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  1. I'm the Monday Morning Quarter Back. I'm saying the Change has been made and and fairness may come to the game. I buy Data and the rate which I receive the data is based on time of day which varies the rate is 4G to dial-up. Quality of service or quality of product varies with price. What does the job for you is what you should be able to buy. Sears Roebuck (just Sears for the younger generation) is the first I remember that had a product grading system. GOOD BETTER BEST You paid more for the best because it offered more. Go to Starbucks and look at there menu, doesn't more cost more. If you are driving and get caught speeding, doesn't it cost more if driving 25 MPH over the speed limit than if 10MPH. Go to Fast Food and many places ask if you want a larger size for ?? cents. TV cable and Satellite services same way pay more for more. The Internet 25 years ago was commonly talked to on modems of less than dial-up speeds. Now the computer can talk any speed you can commonly connect to. I don't use Facebook for 2 reasons but one being data usage and slow response when I would use that social media. I'm for pay as you go and if you want to watch TV/Movies on the internet you should be paying the extra. Everything is Neutral when I go to Starbucks til I order. Neutral that I don't have to pay to get in, only pay if I want thing other than a napkin. Clay
  2. Windows 10 Updating again! GRRR!

    It helps some of the time but Windows 10 seems to get through. Microsoft Office will respond something like. " I see your on metered data do you want to update ______? " and then you keep messages about an update is available. Clay
  3. The X2 is similar to the Tailgater, that is it can watch the three western channels, one satellite at a time. That is where the similarity ends. X2 Has a much larger dish, the X2 can watch the East or West ARC (but still one satellite at a time. BUTTTT X2 has two Outputs. allowing two receiver operation. The purpose of the satellite list is provide a gauge to what different channels we could watch at the same time on the same satellite. If I have 119, the rest be weeded out over time. Clay
  4. Has anyone found a current list of satellite channels on each of the three western arc Dish Satellite. Specifically would like Satellite 119 to get the most benefit from my Pathway X2. I found a list online and quickly identified the list several years and several changes old. Thanks Clay living primarily on the western ARC
  5. Marion Illinois had the same problem about 10 years ago. One of Two doctors they hired lost his license in 3 states. Nine deaths in about 4 months ( one of the fellows was a friend). 18 or 19 deaths total before they stopped surgery for about 3 years. Bottom line if you search Marion Illinois VA you will see they are being investigated again. Sen Durbin's visits in the past has not produced positive results. Ladies and Gentleman, The VA SHOULD be example of Federal Health Care at its Best I hope WQAD-TV keeps investigating this and other occurrences as an investigation proceeds. Clay
  6. Washer/Dryer

    We have Whirlpool and my wife has loved the results. We had Clean and Wrinkle free clothes. We did have a washer door switch fail that was replaced under warranty. But the new switch started giving problem after about 9 months and out of warranty. I called Whirlpool parts and described the the part I needed but told them I didn't need the old design switch ( I don't if they have a improved design). I was told it would be the same switch. When the first bad switch was replaced I was given the old switch, I dissected the switch and saw a probable cause of Malfunction which is a rough spot on a internal slide. My fix on the present switch was expose the switch where I could manually operate the switch full extension about 40-50 times and that smoothed out the rough spot. Now everything was working but presently parked until after Christmas. I am wondering how long my fix will last. The washer was installed in the RV Oct 2015 and the washer Model number is WFC7500VW2 That's my story and would look at another Whirlpool because in two years some engineer has to have a product improvement to received a raise. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
  7. Pathway X2

    Received Pathway X2 today. I little startup problem as I just removed the Tailgater and connected the X2. No signal so next step try the 25 foot via an open window. Everything worked after I talked to Wingard. I changed the menu to get me on Satellite 119 and everything was fine. Next back to the nearly 50 foot original cable. It not work so cleaned one connector and now watching HD through a bare tree. I difference I see between Tailgator and Pathway is the expected operation after a ice storm. The signal of the X@ is superior . Now I have to figure where I going locate the second receiver. Pro & cons but that will be next year. Clay
  8. Good or Bad Idea?

    I have but with this Fifth wheel I have now I do not run the furnace with the slides in. With the slides in about 65% of my ducts are covered with the slide floors. I don't feel the system was designed for that operation. I have turned the furnace off, put the slides in and then traveled in a temperature inversion (28 Degrees) for 2 hours with the internal temperature still above freezing. No frozen pipes but I did keep the hot water heater on. The sun was starting to break through so drove on without concern. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
  9. Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    Just returned from 4 days in MN, The weather was nice. Someone has kept a secret from the rest of the nation. We're thinking instead of being Winter Texans maybe being Winter Minneisnowtas Clay from windy NW Illinois
  10. Pathway X2

    Your response was just what needed to say it is time for the tailgater replacement. My Christmas present was just ordered but had been on the wish or some time. Could buy the DW her Christmas present, a hard drive for the second receiver. LOL Clay
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    X3 and Have Been There and Done That. I especially appreciate IN GOD WE TRUST Clay
  12. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    Welcome to the Forum. I have a couple simple suggestion and not knowing where you expect to travel and type life style. I agree the FW is the favorable choice. Some people want toy haulers or front living room each there own. Visit dealers and RV shows to firm up your decision of floor plan. On the this and other forums read the Fifth wheel section and the Begining RVing that you posted in. There are lots suggestions made there. I personally want a RV designed from the ground-up not a unit build with lots charm from the floor up. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3 Towed with a Class 5 Freightliner
  13. After a couple restarts the speed seems back to normal. Also above I stated the Windows 10 update used a estimated 4-6 GB. I wasn't thinking about my wife's laptop so really 2-3 GB each computer. Clay
  14. The Creators update date downloaded maybe 5 days ago and since has prompted me to update now, later or delay 3 days. Powering down showed i had a option power off and restart (standard) plus update, close and restart & such. Anyway I had time do it tonight . Took a half hour. Now the Computer is S L O W and seems to stop and rest occasionally. The fan runs constant and that portion on the laptop in hot. The Firefox update was a welcome update but Windows 10 has used 4-6 GB of measured data in several days (That estimate is based regular daily average use. and nothing was unusual on our traffic). And the results horrible. Clay