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  1. The only sure things in life are dying and some politician having their hand in your wallet. ANY company can fail so you have to look at how they are built, what you are getting relative to your money and make a decision that is best for your situation.
  2. Al. My local KW dealer has those caps for about $10 each. You might check with your local dealers for them.
  3. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tinker Week?

    We also have a range right outside the front gate at the ECR. Have gun, will travel.
  4. LOL, I think that RVH Lifestyles would be the distributer of Charmin Toilet Paper if you were out and needed some Just kidding Jack, I don't think you would...
  5. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tinker Week?

    Paul, check your unloader valve if the entire air system is getting too much pressure. If the high pressure is just at the compressor, you have a blockage in the line or inside the compressor. I would start by adding shop air to the system to see if the air dryer and pop off are working right. After that, remove the airline at the compressor to see if the line has a blockage. If all of that is good, it's time to pull the compressor.
  6. Just about any small fabrication/welding/machine shop could do this for you. Crossville is within a 2 hour drive of Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga TN. Between them, you should be able to find several places that can help.
  7. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tinker Week?

    Same here, low air pressure and oil in the coolant is usually in the compressor. Could be a cracked compressor head but more than likely a blown head gasket on the compressor.
  8. GeorgiaHybrid

    brake controller

    Direct link here but I also have a commercial plug plus an RV plug out back as well as gladhands. I like having options on a truck or my trailer.
  9. GeorgiaHybrid

    Tinker Week?

    How is your supply of bailing wire holding out? I can send you a can of black pepper for the radiator and heater core leaks if that would help 😁
  10. Does that mean that they are just Fiat's in disguise?
  11. Yeah, I probably would too, after all, you see Pete's and KW's littering the roadside all across the country from their cable ends coming off. Now if Scrap had access to Volvo cable part numbers that could be used to wire up your camper batteries, I'm sure they would work.
  12. GeorgiaHybrid

    Wheel torque

    We will be there, pretty sure Paul will be. If you think this is funny, wait until you get a bunch of us in person and throw Roger and Mike into the mix.
  13. GeorgiaHybrid

    Wheel torque

    I can see that the next meeting we all get together will be a lot of fun, a lube specialist meeting up with a guy that dips his nuts in Barbecue sauce. No wonder Daisy stays close to you. 😎
  14. GeorgiaHybrid

    Wheel torque

    OK Paul, we could get really technical and explain why a turn of the nut method is about 90% more exact than a torqued nut and a torque stick on an impact gun will vary depending on air pressure and volume as well as the fit of the stick to the gun and to the socket. We could then move into elastic deformation of the stud or plastic deformation in torque to yield fasteners. That could get us into a lively debate over having the threads included or excluded from the shear plane. I decided a long time ago to just torque them to spec dry without lube and forget it. And eieio, the 10% is a rough approximation but can be off a LOT depending on the lube used. From the sound if it, you are an expert on lube so I will that up to you. 😎
  15. GeorgiaHybrid

    Wheel torque

    You know, I could have a lot of fun writing a response to that last line.😎
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