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  1. they still do. there is a small "river" crossing the boarder flowing north from mexico into the USA, that is very highly polluted and it dumps into the salton evaporation pond. (no outlet so the toxins get to stay there). i say avoid this area if at all possible. want to stay there, bring in everything including lots of water, and never buy from any source within 100 miles of the place. a generation back it was the place to be. but not now.
  2. as a life time resident of ca (am 60 now) i refuse to go to some of the big city's and areas. the fools under the dome. have made the laws to promote bums and thief's. and made it a crime to defend yourself from them. now even sac county sheriff has to tie the hands of the police when it comes to how to handle these walking dead. but yes there are great places to see, it would take more than one life time to see everything. and most are away from any city. but ca is money hungry, so they will call you a resident if you are known to be here over X number of days. the tax code reads working, or living here X number of days. so they can get even a "long term" tourist, if they want.
  3. i signed up,and paid for my slot in wy this june, but i could not get the handicap dot to click on, with out it dropping another dot. i paid for one night early,  so with luck will still be able to get a spot my mom can handle.

    i guess just a glitch only one dot can be chosen. that's life i guess.

  4. i believe i might be one of the first, dropped the cc this am for my spot.
  5. the camera systems are in place across this state already. very little man hrs needed. all done by computer. and it is cause of the very high cal state tax on your car, truck, trailer, etc. people would reg up in another state for the reasonable tax rates. cal sued nevada, and oregon, over this loss of tax revenue. washington state is doing the same to oregon right now. aka: same car five days a week for three months drives across the bay bridge at about the same time, and back again that evening. and said car has plates issued from another state. = ticket. the dmv even has, or at least had a snitch program. be a good commie. turn in your best friend for cash (that you get to claim on your taxes). this was a big deal some years back. but now nevada will not reg your car, truck. etc if you have a cal address. but i believe this state gives you only twenty days to get your papers in order. here is a little lite reading for you. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/dmv_content_es/dmv/vr/vr_info https://www.dmvcheatsheets.com/articles/i-just-moved-to-california-how-do-i-get-my-california-license-and-my-vehicle-registered https://law.justia.com/codes/california/2009/veh/6700-6703.html https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2003-sep-03-hy-wheels3-story.html
  6. ca takes your photos in varied places. pass by one a couple too many times in a month. the state says you belong to ca, and must now pay a fine, taxes, and back taxes. as well as register (as in taxes, and fines) all of your motor coaches and trailers.
  7. no "estate" to worry about here. both mom and i are broke. she has nothing of any real value. a ten year old ford focus has no resale value. guess i could run it till it dies, then just leave on the side of the rd. (kept in her name after she dies), as that way the tow company, dmv, state, etc goes after her not me. till then dmv, and insurance company's just happy the checks get there in time, and do not bounce.
  8. never hurts to know more. even found out about a product call table in a book. or something like that but the legs/base fold up in what looks like a book. think origami.
  9. only thing of any value my mom owns is a cheap car. apt full of clutter junk. i am her only heir. so i know what she has. and just a couple things i would keep. the rest given to others in the building where she lives. (i have no use for them). announce the free stuff, and they would come crawling out of the woodwork to get something. yes we have talked about a care home, it will happen in a short number of years. she knows this and is about ready. just not this year.
  10. already have bought for this, both table and chair are tripods in design. small light easy to pack. table top is cloth, (with built in cup holder). so no real heat usage there. but add in a small plywood top and good to go. but for the bike i try to go sparse, as the stuff/weight adds up fast. water takes up the bulk of carry weight. one bike holds six gallons of fuel, so good to go there. the other seven gallons. both get a good 50 mpg each. but if needed it is easy to add in a spare fuel carry.
  11. money is the problem right now. she gets medical, has refused some of the so called "help". but i believe the apt management calls this help "income". and her government subsidized apt management says she has too much income. wants to double her rent.
  12. you must pull a trailer to have a cot along for the ride. for me motorbike camping = min on everything. including weight. now if i could just find a way to dump this unwanted 60 pounds, it would help much more than fuel millage. my moto tent can even be set up on the bike. to grab a short nights sleep. very light weight sleeping bag. but yes a self inflating mattress. i even searched high and low for light weight stool and table. cooking is done at the fire ring. or set up the tiny stove on a bolder, (no bending over). and yes when i could ride a pedal bike i was a weight weeny. i still have my mt bike a full sprung (and not a judy in sight) under 20 pounds.
  13. i still have a tent for use on motorbike trip. heck even the jeep has a tent i can stand up in. (bought the smallest one i could stand up in.. back problems here). but my knees are saying stop this crawling around stuff.
  14. i try to do things with her, but it is getting harder, lack of money, and she just falls asleep during any trip. and complains big time of pain just sitting in the truck. but my fear is not her death, but her memory. i fear one day she just will not know me or anyone any longer. but for now she just keeps falling down. she lives in a "independent" apt right now. (carehome soon?), but due to there gouging might have to move her into my little house. where she would be alone, up to 24 hrs a day. (my work hrs are loong).
  15. i do not know how much longer she will be alive. but i do believe she will be around longer than she can do much of anything. so yes this year. maybe one or two after it will be a nevermore then. my dad died do to ms a decade back. almost all the rest of the family is gone. so i try to take care of my mom.
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