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  1. Yes, I feel it's important to leave a happy ending. I've waded through enough tech forums looking for answers only to find none and sometimes ending up even more confused than I started. And yes, we do use the strainer but micro bits still get through. Perhaps the previous owner ate a lot of Kentucky fried chicken 😉 M
  2. Problem solved. There was a build up of crud in one of the hair pin bends of the flexi plumb lines. The plumber managed to access the entry point to the tank which was an adventure in itself. He said that my use of the snake might well have compacted it rather than breaking it up. Lesson learned: Be very careful with what goes down the sink. Food particles, no matter how small, eventually build up. Add a little grease to compound the issue and eventually you have a blockage. Murphy's law applies here - any blockage will be found in the most difficult place to access. Thankfully we have flow now. Moving on....
  3. Already did...I'm pretty confident that whatever blockage there is - if there is - is way beyond the sink.
  4. To recap: Yes, the plunger in a dual sink did make a bit of a mess but didn't uncover or unblock anything. Words to the wise - there is a time for a softly softly approach and this was it. Yes, I did remove the cheater valve itself. In fact I bought another one out of sheer blind hope. On Monday I've scheduled a tank cleaning so maybe, just maybe, the little camera thingummybob will uncover something. At least I'll be able to trust the sensor readings for a couple of weeks 😉 Marc
  5. Hi fellow 5th wheelers This has been bugging me for days so perhaps someone can see the bleeding obvious as I've reached my paygrade on this problem: The sink water had been draining increasingly slowly since last summer but, after picking up our trailer (Cedar Creek 2008 37RDTS) from the body shop a couple of days back after an absence of over two months, it has completely backed up. My first port of call in this situation is the old vinegar and baking soda trick. That didn't work so I had to move on to step two in my plumbing arsenal and remove the trap which proved to be pretty clean. Still no joy so I snaked the line and again, it seemed clear and clean. After putting it all together,I ran some water and very quickly it backed up. The next step involved unscrewing the cap on the cheater valve. That wasn't such a smart move as a bunch of water poured out the top of the pipe, much to my wife's disgust. I have three valves and a main one through which everything exits. The galley valve we leave permanently open. It has a little give in it but I don't think the cable is loose.The tank is sealed so there's no drain plug visible to me. Fwiw, the sensors show all tanks full. It seems to me that there is a vacuum in the line and my current thinking is that there is a valve somewhere that is stuck either in the vent or outside the tank or maybe some kind of blockage in the tank. I'm at a loss. I've managed to schedule a plumber for next Wednesday, which is the earliest I can get - seems to be RV plumbing gravy time as us snowbirds start heading north. Am I missing something terribly obvious? Marc
  6. Actually nine months to the day. A long story....backed into a snowbank at Yellowstone. An agent eventually came out about a month later probably because our neighbor who had totalled his vehicle - and unfortunately the buffalo he collided with - was also with Geico. As we were in a national park for the summer and living in the trailer, repairing it then was not a viable option. Geico haven't exactly covered themselves in glory but I also contributed to the delay. Apparently there is some kind of statute on the books such that automobile manufacturers are obligated to produce parts for ten years after the model year has concluded. It's just seven years for RV's and neither Forest River nor their subsiduaries have any end caps.
  7. Thanx to everyone who responded with wise words indeed. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of waiting for two or three days - or maybe longer - in order to discover what needs to be done and for how much, and then to get a second opinion. We have commitments in Texas and beyond. Our plan was to return to LHC in late March and pick up the trailer en route to YNP.
  8. Hmmm, interesting! My insurance is Geico. I'm reluctant to total it and I doubt Geico would approve that. Geico though won't even look at it until it's in the shop, and their adjuster here in Lake Havasu weighs in. The original 3k estimate was given by a non Geico adjustor agent who happened to be closest to the incident at the time. It looks like I'll have to wait until the adjustor and body shop come up with a realistic estimate. I will call Geico tomorrow to see what they say. It's the first time in my life that I've been involved in an auto claim so I'm unaware of my options and wasn't sure if it was a wise move to tip my hand. The adjustor did tell me that coming up with a repair estimate for an RV, particularly one that's over seven years old is infinitely more art than science. I took that to mean that they just toss a bunch of numbers in the air, do some kind of voodoo ceremony and return straight faced from the cow shed. M
  9. Our 5th is due for repair within a week or so. The damage is cosmetic imo, however the repairs will in all likelihood exceed $8k. The original estimate appears woefully short of the mark ($3k approx). At one point (when we notified the insurer of an estimate of $15k - granted just off the photo evidence) the insurer was considering totalling it at $21k. We like our RV. It 's eleven years old but has all we need for creature comforts. However it is a large, heavy mass and I do not enjoy driving it, especially down steep grades or in stop go city traffic. If given the choice, I would far prefer to install new tires and disc brakes (possibly 4-5k) rather than spend 50% and up of it's resale price on making it look new and prettier than the duct tape and crumpled ladder currently at the back. Do you think it's possible to broach a deal to the insurer such that I can use a lower payoff for a different improvement? By the way, the date of the accident was early May 2018. We were in a national park and, lets say, there have been communication issues along the way. TIA
  10. Update: We decided not to go to Mt R and instead returned to Yellowstone, working for Delaware North at Old Faithful basin. In hindsight, it was an easy decision. We had a very pleasant summer here.
  11. We've been offered seasonal positions at the Paradise Inn in Mt Rainier National Park, Washington state and I'm beginning to have second thoughts, because of: 1) A 45min plus commute both ways into and out of the park. 2) A lack of responsiveness from HR. We understand that the weather can be icky at times but we wanted to experience another beautiful NP and do something a little different. Has anyone worked here previously or have any feedback on MR/Paradise Inn? TIA
  12. Also, regarding the pack rats issue: Lived in Tucson (2003 -2013) in our sticks n bricks days and my trusty mechanic once found evidence of pack rats in our family car. Fortunately managed to nip it in the bud but I've heard of others that weren't so lucky. It's a bit of a crap shoot in my opinion. Do the moth balls really work? I ask because in one of our summer sojourns in Yellowstone (Lake), at the behest of a fellow camper who swore by them, I religiously placed blue bars of Irish Spring soap on top of all the tires and in a couple of outside compartments. Granted there was long grass (no mowing in YNP) but guess who received the first mouse visitors?
  13. From another thread, I feel somewhat safer storing the RV in an RV park as opposed to letting it sit in a field. Dunno, doesn't really make sense but if I was an RV I think I'd prefer being around other active RV's than being put out to grass, as it were. The RV park in Pikachu Peak only serves residents. Nice location but that's out of the equation now. Rparkfin in Marana charges $55 for a 40ft w/electric. I'm leaning towards this right now...my guess is that I'll set the thermostat to 55 so as to maintain a steady temperature. Does anyone have any thoughts either way - need for electric hook up in AZ Jan thru Mar. TIA M
  14. Just called them up. $35 per month and availability....that's amazing. Thanks for the tip.
  15. We've decided to store our 5th (40ft Cedar Creek 2008) in AZ for three months plus (January thru early April) as we'll be out of the country during that period. Can anyone offer any recommendations for outdoor storage? Ideally we'd like a place close to I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix that is relatively safe and relatively cheap. TIA
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