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  1. I haven't received any paper work so yesterday filed on line using my legal Escapee's address. I thought the form was a little mis-leading as compared to past forms. Especially when it got to the second home which my wife is a legal resident at. Actually I'm at a difference Texas location but we are both White American. Clay Staying put for another month
  2. I found a Doctor BUT new patients were being scheduled in April. So this will get me in the door next year. The ER still is my best option. Thanks to all for your words Clay in Kerrville TX
  3. I'm looking for a GP Doctor as a winter Texan. I was asked to fill out an application form which I did. The result I was rejected, for what ever reason. I had never heard of this process. That Doctor's group has two individuals accepting new applicants and basically I'm looking for a referral. That was the suggestion of Urgent Care. Has anyone else had this occurrence and when did it start. Looks like I will have ti visit the ER if can't find get an appt somewhere tomorrow Clay Legal Resident of Texas but summer elsewhere
  4. I didn't get a chance to catch this fellow again and he pulled out this morning. Clay
  5. This Class C is parked at the Old River Road RV Resort Kerrville TX. The vehicle drew a lot attention at yesterdays coffee. Clay with with just a puppy Freightliner M2-106
  6. Like Kristin said, they in a country storage, like I also continue to do in the summer and fall for periods of time. I doubt my batteries would run 90 feet of lights 24/7 for an extended time. Clay
  7. Yes your thinking and I wondering who would receive the traffic tickets for the self driving vehicle. It wouldn't be a vehicle in tow but maybe the lead car of a caravan? Bored in AZ, the AU ladies Basketball in Tucson has some exciting Games going on. It is a little difference than men playing (not as much pushing) but they are better looking. Clay in Texas
  8. I assume you still have the Fifth Wheel. and I'm assuming you are referring to Mice and Raccoons. Do slides seal tightly, a method is close all the window covering on a bright day. Then from the inside look for day light. Resolve the light entering if that is the case. Next crawl under the RV with a can of expanding foam and fill every hole (if the hole are to big and the rodents can pull the filling out use steel wool and window screen material} Last get D-Con bait cubes, I use about 6, 2 each level Good luck Clay
  9. Glenn you not the only one in this shape. My typing skilled are lousy and SLOWWWW. I start to type something and before I complete a word or so I have changed my through process. Given I had phonics in the fifth grade from my worse teacher I still can't spell. But I can read other people writing and never realize anything is misspelled. So Glenn I didn't realize you made lots of errors. My eye specialist told me 2 years ago, 3-5 years on my cataract surgery. Last year, he said at least two more years, Month another appointment. Night driving on a divided highway no problem but about one left curve on a two lane highway can do me in with heavy on coming traffic. For prism in your eye glasses I have had that for 73 years and never saw double until recently and I wondered why, cataracts? Save your eyes, stay out of bright sunlight. Clay
  10. ms60ocb


    It is my understanding that each DRV unit is taken to MorRyde for alignment. I returned to MorRyde for an alignment in 2017 and 4 or 5 unpainted DRV's were setting in the parking lot. Clay 2016 DRV MS 38PS3
  11. I was told at a rally by a MFG Rep that there was only one permissible way to store the water softer in frozen conditions . The instructions I site-ing from memory as the I'm remote from the unit and the written instructions, but expect to be returning the softer to service about Jan 1. Drain the unit ( or do you back flush first) via the outlet and store the softer on its side. Returning the unit requires a back flush and regenerate. I don't recall anything about adding any bleach but I will add some some on regen. Clay Water softer owner one year and WS stored several days in temperatures below 20 degrees
  12. ms60ocb

    GY 114 Tire

    Question on your tire pressures. Are dropping the do to temperature or ?? I started my trip with a 120 psig with a temperature in the mid twenties and arriving in Texas having pressures of close to 125 psig ( within the rule of 1 PSIG change per 10 degrees ambient change) I have completed my run south without any emergencies. But I put the slides out before running my hand over the tires to see if I have any addition raised thread. I going to wait till next year to do my tire shopping. Lots of sales people you tell you stories. I haven't heard of the Hercules 17.5 inch tires and I was told that Cooper has a good USA made tire but I haven't confirmed. On the GY tires, I haven't talked to Discount Tire but others I have talked to say that is a Commercial Tire and not available to me. Clay
  13. I would want the auto switch over option to keep the little lady happy especially when preparing my meal. If you elect to still swap over yourself just leave the full tank valve closed. The 2AM tank change then just requires opening a valve and not a noisy experience for your neighbors . Clay
  14. Yesterday I had an unexpected experience. I'm in East Memphis a short distance my campground. I was slowing to exit I-240 and the braking didn't feel right, Tried the brakes again and realized no trailer brakes. ( I had in the past tested the truck without the trailer brakes and knew I still had control but longer stopping distance). I still had trailer lights. That is when I realized the brake controller had dropped down allowing me to step on it when applying my foot to throttle. A small bolt has loosened allowing the controller to drop. Just glad I didn't have to make a panic stop on the rain slick highway. (of course a built in brake controller may have prevented this failure but my previous TV needed all braking to stay in control) On more vote for the Feightliner M2-106 or larger truck as stopping is more important than pulling. Clay
  15. ms60ocb

    GY 114 Tire

    X2 People say the Sailun tires are Great but also they are China built. Maybe I'm a bit practical in the point that there are the Glodal Protest over pollution and Glodal warming. My point lets buy from the cleanest manufacture, avoid dirty old China. Less world wide pollution. 328 rough Illinois miles without a blown out but will inspect in day light. Missouri highways and bridges are good. But for Illinois benefit, the miles of broken concrete on the left side the lane has been patched and rough. Clay
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