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  1. Yep. That's the place I was referring to. Unfortunately the guy I really liked dealing with in parts got promoted, and no longer does parts sales. Seems like his replacement hasn't been able to keep the online storefront going...
  2. If you polish, you have to replace the UV coating that you've stripped off, otherwise you will be right back doing it again. When the housings were several hundred dollars a piece, I thought it was worth the effort, but with reasonably good aftermarket housings available for ~$300/set, you're probably better off just replacing them. I'm a fan of the replacement housings from Depo--they're a good enough housing for the money. They have a slightly different contour over the top which would make polishing a bit easier if you ever wanted to in the future, and the rest of the components are similar to stock, including the ability to upgrade the projectors. But be VERY careful ordering online--it's not uncommon to see listings with either the original equipment part numbers or Depo part numbers where the actual parts are a no-name variety with inferior components. I'd recommend either buying from Amazon here, or ordering from Advantage Truck Parts in NC (website is currently down, otherwise I'd post a link). I've run across people that have bought lights at truck dealers where the dealer has used a Volvo box (presumably left over from installing a set for one of their customers) and sold them with cheap housings instead. Make sure that the Volvo logo is present on the lens if you're buying OE, or that the Depo logo is present if you're buying those--open the boxes before you walk out the door! Don't get the cheap lights at the premium price. I've not seen any restyled replacements with LED turn signals, halos, etc., where the quality matches the basic housings--especially when you consider that they're more expensive, less reliable, and can't be serviced.
  3. That's the term used by the EV crowd, usually in a derogatory manner, to refer to vehicles with internal combustion engines. Somebody being iced usually refers to a gas/diesel vehicle blocking a charging spot.
  4. I didn't think I was an ole coot, but if scars, pain meds, and sitting at home bored of daytime TV is the bar, I'm guilty. Patience likely isn't any better as a sophomore in high school, and back then, between a dial-up internet connection and soap operas, afternoons got real old in a hurry. Glad the surgeries went well, and we'll be sure to see you back at 100% real soon.
  5. You just have to drive it with the same attitude as you do one of those electric go-karts. But if you show a Tesla group a picture of one of their beloved cars attached to an ICE, about half of them will go nuts.
  6. I've never noticed that. Are we talking about on the sides of the trailer? That would be a big no-no. Phil, have a look at the diagnostics menu (scroll down below vehicle messages). You should be able to get fault codes for the LCM. My first guess is that you either have a short circuit fault on the reverse circuit, or more likely low enough voltage getting to the LCM that can only think like it's drinking caffeine-free Dr. Pepper. Feel free to post or send me the codes, or give me a call this afternoon and I'd be glad to help you figure it out.
  7. Quite a few states do this, and not just for radio operators. Tennessee regularly issues the same standard plate number for multiple vehicles, though they avoid doing so for multiple vehicles of the same body type (e.g a sedan and pickup get the same number, but two sedans should not). It frequently exposes the sloppy work of photo enforcement contractors and police officers that review notices before they go in the mail. It doesn't look too credible when you take the stand and read from the citation that the dump truck in the photo did violate the speed limit as shown in the photo when the photo is of a red Corvette.
  8. Sounds like you need a bigger truck! Doesn't the Tesla have more torque anyways? 🤣
  9. Nuke-E

    Did everyone see this??

    I had the same thought. Two or three years ago, I saw a tandem axle car trailer behind a pickup with a wheel that didn't look right--some smoke and obviously not positioned right. Traffic was fairly heavy, and I was stuck behind a few cars probably about 100 yards back. It was clear he was going to lose that tire, and it was driving me nuts that I couldn't get to where I could try to flag him down (approaching the scale house on the west side of Knoxville, so there would have been a safe place to stop). I started slowing, and trying to catch the attention of the cars around me, pointing to the trailer as I was being passed. There was still a clump of cars preventing me from getting up along side of the truck, but at least there was a decent gap between the cars that caused the log jam and a much larger number now a little ways behind. It came loose from the right lane, rolling kind of like what was in the video (but smaller tire), and somehow managed to roll and bounce across the three westbound lanes, across the center divider, and my passenger watched it make it across all three eastbound lanes before hitting--and destroying--a tree on the far shoulder, without hitting any other cars. The truck made it safely to the shoulder, and the few flames at the axle were quickly put out. It could have turned out a LOT worse than it actually did.
  10. Nuke-E

    Clear coat issue

    I'd say that looks pretty good! Especially on a red truck, where fading can be hard to hide.
  11. Nuke-E

    Clear coat issue

    Mine is going to need the same thing, along with some paint work along the top where it looks like someone didn't properly prep the aluminum trim. It started peeling last year, and has gotten pretty bad. Interestingly, it has a unique, symmetrical pattern, almost like it had some decals or a wrap at some point. Almost looks like it had flames like Jim & Allie's truck.
  12. It's certainly possible you don't get charged, especially with unmanned toll roads that use plate-by-mail tolling. Even something as simple as leaving the tailgate down on a pickup means no read of the tag, and with no toll booths or transponders required, there's no way to assess a toll. It's kind of like freeway speed cameras in a lot of places--they're often set up to photograph only the rear of the vehicle (mainly so the cameras can be hidden behind things), and a vehicle with front-only tags gets through without a ticket.
  13. Nuke-E

    Smart car help?

    Just remember that strategy hurts a little more than ego if you try it getting out of the truck.
  14. Yeah, the chance of ruining brand new housings would probably have me steering clear for that reason alone. The picture I linked was a customer that was initially pretty happy with them, until the bulbs basically fell out. We both know that you're not likely to get caught for using them (extremely low odds of being stopped, longer odds of any sort of inspection, and virtually impossible odds of someone going to the trouble of looking inside headlights). Even among pro truckers, there are guys that get ticketed for having LED bulbs, but the odds of getting caught are still really low.
  15. True. If everyone merges smoothly in advance of the closure, and the closed lane is emptied early with traffic flowing, there's nothing lost. The problem is that one driver who forces in at the wrong place or with a large speed differential and causes braking, and brings the thing to a halt. Zippering makes the most sense in areas where you know the remaining open lanes can't handle the flow, with the alternate merging happening at low speeds. City streets are another appropriate place, though it's a double-edged sword--the purpose of using both lanes is to reduce the physical length of the backup, but in using all lanes you also prevent people from getting to other intersections that are before the closure. It could very well be that you get more cars through the closure, but have more cars stuck in traffic too.
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