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  1. So during our campground walks this past week, my wife and I noted all the various dome shaped devices sitting near folks rigs. She asked if they are something we need and of course I said absolutely . Looks like many no longer have these mounted on the roofs but simply sit on the ground - is that because the technology keeps changing and it's easier and less expensive to use in this manner? I just looked through this forums threads to see if there was a "which one should I get" but did not see one. We don't have a cable or satellite TV provider at home as we get by fine with Roku and a Sling subscription. Is there a system that seasonal full-timers can get that provides a good value?
  2. I'd love to buy some Space-X stock if it's ever offered.
  3. The modification of the hard plastic cover works great. It required drilling out the rivets so that it can be installed and removed in halves. The cargo tray support stand made the forward half a bit cumbersome (interference at top), so a slot was added to resolve this. Also cut out a sight hole on the back half to see and adjust the regulator.
  4. Yup. Just spoke with the Bozeman StarCraft dealer parts guy and he said they see new configurations every year or so. Also sounds like most of these propane components are from overseas. He has the 12" connection hose for $12, so I may just try that first. Here's a picture of the one I have.
  5. I do find it odd that StarCraft (Jayco) would be using components like that. Not that it's made overseas, but that replacement parts are not readily available. Much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Our new (used) TT came with twin 30 lb. tanks and a Cavagna Group regulator that has the clear indicator that goes from green to red when one or both tanks are empty (depending on whether set to a single tank or dual to draw off both). I noted that one of the 12" pigtail connections has a small leak. I'm going to try to re-dope/seal and see if I can resolve that, but also have a small leak at the crimp. I found the Cavagna website (Italy), but do not see the pigtail part (item # 18CE) listed. They have an international number only and I cannot find any other sources for this replacement hose. I do see a Camco part that looks similar, but the end fitting looks a bit different and best I can tell requires an adapter. Rather than try and patch this regulator system together, I'm wondering about the merits of just buying a whole new regulator and hoses assembly - one USA made preferably and that I can get replacement parts for. I see one offered that has an auto switch system Does anyone have experience with this system or have one they recommend? Thanks
  7. We just purchased a full queen CoolMax 8" foam mattress from Mattress Insider. They make numerous standard and non-standard mattresses for RV's, They will also make custom if needed. I am one of the product research and review types that, in most folks opinion, goes overboard doing so before buying. The reviews from this company are really outstanding. We received the bed a day ahead of schedule and it is great! We just spent a few nights on it and it is way better than the supposed "upgrade" mattress that came with the TT. They offer a money back guarantee if you don't like the mattress within the first 30 days. Just contact them, donate to a 501c charity, get a receipt and that's it... hard to beat that.
  8. Interesting about not using the anti-sway set-up. I would think they would be even more important in slick road conditions. The idea of having to put chains on 8 tires makes an earlier departure and later return sound better and better .
  9. This thread is applicable to 5vers as well, but since we are TT owners, it goes here. We'd like to stay in Montana as long as we can - leaving for southern locations around Thanksgiving. October is often one of the best months here in southwest Montana and one of my favorite times to fish. For those who pull a TT or 5th wheel and live in snow country, what are your rules regarding towing in winter months (or the transitional months)? How late in the year have you traveled using the major interstates/freeways? Have you experienced any situations where you wish you weren't in route towing a heavy object?
  10. I have the Progressive Industries EMS-PT-30X. I'll have to see how it plays with Honda inverter generators. Just spoke with Roger at Micro-Air and his recommendation is that I purchase the Honda 2000's. Because we live at 5200' elevation and a good portion of our travels will be in the Rocky Mountains, he thinks we need to offset the elevation related power reduction. He's certain the paired set will have no issue starting our Coleman 13.5k BTU AC. The addition of the Easy Start 364 will simply reduce the typical start-up noise (clunk) and also provide the means of starting the AC on one 2000 watt generator should we opt/need to. The issue with using a 2000 or 2400 watt generator is not only the start up, but the current draw while running. If for instance the on board power controller switches the house battery tender on while the AC is running, it can overload and shut down. Same problem can happen if the water pump is activated... the small generators are running so close to their limit, that it does not take much to trip the circuit. In a nut shell, if we want to be able to run the AC and some other limited amount of house items (lights, water pump, bath fan), we need something more than a 2000 watt unit. Given that I don't want to try and horse the size/weight of the EU3000i (or like size competitor) onto the cargo storage deck, I'm back to my original plan to but the paired Honda 2000's. I'm still going to add the Easy Start simply because it will likely eliminate any chance of having the system trip from the spike current load of AC start.
  11. Any issues with error codes on the Surge Guard? One responder to the other thread you shared stated he gets an error but that everything still works... believe it had to do with the ground set-up. I'm going to contact Micro-Air today and describe exactly what I have by way of roof ac, coach power controller unit, portable surge protector, and planned generator to see if they have any advice.
  12. Kirk, are you just using a common adapter between one of the generator outlets and the RV's power cord?
  13. Cargo/generator storage deck on the A-frame. Stromberg-Carlson unit, very well made and very sturdy. $189 and takes about an hour to install.
  14. Funny you mention this. My neighbor and I were looking at this yesterday and that's what we think may work. I'm going to drill out the rivets on the plastic unit (one side first) and see if it will allow me to slide on from the side. If not, drill out the other side and see if that works. Will report back on success (positive thinking) .
  15. Just read the Easy Start website... looks like a really great option/addition for using generator power source (thanks Kirk!). Thought I'd add this link about DIY installation which, by all accounts on the customer reviews, looks pretty easy. This provides lots of details about the what, how, and why of the device. I'm sold!