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  1. Thank You. I am looking to buy a product and do it myself. I
  2. My Alfa MH seats are cracked. I am looking for a way to rejuvenate them. Your help is appreciated. Harold
  3. The bedroom slide does not want to come out unless I give it a push? It comes out a little and then quits. I stand on the bed push it and it goes. It comes in normally. Thanks Harold
  4. Thank you to all of you. I ended up using industrial strenght GOOF OFF + some elbow grease
  5. Thank You. Don't have any of the two on hand. I'll go and get some.
  6. Yes. Even tho I scrapped the old adhesive it still has gummy sticky residue on the coach.
  7. An Alfa. Backing of the seal is about 1" wide and sticks on the flat surface
  8. What chemical or product is needed to remove old seal adhesive?
  9. We reduced the selling price to $55,000 Currently in AZ going back to CO end of month
  10. Our Diesel Pusher's full description in on the "For sale Escapees BB" We are looking for a winter home around Tucson, Yuma. If necessary we could add a few dollars to the trade. We put $59,900 on our RV You NEED to read it's description A 55+ park is our first choice, but who knows ???? We are going back home to CO on 3-31
  11. Thank You Linda and J. I have my 2003 Alfa See Ya 38ft Diesel Pusher for sale. ( advertised here on Escapees) I also would do some trading for the right place Has to be in AZ . Your help is appreciated Iamhopeful
  12. I am selling my well taken care of 2003 Alfa See Ya. (Listed for sale here on Escapees) Should someone want to trade an acceptable mobile home with its land in a 55+ park but has to be in AZ. I would be willing to see what you have to offer. HN2ofus56@gmail.com 970-371-2629
  13. We are selling our Diesel Pusher and looking for a winter residence on its own lot in AZ only. Could be a park model,a trailer with extensions ??? not a stick home. This will be only a winter residence. We will look at everything this response. Harold
  14. $59,900 I will give consideration to a reasonable offer. Harold
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