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  1. Great unit Kept inside when not used. See link http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/rvs/5452590117.html
  2. On a boat trip to CA they sent a club member home. I was told after 10 years you can beg the Queen.
  3. Hello Do you have a power distribution system? They can shut down the unit (compressor) but keep blower running.
  4. Check the temp of your boiler. If its hot (I think its 120ish) your plugged or a leak. I replaced with a Amish built. Would recommend them. If you do pull unit replaced your ice maker water line while its out.
  5. When you replace are you using pipe tape at all? Never use tape. Brakes off is your system .
  6. Hello I have 3 atwood furnaces in my rig. Can you drive with them running? I need one running for heat in the water bays. Thanks
  7. Hello I would not level at home. Most driveways (michigan) are 4 inch. Level a pusher on it. you might crack drive.
  8. Thanks for the help. I did just pump coolant back into reservoir . Did not need to start engine to get all coolant back in. I did test coolant a couple times with test strips.
  9. Yes the reservoir has cap and fill cap. Thanks
  10. I have a Freightliner C-7. I drains radiator to changed the lower radiator hose. Tested coolant and it is in great shape. So how do you refill? It has no radiator cap. Do I just keep filling reservoir? Thanks for any help.
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