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  1. ms60ocb

    Fifth Wheel Inspection due

    Thanks for the reply's Big5er Thanks for the Link. Now the rest of the story. My current plate expires Dec 31 and I wanted to be able to have an inspection before the anticipation parking this weekend in Kerrville TX for 4+ months. I hate to reconnect just to have an inspection so that was my intention of having an inspection Texarkana.. Little did I know that the weather would change out plans. The plans to leave Nov 26 was changed to 44 hours earlier due to pending storm storm in NW Illinois for Nov 26 . The result was I arrived in Texarkana on Wednesday instead of Friday PM so continued to Kerrville to get RV inspection today. Clay. Yes the RV passed inspection .
  2. There is a good chance I will be entering Texas Friday Nov 30. I'm looking for place to have my 40 foot Fifth wheel inspected before parking it Saturday for 4+ months.. I30 at Texarkana will be the entry point. Pending the time of day the route would continue via I30 or we would drop south to Marshall via Route 59 before heading west towards Tyler. Looking for a place in or near Texarkana lets you get in & out easily . Any suggestion for getting inspection for a combined vehicle length of nearly 60 feet would be appreciated. I have had vehicles inspected in Livingston, Kerrville and Fort Stockton but trying to find a Saturday location hadn't been a good option thus a Friday at Texarkana Clay
  3. ms60ocb

    Getting through St Louis

    Found I70, take I55-I70 to I255. This will take you across the Mississippi River JB bridge. Continue in Missouri on to I270 and then take I44 on to Joplin. Slow downs may happen but less construction. Clay
  4. ms60ocb

    Fitting our fifth inside

    Is sounds like someone borrowed my young grandson's ruler. Grandson told his mother, "Sometimes my ruler makes errors" Clay
  5. ms60ocb

    Control the Federal Dept?

    I have a Historian cousin who speaks several lanuages. He says French will be the dominant (or univeral) language in his grandson's lifetime. This based on the population change in Africa compared to many other nations. He is teaching his Pre-K grandchild French. As for Kirk's post, he made a statement everyone should be concerned about. He said US Debt. to me that is, ALL DEBTORS. That is personal debt and Gov't debt. My definition of GOV'T is "Federal", "State", "County", "Local". Local is large such as School, Fire Protection, Police, Local roads, Cities and on and on. Clay.
  6. ms60ocb

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Pathway X2 working now. Hopefully two weeks from tomorrow the climate will start changing and ice not likely. Clay
  7. ms60ocb

    Pathway X2 advantage

    I have had my Pathway X2 about 15 months so I'm going into my second winter. No problem last winter ( Dec 28 we headed south) but first snow happened this morning. I changed channels requiring Sat 77. NoGo.I restarted and looked at the TV 10-15 minutes later. still on first check. I checked at the sat and no movement so tapped and sound like ice cracked and I had movemnt but not far so pulled power and now it is thawing out. A BIG disadvantage to the little Trailgater in the winter. Clay
  8. ms60ocb

    New tires

    Looks like the front tire, on my truck, I removed front my truck last winter. I don't remember the date code but a early xx14 It was a GY G670 size 255 70r2.5. I was told that was a belt separation at 32,000 mile.
  9. ms60ocb

    Class A Non commercial drivers lisense

    Some states (maybe all) require a Class A Non-CDL if you are pulling more than 10,000 pounds GVW. Since you had a 40' Class A most of driving a truck and towing the FW will be common in law. Hands on experience different in corners and backing. A large lot to practice a bit should have you ready for the test pending the state Clay
  10. ms60ocb

    Snow roads

    Location, Location, Location? I saw some that that last winter, Be safe. Clay
  11. I understand even through your saying no internet. At some time you have used internet to acrhive hours of viewing. Clay
  12. You lost me. Did I overlook the answer for where the media comes from to provide the programing. I normally watch Gunsmoke or Johnny Carson at bed time. How does that program get inside the little box called a Computer. OTA TV requires some sort of antenna even if it is a paper clip for near station. The internet may come from a Wi-fi connection or your own service but what is the third service or does the Prairie Dogs have some kind of unknown communications. Clay Still trying to learn
  13. ms60ocb

    How often do you make reservations?

    I used to have a small class C, Never worried about finding a spot. Now with a 40 foot FW, ,late nights pulling into a unknown park is a no-no so I want a reservation perferably 4-7 hours in advance.. Any extended stay a reservation especially is on a weekend. End result about half the time unless a weekend involved. Clay
  14. ms60ocb

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    X3 I tried Facebook but bad news results Clay
  15. ms60ocb

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Thats good to know. Thanks for posting. Clay