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  1. Jack Mayer

    TPMS, or not

    And that is why we line the wheel wells completely with metal liners..... It helps a LOT.
  2. Jack Mayer

    TPMS, or not

    I'm probably going to put those on our new coach. But I will leave the truck with the external sensors. Don't ask me why, because there is no logical explanation. Just what I "feel like". It is relatively easy for me to mess with this stuff since we are dealers.
  3. Jack Mayer

    Anyone running an Allison trans?

    There was also a FL that converted over to an Allison, if I recall correctly.
  4. Jack Mayer

    Best truck to use for me.

    Ad David said, don't put 14 mpg in your head. You won't get it unless you have a newer truck and are bobtailing. I do get it on my truck if there is no headwind but only bobtailing, and not every run. But doing the back and forth from CO to KS I do see in the 14's (measured, not the computer) about half the time. The rest of the time I see in the 13's and the 12's if any wind. I do see in the 9's towing my 28K trailer. On the flats, not in the mountains. I personally like Volvo's and the IShift, but my second choice would be a KW T680 with a Cummins and Ultrashift. But that is a newer truck and will require a larger budget. The condo in the Volvo is hard to beat if it meets your requirements. The key to any used truck is to find a good one, and have enough time and funds to get it reliable. Anything with higher miles on it and age is subject to component failure and you will have to deal with fixing things. So have a repair budget of at LEAST $8K set aside for that.
  5. Jack Mayer

    Anyone running an Allison trans?

    Doug remembers well. That is true, that a conversion was done to an Allison for a manual trans. It was expensive...at the time I recall $25K and that was MANY years ago. My thought at the time was why not just buy a new truck.....
  6. Jack Mayer

    3.58 Rear End Axle Means?

  7. Jack Mayer

    Hitch Camera

    No, I have not published anything on the Dallux. It is still working fine, though. We are dealers for Rear View Safety, and for customers that is likely what we will focus on. So far I like them better than Voyager. There are LOTS of lower cost systems out there. How you distinguish a good one from not so good is difficult. If you buy an $80 system be prepared to replace it. Basically, that is my experience over time. But so far the Dallux has been good.
  8. Jack Mayer

    Xantrex Freedom 1055 HFS Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    My experience is somewhat limited, but they have a good reputation, and the ones I've worked with have been fine. I'd use them in my personal truck, and I'll probably start installing them in place of the MSW Xantrex in our customer's trucks. Just have not decided yet if it will be the KA or another brand. I'm leaning to the KA, but I'm not done my evaluations yet.
  9. Jack Mayer

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    Voyager makes a nice system. Pricey. But nice. We install them for some people. Take a look at Rear View Safety as an alternative. They also make quality equipment and have DVR capability. They are probably number one in the commercial camera safety world.
  10. Jack Mayer

    Xantrex Freedom 1055 HFS Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Take a look at the Kisae Abso. It is a good inverter for the money.
  11. All these reasons mentioned above is why I have a residential refrigerator and a reasonable size solar and electrical system. In my case, I run it off the main inverter, not a dedicated inverter. I ALWAYS have my inverter on....but it would be slightly more efficient to have the separate inverter. I have enough solar and battery that I don't notice the "inefficiency".
  12. Dave, the bed is coming along. One hint - make sure you make your chocks wide enough. You will never get the car on there perfectly every time and if the chocks are not wide enough the tire may interfere with getting the bolts into the chock to bolt it to the bed. Wider chocks help minimize that issue. You don't want to be jiggling the car around on the bed so that you can get your bolt in.
  13. Jack Mayer

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Brad, it is pretty easy to repair the upper section if it is not totally snapped off. There comes a point where it is best to start with another one - to me that point is if the top is in several pieces. But simple impact damage is pretty easy to fix - as others have said. I've had the "opportunity" to see these repairs - and even something that looks terrible is not too bad to repair.
  14. Jack Mayer

    volvo select parts account

    When I get a chance I'll check on it. I should be able to get an account with no problem since we are a converter. If it costs money then I'd have to consider the cost/reward benefit.
  15. Jack Mayer

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    I'll give you my opinion, but it is just that - MY opinion. I prefer the diamond plate. Even when covered in bed liner it is less slippery than flat steel. Wait until you have some frost or snow on the deck, or even wet. Flat simply does not grab your feet as well. We only put diamond plate on the beds we build. And I don't know of any hauler bodybuilder that uses the flat plate, but I would guess that someone must....just not any I have seen.