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  1. All these reasons mentioned above is why I have a residential refrigerator and a reasonable size solar and electrical system. In my case, I run it off the main inverter, not a dedicated inverter. I ALWAYS have my inverter on....but it would be slightly more efficient to have the separate inverter. I have enough solar and battery that I don't notice the "inefficiency".
  2. Dave, the bed is coming along. One hint - make sure you make your chocks wide enough. You will never get the car on there perfectly every time and if the chocks are not wide enough the tire may interfere with getting the bolts into the chock to bolt it to the bed. Wider chocks help minimize that issue. You don't want to be jiggling the car around on the bed so that you can get your bolt in.
  3. Jack Mayer

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Brad, it is pretty easy to repair the upper section if it is not totally snapped off. There comes a point where it is best to start with another one - to me that point is if the top is in several pieces. But simple impact damage is pretty easy to fix - as others have said. I've had the "opportunity" to see these repairs - and even something that looks terrible is not too bad to repair.
  4. Jack Mayer

    volvo select parts account

    When I get a chance I'll check on it. I should be able to get an account with no problem since we are a converter. If it costs money then I'd have to consider the cost/reward benefit.
  5. Jack Mayer

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    I'll give you my opinion, but it is just that - MY opinion. I prefer the diamond plate. Even when covered in bed liner it is less slippery than flat steel. Wait until you have some frost or snow on the deck, or even wet. Flat simply does not grab your feet as well. We only put diamond plate on the beds we build. And I don't know of any hauler bodybuilder that uses the flat plate, but I would guess that someone must....just not any I have seen.
  6. Jack Mayer

    Mobley Sim

    I never did pull mine from my Unite. I did talk to ATT, for what it is worth, and I did carefully examine terms of service. Neither were negative on using the sim in a different HOTSPOT. But clearly, you cannot use it in a phone. I've been using it in the Unite all along. No issues to date.
  7. Jack Mayer

    ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    I also called them and asked that specific question as well. And looking at their terms of service it did not seem to be a violation to me. They said that as long as it was not in a phone it was OK. That could, of course, change - frankly all the providers seem to do pretty much as they please.
  8. Jack Mayer

    My DIY 3rd air bag TrailerSaver hitch

    When I converted my TS into a three bag system the shock was removed. I had a single shock - the TS was 2002 vintage - and I bought it new. Later model TS frames had the holes already there for the third bag, even if the bag was not present. But on the older frames, you have to drill the holes, as shown above.
  9. Jack Mayer

    Rust Rust Rust and more Rust

    Really, Cory, this is not a big job. DT and VF are grossly exaggerating the work involved. Just get it done. You can do it. You need to go to that Rally - it will pay dividends that you cannot imagine at the moment.
  10. Jack Mayer

    Short ratchet strap

    Glenn, try THIS . This is where we order our custom tie-downs from. I have not found a better source anywhere. And I have not found a cheaper source either. They are wholesale to the public. So much so, that even as a business I cannot improve the price from another source. I order 5' and then sometimes cut them down. 4' usually works fine, but in some circumstances can be getting a little short.
  11. Jack Mayer

    Navigation App.

    ....and I have not found the advantage to the "truck" version (vs.the RV) if you have neither and are investing in CoPilot. I use the RV version and like it a lot.
  12. Jack Mayer

    Weigh Stations

    OK, enough of this. No one is going to change their mind on this "discussion". Let's just let it go. Big5er (Phil) IS EXACTLY what he represents himself to be. As described. I know this to be true personally. Lets END that discussion.
  13. Jack Mayer

    High End Trailers

    Putting a lot of money into an 11 year old (almost 12 year old) rig is probably not a wise choice. But on the other hand, you would have a functional rig for less than starting over new. NO rig is going to be problem free over time, and at least you know this one. It is a tough choice, but ANY coach you own is going to require repairs along the way. They are not an "investment" but a depreciating asset, for sure. I'm not sure what I would do in this instance since I don't have all the data. I'd likely fix it myself and see what happens. Doing the glass work is not really that difficult, as long as you have the desire.
  14. Jack Mayer

    Mini spits vs thousands in ac

    Glenn, the issue is one of reliability when running in motion. The parts suffer a LOT of vibration. We are Idle Free dealers and they use a similar compressor in their units. They learned long ago that the incidence of compressor failures is way too high if you run it while you are moving. They have electronics in their units to lock the AC out if the truck is moving. I don't know if you will suffer that or not....I have no direct personal experience with running them in motion.
  15. Jack Mayer

    Solar Panel Height Above Roof

    Interesting discussion. Good design of the ENTIRE system is what you should strive for. "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" comes to mind here. Don't look at the cost of one component - like panels - in isolation. Only in the context of your total design and how that relates to your design goals. and the compromises required in ANY installation on an RV. You can find cheap panels everywhere these days. .But with limited roof space on RVs, you really need to look at it in output per meter (or sq. ft. if you wish). Then do the balancing act. That is one factor. The other is features of the panel itself....does it have a rain drain on it so it is self-cleaning? Does it have the proper voltage characteristics for YOUR system? Take a systems approach and you will likely do well with your install. Also - you can't have too much power....don't skimp on the panels unless you have a VERY small space available. And consider how you camp...for many people having a fixed system on their roof complemented by several portable panels is something to seriously consider.
  16. Actually, I may have posted some incomplete info. We order our mail for Friday shipment. We usually get it on Tuesday, but sometimes Wednesday. So they have a "free" weekend to get it to us.
  17. People have driven 451's on since they existed. They just don't have as much power as the 453 so you have to stay in motion for the most part.It is harder on the trans. But many people have done it and do it to this day.
  18. The 451 model "can" be driven on, but it is much harder on them. The 453 easily handles the demands of driving on.
  19. Priority mail. 2-3 days, consistently for 19 years.
  20. Dave, you will have no problem driving up the 48" deck height. We do it all the time. Also, HERE is the pulley we use on the arms. Pully for winch 3434T79 McMaster carr.
  21. Jack Mayer

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    Yup, that is what we do on any truck we acquire.....and a bunch more....
  22. Jack Mayer

    And so it begins...HDT home, ECR 2019, destination full time.

    Nope, both were built by RV Haulers Canada.
  23. Jack Mayer

    My Build

    On the soldering.....vibration environments are not ideal for soldered joints. It may work just fine, or it may fail over time. It somewhat depends on the quality of the job. If you are going to solder I recommend Fusion connectors, since you have a far better chance of getting it correct. But really, it is better to do a quality crimp with a hydraulic crimper. You can get a decent one at Harbor Freight for around $50 or less on sale. Or, if used properly, the hammer crimper works fine. Using adhesive heat shrink is CRITICAL. Don't do it any other way or you may regret it down the road....
  24. Jack Mayer

    My Build

    Let me add to what Chad said. You may get away with the solder-only. But for others, Never solder these joints. It is simply not an effective and long term way to go. Statistically, you WILL have issues with it in marine and RV environments. You need to crimp these joints properly, and properly seal with heat shrink with silicone embedded in it.
  25. Jack Mayer

    Older batteries in a 2013 truck

    Thanks.....we are doing well. Hope you can get back by here some time. You are welcome any time.