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  1. ms60ocb

    Single People and Campgrounds

    Welcome to Escapee's where you meet a wide variety of people. Other the past 8 years I have traveled both as a single and couple. I sat at both a single and a couple at a campfire while stories are told, favorite places visited, bad and good campgrounds of travels, and favorite eating places in town. As 2Gypsies stated "When they get together they have seminars and hash out various issues - RV-related, traveling, working, internet, etc. They also do fun things as a group - hiking, 4-wheeling, touring, etc. " Might I add Games to join in whether it be cards, shuffle board, dominoes or maybe your a book reader or movie goer what is the good. My favorite question when I get to a new area is " What should I see or do before leaving the area." I had my favorite bike ride, Had a chance to see some events just because I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Each day can be a new experience, Enjoy and explore the pages of this forum for experiences of travel and purchasing your RV. Clay Previously had a small Class C and now a fifth wheel
  2. I did more looking into this found in the dish files the mention of the 110 Sat updates but nothing on the Eastern arc. From what I have seem, been told and observed is common to eastern arc mobile sat dish use. I will discontinue the use the eastern arc. I had always the used the western arc at this one location but a tree grew to much. having the Pathway X2 with a recommended 25 foot cable I was forced to the east. I will call Dish again to hopefully talk to someone that isn't the janitor Thanks everyone Clay
  3. ms60ocb

    Batwing antenna

    Thanks for the quite impressive list List. Clay
  4. ms60ocb

    Batwing antenna

    As far as I know I''m not impacted by the 17 channel move but I haven't seem the list or have I researched the 600 MHz spectrum sold last year. My present closest VHF channel to the fixed location I referred to would require a rotor and of no interest. Another seldom viewed channel is above 36 but wouldn't care if I lost it.. One fringe channel that was maybe 49 relocated a couple months but still in the UHF band. Channel 13 was picked by the ANTOP antenna when I did the little test a couple days ago. And last comment , the ANTOP antenna I have yet to run the cable, is primarily a local channel backup in event of satellite failure. Do you have a list of the channels that is converting back to VHF. My interest primarily is west of the Mississippi River. Thanks Clay
  5. ms60ocb

    Batwing antenna

    I just purchased an ANTOP UFO AT415B antenna for a fixed location. It sure beats anything I have ever tried and I hadn't taken it out side yet. Sure puts my Winegard Razor to shame. They claim some models are RV rated but I wouldn't want to add any more height to my already tall RV. The 414 series antenna may be the best for RV Mounting. They have better antennas but a rotor would be required. Clay
  6. I agree chirakawa. I have the Winegard Rayzr Auto on my Fifth wheel and I have talked neighbors in RV parks about channels received. I may get 3 nothing channels (meaning no weather or warning) and others will tell at least 2 of the 4 networks plus a number of nothing channels.
  7. It seems the eastern arc does not have a idle zone. Sat 72 moved towards Sat 61 and returns. If I set on Sat 77 a few hours of idle time will have the dish pointing to Sat 61. I'm doing some house setting and travel the next few weeks but will get a chance to use the Tailgater abit so I will check out the Sat 110. I will have to talk to Dish some more Clay
  8. Thanks D&J and Dutch for your input. It gives me thoughts of things to try in the next couple days. I know 61.5 sat is not the update Sat. However 61.5 has my local channels. I will start just having the recorder program change channel to 72 sat about 4 in the morning observe the results then try sat 77. Clay
  9. ms60ocb

    Hwy 114 from Gunnison to Saguache, CO?

    I haven't driven it for many years but it was a good drive and you shouldn't any problem if you drove to Gunnison.. A couple corners to slow down. Not a bad pull. Clay
  10. I use the power switch on the remote. The next step to turn things off would be pull the plug thus killing power to the Satellite dish (or the DOME as Dish refers to it). Clay
  11. I have spoke to both Winegard and Disk about a problem. Basically it is the "The trouble is leaving here OK" The problem occurs when both receivers are turned off or maybe only one receiver connected but turned off. The Pathway moves to center abit to the center and back. I'm on the Eastern Arc now and normally on Sat 61.5. I have the same problem on the western Arc. You don't really notice the movement unless it is nice morning and the window is open (sound) or you are working near it (sight). You know it happens and can confirm it by turning on the receiver and going to the menu. Menu 6-1-3- Details. The list shows a time and error 11-12-11 presently routinely 4 times a hour. I seems to be a waste of mechanical parts inside the Pathway. Winegard says the Pathway only follows the Dish receiver commands movement. Dish tells me the receiver gets program updates but wouldn't move the Pathway except for the 3AM update. then leave a Code 11-11-11. Does anyone else experience this, is it a problem? I hope to resolve the problem before the warranty expires. I have been on the western arc in Texas and Illinois. The Eastern arc in Illinois with all the same problem. I which switched receivers, presently the MAIN pathway connection is a dedicated cable receiver to Pathway where as the normal RV connection does have connector in the middle. Clay Been a Dish customer about 20 years with Tailgater and Pathway 5 years
  12. ms60ocb

    How many forum members ...

    With that big a crew, you will a cook and all the staff to arrange and service the meals. Clay 2015 FL M2 106 Sport Chassis 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
  13. ms60ocb

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    I stay north of San Antonio in the Hill Country. Yes it has cool nights in January but last winter was a cold spell that hadn't been equaled since 1945. It stayed below freezing 3 days while the the Midwest had sub-zero temperature. Normally it gets into the 50 even on the bad days. March is one of the busiest months as the Rio Grand Valley heats up, the birds start north. I use https://www.allstays.com/ as guide to Campgrounds but don't rely on the reviews. Clay
  14. ms60ocb

    Freightliner M2 accesary wanted

    I did order from Big Rig Chrome. The actual Window Visor vent has a vertical riser as well as the top of the window ( a lazy L) . I hesitated on buying but in the end the vertical did not interfere with the mirror sighting but the top presented a problem on the passenger side as I have a top of the door mirror looking down. Hence the right rear door has window vent. I just put them yesterday so have not on the road to see if I pick up any road noise. Thanks Clay
  15. ms60ocb

    How do I delete this thread, I figured it out?

    Amen to that as I remember the cost to double the size of my first computer from 8K to 16K was several hundred Dollars. Clay