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  1. All DC dead in Class C

    I presumed, perhaps incorrectly, that you were running the RV on gen only and not hooked to shore power. I was also thinking that you could lower any start surge related issue by having the gen disconnected, get it running, then connect to see if that made any difference. I suspect you are correct in thinking the breaker that got tripped is now damaged/weak. But, unless that event was an anomaly, if the culprit is the generator, it will likely repeat. As Kirk mentioned, having a shop check start-up current profile would be a next step.
  2. All DC dead in Class C

    What about starting the generator first then transferring power?
  3. Overton Boat & RV Storage

    Looking for feedback/reviews from anyone who has stored their RV at this place. I spoke with the owner yesterday and it sounds pretty good, but I cannot find any reviews. Thinking of ferrying the TT down below the trouble spots along I15. Called a dozen or so storage places from Cedar City to Las Vegas and they are all full. We must be solidly in the middle of the retired baby-boomer RV travel histogram . http://www.overtonboatnrvstorage.com/
  4. Little Domes Everywhere

    Yes. And in our case it uses our internet service (somewhat amortizing that cost) and is 1/2 the price of Dish or Direct with comparable programming. Plus, no contracts and you can add/delete packages as you wish. Do you tether your laptop or PC through the smartphone?
  5. Little Domes Everywhere

    We're not huge TV watchers and the prices I'm seeing for mobile satellite TV are not worth it to us. So far, at most of the places we've stayed, we've been able to p/u enough local channels to suffice. I think our bigger need is going to be internet service during winter snowbird travel. The service available at the RV parks has, thus far, been frustratingly slow. We currently live in a rural town and our wireless service runs at a whopping 8-10Mbs; though that does work well enough for the two of us to be on-line and also drive our Roku TV. My wife will still want to run her web based internet business while away and now we're looking into options. We currently have ATT monthly Smart Phone plans; nothing fancy. Just starting to look at the internet service options on this forum - any immediate recommendations?
  6. Anti-Sway bars

    I just made an on-line inquiry to Hensley Hitches last week and have been really impressed by the detailed response from the owner. He is so confident in his product he'll offers a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Even more, when I said that I might not be using the TT until late next spring, he offers a delayed start time to the 60 day period. This because they are currently offering a discount price and he wants folks to get the best of both offers. They will simply annotate the "start date" on your invoice. Don't see that much these days! According to Terry, they have not had one reported mishap (sway roll-over) from thousands of owners using their products over millions of tow miles. Still, the $2400 price tag is a big jump. I'm on the fence. Who has made the switch and what are your impressions with ease of install, hook-up/unhook, noise, and ability to back-up while attached?
  7. NPS Proposes Fee Increase at 17 National Parks

    I saw this on another forum. Not sure what the answer is; seems just about every government agency is running out of and asking for more budget as the years roll along. What is the appropriate level of funding for the NPS? Sure glad we just got our Golden Age Pass this past summer!
  8. Congratulations on both the hiatus and new rig. Curious which hitch system you chose and why. Also, you'll find this forum to be a great source of information with a good many questions you'll have already discussed... at least once. Have fun.

    This article reminded me of another one I recently saw showing the growing trend of seniors buying/living in RV parks. Granted, most are having to do so because of limited income, but the park communities shared were well kept, well managed and folks seem genuinely happy. Since many tend to downsize as they get into the golden years anyway, I see this type of living arrangement (trend) a good thing. Affordable housing in a community of folks that can help out one another. With the bow wave of baby-boomers about ready to crest, it will be interesting to see how that affects much about our countries economics.
  10. Winter Weather Towing

    Well, due to a family health issue, we lost the month of October in our schedule getting things taken care of in preparation for our first snowbird season. It's now likely we will not get an opportunity to head out until the first or second week of December; and we've already got 5 inches of snow in the yard. We got to talking about this whole towing a trailer in winter topic and I started reading a couple of related threads on other forums...complete with pictures . The more I read about it, the more my gut tells me to avoid doing so. My high adventure days are behind me as much as I can control them. It's looking now like we'll need to have things ready to go and hope for a nice clear weather pattern for a few days from Dillon to Cedar City. But even that has me wondering whether to just leave it in the shop... which is a bummer. Funny, we ran into a couple in Beaver, UT this past trip and they were coming back (to Great Falls) from having dropped off their RV in Las Vegas. They don't head for AZ until after New Years and have simply come to the conclusion that hoping for a safe weather pattern to tow their 5th wheel is too much of a crap shoot.
  11. What's Your TT Set-up?

    Is that calculated mpg? My 2006 5.9L, stock as the day is long, was only able to get 11.9 with no wind and 9.8 with 20+ mph head winds. This with a StarCraft 245DS that probably weighed around 6200#. Empty, the best I get on the highway at 65 mph is 18.5 mpg. I keep hearing of folks with the 5.9L getting these amazing numbers - did you have anything done to the truck (exhaust system, tuner, etc.)?
  12. Drop KOA Value club Membership

    We've found this to be spot on.
  13. Tire Wear

    Update. I showed pictures to the tech's at Big Sky RV in Bozeman. They are pretty certain it's a bent axle stub as orca and a couple of others suspect. Not that uncommon it seems and most often the result of a pot-hole or curb encounter. They provided me with an Tire/Frame/Alignment shop who I called and that's what they suspect too. $100-150 if can be straightened, or about $450 for R&R of a new axle stub.
  14. Monthly Electric Rates

    Interesting information. That parks are allowed, at least in some states it appears, to add surcharges above what the park pays for the electricity is new to us. It sounds like this has caught a few of the forum members off guard. I can see the argument about the parks having to cover cost of maintaining electric service equipment not covered by their power company. However, if they do this, they should be required to clearly show the rate they pay and what the increase will be when you sign-up (perhaps some do?).
  15. Monthly Electric Rates

    My wife read an RV travelers blog that said many parks charge more than they are actually billed for the electricity monthly renters use. Most of the monthly rates we are seeing certainly appear to offer a pretty good discount over daily/weekly, but most of those include electric. If they have up-charges on electric use, is this a way of making up the discount? What has been your experience with separate electrical costs at RV parks?