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  1. https://ramblingrvrat.blogspot.com/2020/04/blissful-oblivion-in-big-bend.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR33mNk43DowAzcjmRR-_JDB2wYYB06t2J4gAn6uMtcpImuf42ookFjFA9o
  2. A run down of our experiences in the AZ Desert Boondocking in Quartzsite, DRV Mobile Suites Style
  3. Here is a link to our new solar install that we completed recently. https://ramblingrvrat.blogspot.com/2019/11/freedom-from-grid-rambling-rv-rats.html
  4. Here is our experience on moving into our new DRV Mobile Suites https://ramblingrvrat.blogspot.com/2019/11/who-moved-my-cheese-rambling-rv-rats.html
  5. https://ramblingrvrat.blogspot.com/2019/07/an-emotional-journey-down-memory-lane.html
  6. https://ramblingrvrat.blogspot.com/2019/04/rambling-rv-rat-goes-to-washington.html
  7. Sorry for all your problems. We, too experienced issues with this service. I attended an Escapee webinar, which said medium duty trucks were covered. There was no caveat that medium duty trucks (whether with or without sleeping quarters) were not covered for winch service. We were told semi tractors (Class 7/8) required a separate policy. Leaving nothing to chance, I also spoke directly to Safeco customer service before switching from Coachnet to Escapees and asked about coverage for our medium duty truck as well as our street legal motorcycles and street legal side X side, giving the specifications of each vehicle. I was assured all were covered and it was confirmed that Semi tractors needed their own policy. We had three incidents over the course of 1 year with 2 different vehicles (none of which involved our 5th wheel) in which we needed Escapees Roadside Assistance. Each time we called for service, the representative said only our 5th wheel was covered. Why would we purchase a product that only covered our 5th wheel and not our truck, which is our main form of transportation? I (Sue) asked for a supervisor each time and fought the battle to actually get service, albeit after wasting over an hour each time. The supervisor from the first incident gave no reason for the rep's inaction. The supervisor for the second incident cited improper rep training for the problem (which seems to be the common excuse based upon prior comments in this thread). The supervisor from the third incident said it is "a disconnect between actual Roadside Assistance and who is selling the product." I notified Escapees in December 2018 after the second incident, and was told they would look into the matter. We had the third incident in January 2019, after which I notified Escapees yet again. They attributed it to an internal issue at Safeco and said Safeco must address it. I called Safeco customer service (Julie) and reiterated all of the above. I tried to give them the VIN numbers of all our vehicles for their computer system to alleviate any future problems. They said they do not record VIN numbers, only that of the RV covered. I asked who, specifically, is the seller that Supervisor 3 referenced? She said that would be Escapees. I contacted Escapees multiple times since January to alert them to this issue. As folks who represented the club and promoted Escapee products at RV shows (we have since resigned), I didn't want other members to run into this situation nor have Escapees name attached to an inferior product. After inaction on Escapees part, I contacted Vehicle Administrative Services (VAS) in March directly and spoke to Patricia. That's when I was told 1) winch service is not included for medium duty trucks. 2) My street legal side X side is not covered for any service, even when I am on a legal street rather than a back country trail. So it looks like VAS is speaking out of both sides of their mouths. I looked into FMCA's roadside assistance program as well, and that is the case with them, too (they also use VAS and Safeco). Long story short, we went back to Coachnet.
  8. When there is a will, there is a way! We had our truck built and customized so we can bring our motorcycles, but then wanted to haul a side x side to have some more fun in the desert so I designed and engineered a method to carry our side x side on the roof of the truck garage. We use a Spitzlift mini crane to pick up the side x side to put on the roof or back to get where we need to go. Total with the unit on top we are 13'-2"!
  9. You have your fun the way you choose, we have ours....we have our our toys for our needs, you have yours. Enough said....as usual these threads on these forums have gotten out of hand and personal opinions are now the norm.
  10. Our side x side is considered a LSV in Texas and meets all of the said requirements under the Texas DMV regulations and has a MSO from the factory which allows for the proper titling and registration in Texas. See - http://txdmv.gov/motorists/buying-or-selling-a-vehicle/off-highway-vehicles It was not simply a mistake by an inexperienced clerk. From all our research this is quite commonplace. The nice thing about our side x side is it has all off road capabilities and has so far proven itself here in the AZ desert. Our total height when the UTV is on top is 13'-2". See our video at https://youtu.be/uOqqRtzlRjY
  11. Thanks y'all for the responses. As it turned out we purchased our Side x Side at Play-n-around Sports in Conroe, Texas and they handled all of the titling and registration. Our UTV is legally title, registered and insured in Texas and is street legal for roads up to 45 MPH. Here is a video of our new toy as we unload it from the truck..... See y'all on the trails!
  12. I would contact Brian Boone at https://gotsolarinstalled.blogspot.com/ All of his installs are clean and well thought out.
  13. We just saw on the news out here at the Grand Canyon that a tornado touched down in Livingston. We hope all our friends in the area are safe and sound with no issues! Please be safe out there!
  14. Looking for guidance on this this topic. We are currently researching purchasing a new UTV for offroad use in TX, AZ and other states. In order to use in AZ with National Forrests or on road use they require title and registration. It looks like Texas will not register a UTV but only title. This would preclude us from using in AZ or other states that require a registration. We have the a Livingston address so we would want to do everything in Texas. So here are the questions: 1) Has anyone registered a UTV in Texas? If so what was procedure? 2) Has anyone with a Livingston address titled and registered a UTV in AZ? If so how does it affect your domicile? 3) If you only titled in Texas do you use it in other states and how did you go about getting proper documentation to allow to be used in AZ, Etc. We winter in Quartzsite and beside being RV central in winter it is also UTV/ ATV central as well. Any guidance is very much appreciated! Les
  15. Did this route on the way to Quartzsite this year and will never drive thru the El Paso mess again in either direction. Don't care whether it is rush hour or not, I-10 is not fun thru EP. We also used I-8 to Gila Bend then 85N to I-10 to avoid the Phoenix mess as well...smooth!
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