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  1. Ditto, glad no one hurt. Just another reason I don't like big trees to park near. Clay
  2. I joined the Escapees when I was just an occasional RV'er. I sold my B&S Home and the RV became my Home for over a year until I remarried. Question, during that time was I full or part time? Now my wife has a home which is home base during summer and fall so I'm a Part Timer. Answering your question. At some time the majority of the Escapee's are or have been full time Clay
  3. On the 1000 vs 2800 watt invertor. I have the 2800 with a generator thus a 1000 watt would be applicable. That said my Electrical would be more specific. I have a one outlet in the bedroom for Medical devices and one outlet for the Satellite receiver plus the refrigator Clay
  4. Remove the plate and take to a Machine Shop. With a press the pad can be Straightened. The pad removable can be the hard part. My Jacks are Hydraulic so clamping the Hydraulic shaft was difficult to prevent scratching. A good Impact wrench was necessary . Clay - Been there Done that
  5. I have no problems with the Escapees Mail Service. BUTTTT...... the USPostalSerivce. I had used First Class Mail 5-6 years ago but mail arrived sometimes in 16 days so I have been using Priority Mail since. Now 2 Day Priority mail arrives most of the time in 2 days. This last December was the worse series of problems. A couple problems with recorded by Priority Mail Mail set 3 days in Houston. Mail was posted at local Postal Office and several hours later posted at another Post Office, 3 days delay. Clay
  6. Done. I was surprised they asked about pets but in the same breath didn't ask about Motorcycles and Golf Carts Clay
  7. With a small Vehicle it gets easier to find a spot to park. I frequently call about 2 in the afternoon as a cancellation my exist for overnight. A weeks stay takes some planning Happy travels Clay
  8. ms60ocb

    RV water softeners

    What is the proper way to store for hot summer? Would it be Back-Flush and Drain? I thinking about storing the water softer with my car in Texas til winter. Clay
  9. From prior advise I suspected the Grey Tank just a couple weeks ago. I tried a couple of the items listed above, I really thought filling the Grey tank by doing the laundry and taking long showers and flushing would help. But the Grey water was not the problem. I found the toilet seal at the base of the toilet to be leaking gas. When I lifted the toilet off the floor the old (approx 3 1/2 years old) seal fell in pieces to the floor. Installed a new wax seal and my problem solved. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
  10. ms60ocb

    mail theft?

    My magazine is delivered with my Priority Mail so no seal. About 60 years ago my Dad received a gift subscription to Playboy. The Mailman told Dad that he would have excellent reading material. Dad told the mailman he didn't have any problem with him looking at the magazine. After that, the day the Playboy was delivered the mail came after lunch. The Shadow Knows Clay
  11. Yes RV all the way. Yes I want the open spaces and be able to see the STARS in the sky. I also like to Share my Time at the camp fire. Clay Been doing it for over fifty years. I like my own bed.
  12. Until my DW departed for Heaven I had a barn for inside storage with E&W hook-up. I sold the property and full timed for a period od time. I remarried, Marcie still has her manufactured home and there is community storage about 150 yards out the back door at no cost. A little Round-Up and Ant spray and no problems. I generally park the FW with enough water for a wash job and any cleaning needed. Off site, short term rental runs $30-50 a month and you may not have room to your put slides out. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3 with Generator
  13. Being in Texas in July will be a hot so my recommendation is the Hill Country. The Hill Country may be defined as north of San Antonio and west of Austin. I like Kerrville as it is about an hour from San Antonio, LBJ Ranch (Texas White House), a cave, Pacific War Musuem https://www.oldriverroadrvresort.com/ Your boys may enjoy https://jellystoneguadalupe.com/ Canyon Lake area Clay a Winter Texan
  14. Good place Just NE of Nashville. Clay
  15. When I order my latest FW, the salesman recommended trying the OEM vs Amish built furniture. Very quickly the RV was ordered without the sofa and recliners. The mattress was replaced with the Spring Aire taken from my trade. We are very happy with the result. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
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