I never could get used to drinking warm beer, eating cucumber sandwiches or bobbies without a gun. That is one of the reasons I liked to travel, to experience different cultures. If you go to the Northeast USA, you will find that area has the same attitudes towards firearms that most of Europe does. Some parts of the USA are more friendly to them. Don't be alarmed if you see someone in Georgia open carrying a firearm as they will be licensed to have one and have passed extensive checks to be able to do so. Tennessee is less likely to have someone open carrying but it is still legal. Georgia happens to be a state where over 10% of the adult population that is 21 years old and up and eligible to own a firearm has a carry permit. You would be surprised at the number of foreign visitors we have that visit gun ranges and fire weapons for the experience because they are not allowed to in their home country. Where do you think that the Hilltop, Alexandria, the Kingdom and all of Negan's guys got all of their guns from?
  8. GeorgiaHybrid

    safety of Walmart

    OK, didn't want to do this because Newnan is a Georgia city but to checkout a town, go to this link: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ga/newnan/crime Newman is already selected for that map but it is NOT a good area. The average city in America has a roughly 85% chance of being safer than Newnan and your Walmart is right on the edge of the most dangerous area of the city. If it were me, I would find another place to overnight. One other thing to keep in mind about that statement to go somewhere else, I am armed wherever I go and I wouldn't stay there.
  9. GeorgiaHybrid

    safety of Walmart

    Also most Lowes and Home Depot stores as well as Cabela's will allow overnight parking, just ask them before parking for the night.
  10. GeorgiaHybrid

    Florida licensing idea???

    In Florida, you can't have any part of the trailer bearing over the axles. Fifth wheel or gooseneck would be out, a towable trailer is OK just as Steve noted. If you have the former. Look into Texas as a domicile.
  11. GeorgiaHybrid

    Question for the newbies.

    Well, looks like Scrap nailed your question Carl. I know that our truck activates the trailer and truck brake lights when the Jakes are on. I think there are several states (California, Illinois, or Colorado and all of Canada I'm pretty sure of) that require them to activate when the Jake brakes are active on 2015 and newer trucks. I prefer them coming on when the Jakes are active as a safety feature even though it makes me look stupid like I am riding the brakes on a long downhill
  12. GeorgiaHybrid

    New Coolant Reservoir

    You know, that Steve guy is kinda smart even if he IS from California.
  13. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tampa RV show with HDT

    Go to the NE corner of the parking lot and you will see several of us there. Just walk up, introduce yourself and start asking questions. One thing is certain, we answer a lot of questions about our rigs every year and don't mind it a bit.
  14. GeorgiaHybrid

    frame rail z cut

    Glen, just curious as to what AWS certifications you hold as to weld types and the positions you are qualified in. I'm not that familiar with low pressure pipe welds, mainly heavy structural and comercial nuclear plant or DOD/DOE nuclear facilities.
  15. GeorgiaHybrid

    frame rail z cut

    Glenn, you might be one hell of a pipe welder but a butt weld, groove weld, J weld and others in the AWS have very specific requirements and uses. A "stupid butt weld" is limited in thickness and must have a backer bar or backer weld to be a pre-qualified full penetration weld. Without a backer bar or weld, it is a simple, partial penetration weld with limited strength.