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  1. no. as in keep your dog away from my tires. and i never have liked a dog licking my face. but then maybe i should pee on there tires?
  2. sad to say but in ca the doj is know to give bad info, and they are the ones who will come after you for violating there rules. so it is not always best to believe even the states enforcement body. i can not say how "other" states handle this, but here the laws and reading of such change all the time. or they are misinformed. (the government employees that is). best source for info in ca is through the https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/index.php web site. this site does not clam to be a lawyer, but many pro freedom lawyers are monitors there or can get you to the correct source of info or lawyer for your needs.
  3. I know, I know. a unloaded gun is just a rock. i have been stuck here in ca all my life, so i just know as normal. but as long as no interaction with the police all is good. but a bolted down lockable storage is legal here. just the law states "glove box, and center console". the so called "safe gun list" is just a farce, if a manf did not want to spend the cash decades back for each pistol and mod, then it failed the "test" even if one modal was in black, another in chrome. a third in cameo. but all made the same other than color. each line had to buy into this garbage. now NO gun can be added till two different company's offer the electronic anti use tech in that line of pistol. so s&w has to build the pistol, but company's X and Z product must be build in there product at s&w factory. (customer gets choice of whose anti gun tech to buy).
  4. it all depends on the dog, human, and conditions. my dogs were very friendly, (sad both have aged out long ago) loved to play with kids. but there were a couple of "kids" they alerted on. good thing they stopped coming around, (the two boys did not live in that area). never approch a dog you do not know, without asking the owner first.
  5. ca is not that bad, but never ask the doj about any law. as they are the worst to let you know the truth. best to go to https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/index.php but in a nut shell. all pistols or any gun that can be concealed on your person, must be unloaded and locked up. yes loaded mags can be in the same place as the pistol. lock is defined as what any reasonable person would know as a combo or pad lock. hard or soft case. can not use the glove box or center console for this. NEVER bring in any mag that can hold more than 10 rounds. then the so called "safe gun" list.. it changes. no law says you have to tell the officer about a gun on you, or in your ca,truck,etc. just say i have nothing illegal on me. but they do the "just cause" searches all the time. --holds up in court--
  6. pending your cost, and my wallet. i plan to be at quartzsite this mid jan. but only for a week at most. i have to save my vac time for escapde. (sad i still must work at a full time job).
  7. more junk to get your money from you. if you are worried about bugs, just get some screen door screen, and make one that snaps (or velcros) on to your grill.
  8. i am not sold on led's. sure they use a little less juice, and put out light in the wrong color spectrum, so just looks like more light some times, then the new headlights on cars and trucks, hurt my eyes. and the ones i looked at to replace my very usable ones are very costly. as to longevity. i say hog wash as i see so many of them out at traffic lights, and they have to be replaced a lot on the rigs at work. (outside and inside lights). in my 5er, the bulbs are a good 18 years old (maybe longer due to warehousing time). rv new in 2001. so i still have lots of time on them. only one "burned" but it was the connector that failed, and the vanity it was the glue not the bulb that failed. but i do have this box of running lights (red-amber) that are leds, as the cheap ones from the factory, the lens, bases are cracking apart, falling off the coach and letting water in. reg dot commercial lights are made better. yes still plastic, but twice as thick. replacing these due to many fails of the plastic lens, O and i can get replacement lens and parts almost everywhere. but i am saving the bulbs for use inside, if any, ever do burn out. i am 60, and at the rate they are working and lasting me, i will be long gone and forgotten before i run out of them. but then if/when i buy a new rv, it will be all leds from the start...maybe.
  9. NO do not "follow" a big rig. as for driver's it is common for driver to hate tail gaiters, even if they are 1/4 mile behind us. and hijacking does happen, so some trucking company's do call out the state police if you "follow" a rig. know your route, before you get there, that way you know how and where to go. decades back a friend followed a rig, at night in the valley fog. was surprised when the truck lights went out, he did not know where he was. and was 40 miles off the hwy up a lowly canyon at the driver home. so "that truck" is not going where you are going.
  10. i will stick with my normal bulbs till they burn out. (decades from now). as the anti green leds are way over priced. --$25,usd ver $0.50 cents. vanity blub in my rv.-- (i say anti green as nothing in a led is recyclable, but everything in a incandescent bulb is). as i have never had a electric supply problem running reg light bulbs. so at least for me there is no reason to drop $100.usd or more just for "change".
  11. as to replacement/ungraded parts?? but first check and see if both motors are getting any juice? broken wire, blown fuse, etc. are both motors turning? a broken safety link in the drive?
  12. i guess i am strange. i like “cash” no app needed. only money transfer i use is via my bank ( for bills) saves me on stamps. and pay pal money transfer. used rarely. with all these other apps the market is messed up as who accepts who? and in reading from that link, one money program has a spy program were others can watch your money dealing. thats just wrong.
  13. kinda spooky coming home as all lights are out reminds me of the weeks after 9-11.
  14. in the gold country east of stockton. calaveras county.
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