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  1. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    The reason I prefer not to use channel for the smart wheels to ride on is that the smart - when winched up - rarely comes up "straight". It is often at an angle relative to the frame. If you do use channel, make sure that you leave enough extra space not only for the offset in the wheels, but also for angled loading. Because there is one thing for sure you do not want to do - and that is have the side walls of the channel "push" the smart wheels in any fashion while you are winching.

    Dejae, your story is the story of many Americans. There are many things that contribute to a family that is doing well, doing all the right things, and then ending up with little to nothing. You can talk to many homeless people and hear similar stories. Yes, some homeless are there from their own negative actions...but MANY are not. You can go from being comfortable to basically having little/nothing in this world pretty easily. Wise people realize that. Even taking measures to mitigate the risk does not mean it won't happen. I'm glad to hear things have turned around for you. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm confident it will help others - even though you will never know who.
  3. Truck interiors

    On auction trucks...I'll give you my opinion, which is worth what you paid for it. And bear in mind it is only MY opinion. I'd be extraordinarily cautious on a truck from an auction. You really have to ask yourself why the truck is there. MOST good trucks sell outside the auction network. I've looked at a lot of auction trucks. I would categorize them as "rode hard and put away wet". At best. I'm not saying you could not find a good truck at an auction...only that it is going to be hard. And you have to be prepared to cut your losses and flip it back to the auction if it does not inspect well after acquisition, OR be prepared to put significant effort/dollars into it. Your best bet on a reasonably priced truck is from a current RV owner of an older truck. It likely will have been well taken care of, and most of its issues addressed.
  4. Free TSream

    There are advantages to each of the Sat providers. They both have about the same programming unless you are after something very specialized. The way I view it, assuming you want HD: Dish can provide HD on an automatic portable device - DTV cannot, because of the KA band. DTV has an advantage on a rooftop Travler dish...since their three satellites are only three degrees apart. MUCH easier to find a hole in trees. There is no one fit, best for all.
  5. What if

    Thats right. That is why I mentioned a step deck. If you put a conventional height hauler body on the truck, or a conventional height flatbed....then you "typically" need the clearance for the trailer to be on the trailer, not on the truck. That is why RVs have hitch heads that extend down with the kingpin typically mounted 10" or so from the overhang of the trailer. A semi configuration "typically" requires the clearance to be on the truck, not on the trailer. There is only around 4" of clearance on the trailer. You can solve this and still have storage and a hauler body by building a deck that steps down at the rear around the hitch. Giving you room for the trailer clearance required.
  6. I found a candidate HDT help please

    I merged mine with Greggs. So it is somewhat different. I'll publish it on our website in a Blog entry and let people know when I do. It will be another day or so...Quickbooks is dominating my time at the moment.
  7. What if

    That is a conventional semi-trailer as far as bolster plate and kingpin location goes. Of course, you could have Marsha change that. The kingpin can easily be moved more forward. I do not advise "covering" a commercial 5th wheel hitch...as noted above it is pretty trivial to remove and replace if needed. With a Spacecraft semi there will be a suspension hitch designed for those weights early next year, so a commercial hitch may not be necessary or desirable.
  8. What if

    I'm not sure I completely understand what you want to do. Towing a semi does not preclude a deck. You just have to build in the required clearances...eg. a step-deck. The car can still sit in its normal place, but it will be a LONG truck. Probably over 36', depending on the truck model chosen (assuming a Wrangler on deck for/aft). It is pretty simple to build a deck to carry the car. For example we are about to build a deck for an Equinox, which requires 16'. No issue, just long. You will want to stay tandem, and you will have to locate the hitch behind the axles....
  9. I found a candidate HDT help please

    I have a fairly complete checklist that we use for truck inspection. I'll try to get it posted in the next day or so. You probably will not be able to do it all, but it does cover the truck reasonably.
  10. Smart car electric vs gas

    Our 451 averaged about 41 mpg. Got up to 47 mpg at freeway speeds. Our 453 averages about 38 mpg, and gets up to 45 mpg at steady freeway speeds. That is the best I've gotten on 600 mile trips with it. The electric is unlikely to get much more than 70 mile range if you are not in optimal conditions. It really is a city car. I have not owned one,but that is what I hear from owners. I'm not sure that would work for me.
  11. MaximumSignal Update?

    In my testing - which was extensive and lengthy - the Maxamp outperformed the 4G-M only when the signal was very poor. VERY poor. The MaxAmp seemed able to process this poor signal and make better "use" of it than the -M (I do not have a -X). That is the best I can tell you. As far as voice goes - I no longer test voice. But your point is fair. Having good voice signal is important to some. We will have to disagree on signal levels. I have thousands - and I mean thousands - of test cases where a worse rssi outperformed a "better" rssi. Signal level is one component that is important, but not the only one. Which is why actual speed is a better test measure. I no longer test 1x networks, but your point about signal level may be accurate there. I'd have to refer back to 5 year old - or older - test data to see if that is the case, but it may be. However, in more modern network protocols signal level is not the key criteria.
  12. Federal 38gr or 40gr 275rnd - 2 for 20 @ Dick's

    I've shot them, but not owned one. It depends on what you wish to do with it. To me they are more a curiosity, but they do have their place. That is just my opinion, and I'm sure there are those the would be strongly opposed to it
  13. Need information on frames, suspensions

    Of the trailers you list New Horizons probably has the best infrastructure. It also costs the most. You generally get what you pay for in RVs - bear that in mind. There are always budget tradeoffs of course.....you don't always need the "best". The best frame structure will vary somewhat depending on the loads, but the combination of I beam (technically, H beam) and tubing is generally considered to be the best performing combination when dealing with heavier trailers. But even with that, if they are not well put together you will have issues. Good welds, and proper gusseting are required with any frame type.
  14. Federal 38gr or 40gr 275rnd - 2 for 20 @ Dick's

    You can keep your eye on Mass Ammo (online). They have some good deals from time to time on .22. I usually buy a couple of 5000 round cases when they have their sales. Free shipping, no tax. Comes to around .05 for the CCI or Federal. You have to watch for it, though.
  15. MaximumSignal Update?

    Perhaps I stated my speed comment wrong....In performance comparisons between two amps, speed is the only measurable element that is relevant between them. Speed is absolutely controlled by the provider, but properly tested, comparing two amps to the same provider is a fair measure of performance of the amp. You cannot do a single test, and you cannot test in a single location. But over time speed is the result of a superior amp. Customers do only care about speed - given the same location. Because the measure of speed encapsulates all the other elements of performance. Of COURSE the ability to connect is important....that is a given. But given connection, speed is the only attribute most people care about. I think we agree - I just was not as clear as I could have been.