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  1. D - Ring location

    On the chocks: It is important that they be low enough not to interfere with the various versions of the cars....some have very low air dams. Basically, you want the chock to be just tall enough to hold the lashing winch. When I originally designed the lashing winch-on-chock concept it worked but turned out to be too high for the newer cars, which have lower rubber air dam extensions. Also, I ALWAYS use the lashing winches that use the socket - NOT the bar - for tightening. Why? As mentioned above, the socket one makes it easier to take up the slack. It does have the downside of requiring a socket to use. Everything is a trade-off, but in practice the socket one proves more successful IMO. And I've used them all. Jeff's suggestion to use the keyed-slot tie-down system is actually the best solution if you have no boxes under the car area. We always have ramp storage boxes there, thus it turns out to be problematic to do....water into the boxes is a big issue. Thus the reason we use the bolt-down custom chocks with the integrated lashing winch.
  2. Comfort Ride Hitch, how to mount, between rails or on top?

    OK, Rick is the last word on all this stuff. But we routinely mount Comfort Ride hitches and it does vary based on the truck. On a Volvo 730 that has standard frame height we mounted a 308HD, set to its lowest position ON TOP of 1/2" plate on the frame rails (on top). It is at around 51", so after there trailer is on it, it will be 49". The air cells depress about 2" for each 900 lbs on an individual cell. I'm not near any hitches/trucks at the moment, but you do have to measure YOUR truck carefully before mounting.
  3. Which inverter? Magnum vs. Victron

    Victron makes very good stuff. Like most systems, you will gain the most from it if you go all Victron, since the stuff tends to work best together.
  4. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    Our RV is wired for direct Ethernet external jack connection. Never found a park yet that had Ethernet, though. I've seen parks with Internet carried on their cable system, though.
  5. Yes, that would be it....but do your own very careful measurements. As Dave said, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances. You have to understand your situation. But the above is fairly typical.
  6. Yes it does. The car takes up the 74+4+4......then there is whatever you want from the kingpin to the car. We use 51" because we have buffer built into the car space. But if you wanted to use 55" or so, and no buffer in the car space it works out about the same.
  7. Dave, I can tell you what we use....but you can compress these a little - there is some room to do so. But I don't recommend it, because if you go on "crooked" you will potentially have an issue. Pin to 4" clearance space = 51" 4" clearance space to car. Then 74.5" for car footprint - this includes mirrors. Then 4" to drom box or back of cab. This accounts for a 453. If ONLY a 451 then you can snug that up. So basically, the car and buffer space take up 74.5+4+4. That gives you plenty of room.
  8. Nice looking truck, Dave. Someday I may build a classic out.... You want to mount your hitch so your trailer is level. Typically 48" or thereabouts. You may have to adjust your trailer pin box to get level on a 48", but it is pretty much the "standard" height....so switching trailers is less of an "adventure". Some of the new trailers are pretty high, so 48 may not be possible. But should be the starting target.
  9. 50 amp power management

    Well, I cannot remember seeing a 50 amp RV wired with the AC on the same leg of service (when having only 2 AC units). And I've worked on RV electrical in countless rigs. Now everyone can tell me all the ones they have seen wired that way..... Seriously, I'd like to know if people see that often...because I sure have not. Vern???
  10. Mobley problems

    I've seen 18-24 hour forced reboot issues when the sim was in the Mobley. Since moving it to the Unite Explore I've run continuously without any reboot issues, and with no slowdowns at all, other than apparent tower congestion. Plus I have access to additional bands of service. I would suggest that you put any device you have on a timer so that you eventually get a forced reboot from time-to-time. This works best on non-battery devices. On my battery devices I try to do manual reboots once in awhile. But on the Unite I have not done one for more than a month.
  11. smart car ramps

    Guys, it is just practice getting lined up. Not hard once you get used to it. It is rarely perfect, but usually within acceptable tie-down limits. If necessary you can hand push the car back, cock the wheels, and re-orient it. But that is rarely, rarely, required.
  12. MaximumSignal Update?

    You just transfer the SIM. Firmware updates are happen independently of the SIM.
  13. truck brakes

    Actually, I've gotten that much verified by filling, not computer. But it does not happen often and it was only with this new truck, or going back to my lighter trailer with my ISM. Then I routinely did get in the 10's....But the trailer was only 16K lbs. However, I'm impressed with this truck....pulling my 28K plus trailer at 67 mph I actually got in the 10's. Once.
  14. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    Are you sure about that???
  15. Hayes brake controller - acting up

    Mounting it under the trailer is a possibility that many do not utilize. It will work fine there, and you can bring your drain valve and and pressure gauge to a more useful location. In some cases using an remote electric drain valve is called for. But that is getting pretty fancy. Just protect your lines well.
  16. MaximumSignal Update?

    Up to twice as fast - or even more. I have no external antenna on the Unite. At least not yet. I'm setting up another antenna in my array to try, and it will be dedicated to the Unite. But that is a ways out. It does depend on what ATT bands are available in the area you are in...the Mobley is pretty old and does not connect to some of the faster bands.
  17. RVH Lifestyles Short Pin Box with Weights

    Every rig is different....or at least somewhat different hole patterns. So it is difficult to dedicate the time, CAD layouts, and insurance to a one-off. If there was enough demand for a certain layout it would be something to consider. But even if there was one available for any rig, as we discovered with ROcky and Phil it simply may not work because of clearance issues with the car.
  18. RVH Lifestyles Short Pin Box with Weights

    Thanks for the excellent writeup, Chad. Will you take a check or just cash? (JUST kidding.... ) And, no, we did not ask him for a writeup or anything else...
  19. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    We also towed doubles for over 8 years of fulltiming. We had no real issues doing it, and like Dick we mitigated the risk the best we could with cameras, braking systems, tire monitors, etc. I pulled a Jeep well over 100,000 miles that way. That said, I like the smart on the truck a lot better. It feels safer, and there is less to go wrong, IMO. The key advice that Dick offered was "Ain't no perfect fit", and that is very true. RVing is all about which compromises you are willing to make. As life progresses, these generally change for most people.
  20. MaximumSignal Update?

    I have my Mobley sim in a Unite Explore. Obviously it works better than in the Mobley. All the terms of service I can find show that a sim can be moved between hotspots without violation. I've also talked to store personnel who said the same thing. After all, if you upgrade hotspots, that is exactly what you do....and it you have multiple hotspots but only one sim you can move it between them. What you CANNOT do is move between device types. Of course, ATT can decide to change the terms of service and you would have to go back to the mobley.....but I don't really see how they could terminate you without warning.
  21. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    I've been wanting to design a Fiat 500 bed for awhile now. Just gotta find someone who wants one....If not, when I build my new truck I may do it for myself. I pretty much know what I want to do....
  22. Another Texas Co-op?

    I can tell you after completing the first phase of a private RV park in SW KS - possibly the easiest place in the country to build - that you will find it very, very difficult to jump over the governmental, power company, water company, EPA, etc hurdles that are now in place. It is a daunting process, especially in any place that has zoning....where we built does not. And it still was not "easy". But it is possible.
  23. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    Lots of good opinions here, and even some facts On the "quality" issue, comparing a higher-end DP to an HDT/fiver, I'll express my opinion. Some would say facts. I'll leave that up to the reader..... You can get into a NEW custom built HDT that will act as a motorhome for short trips, have every luxury, amenity and capability as a high end DP, and be about as comfortable (although not quite the ride, but close). When I say every capability I'm thinking of driving capability like lane keeping, automatic braking, cruise following, etc. Then pair that with a NEW custom built 5th wheel that will have every amenity, comfort and capability as a DP. Every single feature that a DP has the 5er will have that and perhaps more. It will also have more interior space, a higher ceiling, deeper slides, bigger windows. It will have equal or more exterior storage, although laid out differently. It will be custom painted and color matched to the truck. All this will cost you 1/3 LESS than a comparable DP of the same quality. It may actually be less than half, depending on who you compare with. It will not be cheap, however.....it will be in the 500,000 range. And easily comparable to a King Air or that ilk at 900K. You will not find these at your local RV dealer. They will have to be custom ordered, and custom built. But at least you get everything to YOUR specifications. All that is well and good, but it does not resolve the issue of a "runaround" car. A smart is the obvious target and works well for some. A Fiat 500 is a very good second choice but it makes the truck a little larger. There frankly is no good solution for a Rubicon 4-door. There are "possible" solutions, but IMO they are not "good" solutions. Thus, with that set of requirements a DP wins every time.
  24. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    The reason I prefer not to use channel for the smart wheels to ride on is that the smart - when winched up - rarely comes up "straight". It is often at an angle relative to the frame. If you do use channel, make sure that you leave enough extra space not only for the offset in the wheels, but also for angled loading. Because there is one thing for sure you do not want to do - and that is have the side walls of the channel "push" the smart wheels in any fashion while you are winching.

    Dejae, your story is the story of many Americans. There are many things that contribute to a family that is doing well, doing all the right things, and then ending up with little to nothing. You can talk to many homeless people and hear similar stories. Yes, some homeless are there from their own negative actions...but MANY are not. You can go from being comfortable to basically having little/nothing in this world pretty easily. Wise people realize that. Even taking measures to mitigate the risk does not mean it won't happen. I'm glad to hear things have turned around for you. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm confident it will help others - even though you will never know who.