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  1. ms60ocb

    Macerator Pump

    I brought one after watching another fellow who used one but frequently stayed longer in one spot longer than I. Since that time I now stay shorter times unless we have full hook-ups. Never used the pump but keeping it as there is a sewer clean out I can excess if I ever come home and need to dump. Clay
  2. ms60ocb

    Generator or not?

    I had a small Class C that I had a Generator I loved because the I could always cook a hot meal for Lunch. The generator gave lots of opportunity to be flexible. Clay with a 40 foot FW
  3. ms60ocb

    Weather where you are?

    Been in Northern Eastern Wisc and UP area. Leaves had some brilliant colors but not at the peak yet. Lots of rain and more drizzle, Traveled to Madison area yesterday, 80 degrees, to see the sun and hear storm warning. Not a good Fall Season to be a farmer. Clay
  4. ms60ocb

    Emergency Motorhome Drivers

    Been in your shoes and would help you but presently about 1700 miles away. Have a little patience and you may be surprised as I was. Clay
  5. ms60ocb

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    X2 Cleans so easy also. A good investment
  6. ms60ocb

    2015 F550 vs 2019 F550

    I don't know about the 2019 but the 2015 if sold as a chassis truck would have been rated at 350 HP. The 350HP version was intended for heavy commercial use. I understand that was not just a de-rated 440 HP but contained a few different parts. In 2016 I traded my 2011 F350 6.7 400HP 800 Lbs Torque for a used 2015 Freightliner Sports Chassis with Cummins 350 HP 10xx lbs Torque. I will say the Ford engine is easier starting and quieter but I sure like the greater Torque Clay
  7. ms60ocb

    Stink Bug Apocalypse

    I also have a inundation of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. I was parked a close as 50 yards from a corn field in NW Illinois. These Stink Buds are not as bad a pest as the Lady Bug looking bug. Also these stink seem easier to control as these can't hide as easy. I used a Bug Fogger Bomb with the slides in, and got positive results. Now a week later we are parked 200 miles north and finding about one stink bug a day. Maybe tomorrow I will set off another bomb since. In Northern Wisc and U.P. were the leaves are pretty with still lots to turn yet. Clay with 41ft Fifth Wheel.
  8. ms60ocb

    A good GPS unit?

    Had my first major objection to my RV Rand McNally last week. I was using the GPS in car in Eastern MD. The GPS was often slow in updating the display. With the congestion of streets it appeared to tell turns, which I would do (which was the correct action) and immediately show that I was to turn again in one or two hundred feet (wrong). Never had that problem in middle America so now I'm saying both Rand Mcnally and Garmin has there limitations Study the maps before driving into unknown areas if length over 23 feet especially Clay
  9. An Email from the Escapee's Mail Service and article in the Sept 27 Polk County Enterprise http://polkenterprise.com/ says be careful and aware. Two years ago I was a victim. I called the County Clerk maybe the 20th of Oct as I had not received a requested ballot. I was told a Ballot had been spend to my Livingston address. I called the Escapee's Mail service and they had not record of receiving the ballot. I haven't contact anyone about this for about a year so I suppose it is under investigation..... The good news is I received an Email from Escapee Mail Service yesterday that an important document was received for my forwarding directions.. Beaware Clay
  10. ms60ocb

    Saws - Chain and Pole

    I carry a lopper and use it after asking. If they say they will take care of it, I expect rapid response. The RV being over 13 feet tall, small branches can easily be managed if a big limp I look for another site. On cutting the limbs I have been told to wait until after xxxx and where to pile the limbs. Clay
  11. ms60ocb

    Umbrella policy for full timers

    X2 The vehicles are with General written by Miller. the Umbrella policies is by other carriers. Clay Freightliner M2 and DRV Fifth wheel
  12. I asked this question several years ago and from the results I use https://www.allstays.com/ You can search for many things but Allstays is not a rating system. Read the reviews Clay
  13. ms60ocb

    New road sign

    I agree this sign is a stupid waste, but someone knew that the word EMPTY was necessary if the 26,000 lbs was used. I don't know of many garbage trucks that would service that neighborhood. Clay
  14. ms60ocb

    8.3 Cummins turbo whine - Update-more trouble

    Gee sounds like a few problems I have had. Having been to the wrong dealer. Had EGR cooler plugged and replaced. Left the dealer with an A/C plumbing problem. Had a wet front wheel bearing leak. No problem found, re-overfilled. Clay 2015 FL M2-106
  15. ms60ocb

    Batwing antenna

    I mounted the ANTOP antenna on the end of the house and was really impressed . My RV Razor gets 10 channels (3 transmiier locations) and than marginal. The ANTOP gets 32 channels ( 8 transmitter locations) and all has been solid. The ANTOP is mounted 2-3 feet higher than the RV roof mounted RAZOR. The antenna's are not side by side and know a few feet can affect UHF signals. This looks like a good deal. As said earlier the ANTOP antenna in non-directional so my model may not work in the RV. Clay