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    Private rv not for hire


    1998 international steering

    without knowing what was on there before this might be difficult, as each manufacturer might make their brackets differently you may have better luck if you could post a picture of the brackets as well. BTW I'm not a big fan of internationals body style, that is one good looking truck, I drive the sports chassis from Freightliner

    Fuel mileage

    I get right around 17,000 yards to the gal bob tailing on a flat freeway with no head wind

    1995 international 4700

    Nate good to see another trade worker on here ( union electrician myself ), we have the 4 door freightliner sport chassis, cat motor 300/850, automatic 6 speed, it’s no speed demon climbing hills pulling our 18K toy hauler, we just fall in line with the truckers and hit the cruise control at 35 mph and enjoy the views, I’d throw a picture up for you but I don’t know how to make it smaller

    Storage space on a MDT ?

    You will find a picture of our 1999 Freightliner Sport Chassis and the boxes on the back

    Electrical problems

    Second update: I am getting a 3500 code from the transmission and that’s a voltage problem to the transmission, so it’s time to put it up on the ramps and get a look at the wires leading to the transmission

    Electrical problems

    Update: I left the key on while trying to diagnose the problem, and for no reason what so ever, all the bells and whistles came on, I was just looking for a screwdriver to take the fuse cover off with, I hadn’t payed attention to the time frame of how long the key was on for. So it appears the problem still exists and it’s not solved I turned it off, and wouldn’t you know nothing again, and once again I hadn’t payed attention to how much time passed, say less that 2 minuets the bells came on

    Electrical problems

    Ok let’s put our collective minds together for this one, I’ve got a 1999 freightliner sports chassis powered by a CAT motor, automatic transmission, I went to start it and nothing happened, like the batteries were dead, checked that, batteries are good, no buzzer or bells, anyone had this happen before, and what was the cause, just trying to get some feed back before I have it towed in to a shop somewhere in the Kent Washington area, BTW I just negotiated a 15% off at the KOA here in Kent for anyone with a current union dues receipt, thanks in advance for your help

    Storage space on a MDT ?

    grassy take a look at my truck on the Pinterest account

    Storage space on a MDT ?


    Work host near Seattle

    I hate to throw a wet blanket on your dreams, but having lived in Seattle for 40 years, and been a full timer for 16 of those years, Seattle and the sounding areas are VERY limited spaces in RV parks, and state parks that have host's, the few RV parks that Seattle does have are either full of people that live there full time, or people that made reservations 6 months to a year ago, just to get in, and if your RV is over 10 years old, you can forget about even thinking about getting a spot, this and the weather is what drove me out of my beautiful town, Seattle. signed ex Seattle native

    Water pressure problem

    the fitting on the far left is and was the problem, you can just see the white check valve inside it, it had failed, I removed it and replaced it and now everything is back to normal, thank you everyone for your help sorry it took so long to get back to you all

    Water pressure problem

    Yes city water pressure is good, plenty of water in the holding tanks, water pump builds up pressure and turns off, still nothing but the bathroom cold water has great flow

    Water pressure problem

    Ok I'm stumped, I'm having a water pressure problem, I have always had good water pressure up till yesterday, I washed my dishes and all was good, an hour later I go to wash my hands and I have a good 2 second blast and then down to a dribble on both the hot and cold, just like that nothing at all the Faucets, except one the farthest one the bathroom cold water works like it should, now here's what I have done, emptied the HWT and blew air through all the lines, hot and cold, blew air threw and out the fixtures, removed and blew air threw the incoming city water connection, I have no water leaks, I have nothing obstructing the lines, confirmed that by blowing air threw them, I'm stumped

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    pete, I went looking for my secret decoder ring but must of displaced it somewhere, I have blue sky insurance, so Im really trying to decode your message abouit bule sky ?