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  1. Houston Toll Roads

    i understand la did something different. but i avoid that area (everything south of bakersfield) and have for over twenty years. this state is broken. demographis are so varied. it hurts those of us not willing to live in a city. down south it is a mega city. sacramento and the sf bay area are growing to that size. here i get to see hawks in my yard. not seen any deer, but got skunks and racoons a plenty. no toll rds or lanes up here. closest to me is a good 80 miles away. in the sf bay area. another place i avoid. couple good museums in sf. some sights to see. but over crowded.
  2. why fulltime?

    yes i am looking at as much as i can. love some 5th wheels out there as they have small garages in them. great for a moto. at first travel, see some of this country, and the great ball of twine.😜 take my time. no hurry. my life has been nothing but hurry up and get there.do it fast and get on to the next load. ( truck driver). i want to just stop. anyplace and see whats up. not the tourest traps ( will see some of that), but see a live kinda the local life. been stuck in a rut for way too long. get up gulp food, work loong hrs, get home sleep, repeat. i work harder and longer hrs than younger guys are willing to do. then?? maybe find a place. or three. and really relax. nothing like waking up at a mountail lake just as dawn is breaking.
  3. Houston Toll Roads

    some toll lanes in ca, if caught and no sticker on your windshild/ or trasponder. is a big ticket. not given a chance to pay a tax. it goes through a court, via the ca hwy patrol. and i say toll lanes as they added lanes to existing freeways. not built new highways.
  4. Bulletproofing Ford 6.0 Diesel

    first thing is to change out the coolent asap. ford coolent has a problem. use only top quality stuff and keep up on it better than yourself. but plan on the "egr" cooler and the "oil" cooler going bad. soon ( as per your milage) think about doing a bullet proof. and do the stc fitting, stand pipes/dummy plugs, water punp. all at the same time. labour thing. there are a couple other items to check out at this time i forget the names but one is a control valve on the hpop pump and the other is a senson for the hpop. replace both at same time. very easy to do i have just done all this to my 6.0. this motor must have quality oil and LOTS of it at all times. the whole onbord supply goes through the motor a couple times every min. keep up on the maintance, oil, coolent, fuel. or there will be problems. invest in maintance, or pay big time for repairs.
  5. Houston Toll Roads

    here in ca we do not have toll roads. we pay taxes for our roads, but some hwys do have comuter toll lanes, as for your toll roads are they clearly marked in advance so as to not get stuck backing up to go another way. for those of us that do not live or go there except maybe once in a life time?
  6. Diesel Fuel & U

    mr Diesel ran his motors on peanut oil. but what we know as diesel fuel is far better than bio fuel aditave. it just waters down the good stuff. takes more energy to make than it gives. also for every acre of land given to grow a crop for bio alcohol full additive. takes a acre away from growing a food crop. you know the stuff we eat.
  7. Texas Border Check Points?

    no not getting my advice from u tube. or from the "third toilet from the left" have you read the Constitution of the United States of America? or any of the laws in dealing with travel, unreasonable search and confiscations? yes i do believe our goverment must control our boarders, as no country can afford to just allow a un counted number of illegals to enter. and to try to stop "pests" from cross contaminating our food crops. but to stop people at random and interrogate them is like back in germany under hittler's ss goons saying "show me your papers". and they were just "obeying orders". no not saying they are the same. just doing something of the same nature. or maybe i have just lived in California way too long. as many here have this distrust of the goverment. many here try to stand up for our rights, but if everybody just lays down and lets the goverment do as it pleases. where will it stop? but i do believe the fools doing the utube videos of refusing the first questions, aka refusing to roll down a window are just making it worse. the leo's ask questions in such ways to make you trip up at times. sure it is a good way to catch a crook. but one does not need to answer exactly the question where have you been, or where are you going. your not hiding anything, just they do not need to know such information about you. and as for the ag check points here in ca. i can not remember the last time i was stopped in a car, pu, bike. even in the rigs at work except there a new gal wanted to see my papers. i told her i was empty but handed her the signed delivery receipts and she got mad and said get out of here. maybe i have been lucky as not stopped in decades. in a number of western states. (other than her). the truck scales inspectors do not question, only want to write tickets. . guess i am just one of those wackos from ca? .
  8. This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

    just a joke. something for the untra rich to display in there yard. bet the cost would buy more than a couple years of diesel or gasoline.
  9. Awesome Travel Tag

    best deterrent for yotes is a 30.06 at two hundred yards. if much closer. the spray might help a bit. but you and your dog will suffer also. please watch out and leave NO food or water outside in your camp. not even the garbage. . .
  10. here is a start to understand carry laws. https://www.usacarry.com/concealed_carry_permit_reciprocity_maps.html we have the birth right to protect ourselves and family. to be safe in your travels it is best to know the laws if the lands you travel in. but i do agree if one is to own ( ANYTHING). one should understand how it works. not how to fix it, but know a bit of it.... ie: computers, etc. simple machines like a gun, knife, etc. are easy to understand.
  11. Texas Border Check Points?

    i read a lot here where people say do worry about your rights. dont care about your birth rights, then they will be taken from you. there is a differnce betwen a birth right and a privlage. as for the dogs. a border agent can just say the dog "hit" on something, even when it did not. the probal cause search is way over used. we do have the freedom to travel unmolested within this country. sure say yes/no but answer NO other questions. give non direct answers. not saying be like those posting on the web. but you are not required to answer the intergations.
  12. I 5 Eugene to San Diego...road surface

    I5 between red bluff and stockton has been repaved in the last five years. lots of rework between shasta lake and dunsmure. south of stockton they are working on it. as in new pavement. can not say about oregon , or over the grapevine south.
  13. Bulletproofing Ford 6.0 Diesel

    bullet proof. this job is not that hard to do. keep the egr cooler just use theres it is far better than stock. ( it used a factory egr cooler housing but with far better internals) no emisoon problems. cause every thing is there. and working. other that a hose out and a hose in ( external filter and cooler) motor looks all factory. buy the cold weather kit. yes costs but worth it and while there. change out the stc fitting the stand pipes and dummy plugs . easy to do then as everything is out of the way,. think labor cost. .got blue spring ?
  14. why fulltime?

    kinda a time frame mostly. takes twenty years at this company to get the fifth week.(got 12 years now). but it works in with when i get 100% ss. if i do get the 5 weeks. 4 ph days, and 8-12 sick days.( get 8 each year, can carry over up to 4). just gives me a good going away gift. i will be a couple years past the 80 and out with the union pension. and qualify for medacare.
  15. Escapees email bounce?

    sad but a number of web sites have problems with varied email names.