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  1. I know the converted HDT's of today handle much differently that the older "day cab" tractors that I drove for 20 years, but with that being said, driving bobtail is much different than driving with a trailer behind you. Unless you've added a lot of weight to compensate, traction on your rear wheels is drastically less, and it doesn't take much to create a problem. I've had small ripples in a road (washboard type) bounce the rears enough to throw me out of my lane even at low speed. In rain or other low traction conditions, the slightest variation in the surface, or even applying the brakes can get you in trouble in a heartbeat. I have seen bobtail drivers in the ditch after an attempted panic stop. Even the relatively light weight of the camping trailers adds a lot of stability, but one must remember that these trucks were designed to safely pull some 80,000 lbs. down the highway. You probably don't see many bobtail related accidents because a commercial tractor running without a load isn't making any money, and is avoided whenever possible.JMHO....
  2. Thank you. The bed was built by myself & my brother-in-law. He had built several pick up truck beds, so this was just a modification of that. It was built out of square tubes & the boiler-plate stamped steel. We bolted mounting plates to the frame rails, then welded the bed frame to the mounting plates, making it easier to remove should it become necessary. It was designed to cover the tires and carry moderate loads, but not designed for a car. I'll find some of the photos I took during the process & get them uploaded later.
  3. For anyone following this thread, the Volvo is now listed in the upcoming auction on Tuesday, 5/31. Rather than the link first listed, it can be found on this run list, complete with pictures they have taken: http://www.indianaautoauction.net/auctions/dealer-auction/run-list&type=heavy_duty&lane=HD&date=1464670800 It is currently the only 2001 on the list. It was position 7, that may change as more are added.
  4. The fellow that I talked to at the auction house said he hadn't seen one like this go through there, but he just recently returned from being a snowbird himself. As I understand, it will offered during their "heavy truck" auction segment, the first week in June. Those are open to the general public, whereas the auto auctions are open to only registered dealers. It's a roll of the dice, as are all auctions. I'll know in a couple of weeks what the results are. I guess any results will be better than having it land locked in my drive with no insurance or plates....
  5. Obviously this isn't they way that I would have preferred to handle this, but with insurance being cancelled in a matter of days my options were limited. No insurance meant no test drives could be offered, and few people would have been interested in buying something like this without being able to drive it first. The exception is an auction. Someone will likely get a great deal on this conversion. I hate to see it go after all the work that I put into it, but that happens in life.
  6. I added some photos as requested, some show the camper which has been sold. http://s665.photobucket.com/user/HD_RIDER92/library/Volvo This album is marked public, hopefully this shows what you want to see.... These photos were taken before the decision was made to sell, so they aren't the best as far as showing details. The auction house will be including their own photos in their advertising. Sorry for the delay in getting this included. Jess
  7. Corrected on 5/26/2016 Since I have sold my trailer, my insurance will also be cancelled within a matter of weeks on my Volvo. I have therefore decided to sell it in the most expedient way possible, through an auction at: http://www.indianaautoauction.net/auctions/dealer-auction/run-list&type=heavy_duty&lane=HD&date=1464670800 It will be advertised on their site soon, and included in the May 31'st auction. Someone will likely get a great deal on an already converted hauler. 2001 Volvo VLN64, titled as an RV in Indiana; 61" sleeper, with shore power, inverter, refrigerator & Microwave (both new, never used), camping porta-pottie under the bunk. Cummins N14 Celect Plus engine 10 speed transmission, twin screw ET junior air hitch (less than 20 miles in use) with 2" receiver built under the hitch 844760 miles Steel deck I have over 25k in the vehicle, but will be thrilled if I can get even 1//2 out of it. Rolling the dice with an auction.... Photos here:http://s665.photobucket.com/user/HD_RIDER92/library/Volvo Jess

    Insurance inquiery

    For anyone who has been following this, I have decided that the best way for me to resolve the issue is to take a chance on the auction block, as anything else will require incurring more expense. Chances are, someone will be getting a great deal on a converted HDT. It will be added to the items listed for the June 1'st sale at: http://www.fwata.com/. I thank the members who have contributed to this and the many other questions that I have posted since 2007 when I started the conversion process. Although I never got the chance to meet you guys in person, I enjoyed being a part of the "on line" family. It was interesting and very educational. I will still check in occasionally to see what the topics are and see where the gatherings are. Maybe I'll show up at a rally yet, it just won't be with a big rig. Jess

    Insurance inquiery

    Jack, Before I got hooked up with Treese at Farm & City (2007), my local agent couldn't do any better than $600/month for commercial coverage back then. I haven't checked on any commercial policies since. I'll look into the Geico just in case. I'm not sure that would even be an option with an inactive CDL, since my medical card expired15 months ago. While it would have been convenient to keep the Volvo available to me if needed, it's not worth the extra expense. My plates expire at the end of July, and I thought I'd have until then to dispose of it. Perhaps I should have taken the hit with the low offer I had from the fellow that bought the camper, but I thought 8K was too little. I didn't realize at the time the mess I'd be in over the insurance. Live & learn, huh?
  10. HD_RIDER

    Insurance inquiery

    That has crossed my mind, but it was due to budget restraints that I decided to sell the camper in the first place. I actually mentioned that to my girlfriend, and got the kind of look a recovering alcoholic gets when he says "one little drink won't hurt"... Besides, until the buyer of my 5'er comes for it, I'm out of room to park anything else.
  11. HD_RIDER

    Insurance inquiery

    I told the agent that I had a cargo trailer that I could add living quarters to, but apparently that won't do it either. He indicated that I had to be "purchasing a 5'th wheel/camper" to keep the coverage. It seems that they only consider the Volvo as an insurable RV when you are pulling a 5er with it, regardless of what the title says. This wasn't a problem for me before, since I bought the camper before I bought & converted the Volvo.
  12. HD_RIDER

    Insurance inquiery

    Farm and City originally had me through Progressive, then switched me to Allied. The agent said that neither company would insure the toter without a trailer on the same policy. He had no solution available if I wasn't in the process of buying a replacement trailer.
  13. HD_RIDER

    Insurance inquiery

    Originally I wasn't sure that I would sell the Volvo if it didn't go as a package deal. I have a cargo tow-behind trailer that I pull with it occasionally, so I had some use for it. The agent indicated that wouldn't qualify, it apparently has to be a manufactured 5'th wheel camper to keep the insurance. I thought I would at least have time to list it for sale before getting into this mess. Buying another camper just isn't an option now. It sounds like I'm not going to resolve this before my insurance is cancelled, At most, it will be cancelled when the policy expires in July, but most likely will be cancelled when the 5'er drops off due to being sold.The agent for Farm & City can do nothing for me, unless I was in the process of buying a replacement. Not his fault, company policies. The best solution for me is to sell the Volvo ASAP, and even then there won't be opportunity for allowing a test drive, as it will likely be landlocked due to insurance issues within the next two weeks. The really sad part is that I would likely get more for it if I took a cutting torch to it & started parting it out. I don't have the facilities to do that properly, so it looks like it will be a roll of the dice at the auction block. This sucks. Henry's hitch was only used twice after installation, and then only as far as the RV dealership at the edge of town....
  14. HD_RIDER

    Insurance inquiery

    Unintended consequences.... I have sold my 5'er, and before I even signed the title over today I was contacted by Farm & City Insurance, who has insured my rig since 2007. The agent informed me that Allied would not insure the Volvo by itself, although it wasn't clear if the insurance would be cancelled immediately, or upon renewal in July. A follow up phone call revealed that Progressive, who had the policy for the first couple of years, would not insure it without an accompanying trailer, either. That left Farm & City without any options unless I were to immediately purchase a replacement trailer. I also learned that Allied will no longer write policies for trailers longer than 30 ft. Mine was grandfathered, but the new owner had to switch to Progressive. I believe there are some members of this community that have conversions with extended sleepers, etc that don't pull a 5'er, so I'm looking for some options as far as other Insurance companies. I had learned before contacting Farm & City in 2007 that my local agents were unable to offer any coverage other than commercial. I wasn't able to reach a deal on a package price upon selling the camper, but didn't expect this to become an issue this quickly. I don't intend to buy a replacement trailer, but thought I'd have at least some time to try to sell the Volvo by itself before running into this situation. Indiana requires insurance coverage to issue license plates, which also expire in July, so I'm in a short window to resolve this. I wouldn't even be able to allow a test drive before a sale without tags & insurance. I've had a couple of inquiries in the past about selling the Volvo to local small trucking firms, but that was before I installed the ET Hitch. It looks like that was a bad decision to add that now, as it would make it more difficult to return to commercial service. I may have a viable option with the auction services, but that wasn't going to be my first choice. Any ideas?? Jess
  15. Do your research according to the state that you live in. An opinion that you won't be held to a higher standard can result in an eye opening lesson if you're stopped in Michigan, for example: http://www.agreatdefense.com/drunk_driving_and_cdl.htm This link addresses this question directly. Personally, I've held a CDL since their inception, before that a chauffeur's license. I've been told during traffic stops (excessive speed in a private vehicle) "You're a professional driver, you should know better". Fair or not, you are held to a higher standard by virtue of possessing a CDL.
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