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  1. packnrat

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    been acting like a eary fall here. but today was a blistering 98F at 4:pm. dry and smokey air. the state of jefferson..er.. a ... i mean northern ca needs rain very soon.
  2. packnrat

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    hot and smokey. mid 90's F but cool nights. and with all the fires here in ca the air is thick with smoke. but was far worse a month back. and a "new" fire up in donner pass.
  3. packnrat

    Extended Warranty for RV

    set money aside = win, win. getting suckered into a "extended warenty" = you lose. the dealer gets more cash out of you.
  4. packnrat

    Gen use at truck stop

    noise in a truck stop. always noisy there. just do not fire up the construction style generator. and all is golden. in the past reffers were very noisey and parked out back. park in the wrong place and someone will turn of a bad noise maker for you. many a reffer parked up front had this done. drivers needed there sleep.
  5. mark twain once wrote. the coldest winter i had ever had was a summer in san francisco. it once got up to over 100F in the city. and the downtown sent everybody home. as it was too hot ( not for humans) but for the computers. love traffic and smog. go to any big city in ca. there is more to things than just the weather.
  6. i still vote with your pocket book. at a min should have been a felony two counts. defacing public lands/property. ( he was set up to hide his actions). and two-three counts of training his childern to commit a feloney ( not sure of the law here). it should be a felony to deface lands held in public trusts. he got of way to easly in the court. now time for the public at large to remember him and his actions.
  7. packnrat

    cable sizing

    i do not know why it is so hard for me to wrap my head around all this. i do get the basics. have not zaped myself with 50K .. yet😜 all the values are geberish to me. but i get if i run 4.0 cable between batteries and converter i am good to go... right. i try to it the right way, maybe a bit over kill. thinking the 4 6 volts. ground to frame. and to inverter/converter. poscable through a marine cut off switch. via a fuse off the batteries. then on to feed into the coach. along the way will hook up in a wire to feed from solar. yes need to buy the correct electronics for this. trying to learn as best as i can. i know as long as the magic smoke stays in things. i am good to go. 😃
  8. packnrat

    cable sizing

    so even with 4/0 gauge at 5 feet. i can not get a full 12 volts?? did i work that computer program right? as i type this my power requriments are not know to me. it is a small rv, reffer, heater, other? and a cpap. any other over night? and this is after bed time. before would be lights, water pump, other but cpap would be off at that time. will try and do a proper audit for needs. but with 4 - 6 volt deep cycle i have more than needed. ( i hope). yes gen during the day. no hook ups, boon docking. in a area with no noise restrictions. but try to keep the gen to a min at night. just because.
  9. packnrat

    cable sizing

    changing to four 6 volt deep cycle batteries. so get to build new cabling. what is the recomended size for this app? not really up on what size is what, ( i just know a 1/2 in or so od size will out do my needs voltage/amps wise) or good for. aka best for 12 volts. longest run will be less than 10 feet. more like only five feet. and then why not welding cable? yes i know auto cabling has a harder shell. ( durability for abrasion) and welding cable has finer cabling wire.
  10. packnrat

    Generator noise reduction

    as to exhust noise. add a stack to it. a 4in pvc say about 12-15 feet up. ( can use slip fit peces to gain length) about a foot or two above the higest poit of your rv. supported?? but it is open at the bottom to allow cold air in. add a fitting to your gen, steel tubing ( electral comdut). a 1/2 larger dia than the exhaust on the gen. curved part into the "stack" not touching (would melt the plastic). tubing goes up the center of the pvc a good foot and stops. use brackets to attach the two parts. ( steel exhaust, plastic stack). convection keeps the hot exhaust going up and out. benafits of no exhaust in camp. and a bit less noise. but any box you build around the gen is going to make it run hotter. so you will need a oil cooler to help fight heat. or burn out the motor.
  11. save water? no showers. drink your p. not. really. do very short "dry" showers. need hot water only, recycle the cold in the line, bucket or pipe back to the fresh tank. have many water jugs, bottles for drinking water, use the tank only for cleaning up. guys, do number 1 outside. ladys can too, just takes more effort. a add on supply tank, ( mounted where???). dry wipes? frends camper? group rent of a motel room? paper plates, reuse the pasta water. (the starch thickens up food things). no need to do a " burning man" crazy dirty camp. look and do a work around your needs and you can save a lot of water. i can go two days without a shower. but for me that is the extream. but never forgo drinking X amount of water each day. save water, but do not hurt yourself.
  12. packnrat

    Is a R Pod 176T to Small to Start with?

    bad choice of word for me. sorry to have irked you. i have bad stiff joints. bad back, even had my head reattached. but always need a bit of elbow room.
  13. packnrat

    Is a R Pod 176T to Small to Start with?

    and here i am looking at -40ft-- units. length pending model. but thinking 35-38 fifth wheels best. but that is my needs. i have livind in a 25 ft fifth. for me not fun having to slide out of bed. but then i loke "elbow" room. others love small cramped quaters.
  14. packnrat

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    not ever used china--er--a--wall mart for delivery or pick up. might look into it. ( closest store to me is over 40 miles. all stick n brick). as to the amazon lockers only read about it. so something eles to research. but i do know amazon, ups. ( some deliverys) will deliver to a usps po box. fed-up is to be avoided. street address only.
  15. packnrat

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    there is a bit more to it than just pricing. shipping, driving to pick up, delivery times, where one can ship to. all have there costs. wallmart does not deliver....yet. amazon does. ups will deliver to some po boxes. fed up is a bad joke. heck even my medical supplyer has its own delivery service ( but only to a street address). yes amazon pricing can be beat most times ( you do pay for the "free" shipping). but it is right to my front porch or to my po box ( seller thing here). so can you say convence? fast shipping?. wally wourld/ china mart. same items, same quanty, qualty? and then you have to drive there to pick up. lots of companys are doing the "free" in store pick up deals, for on line purchase. some times you can even come out ahead in the deal. some online sales are store returns, manf seconds, defective, chinese cheap copys, etc. just buyer beware. shop around for best pricing.