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  1. Utah I-215?

    We too have driven through SLC a handful of times, just never used the I-215 route. Our most recent trip was this fall with our new TT when visiting Zion and Bryce. My wife and I think the great folks of Utah see driving as a contest - they seem to be in an awful hurry.
  2. Utah I-215?

    Thanks for the responses, sounds like no advantage over I-15. Just accept it as part of the experience and try to make that drive on Sunday.
  3. We removed the old couch and put in a new Loveseat Recliner!

    Cool. It's great having a good company that we can use to reconfigure RV furniture. Getting more miles and useful life out of older units is a form of recycling... well kind of.
  4. Utah I-215?

    I recall another thread on this some time ago but danged if I can find it. Does anyone use the I-215 belt-loop while traveling through SLC with your RV? I seem to recall that semi-trucks are not allowed? Does it drive any better than I-15 or save any time? Thanks.
  5. Anti-Sway bars

    Good point. I did notice the additional parts on the frame and that crossed my mind. I'm going to stay with the Blue Ox for the immediate future and winter travels - simply not enough time to switch. Here is hoping I'm not one who wished I did.
  6. Little Domes Everywhere

    We've been living on those speeds and less for 1-1/2 years now. Of course we don't stream video, do FB, or game.
  7. Anti-Sway bars

    Found another interesting video of the Hensley - pretty compelling. This approach is definitely a departure from competitors. Funny that the handful of various RV dealers we spoke with when we were shopping for TT's never mentioned or offered the Hensley Hitch. I'm guessing that its price point is simply outside of the markets bell curve? I've viewed several of the companies and owner videos showing hook and unhooking. Definitely more to it than the BlueOx SwayPro. Also, I should think based on my experience towing that a 45 degree max backing angle would be pretty limiting if not downright problematic (i.e. jammed up at a gas station, parking lot, etc.)? From what I'm seeing, there is nothing more than the box shape connection bar from the tow truck hitch to the trailer hitch - no frame to mount under the tow truck like its biggest competitor - that's nice.
  8. Little Domes Everywhere

    We recently tested our low end Moto E phones, on ATT's month to month plan, as a hotspot. They seem to work just as good as the local service provider in our area - which provides a whopping 8 mbs here in the rural southwest MT. Also pretty happy with the ability given that our cell phone signal strength is not really that good here either. This should work just fine for our needs in Yuma and around the greater Phoenix area.
  9. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    Hi Kirk. My point is that I see the boomer population projecting a different dynamic/factor on what the historical RV market up's and down's have shown. Two principal reasons for my thinking; first just the very large population we're talking about, and second the amount of those retiring early and with amounts of income the subsequent generations are unlikely to experience in such numbers. I think it is already starting as the back end of the "GG" and very front end of the boomers are reaching the point where RV travel and/or park model ownership is no longer feasible. As a tail end boomer, it could be a great market for a buyer. It would be particularly so if we have another down real estate market as recreational properties often take a worse hit. But that could also be a bad thing if the basic infrastructure that supports the RV parks starts to deteriorate (thinking more park model parks here; HOA issues, lot lease and park mgmt. problems, etc.). Just my .02 cents worth and cloudy crystal balls worth.
  10. Stromberg-Carlson cargo deck @ freestoneangler

    Hi Yarome. Sorry for the delayed response... been busy of late. I was able to use my original hard plastic cover with modifications. I attempted to post some pictures some time ago on the original thread, but the forum limits are so restrictive, the cropped photo did not show details. If you want to PM me with your e-mail, I will send the pictures to you. Basically, I removed the rivets holding the two halves together and replaced those with screws and lock-nuts. I used a fine tooth jigsaw and notched out a relief area where the front support bar interfered with the cover (about 1-1/2" w x 8" l). I also used the jigsaw to cut a 8" hole on the back side of the cover that allows me to see the fill gage and tank switch/valve. I like the look of the hard cover and the protection it affords. Sure, access to the tanks when R&R for filling takes a few more minutes, but it really isn't that big a deal - not something we do very often. Bill
  11. RV Sales -- Good News / Bad News

    It is my belief that the HUGE volume of used stock, as Baby Boomers begin to call it quits, will start impacting new sales. I also suspect this is going to happen to the RV Park models - where supply will exceed demand and drive prices lower.
  12. All DC dead in Class C

    I presumed, perhaps incorrectly, that you were running the RV on gen only and not hooked to shore power. I was also thinking that you could lower any start surge related issue by having the gen disconnected, get it running, then connect to see if that made any difference. I suspect you are correct in thinking the breaker that got tripped is now damaged/weak. But, unless that event was an anomaly, if the culprit is the generator, it will likely repeat. As Kirk mentioned, having a shop check start-up current profile would be a next step.
  13. All DC dead in Class C

    What about starting the generator first then transferring power?
  14. Overton Boat & RV Storage

    Looking for feedback/reviews from anyone who has stored their RV at this place. I spoke with the owner yesterday and it sounds pretty good, but I cannot find any reviews. Thinking of ferrying the TT down below the trouble spots along I15. Called a dozen or so storage places from Cedar City to Las Vegas and they are all full. We must be solidly in the middle of the retired baby-boomer RV travel histogram . http://www.overtonboatnrvstorage.com/
  15. Little Domes Everywhere

    Yes. And in our case it uses our internet service (somewhat amortizing that cost) and is 1/2 the price of Dish or Direct with comparable programming. Plus, no contracts and you can add/delete packages as you wish. Do you tether your laptop or PC through the smartphone?