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  1. if it did not crack window glass, than should not crack a windshield. but try mounting something to the outside, this way the heat is kept off the glass.
  2. understanding. and “ways of doing” are two differnt things. i am only 60, and have seen many a weather change in a way the forecasters failed at. best we humans can do is a best guess as per what has happened in the past 100 or so years. and/of how we think the weather might react. then through in the computer modes (programed by a human).
  3. this year... so far has been a bit cooler the the norm. not many 100F days yet. now last year. that was a different story. needed the ac 24-7. the earth. moon, and sun have a way of doing things is far beond what man can understand. want to cool down a bit, come to northern california. just bring lots of water ( ours is taken away and pumped south to la). and tons of cash as everything cost more than it should.
  4. this thread i started had nothing to do with fire, or exploding tanks, it had to do with preventing theft. maybe time to close this thread as it has gotten way off my topic.
  5. i have seen many a tank. and many videos of tanks getting shot from small cal up to the 50 cal none have exploded. but just fall over sending out a flame through the hole left by the bullet. but what does exploding tanks have to do with my question?
  6. that's why they are called "cell" phones. i would not hold my breath for internet satellite phone access just yet. (price per bit). and who here thinks we need more trash in orbit around this small blue marble? with in 20 years there will be a couple major crashes up there. and make billions of more junk things flying around at 10 of thousands of mph. in 30 years at least one human will die thanks to all the junk up there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_debr http://go.discovery.com/dscovrd/space/this-is-how-much-garbage-weve-left-in-orbit-around-earth/
  7. they ALL keep and sell your browsing history's. its all in the money here.
  8. this. place a cell phone someplace with a good charger for said. as they can call 911, by law the phone company's can not lock them out. can not call aunt sally, but you can call the police but in this digital age the better analog phones are locked out. as no backward compatible in the system.
  9. what charger and wall wart were you using? as some wall warts can only do a very slow trickle charge, (the cheap ones). even the factory units do fail. as to a battery, might be cheaper to buy a new unit. as this is the plan from the start. as a way to get us to buy more junk.
  10. packnrat

    Bug Out Bag

    first what do you need to bug out from? that will say what you need in a bug out bag. if a full on collapse of the gov kind of thing, no electricity kind of thing, no computer stuff is of any value. mother earth got mad again. then yes have copy's of the most important things. but your bob must be light enough for you to carry for days. have food, water, shelter, sanitary, clean yourself, medical, heat, a way to clean water,. spare clothing (for heat and cold).
  11. no I say to computers, as they can not do as good a job as humans, sure on a test track (even if it is a contained freeway) a computer can do great on a clear sunny day/star filled night, but so far NO computer has been able to control any car, truck, etc during all what really goes on driving down the open rds. toss in a variable, as in a non programed issue and the computer fails. who here wants to be the fail?
  12. if you took all the humans on this blue marble and put them together, it would just fill up the state of texas. this world is not over flowing with humans, yet. just some city's are. bad part is we as a species keep paving over our best crop land. and can not use most of the dirt, as it can not grow food all that well. then thousands of sq miles of good crop land does not grow food for us to eat.
  13. not a firefighter. but any here that can say how fast a small rv (mine is a 25 footer) goes up. and what the number one cause of a fire is? i tend to believe it is not the propane supply. but this is getting off track a bit. the question was about securing said tanks from theft. so far No laws stating how to or not how to, lock them up have been listed.
  14. go down to a quality bike store. buy a full sprung bike. (you will understand with in a mile of riding it), yes money gets you a very light bike. under 20 pounds. a wally wourld bike can top out over 40 pounds. but during travel keep them inside the coach. at camp well locked up. or again inside. as good bikes tend to roll away. but never off the back bumper, far too much bouncing, will destroy any bike. and can fall off and you would not know about it. there are special bike racks for the tops of trucks. still lower than the top of your rv. or cross bed on top of the extra fuel tank.
  15. i just fear not having a 14 hr a day job. and trying to learn how to relax might kill me. i have been on the go for 40 years. and have forgotten how to slowdown and relax. i must always be doing something. and yes i relate to the 3 sec microwave thing.
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