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  1. ms60ocb

    Rough roads

    It looks like a double wide being towed All 24 foot wide? It got a BAD DAY BEHIND ME. Clay
  2. Great Trivia. Any pictures available? Clay
  3. ms60ocb

    Purchasing Fuel

    I'm the runner and pumper but not always the receipt receiver. It works but got me in trouble last fall. Inside I asked for $300 worth of fuel. I signed my name, my signature accepted and the electric power failed. The UPS failed to catch their computer so until the power was restored, computer restarted my credit card was authorized to give the pump $300 worth of fuel and couldn't cancel. So I waited and 75 minutes later I exited the station with $295 worth of fuel. I don't what would have happened if I had paid cash and been authorized. Now with it starting to get dark and was Dark upon getting to the campground. One of my wife's worse fears and that is a difference story $s Clay
  4. My suggestion is go your local RV part store and buy your lights. I have standard factory installed night lights on the stair and in the bathroom. Replacement lamps are only available from a Chinese supplier. My light switch is near the Fuse panel wired wired to lamps from there. Clay 2016 Mobile Suites
  5. I have used WalMart on line with in-store pick-up as a option. Works good but not as wide of selection as Amazon, but many other stores will allow in store pick-up. Problem with Amazon is most items you need now require a day or so for delivery or lost. Searching locally for businesses that may have your items can put items in your hand less than a 100 mile drive. If your more remote than that, do as we did 60 or so years ago find someone in town that will accept packages. Clay
  6. For what your asking, this Forum may give more answers. http://www.thorforums.com/forums/#thor-community-forums Happy Travels Clay
  7. Ditto I would start by checking connections Clay
  8. How many have I joined me and don't care what the park Management says, BUTTT when it rains I get the rain coat and brush out. I clean the front and rear caps. I only use a hose if the rain stops before finished. Never had a problem. I do pay for one full cleaning yearly plus one DIY on the FW. I wash truck myself more often for about 40 quarters. Clay 2016 DRV and FL
  9. Been there Done done that but difference states. You didn't mention your ages so I presume your under 65. My case, we are were over 70, I'm a Texas resident with Illinois wages (Deferred Comp) and my wife is a Illinois Resident with no retirement income taxable in Illinois. We file jointly on Federal Income and Illinois State Income. I use an Illinois CPA as Illinois is the more complicated. We married in Nov so the partial year we did file separate but jointly since using my Texas address. NO PROBLEMS and Great Saving. Have your CPA figure the taxes both ways to see what saving you find. It shouldn't cost any difference to figure both ways of taxes due. Clay
  10. Ditto, glad no one hurt. Just another reason I don't like big trees to park near. Clay
  11. I joined the Escapees when I was just an occasional RV'er. I sold my B&S Home and the RV became my Home for over a year until I remarried. Question, during that time was I full or part time? Now my wife has a home which is home base during summer and fall so I'm a Part Timer. Answering your question. At some time the majority of the Escapee's are or have been full time Clay
  12. On the 1000 vs 2800 watt invertor. I have the 2800 with a generator thus a 1000 watt would be applicable. That said my Electrical would be more specific. I have a one outlet in the bedroom for Medical devices and one outlet for the Satellite receiver plus the refrigator Clay
  13. Remove the plate and take to a Machine Shop. With a press the pad can be Straightened. The pad removable can be the hard part. My Jacks are Hydraulic so clamping the Hydraulic shaft was difficult to prevent scratching. A good Impact wrench was necessary . Clay - Been there Done that
  14. I have no problems with the Escapees Mail Service. BUTTTT...... the USPostalSerivce. I had used First Class Mail 5-6 years ago but mail arrived sometimes in 16 days so I have been using Priority Mail since. Now 2 Day Priority mail arrives most of the time in 2 days. This last December was the worse series of problems. A couple problems with recorded by Priority Mail Mail set 3 days in Houston. Mail was posted at local Postal Office and several hours later posted at another Post Office, 3 days delay. Clay
  15. Done. I was surprised they asked about pets but in the same breath didn't ask about Motorcycles and Golf Carts Clay
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