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  1. Paul, Hope everything works out OK for you and Paula. Reo will surely miss Daisy...well, maybe not. Those two can spot each other from across the campground now. Would still love to see the three of you at the next ECR big truck or not. Take care my friend and let us know if we can help out in any way.
  2. No problems with weigh stations but have gone thru the commercial lanes at California Ag Control stops because of our size. The only problems have been with the border control idiots. Their signage says ALL RV's into one lane and commercial trucks into a different lane. Several of them told me I was commercial (I'm not) and one swore I had to have a CDL (I don't) and that I have to go thru the commercial lanes (I didn't). If the signage states all TRUCKS over 26K, you are on your own. Our KW is registered as a motorhome so I ignore the weigh stations and keep going.
  3. Ray, the composite tanks that were recalled were from a different compnay that what is available now.
  4. Get a pair of 30 pound composite tanks. They weigh 17 pounds and hold 31 pounds of propane for a total of 48 pounds. They are the same size as the 40 pounders.
  5. Young's Welding is making and selling the ET hitch now. http://popuphitch.com/ k9 Almost any competent HDT shop or welding service can install the hitch
  6. Glen, just buy a seperate 240 inverter to run just the mini split and the other 120 volt inverter to run the everything else. Much simpler that way.
  7. Well, there are times when not being able to post a picture is an advantage. One big disadvantage in life though is having a very good friend that happens to be a Snap-on dealer.
  8. Agesilaus, I agree with your thought processes but used the "official" numbers that are published. I still think we are being played and this is coming from someone in the high risk group with emphysema, COPD. high blood pressure and in my mid 60's. I do know that if this country doesn't get back to work, we are going to turn into yet another third world crap hole with the population beholden to the government for their existence.
  9. This virus is here to stay no matter what we do. It will still be among the public in 4 weeks. 12 weeks, next year and beyond. So far, in the USA, .047% of the population has been infected and .011% have died. Think about how small that number is compared to how much damage has been done to the people and businesses of this country due to the shutdown. I used to think the shutdown was about safety, I am starting to come around to the belief that it is more about control than safety.
  10. Carl, most of the newer microwave ovens can handle a small amount of metal as long as it is not touching the sides of the oven or is close enough to spark over to the wall. As long as the nose piece is isolated, I don't think there would be an issue. Don't know what would happen to the elastic bands though.
  11. Just a dumb old country boy here but would zapping a cloth mask (dry or damp) in a microwave for a period of time do the trick?
  12. Yep, I understand that Carl and would do no less to him..😄
  13. Somehow an "Attaboy Steve" just doesn't seem to be enough but it's all I can do right now.
  14. Rick, doubt it you would find anything in the filter, Gentleman Jack is already double filtered, but do what you think feels right.
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