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  1. dogs do not lie, they will let you know how they feel about you.
  2. i do not know how this last mile is handled. but for me i go to the post office to pick up my mail, and packages. so all the post office is doing for me (and many others in this county) is just hold them, but then i do rent a po box there, some do not. (and/or other reasons?). i just know every thing is safe and secure. but then a couple months back, i went a little crazy on flea-bay. so if delivered to my front door, it would have been a nightmare for the contract delivery car, or a "special" one stop delivery thing. a lot of boxes came same day. the sellers packed them great, so most boxes were larger than "item inside". think med u-haul box times so many. and the crazy thing is i can see the post office from my front door, it's just down street a short half block away.
  3. sure they get nothing out of it, but here in calaveras county, ca. the post office does accept ups, fed-up, fed-x, even amazon. we are a rural delivery county. not every street is on any maps, or just a problem getting any low ground clearance car/truck on to even try to find the address. i have found it to be great my mail is safe in a fed building, not in my box at the ditch. but larger boxed go to my door step, then there are some shippers that refuse to ship to a po box. i have not had the pleasure of using general delivery...yet, but the post office here has a spot for such.
  4. yes, there are many un seen taxes on the fuel we use not just the $150 a gallon at the pump. crude gets taxed. refined fuel gets taxed. delivery gets taxed decades back there was this "special" tax fund account for the roads, ca had the best roads back then. the fools under the dome in sacramento closed it and put all that money into the general fund. so now very little of it goes to maintain the roads.
  5. guess i will try a little bleach... after this next set of storms pass through. might try in the rain, (great rinse water.) but NOT in any wind.
  6. well a sunny day here... at last. we are getting winter weather here in ca right now, (today is MAY 20 2019), we should be complaining of the heat. more snow over Donner pass. and even more on the way this week. but back to my posting. how to remove the black spots of a rubber roof. gave my roof a good washing. lots of dirt, the white of the mtr looks great. but the whole of it looks "spotted" kinda like a leopard. any help with out going up there and using bleach?
  7. i never said all dogs are friendly, just 99.99% of them are. and yes even in the inner city there can be friendly pitts, at least till the bad owner trains it to be bad. and yes i have seen this happen a couple times. on the bad flip side even a owner beating the (****) out of there pit with a baseball bat, just trying to make it let go of the other dog. this goes ageist the grain of generations of breading to hunt badgers. the dog will not let go. sandsys, i tend to think more in the line of the dog is just scared, not turned "bad". seen where some strays have been attacked by bad humans, so the dog is scared of everybody. and any cornered critter will bite, even that little mop dog, or the family cat. seen where a dog got hurt, and will bite anybody, even there human. and as to the "mailman", for some unknown reason some dogs just have this thing about a human in any uniform. with this all said, my two rotts were off lead trained, but in any new area, new people, they were on there leashes. any proper owner takes care of there dogs, and controls them. as they are responsible for the dogs actions.
  8. i am no time, as no money. might even cut out the web to save some. taxes are killing me. hope i can get back on my feet and become full - part time again.
  9. i believe if one (or group) breaks the rules, and needs a rescue (life threatening or not) then they should be required to pay the FULL cost. including a money, and jail time penalty. a ankle lock up works here. saves the tax payers money. (pending the time, place, and nature of said event). now if one (or a group) is going by the rules then no problem for them getting a free ride.
  10. sad you feel this way about the so called pit bull. as i have know many of them and they are very friendly, never a problem with that breed in my 60 years here. now if you want to talk about the little scrawny rat dog (sorry i do not know how to spell the name) there i have been attacked by them many a time, but there bite is nothing. i once owned a couple rotts, off lead trained, very friendly. except if you got into there yard at night. or tried attacking my mom. around me only love there. and there bite is many magnitudes stronger than a pit bull. pit bulls were trained to hunt badgers had to bite and hold on for life.. there life, as they were trained to hunt very good killers.. never a bad dog born... just bad owners.
  11. glad i was not drinking anything when i read that. 🙂
  12. if true, then that makes another unneeded law enforcement agency to add into the police state ranks. yes i would rather have some police out there, but how many is too many? not that i payed them much thought, but i do not recall ever seeing a badge or gun on them (truckee is the only place i have ever been stopped by the bug "police"). and there is no place to allow U-turns there. only thing they ever wanted from me was this "new gal" wanted to see "my papers" , so after stating that my trailer was empty, she demanded, so i handed over the 3 in thick signed receipt of delivery papers. she got mad and said "get out of here". i had complied and gave her the papers she asked for. 😕 i pull a 48 ft frozen foods van, all painted up with the logo, and ad for the company i deliver to.
  13. sad but one can double tow in washington and oregon states. (in fact all of the western stats allow this) i have done so many a time. with a small trailer, or a auto carrier with a cj-7 on it. i am far from over length. and not quite over weight. yes i checked it on a public cat scale. 3/4 ton pu, 25 ft 5er, and trailer. never a second look from any state, city, county leo. not even the tribal cops care. some times just how you look can make a difference. but then my truck (by state law) is reg as commercial, i have a class A dl with doubles/triples endorsement. but from reading some of these posting. some guys cousins friend heard about a problem, says nothing. i just know from doing myself. and checking out the laws and by asking the leo's who enforce them. some of whom rv them selves. sometimes the leo is on a power trip, (yes they do exist) dumb, (not all leo's are all that smart) or maybe bored, or trying to keep awake till the end of his (her) shift. maybe just interested in what you have going. other reason?
  14. not sure how big this is, but this past friday while delivering in yuba city ca, they were finishing up on the yuba city wally pu service location. just letting the word out if needed.
  15. one more layer would be a fire barrier between the electrical and any flammables?
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