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  1. Truck bed install

    On the later model KW trucks, you can download the body builder manual that is a very handy thing to have. Your truck should have something similar. KW recommends a rubber or plastic (Nylon or Delrin) spacer between the truck frame and the body as they will not undergo dimensional changes from humidity and they will prevent the two pieces from chaffing against each other. They don't have to be very thick though, just enough to do the job. They suggest using two clip angles, one on the body and the other on the frame and bolt between them for mounting. Edit: They also recommend using a fish plate connection at the rear of the frame if you use U bolts to prevent reward movement of the body. If you download the 2017 KW T680 and T880 body builder manual from the net, take a look at pages 7-6, 7-7 and 7-8 for a description and illustration of those connections.
  2. '18 ECR Flea Market

    OK, you guys are south of us. When you hit Chattanooga on I-75 some time, give us a call. I work about 8 miles from where I-24 kicks off of I-75 and live about 20 miles away. Have fun with the baseball games
  3. '18 ECR Flea Market

    Trey and Susan, noticed you were driving on I-75. Where are you located right now?
  4. Flat Towing a 453 Smart

    Rick, That video mirrors the instructions that I got from Mercedes Benz as well. If you just put the transmission in Neutral or you leave the battery connected, you will really screw things up in this car. But following those instructions will allow you to tow the car without any restrictions as far as I can tell. These comments are NOT in the video but you need to make sure you follow them. They are in the PDF file from smart: Failure to follow the recommendations for flat towing can cause damage to your vehicle: > Not following the battery disconnect procedure in the proper sequence may result in data loss in the vehicle’s control units. > Not disconnecting the battery and leaving the key in starter switch position 1 (ignition on) my result in > The ESP being activated. Active braking action through the ESP ® may seriously damage the brake system which is not covered by the smart Limited Warranty. > In a discharged battery.
  5. '18 ECR Flea Market

    Paul, Trey and Susan will be there to weigh this year. They do a GREAT job and are very consistent.
  6. Torklift Steps

    Bob, I was talking about our original steps that we kept because I CAN fold down one or two steps if need be. The Torklift is an all or nothing design. We even tried deploying the Torklift steps just halfway but the steps are angled too much and they are not stable at all. At this point, unless something else comes along, we will just keep our factory steps.
  7. Flat Towing a 453 Smart

    I will say this much about it. The instructions are the same as in the first post I linked to. They are VERY specific about what needs to be done to get the car ready to tow and get it out of tow mode. If they are not followed, you could probably screw up the transmission (just like any other car) and I suspect that is what happened to your motorhome owner.
  8. Flat Towing a 453 Smart

    I hate to disagree with you but I will take Mercedes Benz word over that of your dealer. With the conflicting information I have seen about this issue I though it was time to contact MB directly. The attached email chain From Mercedes Benz should put this to bed. The 453 CAN be towed 4 down. The second time around the girl emailed the file to me as the link she gave me in her first response only worked internally to MB. Please read the entire chain from the bottom to the top. I can't attach the file to this posting (too large) but can email it to anyone that would like a copy if you PM me an email address. You can also do what I did and go to the smartusa website and submit a question there to get this response. Hopefully, this will be the last time we need to figure this out. Subject Miscellaneous Response By Email (Debra A.) (03/21/2018 10:40 AM) Dear Mr. H*******, Thank you for your additional email to smart USA. I have sent the site as an attachment, please check to see if you can open it. I had included the other two sites as they sell base plates and possibly tow bars for the smart as Smart USA does not offer this equipment at the dealership. Hope this helps. Apologize for any confusion and let me know if you cannot access the attachment. Take care and have a great day. Debbie A. Customer By CSS Email (David H******) (03/21/2018 10:20 AM) To all, I tried to follow the given in the email below: http://mercedes-benz-agent.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/38107/0/filename/Tech+instructions+for+smart+towing.pdf But I get a “Fatal Error: Access Denied Reason: Client address is not authorized” every time I try despite using different browsers. Can you possibly send me a link that will work outside of MB-USA? I also tried the other two links you provided for older cars and neither one of them is current as well. I am not interested in them as I have a newer smart but thought you should know. Thanks David H****** Response By Email (Debra A.) (03/21/2018 09:13 AM) Dear Mr. H******, Thank you for your email to smart USA. Below is the information we have for smart cars from 2009 to the present. For 2009 to 2015 the smartfortwo is designed for flat towing with all 4 wheels on the ground only in the gas version automatic. A base plate must be added to the vehicle. There are two manufactures that make this product that smart USA is aware of: RoadMaster - 1-800-669-9690 http://www.roadmasterinc.com/vehicle_guide/tow_bar_brackets.php BlueOx - 1-888-425-5382 http://blueox.com/recreational-commercial-flat-towing/baseplates/sorting/?fwp_make=smart Customers may contact these manufactures directly, as they are not directly affiliated with smart USA. In addition, you must use tire straps to secure the vehicle to the flat-bed truck. Do not use chains around the suspension components. We also recommend referring to the owner's manual for modifications for the battery. To locate a manual please go to the owner's section of www.smartusa.com and look up the exact model year you have or are interested in for further details. Kindly be advised that for the 2016 and 2017 model year smarts with gasoline engines and twinamic dual clutch automatic transmissions are approved for flat towing behind a vehicle. Here is the information available: http://mercedes-benz-agent.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/38107/0/filename/Tech+instructions+for+smart+towing.pdf We hope this information is helpful. Best wishes for many future miles of pleasant travel! Sincerely, Debbie A. Mercedes-Benz USA (800) 367-6372 Customer By CSS Email (No Reply smart USA) (03/20/2018 04:46 PM) The following person has filled out the General Requests & Comments Form on www.smartusa.com. Topic: Miscellaneous Contact Information: First Name: David Last Name: H****** Email Address: *********@******** Phone: Customer Preferred Contact Method: email Comments: I have a 2016 smart prime with the dual clutch transmission. I would like to know what the factory recommends for flat towing (4 wheels on the ground) behind a motorhome. Is this allowed for this transmission or is it not recommended? If it is allowed, do you have a procedure to follow? Question Reference # 180320-000025 · Date Created: 03/20/2018 04:46 PM · Date Last Updated: 03/21/2018 10:40 AM ·
  9. Torklift Steps

    Guys, you must stay in truck stops and rest areas that are a lot more generous than the ones we have found. I will also not pull to one side to deploy the steps as some of the drivers out there need every inch of their lane and some of yours to get pulled in. We are as long as they are and really have to watch things closely. We try to park at the ends of the rest area but when they have to stop, a driver will park even without a space. I have woken up with TWO trucks beside me and I was in the last space in the rest stop. Neither of them was in a space.
  10. Torklift Steps

    We almost bought these in Tampa at the RV show but decided against them for one primary reason, they do not work well in the tight spaces of a truck stop or rest area. We needed the 5 step version and it comes out WAY to far to be useful in the situations we use them in. At the two areas noted above, we can fold down just one or two steps and leave the rest folded up and access the trailer without the steps going into the parking space next to us. We even talked about using a step ladder and keeping it in the basement for the times we needed them but that would be a pain in the butt and sooner or later, we wouldn't use it, pull out the steps and have a Swift driver remove them from the trailer for us. I like the idea and they are very stable but have this one major issue. They are not as bad as the MORryde one piece unit is with our concerns and would be my choice if the factory steps need to be replaced in the future.
  11. Re-packing wheel bearings

    Best advice so far IMHO. If you have never cleaned, greased and installed a bearing, have someone that does know how show you the way. Hands on with someone helping explain things to you is a LOT better than a YouTube video. What an experienced eye will see at a glance, you will not see because the video doesn't show it or it is not the focus of the video. Things like shock mounts, spring hangers or leaves in the spring can be broken or cracked, the frame itself can have issues, the axle tube or backer plates could be damaged and you would not notice it but someone that is familiar with it can glance and see what it wrong. Remember back to a year ago and think about how green you were about an RV. Now compare that to this VERY important detail. Don't you think it would be better to get it right to start with? If installed wrong, you can burn up a bearing or even worse, lose a wheel because it wasn't installed right. There are lots of people out there that would be willing to help. As noted in several posts, it's not that hard but it is easy to screw up as well.
  12. Flat Towing a 453 Smart

    Take a look at this thread of smart at of America forums. The link will have a PDF file for the towing instructions. Note that ONLY the dual clutch automated manual is approved for flat towing. The manual transmission and the electric drive model are not approved. http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f497/453-official-flat-tow-instructions-126105/ Edit: I would check and make sure this procedure is still approved as I can't find it on smart's website. That is not too unusual though as their website blows.
  13. Flat Towing a 453 Smart

    Wtgeodig, actually, it's the other way around. The automated manual has the capacity to be flat towed. Smart came out with the procedure you need to follow about a year ago. When I get home, I will try to post a link to that document for you.
  14. Pilot/Flying J Credit Card

    Truckman, my receipt shows up on my smart phone so no need to go inside unless we are getting something else. More often than not, we just pull out somewhere to walk the dogs and then load back up and roll.
  15. I have the Jackalopee, the Hayes controller and I am terrified.

    That Brian character is a pretty smart fella to be an engineer. That is one clean install and looks to be the same invertor setup as my factory unit in our KW. Come to think about it, it probably is the same unit as he spec'd that one out as well. Dave, that is a nice looking job that will last for the life of the truck.