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  1. X2 and X3 especially in changing terrain Clay
  2. The system sucks. You a find a provider you like, you talk to and understand what they say, has an accounting dept that don't demand more payments or they will drop service, in the end refund your demanded over payment back. Then before you know it, your going to dealing the horrible WELLCARE. That is part of Part D problems Part B has its own set problems. Remember Medicare setup the system for providers. I start having problem with my CPAP machine. I notified my provider which said there a back log but I didn't have immediate need, just have the machine after I see the doctor the following month. The CPAP failed big time before the month. I tried to buy a machine. no way. it took three days to gather all the 7 + years of records before I received a machine. Then provider couldn't be paid for the machine, finally 8 months later the EOB's come showing they are being paid monthly as a rental. OVERHEAD, OVERHEAD, OVERHEAD and not small business friendly. For paper work Part D doesn't care what name is and likes something that matches your ID. Part B supplies must have the name exactly as Red, White & Blue Medicare card. But Medicare has a short character count for your name. My wife uses her previous surname and present surname with only her first initial. Petty problem but the people standing in line at pharmacy doesn't like it. Doctor's order blood test off a menu but I haven't had this explained to me but three different doctors order lab test but none get any of the three items that supposedly landed a person in the hospital. So another trip to ER and hospital stay. Medicare cost saving. No I will stop here as it is boring to you so can have time to look for Part D providers. I use Humana for Parts A&B Plan G Clay Why can't we back up about 60 years and clean out some overhead
  3. Was on the Sunday night ABC National news last night. Maybe a minutes worth of coverage. Kind of what was already reported here So sad. Clay
  4. It has been over a year since I have been in El Paso but my rule, in big cities, is avoid peak rush hours. Then find a 18 wheeler and follow the traillights. Keep back 100 yards or insight so if the truck changes lanes you can maneuver. In Illinois you do that to dodge pot holes. Do know your route just in case the truck is not part the through traffic or take the alternate described above. Clay
  5. I don't have a Cougar so I don't know your winter rating but some common practices are; When you arrive at your location put some water in your fresh water tank and then disconnect your outside hose when the outside temperatures are below freezing. Since many pipes are run through the basement area, rely of your furnace for primary heat as a supplement electric heat would cause the furnace to run less thus a cooler basement area. Clay DRV MS 38PS3
  6. My DW makes a GREAT sandwich spread similar to my mother. You start with the Baloney and built taste from there Buy a chunk of Beef Baloney at the deli and a jar of Dill Pickles Grind it up the Baloney and then Grind the Pickles to taste (maybe up to one cup per pound Baloney. (My DW uses her mother's 1920 style hand grinder to give the mothers taste. That is my story and I'm sticking to it ) Add Miracle Whip to bind ingredients Enjoy on Bread or Crackers Clay, Second top choice for a good Baloney sandwich is fry or grill until blackened a bit, just like you would do SPAM
  7. Impressive. It is quoted in the separate links 100 Mw and 37.5 Mw of power. How much energy is being stored. That is how many Mega Watt - Hours is stored or should I say how many Amp - Hours since it a battery. But my real interest is how much AC power can be returned to the the electrical system for peaking or regulation. Clay.
  8. I did talk to Shirley M, No real explanation for the errors but may request were in the Computer so we could talk about my past request. They were still operating from a June request not Sept and Oct request. Anyway I did cancel all forwarding. Next request will be to have a Absentee Ballot delivered, ordered today. My daughter got interested so I read the 10 Propositions again. One I do have interest so come on Fed-ex Thanks everyone for your responses Clay
  9. I didn't see where I mentioned the model but if you been viewing past comments you would indeed know, I have a 2016 MS 38PS3 but it is Modified unit 41 feet long. The back half is the same as the PS3 but the front half is a Dallas. In our case, the difference is a smaller shower, a long bathroom vanity with sink (which is absent in the PS3). Then we have 2 pocket doors between the Bathroom and Bedroom. The remaining difference is the large closet. I sold B&S home with acreage and barn down sizing to a small storage unit and the DRV. Since I'm near the unit most of time, I travel with a lot of stuff that is used periodically. My wife "to be" helped with the order. So for living we have the space needed in the right area. Lots of cabinet area, however on the upper panty door, DW stores can items on the door. I think the design was for potato chips thus I couldn't keep the door adjusted. I added extra hinges and so problem since. We are not full time but spend over 6 months RV each year but this year Medical problems have kept us close to my wife's house. The RV is about to turn 4 years old with nearly 25,000 miles weighting in at 20,000#, with maybe 20 gallons of water (12 HW Heater) I previously had a Montana with less than 5,000 mile and traded after another 15,000 added. Comparably no problem with the DRV. Just watch the chalking and do do the maintenance as needed. I have not had the Front Jack problem many have talked about and my Pin weight is 5,000 lbs. One thing common to the Earlier 2016 models is the 3 inch lights commonly found on the slide (4 inch on the ceiling). The failure are blinking or dim The originals had 3 LEDs and replacements were 6 LEDs but I had one of those fail now. If the previous owner didn't take care of the chalking you will have problems RUN Clay with the 55 cent version
  10. Thanks for the reconstruction note. That can be an extra load, anyway a call is on list. But being sent to CA is a second issue. I glad that was caught. Clay
  11. Is anyone have mail service problems or is it just me. I have been using Escapees Mail Service about 6 years with excellent service. But the last 5 weeks have not been good. Examples If I say hold my mail til xxxxx, The mail in held one week and continued. If I say continue every other week starting xxxxx, the mail continues every week. All the confirming responses have been repeated normal until earlier this week. If I tell them to forward my mail Oct 29 and Nov 18 . Shirley responses "Do you want the mail to go to Valley Center CA on 11/4?" I haven't been in CA for nearly 40 years and don't expect to return. Clay
  12. Welcome to the forum. Yes tell us more about the model Also the last numbers of the Serial Number as 2016 was one of the first years DRV was under Thor and changes were being made. The Elite Suites is the most expensive unit but many Mobile Suites have many upgrades to Elite items. Both units are heavy because the DRV's have a good frame under them. With MORryde I.S. suspension the ride to the RV must be Great as we don't secure chairs and furniture down like we did in another popular RV that conventional axles. The caulking is the most important as mentioned earlier. My second problem is construction is mostly assembly by Glue and staples. I have had two different areas where the glue and the staples were not placed together this the glue failed to bond to any thing. My 2016 41 foot Mobile Suites was built in Oct 2015. So the one your looking at should have the no big problems after 3-4 years use if the caulking problem was fixed in a timely manner. Clay
  13. After tenting about 6 years and a good friend had a bear open the back side of their tent, we went for hard sides. It was a 14 foot 1968 Road Runner TT that would sleep 6 (3 adults comfortably) After about 12 years it was sold and not replaced for nearly 25 years. I then brought a small class C (23 foot), and traded up to a 37 foot FW and now a 40 foot FW all in the last 9 years. The Tow vehicle increased from the Ford Falcon (we also tented with) to now a MDT. What a difference required to increase from the Ice Box to a residential refrigerator Clay
  14. What is the definition of your failure, 1- Leaking oil 2- dropping on there own when traveling 3- not holding the position. I have had numbers 2&3. #2 was a procedural problem that I had operated a slide and didn't re-pressurize the landing jacks. #3 I feel is a design problem but I'm not ready for the limited stroke cylinder so for parked for long I used tripod to support some of the pin weight. If I had #1 or #3 was excessive, I would be at Hydraulic rebuilt shop with cylinders in add. Question on the landing jacks load. If a person has 20-25 % of the load on the pin what would be the static weight on the landing jacks, would it be up to 33% of load. And then the gussy wind blows and the dymanic loading could be ??? Clay My DRV starting setting on the jacks 4 years ago this month
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