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  1. We now use through the wheel straps exclusively. For MOST people they are way easier to use. And an easier strap to use is one that is going to be better tied down. We were NEVER happy with baskets - they always were a pain to use, required more deck intrusions (D rings at the back) and never ever tightened down as well as simple through the wheel straps. Over the wheel straps are also a better choice than nets. In OUR opinion. But they have the same downfalls as the nets. We have 10's of thousands of miles on the through wheel straps - probably hundreds of thousands, collectively. I've never seen a damaged wheel....we use the sleeves on the straps. You do have to go higher or lower IF the valve stem is in the way, but it has never been an issue. You could argue that an over-wheel strap is better because of the two tie-down points. But I can argue equally as well for the through the wheel. The key for most people is that ease of use means better chance of properly securing the car.
  2. One thing to note. No matter what electronic solution you use, it is not going to be perfect. Even the Co-pilot that I use is not perfect, and it is by far the best dedicated gps application I've used. SO we use multiple devices. Typically we run the CoPilot on the android tablet, then run Google Maps on my phone, which sits next to it. Danielle runs Google maps as well (cause she likes it) and uses a paper map. We also have a Garmin 760 RV model that we rarely use, mainly because it is a pain in the butt to program for a multi-stop trip. That is just what we do...it may not work for anyone else.
  3. I also use Co Pilot on an Android tablet The tablet is useful for many other things as well.
  4. We do own this truck. We have a pending sale on it, but that sale may not complete. If you are interested in the truck contact me. I cannot conduct business on Escapees. I will keep a list of interested parties. Eventually, we will put it on our website, but we have to decide what to do with it. You can reach me through our website or via my signature line.
  5. Glenn, Good update. Question - some of the people that have LG mini-splits in their RVs are complaining about the humidity. It is simply not properly dehumidifying. Some are saying this is "normal". WHich IMO it is not. My Mitsubishi properly dehumidifies. And I assume your Pioneer does. Can you confirm that, and comment on any other "funny things" you have seen in use?
  6. We use the Warn VRX 45 with synthetic line. We used the 4000 before that. The 4000 has some issues - not reliable in our experience. We had several burn out on us. The 4500 is much better, IMO and costs about the same. The link is just for convenience - you can find them cheaper. I've used lighter winches, and I've also done the math. Don't do it - my opinion. They will not last. Again, just my experience. There are other brands out there cheaper than Warn, so don't assume that is the only choice. But you DO WANT synthetic line. Do not use steel cable. It is somewhat dangerous, and you will regret it. Again, my opinion based on significant experience. There is no problem driving up if you do it correctly. But you have to do it right or you will impact the clutch. If you want a second pull point on the back, we can weld one in.....
  7. We are dealers for Rear View Safety and use their products exclusively. You can look them up. These are commercial grade products...not cheap eBay-style products. (We do not sell retail, so people needn't bother telling me I'm violating posting rules). 😊
  8. Phil, I think you are on the right track. You MUST use dual mounts or you will regret it. There would be quite a lot of movement without dual mounting pints. Also, there can be a lot of sag if not supported right, but Larry should be able to handle that. It should work out well assuming you get it stable enough. Just make sure there is a flex line in the fuel line or it will crack on you - but I assume you know that.
  9. We install DVR recording systems int the trucks we build. They record continuously in all directions, up to 17 channels. Typical is a 8 channel. That is forward facing, each side, rear facing at the hitch, rear-facing on top of the drom box at about 10' off the ground (this gives you a great "backup view"), three on the trailer being towed (sides and rear). These will cover Linda's T bone situation. Of course, these cameras are available for viewing n the 9" monitor at any time, individually, or in any combination of channels. While you may not find them of value, many people do. They also act as security cameras, and you can view them on your phone, if you wet that option up. There is a reason why commercial vehicles use these - there are many, MANY individuals that try to hold companies and individuals "hostage" by claiming accidents, or causing accidents. The more valuable your equipment seems, the more likely you are to be targeted. I personally know of at least 8 people like Glenn West that have been in situations where the camera would have resolved it in their favor. I'm not suggesting that everyone needs 8 cameras, but dash cameras are relatively inexpensive these days.
  10. Yes he sold the Firefight products, and some others too. His small extinguishers were a foam agent. Not sure the exact makeup of it....
  11. Good news on the MH in UT. For the video, put it on Youtube then just link to it here and it will insert itself. Or, if you know how to do it, just throw together a quick website using one of the free providers...like wordpress. Then just use the link in advertising.
  12. Since you asked I'll comment. Based on my experience so it is only an "opinion" - I have no data to back it up. One reason it could not be selling at that price is the autoshift. It is a nice truck from what I see, but the autoshift in today's market at that price will slow down the sale. But the probability is that you can sell it for near that price - it will just take longer. As to the title..a MH title is always most desirable, but it may or may not transfer to another state cleanly. It just depends on the state, and the office you do the transfer in (sometimes). I'd leave it MH if I could. But it is not going to make/break a sale. What will expedite a sale is lots of really good pictures and description, including walkaround video and details of the bed.
  13. Henry is welcome to leave a blank check. We have some nifty lighting we can put on....
  14. Yes, we upgrade the hitches. You can contact me privately for additional info. Not here please, since commercial activities are not allowed.
  15. Glad you got it sold, Larry.
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