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  1. Ramp Question

    My experience with HDPE is that nothing will chemically bond it other than to itself with heat welding. You have to mechanically attach it. I've used various epoxies and none have held for long.
  2. Volvos for sale

    Yup....it makes a big difference in the final cruise rpm at any speed.
  3. smart car ramps

    LINK $800-10% plus shipping.
  4. smart car ramps

    The ramps Brad refers to above are the ones we use and recommend. They are very strong (relatively), and the 12" width is plenty wide enough. The break-over works well on almost all deck heights - even though they specify deck heights that are typically well below HDT decks. I prefer the plate ends since it makes for a cleaner bedside, but the ones that hook on are fine too if you want to build the slot into your bed. We will have ramps that we make for our beds that will have some other features. We just have to vet the prototypes.
  5. Drinking Water System Questions

    For sure the size is an issue. I use RO water in my RV. I use a Berkey in our headquarters house where we have lots of space. I have to say, the Berkey produces superior water. Nothing else I've used is close.
  6. Drinking Water System Questions

    You could. But bear in mind most "bottled" water is simply filtered municipal water. I would not recommend a Berkey unless you are into water.
  7. Drinking Water System Questions

    I also love the Berkey. It is worth the money if you are a "water person".
  8. Volvos for sale

    That is an open-ended question. If you search here you will find some opinions. First, you have to determine your desired cruise speed. Next, you have to determine your transmission gearing and if it is OD or direct drive. Torque factors in as well in automated trans.... Then what rpm is acceptable. Then you can worry about if the rear ratio on any particular used truck will work. I can give you some examples of Volvo IShift ratios. Volvo 780 D13 XE 1750 torque I shift OD, 2.67 ratio, 68 mph cruise, 1150 rpm, 12th gear With that setup it will hold 12th in almost all hills in the midwest on the interstate. It occasionally will shift down to 11. Volvo 730 1750 torque 3.55 rear I Shift OD. Cruises 63mph in 12th at 1500 rpm. This truck is set up for mountain work. It pulls almost any mountain hill in 12th. Rarely downshifts even on steep grades at interstate cruise. But it is a burden to drive outside the mountains....noise and fuel economy suffer. You can see the difference. A direct drive might have a 2.40 or less ratio to get a decent 65mph cruise rpm. These are just examples. There is a LOT of variance based on the many factors. There are simulators that will tell you what cruise speed is varying the factors. If looking for a used truck you can make some guesses based on experience, but the best thing is to simply drive the truck. You do have to pay attention to this. We had a customer buy their own truck and they missed the fact the IShift was direct drive. They did not drive it because they were not properly licensed. They were disappointed in the cruise RPM....about 1450 at 65mph. Too high in my eyes.
  9. It's MATS Show Time Again

    If I can afford it I'll stay there too. Not sure a startup can compete with all you high rollers.
  10. It's MATS Show Time Again

    Paul, I registered today. I'll be hotelling it, likely. Hopefully, I don't have to cancel the trip....work is getting in the way of lots of things. But I "can" justify this as a work trip We are doing a CanAm loading project. I'd be interested in your wisdom there. If you email me we can chat some. jack at rvhlifestyles will work, or I think you have my personal email. I don't do PMs on this forum.
  11. Volvos for sale

    It simply means there is a remaining warranty on some of them. GATR is a class outfit, but no dealer would put a Gold warranty on a truck with those miles (and they could not, anyway). It is a remaining warranty. Which is good.....I'm not saying it isn't.
  12. Looking for generic rocker switches

    I found the same thing, even not using HTTPS. It is a shame, because his stuff may be very good. But I just move on....there are LOTS of choices.
  13. Test pic

    One of the bedrooms in our new "headquarters" house. We have improved it since the pic was taken....it is more comfortable for guests, now.

    If you can, that is the thing to do - protect the hitch. Let's face it, most of our hitches spend 99% of their time just sitting out in the weather. I wish the manufacturers would provide fitted covers. Trailersaver has them, and I had one made for my ET. But the hitch manufacturers should be offering these, IMO.
  15. There are many ways to store ramps. The simplest way is what Carl (SUitesuccess) describes above. That is the way it has been done by many people since smart's were carried. The easiest way to raise the car is with permanent steel stock that raises the car off the deck. You can use 2" and it works well. A lock mechanism that is easy to use is critical.