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  1. It isn't just Ford. Most of the time it is Basic vehicle and the fine print.?? But vehicles aren't the worst, watch out for the RV's. And it not just the the hand full of extra stables and longer screws that was used added accessories and upgrades. Then maybe the axle placement was off a few inches, which effects the pin weight. When in doubt ,check the weights before you move in. Clay driving a Class 5 pulling and stopping a 40 foot FW
  2. Remember there are two types of fulltimer. Those who work for a living, following the job(s). And are those who are retired, following Grandchildren, seeing old friends and relatives that live all over the nation. Everyone assumes the government to be Federal, but also the State, Cities, and any taxing body is Government including Schools. There are all GREEDY. Clay Retired worker 15 years and 8 years retired from part time work. Was Full Time RV'er over 2 years parking in a lot driveways. Is the IRS (who ever they are) looking at the long driveways also??? I suspect the school system is looking children to school.
  3. On my FW that would be my Battery Charger/invertor (12 vdc to 120 vac)., so watch your battery Voltage. Of course as you travel the truck should put some charge into the battery(s). Good luck and happy travels Clay
  4. I don't know what your RV is, but the Circuit breakers be for the 120 vac equipment and the LED's would be part of on your 12 vdc circuits which are fused. What is that Circuit breaker servicing? Clay with a FW
  5. The long toppers were adjusted & tightened at an age of about 2 1/2 years. It didn't help much for long. ARGO has the correct solution, use sunscreen as the main benefit of have a topper is to keep debris off the seals and offering shade. Clay 2016 DRV
  6. Welcome to the forum. I have three Carefree toppers. I haven't had slide toppers before. That said the awning I have always wring up but the fabric droops, holding water. or flop in the wind . I have watched expensive Class A's that that don't seem to have the problem. My short Carfree topper is less than 8 foot, no problem. The toppers were ordered when I ordered my 2016 Fifth Wheel Happy shopping. Talk to users not salesmen. Clay
  7. Yes you can use that info but you need some Multi maybe 3-4 times that average. For sizing your invertor if that is what your plans are, you will need to see what the short term usage may be. The good measure of that would be turn everything on at one time that may used could be used to prepare the meal. I have a 2800 watt invertor and that is not enough for my wife to start cooking some meals. I can't see the advantage to running everything on the Inverter. The refrigerator, Medical Equipment, some electronics you may need to watch the weather plus a few outlet receptacles for periodical use items. Clay
  8. The Profile list Yuba City, CA which is north of Sacremento. No knowledge of climate. What a challenge with a two old. Clay
  9. Thanks for the info on the Fog Line. The purpose to me has always been the shoulder line that you ago keep an eye on when the on-coming traffic fails to Dim or align their head lights. In some states the shoulder line is painted on the rumble strips commonly used today. Clay Presently in NW Illinois
  10. Maybe I'm to old and haven't read DMV manual for nearly 5 years. What is a "Fog Line", is there both a right and left? Clay Still driving over 20,000 miles a year
  11. What is weigh and what is your truck. Gradual climb and some steeper downgrades. Take your time. Clay
  12. I had a 2011 F350 which would do something similar. I would take the truck fuel fill cap off a few moments . Problems would correct itself. Kind of like burping a baby or filling at the filling station Clay My aux tank was 40 gal
  13. I have Miller and I also recommend them. However last December I bought a car and added it to the Truck and RV policy. In April, I called to reduce the coverage on the car as I would be storing the car for 6 months. I was told that any coverage change would reduce all my coverage limits from the $500,000 limits to $150,000 or $250,000. So I kept everything the same and plan to look for and umbrella policy. Clay 2015 Freightliner Sports Chassis and 20,000 # DRV
  14. ms60ocb

    MDT and HDT onwers

    The wheel base is 183 inches making the distance at least 170 inches not allowing for height difference. The axle hub is knee height and the EGR cooler and components associated are above wrist high . The Site Manager is sending a fellow to take pictures. It is taking him a long time to travel 70 miles. Must be a good doughnut place i don't know about . Clay
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