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  1. Peaceful Page

    Where will you be working summer 2016

    We will be in Yellowstone, also. Yellowstone Park Service Stations. We will most likely be posted at Fishing Bridge since hub is an ASE Master auto tech, as well as an certified RV tech. We are very excited!
  2. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    Our house closed a couple of weeks ago. We are now full-time in our Airstream. Having a good time and we are nestled in Clearwater, FL for the summer so that Hub can attend RV tech school. Thank goodness for live oaks and air conditioning!
  3. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    Closing is next Monday, the 15th. Our house is completely empty and our Airstream is in the driveway, loaded. We are already living it is since we have sold all of our furniture. Just using the house for showering and cooking. We did a run last week up to Alumapalooza, a rally that is held on the Airstream factory grounds. We had a great time and were able to get some warranty repairs taken care of while we were there. Butterflies in the stomach are circling!
  4. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    Hub's last day of work was April 15th, my last day was last Friday. We are traveling to Florida this Friday to change our domicile to that state and then rolling on down to Tampa to pick up our new home. We will break her in at Ft. Wilderness, then head back to the S&B to begin the final, FINAL, purge. House is set to close on June 15th. Just have to keep it clean until then. Congrats to all who are making their dreams come true this year!
  5. Peaceful Page

    Here's our new baby!

    We are going to fulltime. Bessie will be our toolbox, pantry, fuel and water storage, as well as tow vehicle. Her footprint is the same as a Ford F450 4 door, but with a 300,000 warranty on the engine and a 55° turning radius.
  6. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    CatsInACan - love your companions' names!
  7. Hub is 30 year+ ASE Master Mechanic and is planning to take the 10 week course in Florida. He figures that will help increase his "value" if we try to get seasonal jobs in the national parks. He will probably take additional courses in the future, as well, if he feels he needs more education to fix the problems that come up.
  8. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    We have an excellent contract on our S&B - no contigencies and the buyer is pre-approved for financing. Yay!!! Still purging from the S&B and purchasing for our rolling home. Last day of work for Hub is April 15 and April 24 for me. It's becoming real!
  9. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    Lots of lookers, but no bites on our house yet. The yard is starting to green up, so that should help. We have a very pretty yard, plus a great house. Started training my replacement here at work yesterday. I have worked for the same attorney for almost 17 years. It's a lot of acquired knowledge to try to teach someone in just one month, but I will do my best. So far, she seems eager and a quick learner. Ready to get on with the next stage or our lives.
  10. Peaceful Page

    Class of 2015

    Different states have different requirements. (I work in a law firm that does wills, trusts, and estates.) So long as the documentation is drafted as required by your domicile state, you should be okay.
  11. Peaceful Page

    RV Banking

    We just signed up with Alliant Credit Union. Very easy process and very nice people. Over 80,000 atms on the networks they use.
  12. Peaceful Page

    The Class-less Class

    My thoughts, exactly, Linda. I seem to remember not caring that I had a sore throat.
  13. Peaceful Page

    The Class-less Class

    This reminded of when I was very young. My mom used to soak horehound drops in whiskey and would give them to us when we had sore throats. She would probably be reported to DSS if she tried to do that now.
  14. Peaceful Page

    Is it just me? -rant-

    Too funny! I do know that my old red car was marked much more often than my current white one. The red one was especially popular with berry-eating birds.
  15. Peaceful Page

    The Class-less Class

    I read something a few years ago that it had been scientifically proven that the garlic is the ingredient in chicken soup that cuts the crud. I can attest to the benefits of garlic. I no longer eat animals, so when I do pick up a little cold, a bowl of garlic broth knocks it out quite quickly.