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  1. It was a hot day this week when the batteries was disconnected. The little box is to protect fuse. I didn't look at the size or what the cable feeds.. Someday without the sweat. Thanks for comments Clay
  2. ms60ocb

    Highway 50 Colorado

    US 50 is an enjoyable drive and I never saw a Flatlander freak out in the first 100 miles. Monarch Pass fine your gear and settle in. Nothing like Colo 139 Be healthy Clay
  3. I brought a pair in 2018 from TransAmerican Auto Parts Compton CA with a years warranty. I didn't made a year or 15,000 miles before it started leaking. Original shocks on the truck are the same part number, so no substitute was made. And no replacement warranty was ever received. Just out of stock. Just like GY and tires, you don't take discounts as adjustment on thread separation will be greater. Nothing finally a statement saying adjustments aren't made on 17.5 inch tires. I keep getting bit by warranties and I learned better in 1985 from Ford Motor Co. Clay 2015 Sport Chassis M2 106
  4. A way to explain the power company supplying your electrical needs is some hours of the day your useage is high as mentioned above. Then they have all the generators (will call it Dogs and Ponies also) running. Now you have a big truck and we many people have big truck's so they can stop. Like wise they like the highcube engine to get up to speed of over the hill. That is when your calling all the Dogs and Ponies to help, but do you use all or any of the Dogs and Ponies traveling across the flat land? Size the convertor to get you peak Electrical useage normally the afternoon but could be the morning if you run a electric heater Clay after 33 years in an electric utility
  5. This picture shows the little enclosure box in question. I have no idea what is inside. I may have cut about 1/4 of the little enclosure off is downsizing. The terminal at the left edge of the photo is the Pos terminal of the left hand battery and the right hand end of the little enclosure is near the Pos terminal of the right hand battery. Clay
  6. I'm more interested in the extra hardware. I can't read anything off the device, is it resistive, a diode, fuse or?? The truck engine is a Cummins ISL 8.9 which could also be in a coach. folivier - I do like like to use colored used ty-wraps. Clay
  7. What is the extra Hardware/connections on top the batteries. I have a 2015 Freightliner M2 106 that is past due for replacement batteries. I never paid much attention to the top of the batteries because out of site, out of mind. It there a connection diagram? what is the extra connection? Personally I'm not able to physically handle hardware of that size . The local truck shop will get the work so I'm not sure if this will be as strange to them as I. Clay
  8. We are not full time but often 5-6 months away from were we grew up and do most of medical visits. When we arrive at a campground we always have a list of things to do but ask the locales about well know attraction and often it is of little cost . Some of best highlights were not known to us until spend a few days. Clay
  9. I brought CURT bike hanging rack 8 years ago and still using it with no problem and easy on and off. Some people perfer the platform style but I would rather have the wheels hanging. This link shows some good hitches https://www.etrailer.com/Bike-Rack Clay
  10. I received my card today . I had to give more confidential info then ever before.I didn't like it Clay
  11. ms60ocb

    m2 106 air leaks

    I betting you have an cab air leak or bad connection. I had a bad cab air bag leak when the truck was 4 years old. Freightliner dealer service dept couldn't fine it. The compressor would run every 5-7 minutes. ( That isn't the only problem I had with that dealer). Stopped the I don't remember the tank leak off time but it was only a hour or so . That is when I bought my Whisper device ,cheap insurance Clay M2-106 Sport Chassis
  12. To answer part of your question. I started down down sizing 5 months after my first love passed suddenly. I took my daughter through the house and asked what did they want. The answers were I want that, I will take that and keep that and we will decide later. The son-in-laws was given the same choices on tools. With that, most of the remainder was donated, sold or burn over the next 3 1/2 years. I still depend on a small storage unit for some tools, but basically everything fit into my pickup and 35 foot fifth wheel. Did I miss some stuff, not really except tools. I now have a both a bigger truck and fifth-wheel but doing fine and keeping busy. Biggest problem now is handling the Christmas gifts I received. Not everyone believes gift cards are appropriate gifts. Clay Now questioning do I down size again after being at Mayo's Clinic this week?
  13. Never had a problem storing. I've stored 2 states over 1000 mile from legal address and 2 states over 1300 from my summer base. In all cases the RV has been in a private storage lot or Campground. The longest storage was 5 months. Clay Presently stored in Illinois
  14. I was on and off early in FB history but got off Primarily because of security. First a group (maybe 28) of young people starting tracking people and messing with their life ( Mainly robbery and malicious activities). Later I became aware of the how my computers activities (my traffic) was being sold. Yes I gave FB the right to do it when I accepted there contract for use. IF I visit FB it is on one of my children computer to view pictures. Clay But I don't use Social Media and try to stay from Free applications on my Computers
  15. ms60ocb

    m2 106 air leaks

    Here is the instrument I purchased several years for less then $200. I think it paid itself in the first 2 events, plus I didn't have to drive a hour to spend a $100. Search; INFICON 711-202-G1 Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector Read the reviews on Amazon Clay
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