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  1. sad that companys in the medical " insurance" field only care about profits. yes i understand they must to keep afloat. but why all the scaming? just insure everybody no exclusons. as none out here want let alone plan on getting sick. first i heard about this i thought maybe do texas not sd. looked into it and i have run away...fast. i too have some years to go till i am not working and need "other" insurance. ( now forced down into our guts). everything costs too much and the forced socialist medical coverage is the most costly. i just hope things change for the better. and soon.
  2. packnrat

    Class A Non commercial drivers lisense

    first in what state are you legally registered in? second go online to the dmv book. your states road law book ( the one the tickets are out of). if possable ( not great replys. but ask a dot officer in your state). but for most pending weight and length a class C will do the job. getting a class A non commercial is really easy if you know how to back up and park, no need for air brake, tanker, haz mat, or even doubles. ( enless you think you might want to pull a small trailer behind). might even check with a school in your area. the cheap ones only use "bob-tail trucks with a 10 ton trailer to get a class A. you say you have been driving a classa a rv ? so other than a bit of training for back up and knowlage your covered in what you know and can do.
  3. packnrat

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    heck send some of that rain to ca. we need it bad.
  4. packnrat

    generator in truck bed

    check them out good. as they are made in comunist china. no service center for any work. forget parts. have to buy a whole unit for even a air filter. oil filters? spark plugs?.
  5. packnrat

    Do people actually trade rigs

    i can trade away my 2001 sunny brook. it is a 25 ft fifth with a dinet slide. with a custom two inch reciver ( any weight capable). looking for a "newer" montana 5er. about 36 - 38 foot long. in the state of jefferson.
  6. my molly a 90 pound rott. could just handle a short flght of stairs.( no more than 6 steps) but never did like ramps. a cockapoo just jumped up and down the same. all pending how the critters brain is wired.
  7. packnrat

    Texas Exempt Class A (Non-CDL)

    fear not. i have been driving big rigs for over 30 years. with 100eds of miles backing up. the testing is the fear point. other than that when on the rd fools love to cut you off. just try and keep a living zone out front. backing. well i can park a rig most anyplace. just please do not ask me to park my pu truck at a curb. 🙀
  8. packnrat

    Tow Vehicle Advice

    forget mpg. think more in the line of hrs. and torque. how slow do you want to pull up that hill? how many years or miles do you want to get out of the motor? yes maintance costs. but less than replacments. most newer diesel trucks are well insulated. and motors clatter is much less than in years past. so motor noise is lower. even rd noise. diesel fuel is at almost at every fuel station these days. for pulling or rd duty a diesel can not be beat. but new trucks at a dealer is going to cost extra. think tax frendly states to buy in. ( south dakota is only 4% sales tax, texas is 6% sales tax).
  9. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    2gypsies . not a member but if all goes as i plan should show up on the 16th, 17th am worst case. homeward bound by the 24th. (still have to work, my monday for the next 4 months is saturdays). any company reps there? as i still have 8 years to keep working time to start gathering info and where to domicile in 2027. sounds like a long time from now, but will be here soon.
  10. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    2gypsies, yes not a current shot. just said one camper for a reference, nothing more. pappy yokum, true just jump through the hoops and you can do "show truck" or a "camper". special rules apply here. chad heiser, yes has gotten off topic. i am willing to coincide to others, as i only know what i know, from doing such. and i only tow doubles when and as needed, but prefer not to pull a second trailer.... even at work. on with the show.
  11. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    yes can say that. i have been trying to use google to find the camp spot. but the gps numbers given do not line up with what i belive is the site.using written direction i find. my computer program says N 33'38'57.12" W114'08'42.72 mitchell mine rd sound right? close by but a bit north of that point i see one camper. on another dirt rd.
  12. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    sad for me even if i am riding a moto down the rd i am subject to full dot regs. aka: double the ticket price, double the points.( and i get only half as many points as reg folk, before i lose my permit to drive) and i must report said ticket to my employer asap. so there is a perk. but under many other rules that govern my off duty life.
  13. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    yes it does.
  14. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    not wanting to get into a fight here. but i know what i know. and have towed many miles in the states i listed. never had any trouble. by state. or local, not even tribal police. maybe in the thousands of miles i driven in these states i have not been seen by a ticket cop?
  15. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    pulling tripples is only allowed in some states. pulling doubles is legal in all fifety states when the driver has a proper commercial dl with the corect endorsments. i am a commercial class A driver.with proper endosments. all pu trucks in ca are regestered as commercial trucks. first trailer must be a semi trailer, aka: fifth-wheel. not a bumper pull. can not be over 75 feet long. can not excide the tow rating of the truck pulling said trailers. with this said ca is more restrive than most other states in the west. known, nevada legal, oregon legal, washington legal, idaho legal, colorado legal, true i have not driven in arazona or new mexico or texas, oklahoma, montana or the dakotas. but those states are known to be more open to varied trailers (aka: less laws) than ca is. i have lived under fed dot laws and regs most of my life (35 years class A). i can not site them from memory. but do understand there workings. no i would not try to drive down broadway in new york city. in anything let alone pulling a "set". in the decades i have done this ( little trailer up to a car haluer with a cj7 on it). with my rv i have never been pulled over. for any reason. back country roads to major freeways, back wash "burgs" to major traffic laden city's. as a rule and just for cause if i can do without the little tag trailer ( it is the larger trailer sold at lowes hardware stores). i would rather do so.